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If you would like to come and talk to me about how I can help you, then please call me for a One Hour Free Complimentary Coaching Session "After 40 years of mental abuse from my mother, I was put in touch with Claire Hegarty who has helped me transform my life. Although my mother has not changed, I am now equipped and more able to deal with it. She has shown me how to take control, so that my family and I can enjoy a very full and rewarding time. My health has improved, I am furthering my career, my marriage has gone from strength to strength and my leisure time is so fantastically full and enjoyable that all the help Claire has given me is of immense value". CH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I met Claire Hegarty in 2007 at a business breakfast and new from the start knew that she would be able help my wife. She had her breakthrough session with Claire on 10th August 2007 and after years of mental abuse from her mom and being told 'you must not do…. life for us a family has been 'transformed'. She now has a life. She has learnt to swim, canoe, cycle, run drive and gone back to college. I suffered a particularly bad time with a client earlier in the year and just knew that Claire could help me get over the experience. Even for someone as active, motivated and positive as myself, Claire has helped me change my view on the world and how I deal with people and situations. As a result I personally, and our business, will be better of for Claire's help. If everyone on the planet, irrespective of their beliefs, creed or age, could experience what I have in the last two days - the world would be a much better, happier and safer place. CJH - Wolverhampton --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you get to meet this special lady called Claire then you will understand why I call her Smiler. She lights up the room. Dear Claire, I found you at the lowest point of my life. Utterly convinced that seeking any remedy for myself was futile. Boy was i glad i came across Smiler. My mindset was one of complete scepticism and negativity. My dysfunctionalty with women left me genuinely terrified of forming any relationship with them. Thanks to the patience and kindness of smiler my life has been changed 100 % for the better. Smiler has provided me the the Tools and methods to overcome any mental obstacle in my path. Before I met Smiler i was Mr Floppy, now my nickname is Mr Woody. What is most surprising is how simple and effective the tools are to use and the positive benefits that they produce. All this is provided by one of the nicest people that I have ever come across. P.Carr Dear Claire I came to you for therapy at a very difficult period in my life. I was extremely skeptical both before I came and during the treatment, however you were infinitely patient with me. Iwas astounded at the speed of the results. Immediately afterwards I felt a calm I had not experienced in many years. Despite my continued sceptism these effects have continued and I am living my life with much more confidence and balance. I cannot thank you enough, you are truly a "miracle" worker and worth every penny. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a life changing experience Gratefully yours MB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breakthrough - A life changing experience, from a life of dread for 35 years to a life worth living. The difference in the quality of my life is incredible. > I now know that I can create and achieve anything that I desire. Don't think about it, just do it every day counts. C G- Maintenance Contracts Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I recently attended a Breakthrough Session with Claire and have since been experiencing a positive change in my life. Prior to meeting Claire I had been in a rut, well actually a big black hole. For the last six years my life followed one path and that was down hill. Negativity got hold of me and it was time to change. RESULTS FROM THE BREAKTHROUGH SESSION WERE INSTANT. I cannot explain it, I have tried other therapies but nothing compares to Claire's methods for change. I instantly felt the weight fall off my person, I relaxed, felt happy, more positive and I looked different - Yes looked different. On one of my many visits to the loo I looked in the mirror and was genuinely taken aback by my face, I looked like all the stress had gone out of my face, I looked happy which in turn made me look younger - did that make me feel good - hell yes! Claire has given me "tools / methods" to use as and when I need to and is now helping me to change the other areas of my life. I am in control of my life and am moving one way and that is UP! Thank you Claire, you offer something very special, you helped me heal and have taught me and still teaching me how to move forward, creating as I go, in a strong positive way. For this I thank you. From GC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I first met Claire I knew that a major change was needed in my life, I just didn't know what it was or how to achieve it. I was very low and going to see her was something of a last resort. Now that I'm working with Claire, my only regret is that I didn't find her sooner. I was cynical about some of the techniques and the cost was no small surprise. However Claire's expertise, dedication and belief in what she does are very apparent. Her motivation and enthusiasm are infectious. The time and effort she spends working with me and supporting me is invaluable. Its proved to be an investment in me and its worth every penny. Since the Breakthrough day I can honestly say that I feel lighter, happier and much more at ease. The mental and emotional baggage I'd been carrying around has somehow, magically disappeared. I can cope much better with the stresses of work and l no longer become anxious over the slightest thing. For the first time in a long time I can see the sort of future that I want is possible and I know that the changes we've made and continue to make, are for life. I'm learning to think differently and it feels great. Everyone should have a Claire Hegarty. A Dyas IT Training Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claire I was a cynic but Claire's Reiki was amazing, I think if you are going to consider going down this route you need to trust the person. No way would I have anyone hypnotising me unless I fully trusted them. I have spoken to Claire many times (she hasn't hypnotised me yet) and I trust her implicitly, this isn't a 'business' for Claire, it's like it is her vocation and she does it because she genuinely wants to help people. We have become friends purely because she is lovely and is really positive a great person to have around etc. In essence, in a sad cynical world, a nicer person you couldn't wish to meet, and coming from a cynic who doesn't suffer fools gladly, I hope this speaks for itself NS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Claire I feel the sessions have benefited me in a way that I have managed to beat my nerves. Before talking to Claire, I used to suffer from bad nerves, to a point where I used to have panic attacks and I even feinted at one point at the thought of going to the dentist. Claire taught me various exercises which helped almost immediately...I actually managed to go to the dentist at the end of January without feeling nervous, I felt like a different person, I have also taught my 4 year old daughter the same technique although she thought it was funny doing it I feel it will benefit her too. I was given targets to set within my career, and while on the phone to Claire I was able to visualise what I wanted to do, I was shown exercises to put myself in a trance and I felt as if I was actually living my targets. It made me feel like because I have seen myself doing them I could actually do them. I have now met my targets and I still set myself small ones. Before speaking to Claire about my career I wasn't sure what I fully wanted to do, I felt confused but after talking to her I realised that I knew what I wanted to do all along and it just took a bit of realisation to notice what I wanted. I do feel talking to Claire has helped me, I feel much more confident in myself and the way I look at things, I used to wake up on a gloomy morning and feel in a bad mood, now I will wake up and still feel happy because I have learnt not to let the weather get me down. MD I was really excited about my breakthrough day with Claire - perhaps, secretly, a little sceptical about what to expect. Claire soon put me at ease and her enthusiasm, professionalism and effervescence helped to make me feel relaxed and immediately I was able to focus on the task at hand - to enrich MY life. The seven-hour day dissolved into what seemed like 60 minutes and I left our session feeling empowered and positive and completely focused on ME. Thank you Claire!! M P --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claire's infectious motivation combined with considerable knowledge and experience on improving people's lives comes across the moment you speak to her. This continued in the one to one Breakthrough Session and her very thorough and professional approach has had a huge positive impact in my personal and professional life. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a positive transformation, no matter how big or small, to make the call - it's free and you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.' DH London --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TESTIMONIAL for Break through Session with C L Hegarty The night before I went along for therapy with Claire, I had a dream about a gold laminated mat that always sits on my desk. It came free with an Indian astrological Magazine I've subscribed to. In the dream, the gold of the symbol had somewhat rusted. This is the only image that remains strongly in my mind. The vastu yantra is a mystical diagram; a potent dynamic sacred symbol containing rhythmic unity and cosmic truth. It is meant for peace and harmony. That it signified portentously that which I did gain from the breakthrough session only hours later, and the requirement thereafter to nurture it; then I was truly amazed. Arrive at the Health clinic 9 a.m. and meet Claire. We begin by doing the breathing exercises. Then she talks to me about cause and effect, perception and projection and the power of words and being in the now. I also talk about what I think my problem is in my own words. Steadily, as discussion progresses, the free play of my unconscious becomes more important; and so too the importance of talking correctly to my unconscious to instruct myself. I am somewhat hesitant to begin with, and as we get into the Time Line Therapy, then the resistance of my conscious mind lessens; I begin to see the wisdom of this therapy. Making a playdoh figure is an interesting activity, and it is formed of yellow and blue colours. Some self-hypnosis and the forgiveness exercise give me the positive and glowing feeling, which I come into. I feel this has been one of the most invaluable days of my life. Now I feel confident that things will get better. I receive a pendulum from Claire. I leave confident that therapy has been successful, and there is now a lot to develop and take care of. In the evening, I return home, feeling tired and exhausted. However, I do go to my mum's house to let her know how it went, and she is pleased that I found so helpful. She notices a difference in me, and so does my brother Peter. I feel like a new man; though I am very tired. In the days following I my anxieties and depressions are gone. I discover new ways of developing my sensitivity to others, to healing and to my whole body and aura. I think about the hidden beauty and power in all of nature, the magic behind the appearances. I am empowered to be the change I've always wanted to see in my life. HM My psoriasis is healing - anon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been working with Claire for 7 months now and every single area of my life has not only improved but transformed. I hardly recognize myself anymore in the way I experience things. Time Line therapy tm has been a revelation and so beautiful and has changed my life and the way I view the world and Claire has supported me through all the growth pains and processes and helped me to really identify and clarify what it is I want to create in my life - and then showed me how to do it!!! I really love the way Claire is so dedicated to her own learning and growth - what more could you ask from a personal coach than that they themselves are in the same process - knowing and really understanding what it means to change your life. The best decision I EVER made was to commit to personal coaching and start to get the best out of my life - thanks to Claire I have grown more in the last 6 months that I have in the last 10 years and I am proud that I chose my coach very well!!! DM London ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was presenting at Viva ESPN over the weekend and was great - I was re booked! I am very decisive and lots of people have commented on this I'm happy to be single and am excited about the prospect of their being that special person out there who will come into my life when the time's right - anon