Colin Jeffrey

Colin Jeffrey


Business Directory - Teesside, Free Online Advertising for local Businesses in the county of Cleveland:
Hi my name is Colin JeffreyI do internet marketing and help companies in my area to achieve more from their advertising campaigns online.
We have an online platform called Ads 4 Local Business and it is a new and upcoming first class business directory of which will always have you the customer more than happy with the services that your about to receive. We have so much to offer the local businesses in Stockton on Tees, and Middlebrough.

Your Local Business Directory is perfect for the small to medium sized businesses in the Teesside (Tees Valley) area.
How say that!  you ask?

Business Directories do come up very well within the search engines and your local company will be getting found for them search terms related to your business and will come out on top.
We can and do offer Social Media Management, or good advice on using your social media to its best advantage you will be very happy for what we can do for your local company.
Mobile Friendly Websites
Businesses could begin to lose customers at an alarming rate if they don't adapt to the new way consumers are now looking for goods and services....ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE...

As a matter of fact, for a business, having a mobilized version of their website can no longer be considered just a want, ITS AN ABSOLUTE NEED...

Who wants to fumble around on a hard to read website with horrendous navigation, when they can just move on to the next site in the search engine and be greeted by a nice, mobile friendly website perfectly optimized for smart phone users...
Ads 4 Local Business ALSO Offer Sexy Search Engine friendly WordPress Websites to our local clients.
          Want a Website simlar to the One below?

  • Been on page one of GOOGLE is Good
  • But getting Found everywhere is BETTER

I wish I had a £1 for every time small business owners
said to me...

·         Our website does not work and so we are going to get it re-designed

This is totally and utterly the wrong thing to do in 99% of all occasions.

Let's face it most businesses have a website that produces very little in terms of new business. In fact most businesses spend most of their money designing a website that gets very few visitors and virtually no leads and they make an excuse like 'it is just a brochure site'.

The truth is that your website is your No.1 marketing tool and it is possible to get it not only working for you, but providing you with an on-going stream of leads, meetings and sales. You just have to know how to do it and I am going to help you.

Don't leave it to others (unless you want to)

The mistakes most businesses make is to either spend their money on design and have nothing left to use to drive traffic to their website, or they trust their marketing to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company, without really understanding what they are buying.

I am sorry to have to tell you two things:

1. Most website designers do not understand Internet Marketing. Why would they, they are designers!

2. Most SEO companies are expensive

I/we are very reasonable:
So get in touch with:
Colin Jeffrey on 07413 069 047


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"I'm pleased to count Jeffrey as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

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Emma Porter

"Colin is a great person to have in your network! Great to be connected Colin. :)"

Sandie Ashing

"What a great person Colin is, many thanks for the offer to pass messages to the folks back home. Do keep intouch, Sandie"

Nilesh Roy

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Sajid Hussain Journalist4Peace

"Its my honor to be connectedwith such a great friend "Colin Stockton" He is a great inspiration, Thanks Colin, Yes i will send you some lines for what i am doing for the promotion of Peace and what i would want you to do for this noble cause, PEACE --- "Lets beat hate and promote Peace togther" is my moto, and under this line i am contacting all over the world, through my Journalistic approach, Fellows, Friends, Coleagues round the Globe, in a short life how can peoples get spared time for hate, than why not for the positive and sweet job PEACE? so i am very much sure that we will get succeed to setup an ORCHARD, i mean a "Garden of Peace Promoters" (G P P) and by this forum we wil spread this message door to door, City to City, Country to Country & Globe, and i believe that with love,unity,sincerness, forgiveness we would be in a position to gether more and more peoples in this G P P ,because my only aim is to gather a Garden of 1 Billion PEACE PROMOTERS,, agreed, ok, Please let me now that is it not in our reach to make this haterd world into a G P P? This is my aim dear friend Colin, now its over to you, i think we can travell round the globe for this noble cause. Hope to hear your sweetest kind response, Thanks for this, I just need some sincere, broad minded and open hearted persons regardless of any discrimination, for this cause, as i love to BUILD an ORCHARD OF PEACE PROMOTRS, and all we have to do is to spread the Word----------PEACE at each & every doorstep through what sources we may have, are you agreed dear friend Colin, PEACE , LOVE , RESPECT, GOD Bless you in every sphere of life, From Pakistan Sajid -------------------Journalist4Peace"

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Colin on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

k k

"Colin is a true professional with some great qualities. Kind , Friendly and very approachable. I feel honoured to have Colin in my network :-) "

Noel Keane

"Hey Colin you're a great help, extremely supportive and big thank you for your initial introduction to BforB as I am now a member of the Wigan branch You've always been very helpful and I consider you to be a good friend and business colleague Thank you for this Cheers "

A Chews4Health Barb Hauck

"It's is easy to provide a warm and positive testamony for Colin. I don't know if we first met in Ecademy or another affiliate site. But since our first meeting we have become great international networking pals. Colin has a wonderful web page called City Local that offers free ads, information about all of the UK, and even some fun little games. I recommend you pop in sometime and have a look about and leave an ad or two. On another note about networking I think Colin and I make a great example of the wonderful friendships that can develop through internet connections. We've shared helpful business ideas, we've gotten to know a bit about each other and our families. The positive experience of our friendship is exactly what networking is really all about. Meeting others, sharing and caring. I am truly blessed to now have a great friend in the UK, and as we say in Arizona (mi casa es su casa) my house is his house. I look forward to the day when our families can meet and enjoy a holiday together. "

Joanne Serellis Southampton

"Colin is a valuable contact to have especially if you run a business in Stockton. "


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