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David "SEO Copy" Rosam


Quickly now, what is it I do?... I write copy that pushes Web sites up the search engine rankings. I also run Pay Per Click Campaigns (Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing) for clients, and am a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. On the Web Ethical Search Engine Optimization - http://webpositioningcentre.co.uk Professional blog - http://dangerous-thinking.com Food blog - http://mealsonblogs.com Photography - http://rosampix.blogspot.com/

Dangerous Thinking

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So what do I do, and what am I doing here on Ecademy? I've set up Web Positioning Centre with Ecademist and Technical SEO expert Paul Silver for clients who want a complete SEO solution. See the Web Positioning Centre site for more information. Throughout my career, I've make difficult, advanced and new stuff understandable and accessible by the marketplace, a process I believe is fundamental to business. Some of the highlights along the way have been:
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Oracle
  • Honda Motor Europe
  • Wonderfully functional - what a strange choice of word. OK, successful - pieces for companies you may never have heard of
  • But these days, my SEO writing and Pay Per Click work helps a far broader cross-section of clients - from opera companies to publishers. Why am I in this game? Because I love the process of writing, and I get fired up by Internet marketing and working closely with my clients. But what about fun? When I'm not doing this business thing, I:
  • Listen to music (in a previous life I was a hi-fi reviewer, but don't hold that against me) - particularly some of the wilder reaches of jazz, plus African music, baroque and 20th/21st century classical music and lots of other stuff. I'm addicted to Internet radio
  • Cook - all sorts and styles. For ages, I made it a rule never to cook the same recipe twice. I discovered when I was a student that the stranger or more obscure the recipe, the less chance there is of being rumbled that you've made a mess of it!
  • Enjoy wine - anyone for Rioja Reservas and Vintage Port?
  • Walk - along the seafront at home in West Sussex
  • Read - fiction, non-fiction, business, non-business...
  • Mess about on the Internet
  • Mystify those around me with whatever's exciting me today
  • So what next? Please send me a message and join my network - I'd love to debate the meaning of life, why a bottle of 1977 vintage port was so disappointing, who I should be reading now I've long-since finished all of Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus novels, or even be serious enough to talk business and explain what Web Positioning Centre can do for you and your company. David Rosam Head of SEO Copywriting, Web Positioning Centre Partner, Chamaeleon Marketing Communications Phone me on on my personal line, +44 (0)70 440 ROSAM or +44 (0)70 440 76726 Leave a message at +44 (0)20 7681 1836 (24 hours) Skype:davidrosam Talk to me on:
  • MSN Messenger (davidrosam@hotmail.com)
  • AIM (davidrosam2)
  • Yahoo Messenger (davidrosam)
  • ICQ (74526613)
  • Or simply e-mail me - david@webpostioningcentre.co.uk



    Skype: davidrosam
    Website URL: http://webpositioningcentre.co.uk
    Blog URL: http://dangerous-thinking.com

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    Robert Greig

    "Good Guy - wicked sense of humour!. Get him in your network. Robert Greig"

    Steve Booth

    "Hi David If you want some form of external hard drive to keep your backups of this and that on, and which you can take away with you off-site, give me a buzz. Very reliable and easy to use. Budget circa £160 for 40gb of space regards Steve"

    Martin L.W. Hall

    "Hi David, I wanted to follow up with you on the networking idea I had. I am also writing up something more coherent. Cheers, ----Martin---- "


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