Taking Any Business Online | 7 Simple Steps

Taking Any Business Online | 7 Simple Steps Nicola Cairncross says: "As an experienced business internet marketer & internet marketing mentor, I often get asked "If I was starting to market my business online again from scratch, what would I do first?" It's a great question and a variation on one you should always ask any successful business person which is "If you were starting again from scratch and knew then what you know now......" So, if I was starting again from scratch, or even just looking to take my existing business online, the first thing I would do is put myself in danger of making some money from Day One! There are a number of simple steps or "secrets hidden in plain sight" if you like, that you can take to start marketing any business online (or to start building an online business, even if you don't have your own product or service). I often get asked to do Marketing MOT's for businesses and I have a 10 step ticklist I work through, but rarely do I get past step 3 on the list. So many people just don't seem to be aware of the very basics of marketing their business online. Then, they complain "my website isn't working!". So just how can you market your business online, quickly and easily, without hardly spending a penny? Click the URL link below to find out more about my totally free gift to you "7 Simple Secrets To Marketing Any Business Online" (And also for info on how you can view some great free videos on how to develop your business marketing strategy online)