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Chichester irritabel bowel syndrome treatments phone now IBS Treatment - Irritable Bowl Syndrome - Hypnosis If you have irritable Bowl Syndrome IBS you can be be treated by a well known Health Expert as seen on TV and heard on Radio Increasingly, research has proven that hypnosis has helped over 80-95% of those treated. The improvement is lasting with clients reporting freedom from symptoms when followed up after two years. While hypnosis for IBS treatment has the greatest success rate (Cognitive therapy can also be helpful), hypnosis for IBS offers some additional benefits: * Hypnosis treatment is easy and enjoyable. You just sit back and relax * There are no negative side effects * Treatment often leads to improvement of other (stress related) problems. We offer a free one hour consultation where you can understand more about how we treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Call now on 0151 678 3358 or 07714 853 524 or visit We work all over the United Kingdom. So if you have IBS - irritable Bowel Syndrome and you would like to be treated then phone now for information and a free consultation to help you with your irritable bowel syndrome - ibs