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Clare Evans

Business Owner, Clare Evans


php hit counter   Helping busy people to get more done in less time.  Author of Time Management For Dummies #2 on Amazon - Business/Time Management Download Your Free Time Audit Register now for 7 Essential Time Tips For Instant Results to boost your productivity.

Who I am I live just outside of Brighton down on the South coast on the edge of the South Downs - so I like to take a break during the day and get out for a walk or jog.

I volunteer with a couple of local conservation groups - doing anything from scrub clearance, repairing fences, building gates and surveying. It's a good way to keep fit and be outdoors.

How Can I Help?

"The greatest saving of all is better utilisation of our time. This directly affects practically every phase of the business in terms of expense and profits." Leo Burnett

A good place to start is by taking a look at the book for time tips, strategies and ideas to get you focused and back on track. #2 on Amazon in Business/Time Management Buy a copy of Time Management For Dummies. "This is quite possibly the best and most useful book on time management I have ever read." 

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Call me and book a FREE Strategy Session a 30-minute session to look at where you are and where you'd like to be.

- Get a sounding board for new ideas.
- Increase your motivation. 
- Create a 'next-step' action plan.

There are only a limited number available each month. Contact me to check availability and to book your session. Talk to me via Skype, your landline or mobile phone.

"Clare identified two key - yet simple - ways in which I could analyse how I was spending my time, and whether or not I was spending it effectively. I then re-organised my day into "business" and "domestic" zones as obvious improvements leapt from the page, and immediately saved an amazing hour and a half per day. I now feel like I'm running a whole different business - one I enjoy - but better than that, I can spend more time with my children enjoying them, rather than having one eye on my email and worrying that I should really be working. Her no-nonsense, impartial advice has reduced my stress levels beyond belief."

I also work as a Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust, helping young people start up their own business, offering guidance and encouragement to help them succeed.

Clare Evans - Time Management & Productivity Coach
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Claire Jarrett AdWords Trainer

"This is the second testimonial I have posted for Clare. I just want to say what I have achieved with Clare's weekly help since we started working together in September 2008: I have cut down working 100 hours per week to around 40/50 hours per week I now take and pick my son up from school every day myself I cook a proper cooked meal every night rather than living on takeaways and eating at restaurants Changes in my habits such as the above have led me to save more than £2,000 per month (yes you did just read that right) Since starting with Clare, I have now launched a 2nd company, taken on 3 new staff and found a business partner If you are in any doubt as to whether to start working with Clare, contact her NOW!"

Mariéme Jamme

"I engaged Clare to help me managed my time and prioritise my activities throughout this year. She has been a great help to me I must admit. Our first sessions really proved how professional Clare is; she was extremely caring and listens with grace at all times. I am pleased to have Clare as my Time Management Expert and Coach. Many thanks for all your kind help and looking forward in doing more sessions with you. Highly recommended.! "

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Clare, Honest welcome to my fast growing group, with you I'm also stronger! I'm very happy to see you in my network! See you in Budapest, Hungary - heart of Europe! I will be very happy if you'll come! In Hungary you won't be hungry! Pls don't forget about my reliable help and that you have a friend in Budapest! I'm the person who can help you to get hotelroom, transfer, city tour, programms and painless dental treatment in a relaxed atmosphere. I wish you and yr family happpppppppppppppy and prosperous new year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi "

Mark Lee

"I sent a helpful message to a new accountant on Ecademy yesterday, as I often do. Her reply was a delight as it seems that the day before she had met Clare who had specifically encouraged her to get in touch with me. MUCH appreciated Clare. Most kind. I've always enjoyed the conversations I have had with Clare and was very impressed by her Dummies book on Time management. She's a lovely lady."

Claire Jarrett AdWords Trainer

"I have been working with Clare on my own time management issues through 1 2 1 telephone coaching, and have found her to be: Great listener Gets to the root of the problem through excellent questioning Allows you to find your own solutions that work for you I would highly recommend her to anyone who is involved in multiple projects struggling to balance personal and work commitments."

Amanda Hamilton

"Clare has helped me, in the last few weeks, consistently, diligently and brilliantly in terms of not only great Time Management ideas, but also in focussing my brain on where I need to go, and giving perfect introductions to the people I need to speak to ... Personally she is always warm, helpful, supportive and funny - Clare thanks so much - One day I hope to give you a hug in person :) Amanda"

Penny Power

"What a breath of fresh air Clare's new book is "Time Management for Dummies" as a self proclaimed time junkie, with an internal clock like no other person I know (ask my kids, they think I am weird), I have loved the tips that Clare gives in a no nonsense, practical and realistic way, focusing on 21st Century challenges, even down to managing your time on Social Networks!! I likes the section on Looking after Yourself, as a mum and with my commitment to the members of Ecademy, this is always at the bottom of my priorities, SO, thank you Clare great reading. "

Red Setter

"Clare is a warm and welcoming person, who offers practical and useful advice, and someone you simply MUST have in your network."

Suhad Jarrar-Browne

" Clare is a very pleasant and helpful person,,, her blogs are realistic, guiding and inspiring in a very light way,,, good to connect with you Clare,,,,,, wish you all the best,,, "

Jan Vekemans

"thanks for helping out on a few issues not immediately clear. Calre always seems to have time oin hand to help out! jan"

Ron (Project Man) Rosenhead

"I had a good one to one with Clare based on her time management questionnaire. Ask her about it. It raised some good issues for me to look at. Thanks Clare Ron Rosenhead "

Charlie Profit

"Clare is very fun and has some great insight on time management. "

Amanda Vlahakis

"A genuinely warm and caring person with great insight and skill."

Graham Richards

"Clare offers very practical insights and advice for anyone, like myself, who is setting out in business for the first time. Her weekly e-tips, regular e-newsletter and 1-2-1 mentoring service have a way of asking the right questions or making useful suggestions to get you thinking about where you're going and how you're going to get there. The fact you can do all these things from the comfort of your desk also makes a lot of sense, saving time and money in travelling. I intend to use Clare's support again and would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to get going. Thanks again Clare, Graham"

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"I just met Clare today but her message was so helpful to me I am really pleased to meet her and hope that I will be able to get know her love Radka"

Carl Willy Carlsson

"I have found Clare to be a person with a committment to the world and she is engaged in issues that I share so I give her my warmest recommendations for contact. CWC"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"For going above and beyond the call of duty in helping me find my dancing feet! Cheers! N"

Kantor Michael Poths

"Clare is a kindly person who helps wherever she can! kind regards and many thanks! Michael"

Andrew Wilmot

"Clare has time for us all ... she's great at sharing her expertise and makes an effort to provide useful content ... and from what I can sense on-line, she has a calming energy ... a magnet for any stressed-out people looking for an easier way ..."

Audrey H

"Thanks, Clare for addressing my concerns rather than pushing them aside as foolish. That alone was truly appreciated. Your offer to help was also very generous. Audrey"

Judith Germain

"It was due to Clare that I joined Ecademy, I was fortunate to be on one of her enjoyable teleconference sessions on marketing. It was because of the knowledge that I learnt there that I decided to join. Thanks Clare."

John Hobson

"I met Clare at a Workshop last week, and she has a wonderful aura of calm and has a knack of inspiring reflection and self-awareness. She has a great gift of giving focus, connection, and caring - a great person to be with !"

Amanda Bray

"Clare sent me a welcome message which was both timely and helpful. Thank you Clare"

Alison Ward

"I had a very warm welcome from Clare and some useful advice. Thank you Clare."

Alison Grimston

"Clare's warmth and honesty in helping me to find my feet in Ecadamy are, I suspect, just the beginning. Thanks for the warm welcome, Clare, and I look forward to meeting you locally. Alison Grimston Holistic Doctor and Animal Healer"

Peter George

"I have not known Clare very long and already she has shown an interest in Explosion Entertainments. Her newsletters and blogs are full of practical and down to earth advice. The very least I can do is give Clare a glowing testimonial because already I have been encouraged by some of her articles. Clare Evans is a remarkable lady and I would recommend any Ecademy member to read her blogs and sign up for her newsletter. If you need a breath of fresh air and be inspired by a truely amazing human being look no further. Clare I thank you for your insight into all things general and your explanation on most things specific. It is a pleasure spending time with you. Congratulations being in the top 100 UK ranked ecademy networkers. Keep up the good work Kindest regards Peter George The UK's Volunteer Entertainers Organisation "

Rob Killen

"There's not much I can add to what is written below. I don't usually give testimonials without some form of reasonable dialogue but I met Clare for the first time on Saturday evening last and I was deeply impressed with her gravitas, understanding, patience, application and insight. There is a smart, well tuned, experienced business brain here. She has that rare ability to listen, comment carefully and generate the level of trust that just naturally encourages you to open up. A terrific person and well worth getting to know. I think she can add value to anyone's endeavours. Rob."

Gareth Kane

"Clare is one of the nicest and switched on people I've come across on Ecademy!"

Rhiannon Hill

"Clare is a brilliant coach and has a range of really special abilities in a profession dogged by mediocrity. She is also a truly honest, kind and loving friend."

Barry Hobbs

"Clare is generous with her time and always ready with help and friendly advice if needed, an asset to ecademy, to the Brighton Gathering and to her many friends. I find her professional, yet kind and approachable, encouraging, motivating and inspiring, and well-connected."

Emma James

" I met Clare at the Modo Fac do in 2006, having communicated online with her prior to that. One of the most generous networkers I know, Clare is happy to dispense her valuable advice readily. She's the epitome of giving without expecting anything in return and is warm, caring and funny with a wonderful gentle self assured manner. Clare practices what she preaches and is worth getting to know both professionally and personally. Connect with her and have your eyes opened up to the infinite possibilities in life through her incisive, pertinent gentle coaxing. Thanks Clare! "

Angus Whitton

"Anybody who agrees with me on so many things must be such good person that they deserve ten testimonials, but that would of course be wasteful.... Seriously, Clare is an excellent ecademist, and a down to earth professional. please try and make contact her.. and not just to sell her things - and make sure you spell her name right, unless you cultivate excitement in your (soon to be) short life on this earth. Angus Whitton"

Ebru Ulufer

"Claire has made a very good impression on me although we haven't met in person yet. Her knowledge of coaching is very good. Her articles are easy to read and very beneficial. She never posts any blogs or articles unless she has something important to share with others. This makes her a great asset at Ecademy. I would strongly recommend that you should have her in your network ! "

Sally Lever

"Thanks Clare for being so proactive and supportive. Looking forward to talking further and hopefully meeting up soon :) "

Robert Zarywacz

"Clare is a wonderful networker and very generous with her time and advice. She is one of a select band of ecademists whose posts I always read, because without fail they add both value and interest to ecademy. Clare runs some very useful clubs and is a valued member and contributor to the gardening club. Even though we haven't met, Clare's warmth and personality shine through every interaction."

Hans Anneveld

"Nice lady who gives pointers, hints, Very graceful; I am grateful."

Cliff Jenkins

"Clare always comes up with some way of helping you. Many thanks Clare."

Ali Tucker

"Clare is the most dedicated person I have met towards networking and help boosting others in their business."

Tom Evans

"Clare is brilliant at giving out time management tips - here's one of mine. Make time to network with Clare, she is one of the warmest and erudite people you will meet and always has time for people (is this because her tips work I wonder ??)"

Amanda Morgan

"Thank you Clare for your words of wisdom, definitely someone to get to know on ecademy. "

John Rickard

"How many of us would take the time to post such good advice for the benefit of others for no financial gain. Well done Clare, you're the rare sort of person that makes a community work."

Filip Portael

"I love reading her postings and she is a very helpful lady. Thank you Clare !"

Andrew Wilmot

"Clare is a very helpful person and a good example of "winning by sharing"."

David Guzmán

"Clare is an amazing lady with an aura of goodness about her."

Ian Boyd-Livingston

"Clare is the first person I have rated "good". What else do you need to know? :) Ian."

Chris Menlove-Platt

"Clare's time management tips have been really helpful. She is also supportive providing me with advice on a dimemma that I had. Thanks alot Chris"

Mike Turner

"Swift to connect. Great for advice, Clare is a terrific asset to ecademy. Keep it up All the very best Mike Turner ALLCALMA"

Mike 'Smiling f@cebook' Farrow

"Clare has a rare skill, she can bring about improvement within you, just by working across the Internet. Her writing is a good example of how you can express difficult or complex concepts in simple language that does not demean the reader. Her advice on organisation and time management make you realise that even you could do it, read her blogs, look at her Website and get to know her better, she is a warm and generous networker."

Andrew Barnes

"Clare is a pro-active, professional, whom I have enjoyed a while networking with. Keep up the good work, Clare. Andy."

Pete Dickson

"Clare is a generous, warm and enthusiastic person. It is a delight and privilege to know her. I've only connected with Clare online, though her insights have been worth their weight in gold! Thanks Clare. I appreciate you."

Kim Searle

"I met Clare at a recent E-cademy event in Guildford and she has been extremely helpful in recommending various ways of promoting our open events. She was friendly, approachable and "down to earth" - well worth having in your network! Thank you Clare! Kim"

Robert Greig

"Clare is an extremely enthusiastic networker who should be include in the contact list of everyone serious about improving their business and having a laugh along the way!"

Satin Dattani

"Clare is true networker, she's genuine, warm and friendly, I get the strong impression that she practises what she teaches through her Coaching and Consulting business. Take the time to get to know her, I promise you'll find her most interesting and a real pleasure to chat to."

Farhan 'Social Media Strategist' Rehman

"I met Clare in Tenerife during a week long Seminar called REACH-In! Since then, we became friends, and being the one that invited me to Ecademy, I'm extremely grateful to have her among my group of friends. She's a very motivated, dynamic, and understanding person, who has a wonderful dynamism about her, and if you really want to accomplish something, then she will certainly be able to help you. I worked with Clare for a month, to help me understand better some of the things I wanted to clarify in my life, and as a consequence, now I'm having a blast! thanks a lot Clare! Farhan"

Deirdre Dee

"I've met Clare virtually as part of wonderful innovative group called Three Wise Women. Some fantastic learning as come from the group, and a lot pf support. Clare is definitley someone I would like to work with in the future Deirdre Dee"


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