Delphine du Toit

Delphine du Toit

The Workplace Dynamics Consultant


I worked as a human resources and change management consultant on three continents over the past 30 years.  I loved the interaction and I loved the problem-solving challenges.  I became very good at writing training material and facilitating meetings and learning events.   

I now work as a freelance writer. Some of it is ghost writing - mostly website content but sometimes well-researched and written articles, reports and blogs, and at times victim statements and defense statements for folk who get summonsed to small claims court.  In this latter matter I don't purport to be a lawyer, but what I do do well is apply my coaching and interest-based facilitation skills to help you say what your story is so that when you present it to the lawyer they can quickly find what they're looking for.

I also work as a mediator - in labour and community disputes.  My special area of interest is disputes in small family-owned businesses.





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Donald Duck

"So you've found Delphine then... A Canadian living in South Africa who is active in a British network.... Now thats trully global, a bit like the mind of the lady concerned. With Delphine you find a mutli facetted woman who looks on the world as a series of positive experiences, that should be enjoyed and shared. This all encompassing approach, ensures that working with Delphine will always be fun, worthwhile and inclusive. But beware of Delphines huskies ( now they have to be tough) - artic dogs that live in the warm climes of South Africa - Respect !"

Rob Killen

"A very very nice person - Delphine is sensitive to the truths and nature of her work and demonstrates clear professional integrity in what she does. Trustworthy and thorough - everything one could want in a coach."

Amanda Hughes

"Delphine is a darling :) I look forward to her messages and think she's got a fab sense of humour whilst being kind and understanding."

Nazneen Khwaja

"She is loving, trustworthy, seasoned. A charming guide to lighten our path. I sincerely respect her capabilities."

Heidi Heyns

"Delphine is a DELIGHTFUL HOOT! It gave me great joy to know she spent her afternoon sharing in the New Orleans French Quarter Fest that I linked her to on her computer!!! She's a wide open heart and a joy to know! Thanks Delphine! Love, Light and Joy, Heidi"

jet rotmans

"dear delphine I like your steady being with very authentic and kind remarks a good spectator and writer and sharing this all warm regards jet "

Dominic Fernandez -

"Dependable Empathetic Loving and Loveable Patron of Africa H olistic approach to LIFE Independent mind Nature lover Enthusiatic about LIFE - galloping at at 60+"

Thomas Power

"Great blogger rich story teller. "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"One of the greatest inspirations in Africa! Delphine shares...Delphine cares...Connect!"

Frederik (Fred) Engel

"Delphine is a real networker, irrespective of her other priorities always prepared to share thoughts and views with anyone who contacts her. Applaudable (need sometimes to invent my own vocabulary) and an asset for all networkers. "

Thor Moen

"Delphine, her work and life are inspirational, thanks for the help and I look forward to more conversations. "

Manoj Vijayan

"Thank you Delphine for so kindly taking the time to keep me connected to Africa!! Just wanted to say that."

John Edmonds

"It's pretty hard for me to write testimonials because they can sometime return to bite you on the bum, but after reading Delphine's profile and then receiving an email from her that could have only been written by a Master wordsmith, I am bowled over. I'm certain Delphine could become a global best-selling writer if her stories are ever published. "

Diana Korchien

"One of the better minds that I have encountered on Ecademy."

Andreja Lajh

"Delphine is a real lady with a big heart. It's really a big pleasure to talk with her."


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