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Derek Sorensen


Some of the links below might be inaccessible since I have deleted around 450 of my old posts.  Some I deleted because they were only relevant at the time, but most had lost their meaning when the migration from ecademy meant most of the comments were lost.  Consequently some of the links below might not work, although I think most still do.  That said ...

I believe you'll get more of an idea about what I'm about from the stuff I talk about than anything I say about myself in a Social Networking "profile".  You'll find, below, links to stuff I've written; a list of articles and blogs which is far too long to reasonably expect anyone to read.  That's ok - I don't expect you will miss anything important.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

1) Most recent posts

Since there isn't currently any easy way to find posts by a particular author, I thought it might be worth starting an index of my own posts.  This section lists my most recent articles.

Nella Last
The value of today's social media to future historians.

Right then ...
I'm a warts-and-all kind of guy, who believes that if you want to know me then you need to see my mistakes as well as my triumphs.  This was one of my mistakes.

2) On the Internet and Social Networking

I've spent close to 30 years wasting time on various online fora. This section indexes some of the things I've written on here about online communities.

How to blog on ecademy - some musings by an amateur
Reflections on posting on ecademy (now Sunzu).

Have you worked out what's going on yet?
Notes on the history of social networking. Possibly a bit too long.

How to win a flamewar
You can't.

This one appears to have caused some controversy, although I really don't know why.

Men of straw
What should you do when people wilfully misunderstand you?

It's always September somewhere on the .net
Usenet, netiquette, and what happens when a network grows too fast.

It's a funny thing, this "like" wassname
Thoughts on a possible unintended consequence of the "Like" feature.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word
On getting it wrong, on quality, and a brief history lesson.

All this talk about bullying
A request for feedback.

I Know All About You (But Only In 2D)
Cautionary notes about impressions formed in online social networks.

Divided Communities
Why can't we all just get along?

What Happened Last Thursday
On the trials and tribulations of leading a social networking site..

3) Lighter bites

Some shorter pieces, for the goldfish among us.

Write with care.

How much time do you spend notworking?
Now you can measure it.

Was Charles Darwin a Creationist?
Some musings on misquotes.

4) Humour

My sense of humour isn't always to everyone's taste.  It might not even be to anyone's taste other than mine.

Hiking in Lakeland: what to wear
Be careful out there ...

The Model Agency Song ...
With apologies to Glibert and Sullivan.

Bully Me!™
It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why can't you just be nice?
What a nice place we have here.

How not to do it.

Networkers Anonymous
Think you might be networking too much? Help here.

Ecademy top tip: How to plagiarise without getting caught.
Fun with google translate.



Skype: dereksorensen

Maurice Poole

"Derek is quick to respond to a request for help and knows his way around computer systems and web stuff as well as, or better than, anyone else. He is one of the reasons it's worth being on Ecademy at all. It's not just that on this occasion I aired an annoying change on one of my tablet PCs, for which Derek gave me a great way forward, but his overall presence on Ecademy. When he takes a critical line it's always about issues and ideas, not people."

Andreas Wiedow

"Coming from an amateur status Derek would be my number one source if I'd set up a website in the U.K. to make it idiot-proof and control both, my web designer and coder. Why ? From what I've read from his IT-related blogs I'm impressed by his sustain knowledge and ability to communicate even most complex IT-know-how for dummies like me. Besides that he may come across as tough and has a straight approach in my book. So don't challenge that. Talk straight and you won't regret it."

Sally Church

"Yikes, I genuinely thought I'd written about The Derek before, but my mistake. He's a top bloke, bar none; witty, bright, thoughtful and sharp debunker of woo-woo. A real gentleman, one of my favourite bloggers on Ecademy. "

Fraser Hay

"Once the terms were agreed in advance, Derek set about repairing a website problem I had. He finished before the promised deadline, and in my opinion, over delivered, which was duly noted. Seriously, tho its got nothing to do with being a nice bloke, I had a problem, He fixed it on time and within budget, and on ecademy, trust me, they don't come much better than that. One of the few that does what he says on his "tin", and in his case - Website repairs.. He is one of the few to contact, benefit from and recommend - regularly ! Thankyou. "

Nadia Choudhary

"A quality gentleman. Period. "

Babs Saul

"A genius geek, and generous with it - and I can understand what you're on about - thank you. Am glad to know you, Derek. "

Helen Palmer

"Derek is extremely helpful and takes extra care to make sure you understand what is wrong and also what you need to do to fix problems. A real gift to those of us not able to understand the techie stuff ... Many thanks for all your help, Derek. "

James Coder

"Derek is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He goes the extra mile. As a techie myself I've got a lot of respect for him."

Nick Ingram

"In addition to a testimonial I left over two years ago, I want to add that Derek has contributed more recently to the enjoyment of being on Ecademy. He writes with care and thoughtfulness in his blogs and articles. He demonstrates an understanding of the term 'Community', and, more than any other person I can think of, understands the power of effective communication. Effective communication entertains, informs and educates. Derek does it grate, a man who noes stuf about tings. Never dissapointing, fantastic. Nick P.S. He's a bit of a s**t-hot techie too - Blimey! "

Roger Vanstone

"First time I've given two testimonials. Derek built very quickly a new open source site for an organisation that I am involved with and within a few days of getting started we were forced mto bring the 'going live' day forward by a couple of months. Not only did Derek meet this new challenge it was done without fuse, and is a great site at a very competative price. Thank you Derek."

Emma James

"I've been diverted to the testimonials ;) which is where I was heading for anyway. Top fella Derek. I've known him since I became a member of Ecademy and Derek has proved his weight in gold to me many times, coming to my rescue over and over again with my plaintive HELP techie crisis blogs. Quite apart from his undoubted, extensive technical webbie/internet skills, Derek is an all round good guy. Great fun, very incisive, witty, analytical, skeptical, a great debater, very just and fair. I'm trying to be concise here because I could prattle on for ages about how wonderful he is - find out for yourself and connect with him if you're not in his network and if you have a technical question, look no further!"

Thomas Power

"Derek can be difficult, can be awkward and can be challenging and it is the challenging part I like as he knows his stuff inside out and I must deal with that aspect of his talent and skill in case I miss out on something (which I do all the time). If you seek a challenging Internet specialist Derek is your man. "

Edward Nash

"Derek is an Ecademy enthusiast, one of a small band who add a vulgar brawl to the stentorian tone of this platform thereby giving it its unique place amongst social business networks. Without Derek it would be a dull place."

Clare Evans

"I've always enjoyed Derek's insightful comments, debates, banter and discussion here on Ecademy. He can liven up many a dull blog and while not quite bring tears to my eyes, often gets me smiling and laughing outright. And I understand he's actually quite good at what he does. In fact from what I've seen his technical expertise comes across as quiet, top-notch professionalism and he's happy to jump in and offer support to non-techie Ecademists."

Robert Greig

"Derek came to my assistance when I lost half of my profile page whilst editing it. Thanks to him I was back up and running within minutes.A great guy and a good Buddy. Robert Greig"

Christopher Wicks

"Derek has been extremely helpful with tips on improving my profile and is active blogger on a variety of subjects. Good to exchange general banter with. A good guy!"

Angus Whitton

"Derek has provided me with unsolicited help with my 'bete noire' of html, and has also recently provided (to all ecademists) a brilliant solution to carry forward contacts after ecademy membership is given up - and of course I enjoy his regular and constructive contribution to blogging. We need more like him! Angus Whitton"

Rosie Slosek

"Geek talk alert - I was sent an opml file with valuable content, ie. I really really wanted to read it. I couldn't find the right app to open it anywhere. Tried a few other geeks, no joy (I know, surprised me too). Then Derek came online, and I thought, aha... Derek fixed it for me. He can fix it for you, and you and you..... (cue end music). Beats Mr Saville anytime :) "

Mike Turner

"Derek always adds value to Ecademy in his daily postings and occasional ramblings. Now he's given us even more value with a web based utility to back up your ecademy network. Thanks Derek. Keep up the good work. Mike ALLCALMA"

Naz Daud Franchise Business Opportunity

"Derek, Always tries to add value to Ecademy. I sincerely respect the guy and wish him the best. "

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"For solving a social crisis! Thanks Derek! All the best Neil"

Michael Heaney

"Derek is a rare gleam of sanity her in the murk If you have had him in your network you can see he adds value. A genuine and thoughtful man. "

Mark Cleary

"I would certainly recommend Derek as someone to do business with; he was extremely helpful and freely gave his time and advice which was much appreciated. Thanks Derek, Mark "

Lynda Cookson

"Very kind and generous - a pleasure to network with! Thanks Derek! Lynda Cookson"

Rory ROR Murray

"What a great guy - honest, genuine, funny and highly intelligent. Derek is someone I hold in the highest respect and would recommend without the slightest hestitation. Whilst he promotes his website repair service, this only addresses one small aspect of his knowledge, skills and experience - he's highly accomplished in many areas of IT and the best thing is he's not a geek!! If you haven't connected with him, you're missing out."

Sandro Salsi

"I have made my 1st post, and guess what? I have violated the guidelines and Derek was the only member that, not only, did not criticize me, but explained what I needed to do. Thanks Derek"

John Amy - Graphic Design

"Derek is a delight to work with. A top-of-the-range techie with the ability to communicate to the man in the street."


"Warm, kind and knowledgeable. I have found Derek's support, warmth and humour invaluable during my first few weeks of Ecademy. He is a man with a true understanding of giving and a great sense of humour and warmth. Thanks Derek!"

Charles Howden

"Fast offer of help with all the necessary info, thanks."

Shamus Doherty

"Very sound bloke, happy to give advice and is genuine with it too."

Nick Keith

"Derek is a warm and considerate man. A gentle networker with a sense humour, balance and fair play. [Nice dog in the profile photo too but can't give a testimonial because we haven't met!] Nick Keith"

Rhiannon Waits

"A very kind and understanding man. When I seen his picture on his bio - I could see that he was a gentle soul. Wish him luck on quitting smoking ... everytime I go back and look at his bio I do. This is one man you will want to meet."

Peter Hunter

"I suffered an internet accident recently in which an address list I use was apparently infected with a particularly virulent and probably fatal disease. Derek was the calm voice of reason who explained the mechanics of the problem and allowed the whole group to see that what was thought to be the end of the world was in fact a simple puncture on the road of life. Thanks again Derek. Peter A Hunter"

Nick Ingram

"I don't yet know Derek too well, but I hope to change that. After you get over the fact that he is not about to pick up a Bass guitar and leap onto stage as part of U2 you can start to appreciate his many qualities, adequately described elsewhere here. I look forward to seeing you again"

Peter Hunter

"Derek has not only designed and built our website to perform better than we believed possible he has also taught us how to use and maintain it. Derek has excellent technical skill and even more importantly a unique ability to transfer that skill. Thanks Derek Peter A Hunter"

James Coakes

"I like everything about Derek except his leather vest. He has a brilliant sense of humour which reflects his intelligence and sense of fun and I thoroughly enjoy his posts. I also find him excellent company in real life and know when I see him that I haven't wasted my time coming to an event. "

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Derek is one of the warmest, most perceptive, most human people that it has ever been my priviledge to hook up with. Unreservedly recommended, and I mean that - he's the sort of friend you would turn to in an emergency and not be let down."

Jinger Jarrett

"Derek is so incredibly knowledgeable about IT and open source. He has a wonderful way of explaining these issues to you that is so clear, yet he doesn't make you feel like a dummy. He has really increased my knowledge on this subject, and if you want to pick the brain of an expert, pick his. Thanks Derek! Jinger Jarrett"

Roger Vanstone

"A very honourable man who is bright, funny and fun but also very compassionate and cares about others. Always worth reading his comments and blogs. Bet he drinks Carlberg too! "

William Buist

"Derek is quick to respond to requests for help and information - a regular contributor of top quality stuff. Thanks Derek, you add real value to the community."

Maurizio Morabito

"Sincere and supportive"

Lawrence Archard

"In the two months since Derek cropped up in our local club, he's done more on Ecademy than I have in two years. He's massively increased my activity. He got me along to meetings, bought me pints and drove me home. (Don't assume he's a taxi and free beer service - it's a reciprocal arrangement.) Do join in - it's your round! He has a knack of finding leads for me that I would never have come across myself. Judging by what these leads say when they call me, he obviously says very nice things about me behind my back."

Sue Carberry

"What a sweetheart! Sue Carberry"

Deirdre Dee

"Great to meet you the other night in London, your profile is good and I will certainly pass your details on to anyone I meet who is looking for the services you offer Deirdre Dee"


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