Do You Need A Compromise Agreement Signed?

Do You Need A Compromise Agreement Signed? Have you been asked to sign a Compromise Agreement? These agreements are especially popular in tough economic times, when both employer and employee want to know for sure that their agreement is clear and definitely binding on both parties. With Compromise Agreements:
  • Employees can achieve an uplift on their basic legal rights (with legal fees paid)
  • Employers expect clarity and closure on issues that might otherwise drag through the employment tribunal for months
  • Since I set up my office in the City of London in 2003 I have found that these agreements are an essential feature of HR management for my business clients and welcomed by a regular stream of individual employees. Whether you are an employer or an employee, please check out my special Compromise Agreement website for further information or contact me for free advice on how to solve your employment issues, once and for all. Guy Thompson PS Although I have meeting rooms in the City of London, you don't need to work there, or even live in the UK. Recently I advised a South African who lives and works in Zurich, but had to sign a Compromise Agreement with an English employer.