NL Practitioner Course to improve your business today

NL Practitioner Course to improve your business today NLP Practitioner Course. Start a New Career - Get Qualified today. NLP Practitioner Course with 4 qualifications to be held this year in Chester. Start a New Career and become an NLP Practitioner Get qualified now in Complimentary health and become a NLP Practitioner Call for details NLP Practitioner Course NLP Practitioner Certification Training call for details A Unique NLP Practitioner Course with 4 Qualifications Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching with well known Health and Lifestyle Expert! Contact 0151 678 3358 or MOBILE 07714 853 524 For More Details of our excellent ACCELERATED 7 DAY NLP PRACTITIONER TRAINING COURSE As a Health and Lifestyle Expert I have assisted hundreds and hundreds of people in transforming themselves and their lives, enabling them to be who they truly are, have fantastic health, great relationships, fantastic careers, a wonderful home life, creating the health and life they truly want and through my work, I'm often asked "how do you do what you do", now is the time for you to find out! As well as learning how I do what I do I will also save you 13 days of classroom time and you will receive 4 Certifications, which are recognised worldwide. WHY would you want to become a practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnosis in just 7 days? Do you want to have improved health, more confidence, fantastic relationships, emotional calm and control, great sleep, improved energy and vitality, a happy family life, the career of your dreams, earn the amount of money you want to, have work life balance and assist others in being able to do the same? Do you want to have an in-depth grasp and understanding of the workings of the mind; understanding how both your own mind works and how to tap into and understand the unique workings of each individual's mind, how to consistently achieve the results you want in all areas of life and how to enable others to do the same? Would you like to be able to easily build rapport in any situation with any person and most elegantly put your point across, easily building rapport with your clients and customers, understanding what makes them tick and speaking in their mind's own language to then match their values and outcomes with your product and service during business and sales meetings? Would you like to free yourself and assist others to be free of past emotional blocks and barriers, removing all negative emotions from the past such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, remove any limiting decision such as "I'm not good enough", "I'm not confident", resolving and removing inner conflict and also learning how you can create your future exactly how you want it to be. Would you like to have fantastic hypnosis skills, which will enable you to stand on the shoulders of giants such as Milton Erickson to work easily and eloquently with hypnosis creating varying levels of trance with your clients to create deep and lasting change in all areas of their life from weight loss to public speaking and sales! Would you like to be certified as an NLP Coach by standards that exceed any other coaching standards found on the planet today? We are also the FIRST to offer a very special package to all of our students, in addition to your training course your investment fee includes UNILIMITED email and telephone coaching and support, a 2 HOUR face to face coaching session with Claire to really enable you to fine tune your NLP skills in your chosen area of application AND an hours face to face coaching session with Claire 12 months after you become Certified. Contact us today to find out details of dates, prices and special offers on our NLP Practitioner Course Call us on 0151 678 3358 / 07714 853 524 Email - Visit Our NLP Practitioner Course Website for details