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David Heads


I have a zest for life! I love and am interested in people from all walks of life, languages, cultures and of course our planet. I am innovative, and interested in addressing global issues. Giving Aid is not the first and certainly not the last project I have initiated. One of the projects that I fostered that I particularly enjoyed was working along side a local Doctor of Physics. Dr. Joe Watson. Joe had invented the 'cue dot' ( the dot at the top right hand side of television screens that cued in adverts }, but had never had the recognition for his genius. Upon meeting him he had become a humble maintenance manager at the Copthorne Hotel in Plymouth. Still putting his genius to work enabled him to save a small fortune on the energy costs for the hotel. Of course the Hotel received the credit Nationally from the EEO ( Energy Efficiency Office ) for his achievement.Once again he had not been recognised! I took him out of the Copthorne Hotel, put him into a R&D environment. Within three months he had developed a prototype boiler control which, when piloted at Exeter City Swimming Baths reduced an enormous amount of pollution of the environment and had paid for itself in the same amount of time it had taken to develop. The multi-boiler control could manage up to eight boilers at any given time. It went on to achieve enormous success throughout the UK and North America. In conversation one day with Joe, I asked him if he had a wish list, what would be at the top of the list. After a few brief moments, knowing Prince Charles was a keen environmentalist said " I've always wanted to meet Prince Charles"! That same week I wrote to Prince Charles explaining Dr. Watson's unrecognised accomplishments. Within three weeks we received a letter inviting us both to the 'Awards for Innovation' at St. James' Palace. During the course of the day intrigued with my letter Prince Charles expressed his interested in wanting to help us to further our work. As a result of his involvement we went on to receive nationwide recognition on Regional BBC, Local and National Radio Stations, starting with the pilot of Radio 5 'Live' progressing on to the centrefold of the financial section of the 'Mail on Sunday'. The phone didn't stop ringing with calls of support for six weeks from around the World! I have no doubt that with my present project it will go on to achieve even greater success due to the current financial climate. It will be of benefit to both a worthy Charities who we partner with and those who participate. How was Giving Aid born? It was just after the Tsunami disaster. December 26th 2004. I had a 'lightbulb moment'. Shocked as we all were, I remember thinking at the time how strange it was that with so much wealth in the world, that like the worlds population,it is not over populated just badly distributed. Putting my creative juices to work, I came up with a simple solution. So simple that when I saw a firm of International accountants a few months later with a few ideas scribbled on a piece of paper, they could not believe that it was not in circulation. I remember thinking "great idea! but is it legal?" Some months later I went to see a celebrated firm of Solicitors and presented a PPP (Power Point Presentation) to one of the senior partners who specialises in 'Charity Law'. He said after the presentation, " If I had a hat I would take it off! the concept is brilliant". Putting their 'money where their mouth is' so to speak, they began working on a pro bono basis to ensure that everything we did was carried out in the correct manner. I started approaching charities in the UK, without exception they all loved the concept! We are now ready to take this concept to the next level. We have carried out our due diligence and having rigorously tested the concept, have successfully carried out a pilot scheme. The program which has a multiplicity of applications, is now geared to accepting three million transactions a month from launch, enabling us to offer our support to organisations who have already made a significant contribution in making this a better world for our global community to live in! The first charity we have nominated to support is Operation Henry which has worked tirelessly to help victims and their families of Pancreatic Cancer. Please watch this 1 minute video. It will give you a snap shot of the charity we hope you will join us in supporting: www.youtu.be/j-gNQWWxOBo (If you have difficulting in opening the link. Highlight, right click and depress 'Go to...'). If you are unable to help at least pass it on to others!



Skype: givingaid
Website URL: http://www.givingaid.com
Blog URL: http://www.ecademy.com/group/Kick+Start+the+Economy+Business+Group

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Simon Reeves

"Dear David, Over the years I have known you I have come to understand that you are a strong family man who genuinely wants to help others. I wish you and Giving Aid every success in helping people succeed in raising money for Charity. Kind regards, Simon."

Emmanuel Alli

"I'm really glad to be associated with David. His ideas are just to wonderful. Emmanuel"

Feng Luo

"Wish you happy every single minute of every single day!!O(∩_∩)O~"

Rosina Peixoto

" You are a valuable member in my professional network. Should you need any help with my native language, do not hesitate to ask me. Best wishes, Rosina "

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count David as one of my contacts in my network. David is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels"

Antonio Farruggia-Bochnak

"Hi David, Its great to have you as an Ecademy contact and I really admire you for the charity work you are doing :) Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you especially re marketing using video streaming. All the best, Antonio Magico antonomagico.com "

Nazneen Khwaja

"Dear David, I was overwhelmed on reading your profile. Words fall short while writing "Good" about you. I can say only one thing, God has added a Jewell in my treasure. Please accept my gratitude for being in my network. Kindest Regards Naaz "

Zahir shamsery

"Greetings, Thank you for accepting me as your friend. Congratulation for having you in network. Please and stay in touch and let us prove our self dependable and trustworthy friend. Time will show us path. Kind regards, Zahir shamsery "

Annette Hennekens

"It's a pleasure to connect with you! I love meeting positive people from around the world. You rock! Annette Hennekens"

Iris Caren v. Württemberg

"World needs good people and I think you are one of them..."

Laurinda Seabra

"We need more people like you. Glad to see that the unseen network of think alike world citizens is growing. Good luck with your launch."

Erasmo Velez

"Hey David. Thanks for the contact request. I read your profile and I'm glad to have connected with someone who has a Zest for Life. Pleasure to have you in my network of friends. Erasmo Velez "

Chinello Ifebigh

"David, Keep up the good work! Chinello"

Anna Sams

"Its great to be connected! Looks like you are doing great work! Many blessings!!!"

Ken Passmore

"Hi David A great pleasure to be connected with such a professional networker. Looking forward to long and wonderful relationship. Cheers Ken :-)"

Peter James

"Thanks for connecting David. I am touched by your endeavors. People like you make this whole planet a better place to be. Just let me know if I can ever be of service. warmest regards, Peter"

Agnes Phiri

"David - keep up the good work and God Bless.... "

Gregor P. Lehmann

"Hello David, Real appreciated to be connected with you by the ecademy. Looking forward for a mutually beneficial relationship. Welcome to the network. Greetings. :) Gregor P. Lehmann "

Liam Leddy

"Hi David, Thanks for your interest. I would rate you good. Liam"

George Knox

"You are quite an individual, giving so much to so many. I'm extremely pleased to be connected and rated with you!"

Sónia Maia

"Hello David, Thanks for the contact and rating, I have rated you too as liked. I looked into your profile and website and was impressed. It is commited people like you the world needs. It's a privilege to have you as a contact. Best of luck and keep up the good work! Sónia"

Debra L. Morrison CFP®, MS, AEP

"Hi David! Thanks for your interest in my professional experience. It's really wonderful to meet like-minded people from around the world. Am truly honored to be in your network. Cheers, Debra"

Christine Das

"Hi David, Thanks for asking me to connect with you. I have rated you good because of the good work you are doing. Keep it up. Best regards Christine"

Reinaldo Lopez

"Hi David, Great to connect with you here. Thanks for connecting and networking with me. Look forward to mutual benefit and success. Wishing you a great and successful 2009. Best Regards, Reinaldo Lopez "

Neil Ginger

"What a clever guy to come up with a system of giving that doesn't cost the giver, well done David! Happy to have you as a contact"

Sarah Merron

"Hi David, It's always good to connect with someone else who's working to transform our planet. I wish you every success in the future and it's a pleasure to have you in my E-cademy contacts. Kind Regards Sarah"

der ffr

"Dear David, Thanks for the contact request. I've visited your profile and I've seen that your and mine aims are similar. I'm honored to be yor friend. Keep in touch; may be that our experiences can to be joined in some future project for help the people and improve the environment. Best Wishes, Giacomo Carone"

Sarah Houldcroft

"Hello David I am pleased to add you as a contact. I love the idea behind your site. I support a number of charities and have included a charities page with some of them on my website to try and encourage people to think about giving too. Every little helps doesn't it. Keep up the good work! Sarah"

Martin Mustafa

"Hi David Thanks for the connection it is truly a pleasure to be connected with you Good luck you truly deserve it. Martin"

Olga Korshunova

"Dear David, Thank you for adding me in to your network & contacts, I believe this network engine will support and help as build & develop successful entire business, It is always great to associate with other members. If you need my assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Best Regards Olga "

Frank and Lyn Sharp

"Hi David, Thank you for inviting me to join your network which I was more than Happy to accept. Keep up the good charitable work, Kind Regards, Frank Sharp Miracle Kitchens Ltd"

Jose Manuel Zardain GV

"Thank you David, if you need something from me or from Mexico please don´t hesitate to contact me, have a great day. Jose Manuel josemanuelzardainbbr@gmail.com www.freewebs.com/zardainbbr/index.htm"

L@i@ Olivier

"Hi David, Thank you again for your wonderful testimonial and rating me "good." I completely appreciate your reaching out to a newbie like me. Follow me on Twitter when you have time and look for my Twitter icon on my front Ecademy page. Ciao, [@i@ "

Mercedes de Dunewic

"Hi David Great to connect with you. Regards Mercedes"

Ryan Zhao

"The reason I rated you "good" is because of your website helping Charity. If you may need language services in the future, feel free to contact me any time. We support Far East, Asia Pacific and major European languages. Kind regards, Ryan Zhao ryan@gvlocalization.com "

Rhos Pocock

"David Pleasure to be connected to you Thanks Rhos"

Wanda Bruce

"Good Day David Heads, Thank you so much for perusing my profile, as I have yours, giving is certainly on top of my agenda. Here is SA I am involved in charity/ NGO advocacy and facilitation. I would certainly rate you as above average in the giving arena. I look forward to possible future synergy, Sincerely Wanda J Bruce South Africa "


"Nice to be connected with you, David. Be seeing you again, Best regards, Ambre SAINT-PIERRE."

Sasaseesaorrn Saksansaat

"Dear David Heads, Thank you so much for connecting with me and rate me " good " . I very pleasure to meet you on Ecademy. I sure your business to successful. I am happy to rate you " good" back. Best regards, Sasaseesaorrn,"

Nicholas Zhou

"Hi David, Thank you for connecting and rating me. I also rated good for you. You really got an attractive profile.Hope we can develop business opportunities in days to come. Regards, Nicholas Zhou"

Jos Konincks

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of connections on ecademy. I rated you good."

Esther Zhao

"Hi, David Honored to be connected with you who understand the art of giving.... Best wishes! Esther"

PeopleCoach Elizabeth M. Lengyel

"If I could rate David Excellent/Amazing (versus good), I would do without hesitation. He is more than a spark of brilliance and creative genius. David knows how to spot and collaborate talent and apply to something practical that makes lives better, easier. From conception to implementation, he brings full fruition to his ideas, helping charities and everyone he brings on to his team. Ladies and gentle-men, Daivd has his fingers on the pulse and I highly encourage staying in touch with him. First rate. "

Michael Richter

"Hi David, thasks for connecting and making the world some more 'like a village'. I hope both of us can underline this statement of Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." I look forward to our cooperation Kind regards Michael Michael Richter - Marketing assistance - Country experience - Seekirch/Germany"

Julian Stanley

"Thank you for connecting with me here in "Thailand the Land of Smiles" on the Ecademy network. Know the power of networking. Think of the possibilities I hope that we can be of mutual benefit to each other in the future. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Best wishes Julian Stanley MD Uni-Serv Marketing Office@uni-servthailand.com "

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"I'm pleased to count David as one of my valuable contacts here on Ecademy and on many other networks and looking forward to develop our relation. Please feel free to let me know if I can be in assistance for you. Warm regards, Larisa Varenikova Executive Search Consultant/ Network Adviser/ Coach P.S. If you are interested in my daily updates please follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DrVarenikova "

Lucky Sadkong

"Sawasdee Ka Thank you for connecting with me here on the Ecademy network. My boss is a marketing guy and he knows the power of networking. He has told me to concentrate on recommendations; they are the best form of advertising. He tells me nearly every day that if every person you know has 10 friends that they recommend you to and those 10 friends then recommend you to their 10 friends. That would mean that for every friend that trusts your recommendations, 1,000 people would know about you, Think of the possibilities. I look forward to networking with you in the future. Best regards Lucky lucky@condospattaya .com (Cheeky) PS. Please recommend my company and me to at least 1 friend (1,000 people could hear about me) Thank you. "

Cat Pratumtod

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Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"David is a highly appreciative, proactive, professional, open-minded and an optimistic ecademist I'm glad to be connected with. :)"

Myriam M'Nasri

"Dear David, I'm glad to be part of your network and thank you for having me rated good! It's a pleasure to meet someone like you who loves people and their differences. I wish more people can become as much altruist as you! I whish you the best for all your projects and maybe i'll be able to help you out in one of them. Best regards"

Shawn Howard

"David, Thank you for the request. As I looked at your profile, I find myself lucky to be among your contact. I look forward to networking with you soon. Shawn "

Anthony Moell

"Dear David, I too have a zest for life and appreciate others who value diversity! Glad to be connected. Cheers! Anthony "

Gerner Petersen

"Hi David Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in in my friends list. Kind Regards Gerner "

Liza Morado

"David, Thank you for such a nice testamonial. I write them all the time, but tonight I was getting low on energy so I thought I might tell you in a bigger way and with all my heart what a wonderful man you are to say such kind things about my art. I think I know what makes you so successful in life....it's your sensitivity to others. Thanks so much. Wishing you all my best ~ Liza Morado"

Liza Morado

"David, I would have to agree with you that you have a certain zest for life to do all that you do! Thanks for the invitation. Best, Liza Morado ~ Artist www.lacecurtainliza.com "

Damian Milo

"Hi there David. Thank you for connecting with me, hoping to do business with you in the not too distant future. . Rock On, Damian"

Lydia Michelle Habets

"Dear David, Thank you for connecting with me on Ecademy. I'm looking forward to share some ideas or doing buisness with you in the future. You van contact me directly at: info@dletamarman.com asd we will be pleased to assist you in any kind. Kind regards, L.M. Habets"

Jenny Zhang

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Christy Brugger

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George Joseph

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Sarah Elwyn Irwin

"Thank you David. My pleasure to connect with such an inspiring individual. Wishing you great success in your new venture. Sarah Elwyn"

Bronwyn Grey

"Thank you David, I look forward to working together with you. "

Evelyn Wu

"David Heads, a good networker."

Feng Luo

"Thanks for connecting with me and rated "good". May 2009 be a great year to you"

Lesley Aimes

"thanks for viewing my profile & rating me good, keep up all the good work you are doing. regards Lesley"

Michele Stoessner

"Thanks for inviting me to your network! Best Wishes and much Success! Kind Regards, Michele Stoessner Broadwayinvestment@yahoo.com"

maria silva

"Nice to meet you Greetings for your great job I just can say some simple words Living in a diffrent world Keeping feelings inside How to understand language Eyes are not closed But seem to be in trance Ears never listen When calling them Thoughts and love live inside Locked in inner soul Smile is a flower Body dances the same rythm Ya, it's time to wake up A stucture can be built Step by step And they will understand Happiness and pleasure will come Maria "

Rossana Genta

"Hi David, Thanks for connecting and rating me good. I'm glad to be a part in your network. Best regards from Barcelona. Rossana"


"Hi David, Excellent doing. Keep it up and energised your body, mind and spirit growing to contribute this world "

Janice Johnston

"Thanks for the invite to connect with you, very happy to do so. Good luck for 2009! Best regards Janice "

Nina Stallwood

" Thanks for the invitation to be connected, it is good to be connected Best wishes, Nina"

Ursula Viljoen

"Thanks for the invitation I am happy to connect in your network. I wish you all the best in this great 2009. Regards"

Lauren Thomas

"Great to connect with you David. I wish you well for 2009. Regards, Lauren"

safai ozer

". Thanks for the connection dear David. This Safai is fond of 'giving' as as much as you are. Would you take a look at his web-site www.safai.gen.tr first and then Exhibitions and theeeeen :-)) the one named " 'And these too...?' asked Safai" and inform and ask him to donate some series of his prints -as he also did for Amnesty International, 'Art for Amnesty' whenever you feel it is a necessity? Best wishes. ."

Elsie Hagley

"Hi David, Thanks for your kind invitation, I have accepted it and rated you as good. May 2009 be a great year for you. Elsie Hagley"

Evelin Avimar

"Greetings! Thanks so much for connecting! I look forward to networking with you on Ecademy! You are very open and friendly and has a positive energy that I really enjoy. I am happy to have him in my network and I am looking forward to getting to know him better. Regards, Evelin "

Anabela Santos

"Interesting profile and work ! I'm honoured to add you as my network connection. Keep on the good work! Best wishes, Anabela"

Preeti Sharma

"Dear David, Thanks for the invite. Is nice to connect with someone who is not concerned about upgrading his own CV but has time for others.Let me know If I can help you in your task.Preeti"


"Hello David, Delighted to be connected with you! Also thank you for your invitation and rating me good. Best wishes Ileana"

Manashi Duttagupta

"Hi David, Thanks for connecting and you have a very impressive profile. Would like to work with you. Kind Regards, Manashi."

Rose Lewis

"David, Thanks for inviting me to join your network. What an impressive profile. You inspire me to do my best better. I look forward to networking with you, and helping to change the world one person at a time. your new friend, Rose Lewis www.blog.rainbowmtnbooks.com"

Jeanne Nanda

"Hi David Great to be connected to you. What a fine profile you have. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Kindest regards Jeanne Nanda"

Patricia Kaehler

"Hi David... Pleasure to meet you... Thank you for rating me as GOOD.... Mighty nice of you... Back to work I go now... updating DomainBELL.com in the Whats New Section.... Have a great week... ~Patricia Kaehler -- DomainBELL.com/WhatsNew/"

Marie-Marjorie TREMEL

"thank you for rating me good . I do the same for you : your profile is very interesting too. "

Bunny Parkinson


Bouchra Elidrissi

"Hi David, Once again, thank you so much for your support, you have always been among the first to support me in Ecademy networking; I just want to testify that you ARE A REAL ECADEMIST, and it is my honour to be in your network. I wish you all the best "

Angela Cortez

"Thanks David for rating me "Good". I'm happy to connect with you. It's great to know interesting people like you and be one of my friends and hopefully to get to work or do business with you. Have a great day! Take care! Cheers, Angela"

Emmanuel Alli

"David is full of innovation. A great man with great wisdom."

Robbie Motter

"Great person to kinow and connect with. Very creatve and has lots of great information to share. Robbie Motter http://www.rmotter.com "

Alyne Dawson-Washington

"David, it is a pleasure to connect with you and be in your Network. As a token of appreciation, I would love for you to send a card to someone special, free on me. http://www.sendrealcardstoday.com Alyne"

Elisabeth Chouard

"Thank you for connecting. I will rate you good, too. It is late in France, I'll write to you longer tomorrow, I'd like to know more on your activity. I do appreciate what you say about to give and be given. Kind regards, Elisabeth"

Genny Cardoso

"Hi David, Great to connected with you. I wishe you all the best. Regards, Genny"

ms. park

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Faranak Parvinpour

"David is really such a nice person and a wonderful networker. He is one of the people in the world who has a heart of gold. That is a pleasure to connect to him. "

Robert "Mr. LTR" van Geijn

"Dear David, It is people like you who truly make a difference in our world. I also take off my hat for you! Robert Institute of Natural Business Excellence Researcher, Writer, Coach, Trainer http://www.i-nbe.org/"

Adiel Solomon

"Thank you for connecting with me!"

Katie Jones

"Hi David Your profile is impressive and your ability to come up with new ideas is superb. I feel privileged that you have invited me to be part of your contacts."

Amanda Lees

"Delighted to be connected with you!"

zorro potion

"Hi David. . Great priviledge to be connected with such a Charity "Mover and Shaker". . .Very Inspirational for us all. . .kind regards. . .Zorro"

Katrina Olgeirsson

"Thank you David, and it is good to meet you too. Katrina"


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