Oxford Therapeutic Coaching - Counselling based therapy

Oxford Therapeutic Coaching - Counselling based therapy Coaching is different than your standard counselling practices in that is is there for you on a regular basis for the duration of what ever crisis that you may be going through. It is there to help mentor you through difficult times and to give you the ability to overcome obstacles in close to real time. You can bring to the table any issue about the current circumstances that might be dogging you such as a new change int he circumstances that you are going through, or maybe a new situation that has arisen during the course of therapeutic treatment. it can be ongoing, but you have the flexibility to take it or leave it as you see fit. It can always be there for you. Nick has been studying counselling, psychology, social sciences and neuroscience and is ready to help you. You can even use the flexibility of the internet and communicate and have the sessions by internet chat, video or voice conferencing using the modern technologies of skype and yahoo messengers. Visit the website today!