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As an Asset Adviser I provide a service to property developers and a Property Fund to source, evaluate, invest and manage UK property and land for development. Because of my recent experiences I can also share my knowledge of how to invest pension funds in UK residential property.

Asset Adviser - What's it all about?

As a Property Asset Advisor I need to know when good opportunities for development are coming onto our market before they go to the general market. I can then evaluate them and if suitable introduce them as development opportunities for the Property Development Fund or other property developers. I then provide a full due diligence service which will typically involve working with surveyors, architects, planning department and other services. If they are selected for development I then appoint and manage suitable construction companies to build the properties which are typically residential in prime commutable areas in London and the Home Counties.

From a Pension Plan Owner to Asset Advisor and Property Investor?

How did this all come about? In 2010 after looking at some property investment opportunities I was approached by an IFA to see if I wanted my pensions evaluated. I had 5 different company pensions from my corporate life and as a result the IFA consolidated them into a single SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).

I had a reasonable level of pension funds in my SIPP however not enough to retire in the lifestyle that I really wanted. To do that I really needed to multiply its value over the next ten years. The problem was that the average UK pension has grown by a total of just 7% over the last 5 years and that is not going to deliver my dream. It was time to take control and do something about.

With a background in property I teamed up with a family run property developer that I had known for years and has an impeccable record for quality and integrity. We formed a company that develops prime residential property in a niche market primarily for the purpose of allowing investment from individuals' pension funds. This was approved by pension trustees and the idea became very popular and we ended up with over 30 other property people investing their pensions as well.

What Now?

The interest and demand continued so we have now set up the Property Development Fund to take it things to the next level and enable even more interested people to invest either pension funds or private funds in a UK property fund with a difference. The fund provides target returns to the investor of 9.2% per year and can do so because unlike the majority of property funds it is not dependent upon UK house prices growing.

The returns come from three key areas: 1 - Property Development, 2- Providing funds to rescue existing projects from developers that have run into financial challenges and 3- providing short term bridging for property acquisitions. The fund is operated by a London based Fund Operator: Park Caledonia Capital Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the FSA No 402192.

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I hope that you get in touch to know me, like me and follow me. If there is anything that resonated with you or raised your curiosity then join me on Facebook, like my profile on Ecademy, read my blog, tweet me or email me. Whatever method of communicating you use, I look forward to connecting with you. Please find out more about the Fund at



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