Demos Flouri

Demos Flouri

Founder & Head Designer, Find Me



My name is Demos Flouri and I run a design and marketing agency called Find Me.  I got the inspiration for the name Find Me when I started out in SEO and knew all businesses wanted was to be found on Google.  As the business changed/evolved, the name kept.

Find Me now provides services such as:

  • Brand Design
  • Graphic Design for both print and web
  • Facebook fan page banner design
  • Twitter page design
  • YouTube channel design

I have always had a thing for design even as child.  All I could do was stare at beautifully designed buildings and paintings.  I love art.  

I love seeing a blank page/canvas and seeing something magical appear.

Not enough businesses out there understand or appreciate the importance of a good brand and what a good brand can do for your business.  It matters, get in touch today and let us discuss it through.

Personal Life 

I am a keen football fan and I follow Tottenham Hotspur FC.  I love tennis, art, architecture.  I am big into family, I am a family man.  

Thats a small snippet of me, I would love to meet you.  Do please follow me and get in touch.  Always happy to chat.  



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Skype: demos.flouri
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Sam Borrett

"I have been connected with Demos now for what seems an eternity on Ecademy forum and other forums. When I got stuck with an online technical issue I connected with Demos and his warmth, abiliity and expertise shone through. Now only was he able to assist me and provide me with some good tools to keep me going, he also did it in a way that endeared me to him. Whenever I need more expert guidance I will certainly not hesitate to contact him for help. Thank you Demos. Warm wishes Sam"

Penny Power

" I have known Demos since Christmas 2010 and loved having time with him online and off. A really special young man with an enormous drive and an equally enormous heart. Always learning, always aware of his vulnerabilities, Demos is one of those special people that creeps into your life that you hope will never leave it."

Sadie Murray

"I connected with Demos a few months ago and was initially attracted by his love of travel. I was later formally introduced by Carolyn Williams, a mutual friend. I received a request from a couple of dear friends planning a trip to London who asked for ideas on what to see, do etc! I had not visited in 5 years and so decided to leverage my Ecademy family! Demos, along with Emma and Carolyn were first responders! In a few minutes, I received lots of suggestions/ideas and the emails kept coming fast and furious with many great ideas, recommendations and corresponding links! "A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love" Saint Basil Thank you Demos. "

Carolyn Williams

""That's the Spirit Demos. Now you are doing something to change this ratio of equal women to men on ecademy. According to TP and Nick we have connected but connectedness means we all share the Power of the Smile! So looking forward to so many more to come. Yes, there is much to GAIN by the POWER of a Smile! Carolyn, The Best Business attire, A Smile on Social Media"

Milton Rodrigues

"Demos is one of the best Networkers on Ecademy ! He has huge enthusiasm, attends every Ecademy London & other events organised and is very good at replying and communicating with other Members here. His Positive Energy just shines through ! A Highly Recommended Contact !"

Carol Verity Mann

"I met Demos the other day after a couple of weeks of exchanging thoughts and experiences. He is charming and delightful! Demos has a rare quality of understanding the technical side of 'digital' but also has a passion for the design as well. He is an excellent networker and really loves what he does - which is half the battle. Would not hesitate to recommend Demos for any work to do with your Internet presence."

martin ยบ roach

"Thanks for sharing openly and honestly."

Penny Power

"Sometimes people just 'get it!' they know how to be real, be a friend, be open and just BE!! I didn't know Demos until he wrote a great Blog in December about his Mum and now I want to hug him when I see him (and I did at the last Ecademy event) - what a great guy... keep being the gorgeous man you are Demos, you empower the rest of us as a great role model to follow."

Adam Lovelock

" Demos is a great networker and knows his business well. He is an easy guy to both talk and work with and I for one hope we can do some great work together in the future. Demos is not shy to offer advice and help, some of which has been invaluable for me on Ecademy. "

Andrea Prince :-)

" thanks for saying liked :) thanks Andrea"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Demos on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Demos for being great and i wish abundance for you and the ones that you love... Kindest regards from the best region for Port wine,, Victor Marques"

Ahmed Shareef

"Demos made me feel most welcome, and I hope to keep in touch with him as I continue to thoroughly enjoy my time on Ecademy."

Starr-Leaha Therrien

"I've had the pleasure of reviewing some of the great website creations by, pretty impressive work. If you are looking for a reputable company to look after all your website requirements then take a serious look at this firm. I'm happy to be part of this network."

Chey Mann

"Excellent judge of charactor which you need these days if you want to get the best out of what your looking for! Great guy happy to have him in my network!"


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