Law breakers may NOT be Law enforcers

Law breakers may NOT be Law enforcers Genuine peace is the presence of Justice.Pls sign & circulate our petition: Justice for one is justice for all, and there can be no peace where there is no Justice: "Peace is not the mere absence of tension, it is the very presence of Justice" THIS IS ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE, WHO ARE NOT BEING SERVED BY THE CURRENT SET UP AND MAFIOSO, BROKEN-DOWN SYSTEM IN PLACE (JUDICIAL, FINANCIAL, REGULATORY & 'LEGAL') - where are all our Ministers, so out of reach of the People & busying themselves with Media banter, ignoring their duties ? (1) Please sign this petition, to usher in the change where the People can be served based on Principle and Truth, the Rule of Law; please add your comments & thoughts and please circulate it to all your family, friends, contacts, to spread the word: thank you:- (2) Dear All, Please click on the link below and please read it carefully, it seems that only the Queen has the Power to make the Privy Council change the laws and Acts of Parliament and to challenge the Judiciary, or their Judicial Acts as no one is above the law, or for that matter the Privy Council is the only body set up through Her Majesty's Prerogative Powers to change the Law or any Acts of Parliament and to reverse any decisions of a court/ Hi Folks, The website is now on line and requires examples of illegal bankruptcies, (all cases are being corroborated), so please send me a short resumee of your case in not more than 4 pages of single sided A4. Email it in rtf or txt format, I will compile a pdf file with iodex etc. and publish the cases online AND.... (3) CHALLENGING THE JURISDICTION OF THE JUDICIARY WITHIN ENGLAND & WALES The Campaign for Truth & Justice deserves our fullest report - they rightly say "Law breakers may NOT be Law enforcers".... it's up to us to make our voice heard