Has your teenager got a clear sense of 'career direction'?

Has your teenager got a clear sense of 'career direction'? I discovered an amazing profiling tool a few years ago and now use it with all my corporate teams; I use the tool to discover: * Whether what looks like a performance management issue is actually something else - square peg in round hole; person bored out of their brain; personality clash with manager or someone in the team; poor team fit etc. etc. * Whether a person has the talents/skills/aptitude/drive to become a team leader or manager * As a recruitment tool And then a few weeks ago I received a call from a manager I'd worked with who said 'Help, my teenage son is driving me insane - he has no idea what he wants to do with his life - would doing a profile help him decide?' Absolutely. In fact imagine if we'd all had a career profile done before we set off on our working lives - I know I would have taken a very different direction than the one I did. So if you have a teenager, who hasn't got a clue what they want to do with their lives, contact me - I can set up a profile for your son or daughter, and via Skype, give them some cleaqr direction going forward. Price: Normally I charge NZ$499.00 for a profile and a reading, but I'm happy to offer this for US$199. It could save your sanity and your bank balance as you prop them up financially for years while they cast around in some vague fog!! That can't be bad. And the great news for the manager who asked me to do a profile for his son, is how their relationship improved. Not only the Dad but the Mum also phoned to thank me for the information. They now 'got' their son! Ann