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Chester Hypnotherapy & NLP For weight loss Call now Could Life Coaching be they key to your weight loss? Does the thought of food and weight loss get you stressed as you have tried everything and NOTHING seems to work? Are you fed up with where you are now and would love a solution but there are so many options out there - which is the right one for you? Are you confused about which is the right thing to eat, wrong thing to eat, what's good, what's not good? Do you find that you can get to the gym for a week or so, you have the best intentions but they just seam to disappear? Is your energy and motivation low and if you could have your own energy hot button to fire off every day this would give you all the get up and go you need to kick start your day, would you love to enjoy food and have eating, weight loss and exercise become a pleasure rather than a chore…read on to discover how there is a solution to all of these Why life coaching for successful weight loss? As I am sure you already know, there are many routes to weight loss, some of them seem to work better than others and is there really a one size fits all approach or are we all different? …From my experience it is the latter that is more true - we are all different, we have different likes, dislikes, motivations, reasons for wanting to lose weight, different lifestyles, body shape, fitness levels and these are just a small % of the different factors in play in our every day lives so why may you ask are these not always taken into account or even consideration. Here is where Life Coaching differs as it is taking into account all of these areas and much more, working with the mind and body as one, likes and dislikes to create an approach that works with and to your needs rather than against them. Imagine feeling really good about yourself because for the first time you have an approach that both understand you and works with and for you meaning you feel good about yourself before you have even lost any weight because you are focusing on where you want to be, rather than where you are not already and for the first time you have given yourself a mental break about food, weight, diets, targets and exercise, you feel great where you are now and know will feel even better when you get to where you want to be AND you know its going to be fun and enjoyable, without starving or sacrifice…you also have your own energy and motivation hot buttons and can fire them at any time and you have a process to follow that works for you and achievable end goals to work towards - goals you know that you can achieve, this is what Life Coaching to lose weight is all about, removing barriers, understanding who you are and what you want and then creating a programme to assist you in achieving real and realistic goals for you! What is life coaching? Life coaching combines an eclectic and unique mixture of personal development and transformational change technologies including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and even more ancient and powerful techniques from the sacred teachings of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Reiki and Shamanism, before any face to face sessions there would be a first meeting consultation to get a really good understanding of you as a person, what you have tried before, what you may want to try and maybe approaches that you wouldn't feel comfortable - so going to the gym isn't always for everyone - that's ok - this approach is about you. From this in-depth chat your Life Coach will then know exactly how to structure your session where you will look at where you are now, where you would like to be, any perceived barriers to you not already being there and what needs to happen for you to be where you want to be. Working with your relationship with food, your weight and yourself, you will also work with energy, drive and motivation so by the end of the session you are focused on your first starting point, you have realistic goals to work towards an action plan to make them happen and you know and believe you will make them happen too in a way that works for you, your lifestyle, your body, your starting point and your desired end point - all tailored for you! Ongoing coaching and support is also offered if you are ever needing that extra energy boost or a friendly pair of eyes to sound new ideas and share successes with! How does life coaching for weight loss work? By using a set of powerful and profound change techniques ranging from the more ancient to the truly modern and tapping into your own personal driving force and ability to change you are guided through a personal journey to have any battles and stresses with food, weight loss and low motivation become a thing of the past. Working together to understand any reasons for you not before being able to easily lose weight - whether this be nutrition, beliefs or motivation, maybe it was simply the approaches you tried weren't right for you and your body, we will delve into what you know works for you, approaches you may not have attempted yet, what you would like to do differently and what needs to be actioned to set you on your path to easily achieving your goals, working together to understand how the mind works and how you can use this knowledge to discover what you really want to achieve, what is realistic and fun for you too! By tapping into the infinite power of your mind you can use this to be comfortable with yourself, start to focus on what you want and how to make it happen, discover any potential barriers or blocks and how they can be resolved, you may also start to discover more about yourself and because you are approaching yourself and weight loss in a whole new way for you this is bound to have a positive impact on other areas of life. You will be able to have a better and improved relationship with yourself and food, your outlook will have shifted and you never know - you may now be wanting to go to the gym, go for a run or any other activities that you may have previously not had the motivation or energy to do and now you do! What had life coaching for weight loss? Imagine for the first time being totally ok with losing weight, battles, diets and sacrifice are all a thing of the past, its now about fun and enjoyment and a healthy eating plan that works for you. You know how to work with your own mind and body to achieve your results, you have a better relationships with yourself, food and your body, you feel happy, motivated, your confidence is up and this is now an exciting journey rather than a chore - you are ok with where you are now, you know where you want to be, what needs to happen, you know it will happen AND you have all the energy and motivation you need to make it happen, with follow up coaching sessions with your Life Coach when ever you feel that extra bit of support will really help you achieve more success Phone 0151 678 3358 or phone 0208 731 9020 or visit