Do you want improve your SEO for free?

Do you want improve your SEO for free? Being seen and heard online is harder than ever before - more platforms, more competition, more noise - how do you get your key messages in front of the right audience at the right time, and convert their interest into cash? Answer: video marketing. Video content is in demand. This increase is being seen on all of the main social media networks. The big issue is how to present yourself and your video content effectively and profitably on the biggest sites, such as YouTube and Facebook, without spending hours distributing content. "Why bother?" some Ecademists might ask. Consider this: YouTube gets two billion views per day for freshly-uploaded video content. According to a spokesperson, Facebook currently has 20 million video uploads per month from the 500 million users active online. With such large audiences on social media networking platforms, distributing and uploading video content to hungry consumers might seem like a daunting task. And monitoring the statistics can in itself represent a full-time job. There isn't enough time to maintain an effective video presence everywhere. Until now. Network Waves has created a bespoke platform for Members, allowing them to rapidly and easily upload video content to multiple platforms. We'll help you get more web traffic, more business, more leads - and more sales. The cost? Free to Ecademy subscribers. Why free? Because we think the service is worth trying out for an introductory period. This will give you a clear idea of the powerful time-saving platform we've created. Network Waves will launch an upgraded system and many other features in Autumn 2010. Come and try our free, bespoke service at today.