David Fradkin

David Fradkin


Experienced sales and marketing executive with significant expertise in leadership of sales teams, creation and implementation of marketing strategy, product and process management, communication strategy, training and development, and driving organizational change and behavior. I joined Nestor Sales in August 2008 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. It was a great opportunity to lead and transform a distribution company and chart a course for great accomplishments. While I was able to achieve many of the goals we set, economic conditions altered the pace of my relocation to Florida, and I have recently separated from Nestor. Prior to joining Nestor Sales, I spent 8 months as an Executive Recruiter, and was very successful over a short period of time. I transitioned to recruiting from the environmental services industry, where I led Business Development, Marketing, and Change Management activities at Allied Waste. Prior to that, I was Director of Product Management at United Rentals, where I was instrumental in launching and cultivating the Contractor Supplies Division. I led all Contractor Supplies sales and marketing activities company-wide and created platforms for demand generation, product marketing strategy, and vendor certification. I also spent many years at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, holding a variety of sales and marketing positions and honed my skills in industrial sales and industrial distribution while focusing primarily on the Oil and Gas E&P and Petrochemical sectors. I began his career at Dell Computer in 1989 selling to the Federal Government and Institutions of Higher Education. In my spare time I coach girls youth softball, and in recent years have served on the Board of Directors of my Community Improvement Association. I live in Houston, Texas with my wife and two daughters. Please contact me so that we can meet, and please connect with me on LinkedIn as well. I am fairly active on LinkedIn - I have over 3900 1st-level connections and over 16M total people in my network. I am out of invitations to send but will accept all invitations to connect. Please view my LI profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfradkin and you will learn more about me. Also, you can go directly to the invitation page by clicking http://tinyurl.com/LinkedIndavidfradkin and it will take you right to the page inviting me into your network. Just click the hyperlink or copy and paste it into the address bar in your browser. If I can help with anything, please let me know. I am glad that I was introduced to Ecademy, and look forward to using it more effectively. I look forward to connecting further on an individual level, through Group participation, and through any other networking vehicles. All the best, David Fradkin



Website URL: http://www.nestorsales.com

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