Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

CEO, NRG Business Networks Ltd


At NRG we provide Facilitated Business Networking Groups for the owners & directors of service businesses & partners in professional firms to build their ultimate network for business growth.

Outside of NRG I work alongside entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals as CEO/MD/NXD to support, lead & guide them in building solid businesses through people, relationships and the effective use of the Internet.

I typically work with service companies and professional firms with between one and three Directors or Partners in establishing businesses with real value that punch above their weight.

I am married with 3 Teenagers & outside Work I love Music, Socialising & Sport. Especially Skiing, Footy and Taekwondo. 

Follow my website links below or at daveclarke.tel for more information & if you would like to connect why not leave me a message to introduce yourself.

Specialties: CEO, MD, NXD, Social Business, Advocacy, General Management, Rainmaking, Business Development, Business Networking, Social Networking, Partnerships, Business Networks, Communities, Word of Mouth, Relationship Marketing, Referral Marketing, Advocate Marketing. 

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Andreas Wiedow

"Knowing him through ecademy although we still have to meet either on the phone or irl. He stepped forward out of the dark when I asked my network to support me with a task in 2008. And ever since then he's been in the first row when it came to . . . being supportive. When asked. Today he supported me with our new venture PrinterStudio on facebook. Just like that. No questions asked. And you know . . . one little 'like' isn't much . . . it is everything. Many thanks, Dave, much appreciated."

Andrew Widgery

"I should have written this ages ago!! I have known Dave for several years. He is impressive. If you want to include in your network an absolute professional in every sense of the word, you will not go wrong with Dave. He exudes a quiet low key charm, a gentle manner, a sharp intellect, a good sense of humour and is a wonderful man. Besides being very well connected, he runs a first class business Network called NRG which compliments Ecademy perfectly and having attended several NRG events, I can recommend them and Dave equally."

Jay Blake

"I have known Dave over a number of years. There is not an occasion I meet him where I am not touched by his approach to business and life. Networking is his life and his business and that is evident from his approach. I enjoyed a wonderful day with him today at the blackstar boardroom - He is so insightful and caring of others. Not only that but he came with nothing to resolve and was happy to share with others "

Georgeanne Lamont

"I had the great good fortune to be in a board room with Dave and was struck by what a very special person he is. He clearly has immense experience, is thoughtful and reflective, has fine judgment and a generous heart. He brings a lot of sound common sense and inspires trust - a real leader. Georgeanne "

Victor Marques


Wouter Havinga

"This is to say that Dave's testimonial for me, moved me and has encouraged me. Actually my perception of Dave is that what he has written in the testimonial is just as much a reflection of his own being. Wouter www.lifeiswonderfulmakeithappen.com"

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Dave networks at Ecademy events where I have attended. Since January I meet him in Surrey NRG seminars-lunches. Dave is a respectable, solemn, friendly business man."

Warren Cass

"Dave is the consummate networker and his NRG is sophisticated, up market networking at its best. We have collaborated on several projects and I have always found Dave to be insightful, proactive, reliable and supportive. An asset to anyone's network! "

David Willis

"Dave is simply the best networker you could hope to meet - if you have the opportunity to meet him or attend one of his excellent NRG events, then don't missout. I've learnt a great deal from from him and I'm sure it has had a positive impact on my business. Thanks Dave."

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"As a 4th Year Marble arch member of NRG networks, I have always found the meetings to be fnatastic. The quality of the delegates is always good and the calibre of the businesses is generally very high. Dave invited me to join the new NRG Boardroom event held in West London. This is a boardroom mastermind style group where each of the members around the table (I believe a maximum of eight, 1 per discipline) can put forward an issue that they are experiencing difficulties with and we all help to see if we can clarify the issue and provide advice on resolving the problem This worked an absolute treat, as the result of a very in-depth diagnostic with the people round the table I commited to several actions which I would complete before we meet again next month. Knowing that I will be held accountable for not completing means that these actions have recieved my complete attention and I have almost completed them all after just a couple of days! Very unusual for me!!!! I can whole heartedly and without reservation reccomend the NRG networking events and especially the boardroom for anyone who is looking to real step up their business. Thank you Dave and Martin! SHarif George Office In a Box 0845 260 9800"

Tom Evans

"Dave is one of the most erudite networkers you will meet - he understands networking for business gain like no-one else I have met on Ecademy Looking forward to putting some NRG into Surrey next year Dave - when I get over the slight guilt of you having to bring it all the way to my doorstep for me to participate - how can I now not get involved ?"

Victor Marques

"Dave is a master of people ..thank you Dave for being a giver...It was fantastic to meet you again in Guildford event with such enthusiastic people...Carry on planting seeds...The trees will grow ! I raise my full glass to Dave! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"I've delighted in Dave's company in several environments since meeting him some 2 years ago ... Sporting ... on the golf course in idyllic surroundings Educational ... in the audience at one of his excellent presentations Business ... seeking his advice and counsel on important issues Social .. sharing animated conversations on matters of mutual interest In all respects ... he plays it straight down the middle* ... and is a connector sans pareil in this place. I LIKE ... TRUST ... and RESPECT him. * Mmmmm .. on second thoughts ... his golf ... ;)"

Julie Armitage

"Thank you for the support and encouragement along with excellent practical tips - such high quality and suprisingly free, wow. I am happy to take it on board now!"

Claude Bonte

"Dave is an honest and trustworthy person who walks his talk. His ability to focus, set goals and follows them is exemplary. He's a genuine kind person with all the traits of an outstanding relationship developer and professional networker. "

David Stevens

"I've just had a long conversation with Dave about how to be effective in networking groups. Dave really understands the heart of networking. He's also smart, thoughtful and generous. If you want to get under the surface, and really understand how to be at your best in networking, spend time with Dave."

Victor Marques

"Dave is a master of connections! Thank you so much for belong to this fantastic group of people that love to share dreams! I will be very happy to improve with you the speed of trust! I raise my full glass of wine to you Dave! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Thomas Power

"One of the best Networkers in the world, period. Professional, intimate, reliable, steady, solid, persuasive, gentle, heart warming and progressive. If you don't know Dave you are missing out on life. "

Fraser Hay

" This testimonial is Long overdue. Dave clarke is the consumate professional networker. His NRG lunches are the perfect catalyst to more introductions, more referrals and more business. Original. Professional, and Proactive. No wonder, other networking organisations try to emulate his success and innovative strategic thinking. Engage with him today. Rating: 10/10. "

Denise Johnson

"My first encounter -- a lasting imprint! I met Dave today at my first NRG luncheon and spontaneously decided to approach him with a very specific request along the lines of "WDYKW". He listened silently, made one or two brief comments and strolled away. Several hours later I received an 4-liner, 3 of which contained a name. I was admittedly surprised as I didn't expect any further response from him, but I almost fell off my chair when I read the first two profiles because while I hadn't revealed the details of my project he somehow uncovered and shared two gems that just happen to be the two best people on the planet, let alone ecademy, who could provide the advice I required. Life never ceases to amaze me. Thanks Dave, you rock! Denise Johnson"

Patrick Moore

"Over more than three years that I've known and worked with Dave, my respect and admiration for him has steadily increased, to the point where I'd now rate him simply one of the most consummate professionals I've ever met, in any field. I don't believe I've ever seen him upset, angry, ruffled, or indeed anything other than calm and positive. The combination of common sense, business experience, compassion and good humour that he brings to the table is simply irresistible. To sum it all up, Dave is literally the first person I tell people to connect with when they join BlackStar. It's a pleasure and a privilege to count him as a friend and colleague :-) "

Siang Lin Choo

"Dave is a great individual.....never tireless of helping people in need......giving support, advice and guidance. The philosophy behind NRG is creating advocates providing support to its members. A great organisation and a spot of lunch to breakout from the office. "

Ian McKechnie

"Dave is very generous indeed with his time, contacts and expertise - a pleasure to know."

Tom Ball

"Dave rocks, I'm a huge fan - he's bright, giving - and also insightfully challenging when you need it most! NRG are the best networking lunches I've ever been to - a great format, well managed. You sit at tables of ten and really get to meet the people around your table - the format lets you plug yourself and get help from the others. Next month you sit with mainly different people - but get to catch up with people you met and liked previously. The optional training sessions allow us all to keep sharpening our skills."

Peter Brill

"I have become a very strong advocate of NRG as a networking organisation, because it is about building strong, positive relationships with like-minded people. Dave epitomises NRG and its values - thoughtful, encouraging and someone who takes time to get to know and time to get to know you. I have no hesitation in advocating NRG as a networking organisation and Dave as a highly positive force in the networking world. Meet him and get to know him as soon as you can."

Judith Germain

"Dave is a great guy, a quiet listener and an obviously intelligent man. Kind, genuine and helpful - I would certainly recommend him. "

John Cave

"NRG are a great organisation and Dave is the perfect ambassador for them as he is one of the most genuine and helpful networkers out there. Good company, an astute business mind and a thoroughly decent bloke! I can heartily recommend getting to know him."

Martin Dewhurst

"Dave is a star, a dedicated follower of the pay it forward principal. Dave is one of the most genuine, inspiring people I've met and I look forward to attending his much respected NRG groups. Thanks for being the man you are Dave. Sincerely Martin"

Jesvir Mahil

"Dave Clarke inspires trust and I got the impression that he is a man of high integrity. When I read his testimonials here, my gut feeling was confirmed...so many people cannot be wrong about their estimation of the character and quality of the networking experience with Dave. At a few hours notice, he prepared a very educational presentation about effective networking for the Ealing Business Mastermind Network and created a hugely favourable impression all round. I am an advocate of Dave's style of doing business and would recommend my colleagues to find out about his NRG clubs."

Penny Power

"Dave is such a great guy, he inspires others to achieve their networking goals and provides the warmth for connections and success to flow. I would recommend Dave and his NRG Networking Lunches to anyone who wants to get known and make friends."

Kris Vanhoutte

"Dave is a nice and kind person ! He loves to make bread and to play trumpet. I hope I can enjoy listening one day when he is experienced in playing trumpet ! Keep in touch and thanks a lot for your supporting words Dave ! :-) "

Robert WoW De Souza

"Dave loves what he does as many of the testimonials confirm his many gifts and talent. Peace, caring, sharing and helping others is what business is all about. I am glad to be part of his network. Robert De Souza"

Charles Collins

"One of the nicest guys I have met in business, excellent networker and real asset to NRG Business Networks."

Sharon (Hypno) Stiles

"Dave is true enthusiast about what he does - he doesn't ram it down your throat but has the knowledge on tap if you're interested. The NRG events attract great people and are well worth attending."

Keith Lawrence

"What can I say? All round good guy, great networker, always helpful (especially to those new to networking) and he's never been known to bite! If you don't already know Dave, go and meet him... Ask him about Ecademy, NRG, ABC - and me :-) "

Rory ROR Murray

"Dave is a real asset as a friend and as a business connection. He is quiet and thoughtful, a great listener, with powerful insight and a willingness to "chew the fat" and provide valuable feedback. In terms of his work with NRG, it appears that he offers significant value to anyone who is looking to promote their business in a forum which is easy, comfortable and stimulating. Dave is a man worth knowing and getting to know well. "

Simon May

"Dave Clarke is a really great guy. He has helped me considerably within NRG with my networking approach and presentation. He always makes the time to talk personally with people, and more importantly he always remembers something personal about you - that's the sign of a good listener. Dave is one of those natural people who you feel you can open up to and seek advice - which he willingly gives - I find him a pleasure to be involved with."

Rod Sloane

"Dave Clarke is a thoroughly pleasant human being to do business with. He supports Manchester United, but nobody's perfect..Ealing man...enough said!"

Richard van Houten

"Great products!"

Nigel Temple

"Dave Clarke is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I also highly recommend NRG Business Networks - if you are interested in 'grown up networking'."

Nick Heap

"Dave Clarke is a gentle and generous man. He radiates calmness, peace and good humour. He is instantly entirely trustworthy. I feel honoured to know him and you will be too."

Nick Ingram

"I don't know Dave that well yet, but in the short time that I have known him, since joining NRG www.nrg-networks.com I have found him to be a voice of sensible, calm, reasoned advice and knowledge. I know that over the years, I will learn a lot from this man, and I regard myself privileged to have him as a mentor. Edit 1st January 2006. Recently I have discovered that I was at the same school at the same time as Dave Clark - How spooky is that? "

Guy Massey

"Dave is one of the most genuine of people I've met in Ecademy. As a fellow BlackStar I am beginning to understand more about what makes him "tick". And one thing, he is a true eclectic in the music department. Connect with Dave, or miss out! "

Satin Dattani

"i found dave to be very friendly, approachable and forthcoming with an offer to help me with something that had nothing to do with business or earning him any money - that's the true spirit of networking."

Andy Preston

"Great guy, great networking group (NRG). Highly Recommended."

Ian Plumbley

"Dave is one great guy, he is patient, gentle and very considerate, what he has help to build with NRG is brilliant. Connect with this guy he will add value to what you do as well as being a very nice contact to have in your camp."

Stuart Harris

"One of the joys of Ecademy for me is the fact that there is such a great guy just a few miles away, so I get to see quite a lot of Dave - the more, the better. He's a great listener which means not only that he pays attention but he also remembers and connects snippets of conversation - very astute. Dave's a deep, thoughtful, considerate and gentle man with a subtle sense of humour and a ready laugh. TOP MAN"

Craig Barrack

"Good chap."

Jeremy Marchant

"I was so impressed how Dave (seemingly?!) effortlessly joined Kim and Martin to do what was needed to be done as NRG expanded. I see Dave 'making it happen' as NRG continues to grow. Dave's always been very helpful to me - not the most enthusiastic or skilled networker, myself! And I really look forward to getting to know Dave better. Jeremy"

John Landells

"Great networker!"

Deirdre Dee

"I have been on a workshop with Dave and he was part of a discussion group we ran at a large ecademy event recently, we have met several times since, and he is a great networker. I look forward to getting to know you better Dave!. Regards Deirdre Dee"

Karen Scott

"What I most admire about Dave is the way he gets things done in a seemingly effortless way.His manner is calm, relaxed and reassuring. I have absolute confidence in Dave's inegrity, authenticity and willingness to foster success in others. As I struggle for words to sum up what I think of Dave, I have a feeling that he has a quality akin to that of a spiritual teacher. Somehow, his quiet, still manner allows one to reflect and learn things for oneself. It's a great pleasure to be alongside Dave at Chippenham ecademy meetings. He brings the club a relaxed, warm, inclusive and inspirational quality. The programme of speakers we have had has been, and continues to be, simply superb. Thanks Dave for being such a lovely person and an inspiration to us all. Warmest regards"

William Buist

"Apart from being great company for well informed incisive and enjoyable conversation, Dave DOES networking, seek him out.... "

Simon West

"Dave - thank you for your help with my new venture. I didn't know that so many different ideas could co-exist so well in one place! Your advice was invaluable..."

Frank Kanu

"Dave is one of the few networkers you really want to have in your network. He knows how to network and he will help you to get it done right. Dave is an outstanding listener who’s main concern is to help you to reach your goals."

Bob Hayward

"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with Dave. It was a pleasure to speak at the Chippenham Ecademy meeting in January 2005 which he organises so well. His leadership style is relaxed while professional, inclusive while directional and challenging while supportive. "

Laurence Lowne

"looks like we have another hero at Ecademy. Dave is a man true to his word and his NRG Networks is getting deserved great press. Laurence"

Ronald Wopereis

"Dave thank you for a wonderful experience. Today you showed how committed you are to yourself and to your business. You let me and Kim look into your heart and the depth of it wiped all three of us off our feet. Count me in as your friend. Best regards, Ron "

Melcom Copeland

"Dave is a true business veteran and professional. He has been there and done that, and because of his vast experience takes an open approach fostering new ideas and potential solutions to problems large and small. His experience working in the IT industry and expanding business into new markets - ie. German business expansion into the UK is very impressive. From start-up to exit strategy execution, Dave has done it - successfully!"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Dave demonstrates the qualities of a truly great networker. He listens for opportunities to help you, he's open to new ideas and his refreshing honesty means he's not got a hidden agenda. Our last meeting was a pleasure; we accomplished more in 90 minutes that either of us would have been able to in half a dozen ordinary meetings because of the trust we've developed through BlackStar. It really is accelerated networking. Dave is a great example."

Simon Warman-Freed

"Dave is a top guy. He is highly professional a great listener and insightful. He has a lovely way about him which exudes success. On a personal level, he is good fun to be with. I consider myself lucky to have Dave as part of my network."

Warren Cass

"Dave has been a fantastic supporter of Swindon ecademy over the last year and is one of the best listeners I have ever met. He is highly experienced, highly professional and a real asset for any network."

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Dave Clarke has impressed me from my first contact. His grasp of business is strong, his interpersonal skills excellent and his generosity of time and spirit make for a collaborative relationship based on win-win. Earn his trust and he doesn't ask what you can do for him, he just gives freely of his time and skill. Dave helps you by his questions not by forcing his answers, views and opinions on you. His experience in corporate life, both ups and downs, makes his relationship with me invaluable and I intend to take advantage!! Why learn the hard way when someone of Dave's calibre has already done it."

Rob Hook

"Dave is one of those rare people that listens! He is generous with his time. He has a wealth of experience that has not been contaminated by arrogance. Everyone I have met has had only good things to say about Dave. A man who can use his head and his heart at the same time - a great attribute"

Rich Wootten

"Dave Clark is a truely fantastic person - In business if you listen more than you talk you will get more out of each meeting - Dave has this ability! I'd recommend Dave to my closest contacts and now consider him a friend. Rich Wootten Ecademy Regional Director (South West)"

Kim Sharman - NRG

"Dave is a really nice person - warm, compassionate and a great heart. As a friend, I feel lucky to know him. As a business colleague, I value his insight and wisdom. What more can I say? Kim Sharman, NRG Business Networks"

Philip de Lisle

"A great intellect and a proven performer. Passionate yet compassionate. A great person to know. Highly recommended. "

Patrick Moore

"I could write a great deal about the great qualities Dave brings to a team. His endless good humour, determination to add the missing pieces to any situation, decades of solid, hands-on business experience and many other things all add up to someone that it's a pure joy to work with. Dave is someone I'm proud and delighted to have as a colleague and a friend. "

Thomas Power

"Dave Clarke is a living, walking, classical Chief Executive. He could run any business in my view. Being a Chief Executive is about your manner, your demeanour, your approach, your style, your intellect, your charm, your sophistication and your humility. Dave Clarke has all of the above in bucket loads. I cannot recommend him to you enough."

Hari Bala

"Dave is a rock solid person who will support you instantly and consistently. His experience and commitment to your cause is exemplary. If you want any help, please do not hesitate to give him a shout. I am sure you will be impressed."

Torsten Kinzelt

"Dave, Thank you very much for your nice message - I'm glad to be in your network! Please let me know how I can help. I wish you and yours a very Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year! Torsten Kinzelt"

Martin Mohan

"Hi Dave, A friends company in Chippenham has asked me to find some software developers and testers. (Contract and permanent positions). Do you know anyone in the Chippenham area who needs any help.? If so feel free to pass on my details. Regards, Martin"


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