RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon



 See some bad examples I am a writer: novels, comedy sketches for TV, newspaper and magazine journalism, websites, marketing materials, manuals, POS/box copy, online profiles and most prolifically since 1989, CVs of a very distinctive type.

I have always been a writer, born in 1949 I've been full time self employed since 1976. I don't do it to be creative, because it's glamorous, because it is well-paid or because I enjoy showing off. I do it because it is what I have always been best at.

I don't believe in cuddly personal profiles; the way to get to know me is to read my blogs, comments and testimonials.

Of most interest to Ecademists is probably the CV side of my work:
"I have now recently started with a hedge fund in the city. The time and expenditure was certainly worth it for me. Especially as my new package is approx 36% increase on the old one.If anyone has any worries about the quality of their own CV, I'd definitely recommend Steve to help you get it right, make more of what you've got, and shoot for things that maybe you would not have otherwise considered...." Andy Thomas, Ecademist
Another recent testimonial will be found HERE

There are zillions of testimonials at my website and many more Ecademists can testify to the transformation in response that I have achieved for them and I had a Latvian customer recently who secured a £250,000 job with a British mobile phone company to project manage their launch in Russia and they didn't even bother with a formal interview after reading the CV I created for him.
I know that you already know how to write a CV but we really have taken it to another dimension in terms of tone, information architecture, linguistic power and professionalism.
We don't work to formats and templates and people who read it will see the best that you could have done for yourself had you had the 40 years of practice that we have between us.
Comment is free. Just email your CV. Whether you are employed, between jobs, freelance, interim or in consultancy, whatever country you live in or wish to move to, whatever level you work at and aspire to. We have seen everything, believe me.
Ring me if you want to know more.
The website also offers a series of DIY courses on CV and cover letter writing and interview preparation so that you can inexpensively benefit from our experience and pick up the conceptual sophistication that we deploy. This includes an inexpensive tutorial for your graduate children writing their first CV.
Do you need concepts and text for your website:
this is one I helped create.
For the next few weeks I will be harder to contact on an instant basis but my colleague is available through the website to assist with career change.



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Penny Power

" I have had an interesting week with Steve. Steve has been on Ecademy since November 2003 and has contributed widely to debates. Always very true to himself, he has driven me crazy at times but the commitment to Ecademy and the members he likes here is awesome. Steve and I have had some exchanges this week that has allowed each of us to get to know one another a little bit more, carefully and with the desire to respect one another's clear differences. Thank you Steve, you test me, challenge me and question me, which is a good thing. Just want you to know that I am sending love especially at these challenging times for your health."

Nighet Nasim Riaz

"I adore Steve. He is one of the loveliest people I have come across although he wont be pleased to be described in such terms. I used to be very wary of him but as I started to read his blogs properly he intrigued me. His use of language is excellent and he manages to convey a great deal in a very small space and very eloquantly. He has the most charming and infectious laugh. The first time we spoke on the phone, we spent 90% of the time laughing. A great human being and it is a pleasure to know you Mr Holmes"

Wayne Conyers

"i've been adding my comments to Steve's blogs for sometime now and had the pleasure of a long conversation the other day. what i really enjoy about Steve is his passion and understanding for Life. he is not influcenced by main stream media and forms his own observations based on his own experiences - I find this so refreshing in a world we we are constanlty battered by the various streams which affect us all on a subconsious level. And all that without taking it too seriously. A geniune and personable guy i hope to share a walk with him along the beach soon. "

LaRae Wilkins

"On a whim I plucked up my courage and phoned Steve yesterday. I had long admired his blogs, his comments, his honesty, his cutting edge wit, his compassion and his integrity. I've no other way to put it....I am in awe! His kindness is second to none. His intelligence is off the charts. More importantly his devotion to principles and humanity is unparalleled. I am humbled, honoured and delighted to have received his wisdom, advice and kindness. I hope one day to have the honour of meeting him in person. Thank you Steve for your very existence! With fond regard, LaRae"

Hans Anneveld

"I met Steve a few days ago for the first time in his "Dolphin House". Great hospitality. He is friendly and understanding. Even though we didn't talk much, I found out he has great insight on things he talks about. "

Ida "ethical gifts" Horner

"Wasn't sure what to make of this young man in my first few days here, but the more I have got to know him I found that he is a decent human being. His blogs have had me in stitches several times and when I have stopped laughing I have found them really valuable Don't underestiamte him, take time to get to know him, and he will grow on you quite literally, and oh, he is very supportive.. but don't push your luck"

Mariéme Jamme

"Bonjour World…. Having spent time in understanding what Steve is made off; I have learnt what online blogging will never teach you. Behind Steve is a very genuine, intelligent, unique,caring, hearted individual. A man who is really kind... my mother always says that, people needs to listen to their gut feelings, intuitions and having listened to mine for the last couple of months, made my own judgment, I must say, It was an honour to have spent time with Steve. The world needs to change. Steve, Thank you for making me understand what I did not know, I am thrilled...Best Regards- Mariéme "

Cora Stam #4

"Steve masters the English language. He has a keen eye for weak spots in a text and is skilled in analysing matters of vital importance. Furthermore he is patient, even with non-native speakers like me. For everyone who is looking for really good advice with regard to text and/or style, he is the right man. "

Emma James

"To quote Steve from his website, CV Services and CV Masterclass ( "Which brings us back to individualism, the inescapable consequence of our human desires, the scenario that makes us value some outcomes over others and guarantees that what everyone else can do easily is probably not worth doing. You really have to be an individual, don't you?" I became aware of Steve shortly after joining Ecademy and had him way up there on a pedestal. Never a good idea, people can topple off pedestals and Steve is an expert at challenging perspectives and getting to the core of deeper issues between the social froth. Duly challenged, he toppled but I've always held him in high regard and enjoyed following his input on Ecademy. I've learnt since to dispense with putting men on pedestals. However Steve has rebuilt his again in my mind so I'm struggling not to put him back on it. Sincere thanks Steve."

Louis Sequeira

" I have known Steve for over four years and have come to know him as a man of integrity who does not mince words. Like many who have a strong opinion, he is prone to get misunderstood by some. I personally may not agree with all of Steve's opinions. Yet, whenever he expresses his opinions in what he says or writes, it is straight from a heart with no malice, he always strives to be fair and has tons of compassion. "

Professorlalit Mawkin,

"Hi Steve,you have mastered an art which is taking you places and you are in a position to help all other people---God bless-----Hugs---lalit"

Jason Elton

"Steve is a tremendous giver of time and advice. Clear, concise and practical. Thanks Steve."

Nathalie Jamois

"Honest, audacious, respectful, compassionate, kind, wise, smart, witty, charmer ... and a perfect gentleman. Steve is a rare pearl. "

Fraser Hay

"A long overdue testimonial. Steve offers insightful, challenging comments and observations, that quite often stop you in your tracks, forcing you to revisit your thinking. I should know. And Steve - Thanks. Highly Recommended. 10/10."

Rich Becker

"Extremely bright, smart, paradoxical and quirky, Steve is a gentleman. He's also liable to cut through the mustard and challenge your thinking in ways you never thought of. Top bloke, very supportive and caring. "

Cora Stam #4

"Steve treats the English language like a virtuosic. He is multifaced, which means he is fierce, a mockingbird, a cynic, unscrupulous, quick-witted -- in short: an excellent sparringpartner, with a heart of gold. Often generous, sometimes stubborn. But most of all he is courageous and loyal. I'm a lucky devil to be connected with Steve. Highly recommended. "

Malgorzata Krukowska

"I enjoyed a very nice lunch in Steve's company at an art restaurant in Oxford. With Steve, stories of a Sunday roast dinner discussed with a French waiter become ultimate philosophical anecdotes. Kindness as a way of life. And yes, he's very smart but a gentleman too, so he did not show off too much :-). Well, not at all. "

Nick Ingram

"Amongst the dross of Ecademy's FP over the past 12 months or so, Steve has provided a welcome distraction. What he writes is considered, provoking, challenging and interesting, and that cannot be said about many contributors. Socially, we have met twice, but not been on the same side of the table. That will change the next time. After you have read these testimonials, go and visit his blogs and learn something new about something new! Regards Nick "

Sally Church

"Steve is genuine, honest and authentic. A deep thinker, he has a formidable intellect and doesn't suffer fools at all. Apart from that, he seems an amiable fellow and I'm looking forward to meeting him one day. "

William Buist

"Steve is a man of real integrity whose contributions demand respect and consideration. Steve's ability to help others to see alternative views and different perspectives is invaluable. A man worth getting to know well."

Thomas Power

"One of the deepest and most insightful thinkers and commentators on Ecademy I have come across since 1998. "

Naz Daud Franchise Business Opportunity

"I've not met Steve yet, but hopefully this will change someday. I believe that when it comes to writing and expressing a view point nobody does it better than Steve. I might not agree with everything he says, but nobody writes as well as he can. Naz"

Michael Heaney

"Steve is in a league of his own. Many people are asleep at the wheel Not Steve . He pays attention as he goes through life. He is questioning, challenging alert and rigorous in his opinions and has a fine understanding of cant when it appears. If you agree with him on a subject he can illuminates it further to a depth that you might not have perceived. If you disagree then be ready to change your mind or struggle to defend your position. If you are relying on trite shallow thinking you will have to dig deeper. Steve will do that for you, and if you also start to pay attention you will be better for it. "

Harry Cruickshank

"Steve tells it like it is with regard to CVs and covering letters - I had more useful feedback and advice from him in an hour than I've had from any other source. He's also a genuine, kind and highly intelligent individual."

John Cave

"I always read what Steve has to say because of blogs like this. I can't claim to 'know' him yet, but would like to put that right."

Rory ROR Murray

"I've not really noticed Steve before, other than the odd posting. I'm aware that people I rate highly also rate him highly and in the last 24 hours it has become clear to me why this is the case. Steve, you have my admiration on many fronts - keep up the good work!"

Stuart Harris

"I've been through online spats with Steve over the past year and a bit, I've found him infuriating and at times he has really got up my nose. But that is history now and for the past couple of months Steve has been my weekly sounding board, inspiration, challenger, supporter, advocate and critic all rolled into one. Through our online wrangles and meetings, I have come to respect Steve's intellect, sensitiveiy, spirit, culture, honesty and integrity. It's the rare combination of those qualities that enables me to feel blessed to be acknowledged by Steve. I strongly expect our relationship to be truly transformational. A big man and a magnificent, glorious human being. Bless you, Steve. "

Victor Taylor

"Steve doesn't pull punches but he's a hard man with a soft centre. Very, very smart he can help you in many ways and as far as writing CVs is concerned he is in a league of his own. I'm lucky to have him as a business partner and friend."

Jennifer Clowes

"I often enjoy reading his articles, very creative, thought-provoking and truthful. He's full of wisdom and always speaks straight from the heart."

David Guzmán

"Steve is a leader with a sense of humor. We need more of those!"

Nicholas Windley

"After a positive communication exchange with Steve on a post I decide to purchase his CV writing material and was not disappointed. It delivered what it said and more which is very rare in the age of scepticism which we all live. Combining this with other writing skills I am learning and the difference is already noticeable. Keep telling it like it is!"

Jon Stow

"Don't know Steve too well, but the "Destiny" club is my favourite, so thanks Steve. I know you are a straight down the line bloke. Great idea."

Stuart Harris

"Just reading through Steve's testimonials, I'm amazed to find that I haven't written one yet. I'm delighted to know Steve, even though it's only through Ecademy online so far. He is a difficult, occasionally irrascible and often stubborn blogger, but he is intelligent, refined, unflinchingly honest and resolutely committed to honesty. He's not afraid to say he's changed his mind, not afraid to express his doubts, and not afraid to express his fears. Steve annoys me, moves me, challenges sometimes has me laughing and usually gets me thinking. And he always touches me. Above all, I regard Steve as someone of the highest integrity. I'm very glad he's part of this community."

James Coakes

"The thing about people with a strong opinion is that it takes a little time to know whether they're your kind of person. So, I've taken a little time and concluded that I respect Steve's opinion. I won't always agree, but I'll always give him the time and think about what he says."

Adam Sargant

"Straightforward, honest, respect... this man is a pleasure to do business with. No time wasting, straight to the chase, but with sincerety, genuine interest and enthusiasm. A rare combination."

Derek Sorensen

"Behind Steve's tough, cynical exterior is a man filled with compassion for his fellow humans. I am glad to know you, Steve, and looking forward to meeting you soon."

Anthony Bentham

"Through the contact we have shared Steve I detect a strong sense of fair play and justice in you. There are no better qualities for a business or friendship. I'm glad to be a contact. Cheers Tony"

Nic Rose

"At a time when others may have faultered you continue to be an inspiration to others and a leader in your field. A true professional. But picking up on some of the comments made in your testimonials below your honesty, brevity and pithiness belie a massive heart. My respect and thanks to you for all your hard work in Ecademy Resourcing over the last year, Nic"

Martin Dewhurst

" From our first connection here on Ecademy, you have inspired me with your honesty, clarity and brevity. In all of our interactions and conversations you consistantly speak volumes in such few words which is your special gift. Thank you Steve, for all you bring."

Ronald Wopereis

"Steve, you know how i admire your work. In honour of this i propose to call you Steve "Less is more... in words" Holmes. Its a very powerful gift that you have, and it shows how creative you really are. Warmest wishes, Ron PS: have u seen Mensa International has a club on LinkedIN? Don't know if u applied yet, but u definitely fit in with the rest of us. "


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