Clare Gillbanks

Clare Gillbanks

Director, Gemini Innovations Ltd


Hi, thanks for visiting my profile. I am a freelance project manager with a marketing and operations background. I work with business owners who have hit the point where they need to outsource some functions of their business to add capacity but don't have a need for a full time rescource. Projects I look after cover the functions of marketing, events and operations. I offer a bespoke, hands on service that is tailored to the client's needs and business objectives supported by my team of associates and VAs (virtual assistants). I plan and manage niche events for consultants, trainers and individuals who wish to add events to their marketing mix or who just have an occasion to celebrate. Private hosted dinners are a speciality for those who wish to bring their clients and prospects together in a room in a different way. When I became a BlackStar Foundation member in 2008 I looked after the regular calendar of London BlackStar Days and social events - it was a great way to meet other BlackStars and build good relationships, some of which I hope will last a lifetime. Before I started Gemini Innovations, I organised singles events in London having started my first company Meet at Last in 2003. With over a dozen weddings and countless success stories it's been a great legacy helping people find lasting relationships and one I am extremely proud of. I also offered 121 advice as The Dating Angel. In my corporate life spanning the first decade of my career, I was a direct marketing manager for Sainsbury's and have worked agency side in various interactive marketing agencies with blue chip clients. We have a family business in Liverpool called Posh Pads offering Luxury Serviced apartments which I have been involved in the past. In 2010 I took a role as Chief Operating Officer at the online outplacement start up MyWorkSearch for 12 months and managed a great team of sales people. I am currently learning the ropes as a property investor and developer and would love the opportunity to work with other investors and entrepreneurs in the industry. I enjoy the possibilities building a property portolio promises and the challenges the business of managing property presents. On a more personal level, I live in central London and enjoy all the usual things city life has to offer from socialising and dancing (modern jive) to exploring the sites. When I do get some free time I like to catch up with friends, discover a great new restaurant, grab a movie or just wander around the park. I look forward to connecting with you.



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Gina Minton

"What a superb event organiser Clare is!"

Andrew Horder

"Event organiser par excellence - in fact just plain organiser par excellence, if you need something sorted, Clare's the answer you're looking for. Any event Clare sets up can be relied upon to run smoothly, to have everyone who attends going away feeling special, and to be highly enjoyable. And she's great fun to be around and a really caring individual with it, a credit to anyone's network."

Sharon Eden

" I first met Clare in a Boardroom and was immediately impressed by her warm personality and business knowledge. Clare is a fantastic person connector and has introduced me to people I might never have approached without her help. Plus, she's a magnificent event organiser. From weddings to book launches Clare absolutely rocks!"

Nick Wallington

"Clare was great, I received good objective advice in our boardroom meeting which I am already focusing on. After the meeting Clare invited me to join her in networking groups suited to my industry and gave me contact leads that will be very valuable. Thank you Clare. I look forward to seeing you soon. Nick"

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Another superb event organised by Clare - is there nothing this lady can't do .... business meetings, conference dinners, even negotiating on the spot bargins for impromptu dinners :) Clare is not only a lovely lady, with great heart, she is also a brilliant organiser and networker, leveraging her contacts to win-win-win outocmes for everyone. Get connected :) thank you Clare"

William Buist

"I have worked with Clare for more than 12 months, engaging her to plan and manage the BlackStar events in London from venue finding and negotiating to ensuring our attendees had a seamless experience on the day. Clare installed new processes to make the events run smoothly and optimise the experience for our members. Bringing in professional expertise on the events allowed me to spend more time with our members and made other time available to focus on more profitable activity in my own business. The Gemini team of Virtual Assistants worked with Clare to support online activity in the background from email management, diary planning and email newsletters. That's all great but its so much more than that. Clare listens well and acts on what's important, she's able to adapt and think in her feet. Seek her out if you need organising, because she'll do it brilliantly."

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"Clare, I would like to thank you for all you do to make the Ecademy London Blackstar Events a success For all your care and attention to make sure that everyone is well looked after and gets the most out of the day. I'd have no hesitation to recommend you as a person who is a reliable and efficient professional Warmest wishes Stella.. "

Martin "Investment Property" Skinner

"Clare is an absolute star ! From the outset she's been incredibly helpful (and organised). For example - I have a comedian friend and happened to mention that she's keen to ensure her first event's sold out (400 tickets, one night) and Clare's got it on the perfect site to put bums on seats. There have been numerous other examples & great events & it's only about 3 weeks since we met ! As I said, she's a star ! :) Martin"

Ronald Wopereis

"Clare has done a wonderful act of creating a smoothless, excellently organised blackstar meeting last week in London. I came over from Holland, with my son, and i had not yet booked a hotel. Clare asked me which hotel i wanted, i gave her the number, she asked for a quote and got a 20 pounds discount. All of this in a couple of minutes. Excellent supporter, chapeau ! Warmest regards, Ron"

Ian Hornblow

"Clare could definately organise a pee up at a brewery, in fact I believe Clare could organise anything you could ever want, this lady is brilliant very highly recommended."

Roger Vanstone

" After a 1-2-1 with Clare I've used her services on a couple of things and have been very pleased with the outcome. Great service with a smile. One very satisfied customer who will be back for more. "

mark wing

"Not sure why it has taken me so long to get around to posting this testimonial. Clare is a 'star'. If you need something organising she will make it happen without a worry. If you don't know you need something organising she will make that happen too and you will only realise how brilliant she is when it happens. Clare is in the Brand Network and everytime she comes along to one of our GET TOGETHERs she makes it run really smoothly, without any need to ask for help. So thank you very much indeed for that Clare!!"

Jean Liggett

"I have only recently got to know Clare. Back in March, she organised Mark Lee's seminar on how to work with accountants to et referrals. I quickly realised I was very ill, and she really took care of me. There is no way I would have made it through the half day seminar without her support. Clare also organises the Black Star days, and they have all been brilliant. Clare is completely brilliant and I wholeheartedly recommend her!! Finally, she has a nice, personable manner about her. "

Nicole Bachmann

"This is a double testimonial - one for Clare as a person: She's a pure joy to work with, highly professional, experienced, with a wonderful can-do attitude and a great sense for what's important in business - excellent customer service and prompt response being just two of those. And one for Gemini as a business: Excellent experience, extremely helpful and pro-active, thinking solutions and there to help in emergencies. - I had a rather dire one, where the person Gemini had arranged to minute a 2 day Teambuild with a big client fell severly ill halfway through the 1st day. - Clare's team found a replacement within a few hours and very effectively dealt with the aftermath - i.e. resulting additional work etc. - A great experience and much appreciated support at the time when it counted. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborating with Clare and Gemini "

Jo Lunn

"I have met up with Clare over the past few months and she is great to be around. She's dynamic, genuine, sincere and great fun. That in itself is reason to be connected with her. If you then find yourself needing help with organising, planning, marketing, running ideas by or managing an event or your business then you can do no better that Clare. I'm currently wanting help with marketing for my business and although we're still in the early days of collaboration I'm very impressed with Clare's professionalism, efficiency and ability to think outside the box. Already avenues are openning that I hadn't thought possible. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her. Jo"

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Wow five minutes with Clare yesterday will save me a couple of thousand pounds, lots of time and was lots of fun :) The font of most, if not, all knowledge :) plus she is clearly a great organiser of corporate events and functions among other things. I would receommend Clare to anyone - very giving, very organised, very efficient, very knowledgeable and good fun! what more could you need in a contact :) thanks Clare - your help is very much appreciated Vicki :)"

Gavin Morton-Holmes

"If you haven't had the pleasure of working with Clare, then you've missed out. I've asked for Clare's help on a number of projects, and she's delivered on them all. A great person to know and work with. Gav"

Marc 'InfusionSoft' Summers

"I too have attended a number of meetings where Clare has managed them and been amazed at the professionality she has throughout the day. Taking into account all the little details that make a big impression. If you are organising an event - ensure you speak to Clare on how she can help make the day run smoothly with your delegates coming away with the same opinion of your business. I look forward to booking Clare to assist at my next SEO Seminars A++++"

Rob Shepherd

"I agree with everything Lesley Morrissey has just said. Clare is so professional, with an eye for detail but no sense of fuss. Very impressive and highly recommended. Rob"

Lesley Morrissey

"I've now been at a number of meetings/events that Clare has run - she is absolutely brilliant. She knows everyone, greets you and makes you feel welcome. She's aware of all the little details without appearing to rush about at all. She knows it there is a hitch before any of the guests and has sorted it. She literally glides around making everything run like clockwork. What an impressive lady! "

Nick Ingram

"You have gotta love Clare. Great fun, she knows a bit about what she does too."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Clare for being in my network... I wish abundance for you and the ones that you love.. I raise my glass of wine to you ... Big hug from Douro valley. Victor Marques"

Nicola Cairncross

"I attended the Blackstar day on Monday and arrived late, having got lost in Soho. Clare greeted me, and her calm and efficient manner calmed me down immediately. She also made a personal connection immediately with me, through some much loved mutual friends, so she's done some homework!! Throughout the day I noticed her frequently, as a (reluctant) event organiser myself, I do see and notice when things are done well. She seemed to be everywhere and while maintaining her poise beautifully, she really made sure everyone was looked after! I thought to myself, this woman really knows what she's doing and lo! and behold, when I check her profile, she's a pro. Judging on Monday's performance, I would have no hesitation in recommended Clare and I'm going to talk to her about our Money Gym events, particularly co-ordinating the bigger ones. Well done! Nicola Cairncross,"

Patrick Nelson

"A wonderful, warm and genuine lady. Rarely have I enjoyed a networking event out of my home territory so much as I enjoyed Clare's Web Wednesday. That was as much because of the people making up the event as it was because of the great person and networker responsible for running it. Thank you Clare, it's great to have you in my network."

Mark Lee

"Clare handled the day to day management of a seminar I ran for accountants today and relieved me of the associated burdens and worries. She took charge (in the nicest way) and ensured I had nothing to do other than make my presentation and mingle with the delegates. Every step of the way she showed a commitment and professionalism that is sadly all too rare. And of course I intend to engage her services for future seminars too. Thanks again Clare. You were BRILLIANT."

Glenn Watkins

"A lovely lady who always delivers what is asked for. Connect with Clare! Glenn Watkins Chief Executive Ecademy"

Debbie Ziegler

"Clare is exceptional. When Jim and I came to London she took on a major project and put together a great event for us in a matter of days. See the photos here... First-class and reasonable. we loved her and her work. A great friend and easy to work with. If you are considering using Clare in any aspect of meeting planning, then stop procrastinating and hire her right now. Debbie Ziegler"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"Thanks Clare for giving up one of your evenings for working with my Young Enterprise team - it was much appreciated by all. Cheers Neil"

Graham Hill

"Clare and I had the best 1:1 ever today in my local greasy spoon! Clare is a very impressive business woman - straight talking and focussed. She is also a warm and generous person. I hope that we can work together over the months and years to come to our mutual benefit. Graham Verbatim the phone answering service "

Tom Ball

"Clare organised an event for a few of us recently. From finding the venue (Which was truly exceptional - and great value!) to managing everything on the day. The event went like clockwork - and meant we could give 100% of our attention to our key clients - and not run around managing details. Perfect. Definitely one of the best events I've done! If you have an event that you cannot afford to go wrong, I'd definitely recommend Clare (And why are you bothering with any other events?!)"

Lesley Morrissey

"I've been to two events organised by Clare in the last week - not only was she the consummate professional; she had all the ducks neatly lined up so everything went smoothly, but she also knows exactly how to deliver exceptional service at a level that makes every individual feel special. Superb!"

Andrew Morgan

"Having known Clare for a few months I had the opportunity to work with her at the BlackStar Day this week. She is a pleasure to work with and has a caring and warm disposition that was noticeably appreciated by the delegates. She has much to offer and I hope to work with her again soon."

Penny Power

"It is an absolute pleasure to see Clare working, to watch her look after our precious BlackStars at events and hear the great things they say. Clare is a true professional, warm and organised in the way she conducts herself. Thank you Clare for all you do for Ecademy"

Mike "Magic" Segall

"It's often been said that organising BlackStars is like herding cats! Well Clare has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt recently that she can herd cats! Her attention to detail and the caring way she ensures that everyone is happy, relaxed and catered for is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending Clare and her services."

Jim Ziegler

"We love this woman! When we were in a real hurry to put together a quality event for 50 people in London, we were referred to Clare by several prominent Ecademy Blackstars. Being in the USA we had to trust and rely completely upon her taste and judgment for the venue and all of the incidentals of making our event first-class. Clare came through with a great venue and service and food and beverage as well she coordinated all the attendees. If you're considering Clare's services, my advice is to stop procrastinating, write the cheque already, get out of her way and'll be great. Thank you Clare...Jim and Debbie Ziegler"

Jim Tuffin

"Clare recently organised a lunch time event for around 50 people when Jim Ziegler came over from the UK. The event was well organised and Clare communicated clearly with everyone about where, when, how etc. Judging from the overall event, I can only recommend Clare as a great organiser, a first class communicator and a person who pays attention to detail. Well done Clare, when I need an event arranged, you'll certainly be my first choice! Jim"

Mick Say

"Haviing met Clare during an ecademy meeting and having had a beer together afterwards I can tell you that clare is. A). Cool B). Knowledgeable C). Warm D). Friendly E). Helpful Very easy to get on with and an expert in her subject/s. Give her a nudge. Mick "

Jacob 'Online Retail' Reimann

"I find Clare to be a fantastic person, generous and with a great knack for organisation and introductions. I highly recommend going for a glass of wine and a chat."

Craig Wright

"Friendly, professional, and passionate about delivering a great service. Recommended."

Andy Lopata

"Clare was introduced to me by a mutual friend on the simple basis of, "you'll get along". He was right! Clare is positive, focused and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. It's a pleasure to be a friend, support everything she does and feel that support reciprocated. "

Neil Urquhart

"Clare is a lovely, down-to-earth lady who also happens to be an excellent connector of people. If you need someone to manage an event or a party, coach you out of singledom or network with fellow "netpreneurs", then make a beeline for her. Neil Urquhart NUA"

Jason Elton

"Clare offers a common sense approach to networking - offline and online. Make sure you include her in your network. Jason "

Thomas Power

"A wonderful contributor to the Ecademy platform. Thank you Clare. "

Thomas Power

"Not afraid to call me, I like that. Progressive, positive, personal. "


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