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Laurence Lowne

Owner and entrepreneur, Combyne Group


This profile was last updated on Monday 10 June 2013

Over the last weekend, Utility Warehouse (16 and 17 March 2013), hosted its annual conference called Express Day – more than 5,500 attended in Telford.

Lots of recognition, announcements, awards and a key note speaker, sorry speakers, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, who have co-written Go for No. Awesome presentation, and their principle is something I was taught many years ago.

The company itself has launched a number of initiatives for team members to make their life simpler to grow their customer numbers and teams.

Have also introduced a number of enhancements to services and reduced the price of same too (apply to existing customers as well), when many of the other suppliers have increased prices.

It is now possible for business customers to sign up online – previously only residential.

Also both within the business club and residential club there are no upfront charges for new mobile handsets making it even easier to offer mobile phone deals to new and existing club members and customers.

Further information can be found here for the services: and here for how the business works:


How fast is your broadband? I just checked my home line (Wednesday 20 June 2012) for the new Utility Warehouse Broadband Ultra service, and got this report back: Great news! You can get Ultra! We estimate that your maximum download speed will be 75.8 Mbps and your maximum upload speed will be 20 Mbps.

Would you like to find out if your area is live? If so, please visit click on Phone and Broadband, and select Phone and Broadband from the drop down, Select the Phone & Ultra Broadband, click Check Availability and enter your details and the system will check, whether you are live for your area. Connection fee is £30, and monthly charge £24.99 plus line rental and it is an 18 month deal -additional benefits too - please ask?


Announced by Utility Warehouse - Monday 19 September 2011 THE UK'S BEST FEED-IN TARIFFS Feed-In Tariffs are for people who generate their own electricity, using solar panels on their roof, wind turbines, or other technology. Customers save money by generating electricity themselves, and they can make money by sending electricity back to the national grid. They are paid for the electricity they generate, at a rate fixed by the government. The company has launched its own Feed-In Tariffs. And to make them that extra bit special, Utility Warehuse will pay customers an extra 2p per KiloWatt Hour for the electricity they generate - a bonus of about £45 a year for the average household. That's more money than they can get anywhere else - and it's guaranteed for three years To find out more, please call Laurence on 0795 789 0 757 or email


Over the last three years, pay rises have been outstripped by increases in living costs, plus the continued threat of redundancy hangs over the head of many. For those aged 50 plus, this is a seriously sorry time for those out of work; there are many stories of 800 plus employment applications with no positive outcome. This short video will explain more about an award winning business run by a successful British Plc. It may well be of interest to you or it may not, and whichever category you fall in, is fine. But do please take a look, since it may well be your answer to creating extra income and a better future for yourself and family? And need I mention poor performing pensions and increased education fees, which will impact upon all of us at some point? And the time limited offer?

The joining fee is just £100 (inc Vat). Also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, full training & support plus the potential of extra bonus payments too - T & Cs apply. With the announcements at our annual conference over the weekend (2 & 3 April) of a Double the Difference Guarantee, the word CHEAPEST, returns to our vocabulary on all RESIDENTIAL services - simply great. :)

CALL TO ACTION Please call Laurence on 0795 789 0 757 to discuss how you can create an additional income with typically 5 to 7 hours work a week and how you can reduce your outgoings both at home or business?


The Home of Joint Ventures - success is a joint venture, and helps you maximise your income - you could be sitting on a fortune? Please ask for help and guidance. Check out present plans here:

Professional Call Answering UK based operation - please ask for a proposal to satisfy your needs Or if your business needs office simplification with the install of landlines and switchboards.

March 2013: I just found out how I can now buy my petrol & diesel fuel at reduced prices and get a discount on my shopping ................Great! It could be worth 25 to 30% off your home bills - sign up online here today!!!

There are a whole host of new offers and enhancements to services, including:

  • Up to 24Mb broadband (for home and business users)
  • Also ask about our new Ultra service at up 80Mbps
  • Combined line rental and broadband deal for business users - slashing BTs price
  • New Pay as You Go mobile offering with itemised call listing - please click the link below
  • Great range of mobile tariffs and handsets - no upfront charge on handset
  • A cashback card giving a discount off all your shopping
  • Free global calls for residential customers
  • Home line rental - just £14.90 inc Vat per month
  • Details of the UK's best Utility provider
  • Plus lots, lots, lots, lots more.
  • New website is now live here - The card they are all talking about and using too - CashBack rocks!

Businesses, how would you like unlimited broadband for just £7 per month (plus line rental)? Please ask for full details.

Who do you know who is raising funds for a good cause? I am looking for introductions to individuals, small charities, even football or rugby clubs - amateur or professional, cubs, guides, dance troupes and so on. Even organisations that help animals or the countryside ..... there is a very long list.

The Community Fund Raiser scheme launched on the 1st November 2007 has simply taken off, and is bringing much needed extra funds to deserving causes. Please call 020 8296 1846 or email

Are you a business with an existing client base of 200 of more customers? If so, then we need to talk about the Independent Representative position, which will deliver additional income on a non-competing basis. There is a brief overview available, please ask for details. This profile contains details of TELEPHONY & UTILITY EXPENSE MANAGEMENT provided by Combyne Group

Professional Call Answering Please ask about our week's trial - it is the best way of discovering the benefits. Best to send a brief email, detailing your needs, and contact number(s) and we can have you try the service within days -

please click to email

If you feel like having a chat, Monday is always a great day,

and my contact details are: 

Home/Office 020 8296 1846
Office 0844 826 1730
Fax 0871 900 1129
Mobile 0795 789 0 757


Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:

I have been self employed in one form or another since 1988 working with some ofthe best and worst within the b2b and b2c environment. I am a passionate networker not only being a member here but also a great believer in early mornings and attend regular breakfast meetings previously with BRX in Croydon and NABO Networking. Presently not a member of any networking group, so out and about again playing the scene and re-establishing old contacts and making new ones - it is fun.

As Combyne Group, we specialise in a complete telephony and utility audit and see typically 10 business and home users each week, plus handle stacks of enquiries by letter and email from all around the UK. We fervently believe that by providing the right information, the user (home or business) can make the right decision for themselves, we are simply the interpreter or facilitator - it is perhaps why we have clients going back over 25 years who have used our knowledge across various disciplines to assist their growth or in this instance cost savings.

Utility Warehouse Discount Club also has opportunities for additional agents countrywide, which in line with the Ecademy Ethos I do not actively promote here. However, if you are interested in finding out more, then please click here:

Hobbies and Leisure
On the leisure side of things I am a passionate supporter of AFC Wimbledon as you may have gathered, and we had a little task of raising £2.5 million by the end of 2003. We raised £1.3 million by way of a share issue as of the 31st October 2003, and funded the rest through a loan scheme, if you would like to find out more please click here

As at January 2013, fund raising continues apace. There are a number new schemes in place including seat sponsorship, Mega Draw plus a 100 x 100 bike ride to enable the debt to be paid off. We held a very successful boxing night in conjunction with local amateur club Foley for the last two years, and just about to have the Walk 4 Wimbledon IV, which has in the past raised thousands of pounds for the Club and for the Mayor of Merton charities. We are always open to new ideas, so please do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Further information on these websites: AFC Wimbledon and The Dons Trust I am also involved on the campaigning side of things, and those who have followed football over the last 10 years or so will have heard me on the radio or seen one of the many articles I have written in the national press about plans to move Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes.

I basically ran the media campaign on behalf of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA). As one of the founding four of WISA I was very much against this scenario and remain anti-franchising in sport to this day - sorry if there any Americans reading :)

Other interests include writing, which I do for the local newspaper (sport), plus a couple of national publications (business). And here I sing the praises of networking providing advice and tips on how to improve what you are doing. Also have my own blog here As and when the fancy takes me I shall update this profile from time to time.

What do I read? Naturally self-help books, most things football related plus a number of newspapers. I have enjoyed over 6 years membership of Eacdemy as a Power Networker and as first believed membership has enabled me to broaden my horizons and I compliment Penny on her foresight, and look forward to meeting and exchanging further messages with many of you. Then in December 2009, I decided to take the plunge and upgraded to BlackStar for a period of three years. So now a member of over 9 years standing.



Twitter: @combyne
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LinkedIn profile - main one:
Combyne Group Voicemail:

David Barzaga

"My friend and colleague speaks highly of Laurence's advise and guidance."

Sarah Arrow

"I love this guy, what he doesn't know about saving you money isn't worth knowing. I suggest you hook up and get talking. Your wallet will thank you for it."

Lawrence Perry

"Gave me very good advice"

Tina Jonasen

" I had the great pleasure of meeting Laurence at the "Social Media SM2 Reseller Retreat" at Warren House on the 28th of January 2010! Unfortunately there was not time for an 121, but only from the presence of this man you can tell Laurence is an open and professional networker! - so do yourself the favor and network with this interesting man!!! With wishes for future Prosperous common Networking, "

Remo Hide

"Laurence is a great friendly networker who always offers helpful hints and information. A pleasure to be connected with."

Roger Vanstone

"I've known Laurence for a few years and have always found him to be very helpful and a great networker. I recently referred Laurence to someone who had a load of problems with a telephone system and number and he was very prompt in taking on the task, even making a call on a Sunday. He has conducted the business in a most professional manner and although it looks like a remedy can't be sorted that's no reflection on Laurence. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone."

Phil Shepherd

"(Hope this doesn't embarrass him too much, modest as he is) I first met Laurence about two years ago and found him to be extremely helpful with introductions across a whole host of industries, businesses, government and not-for-profits. A true professional, very friendly, excellent to spend time with and, on top of all that, he has some really great products that, if you want to save money, are definitely worth checking out. An entrepreneur and networker par excellence! One of the very best. No surprise to see him so high in the Ecademy rankings in the UK and Globally; a true reflection of him as an individual of integrity and as a successful business man who is very much to be admired. "

Peter Oliver

"Laurence I met at a lunchtime function and again at the start up show at Olympia. The man is a wealth of knowledge and experience and willing to share it. He is a really nice fellow and I am grateful to have him as a friend here on Ecademy and in the real world of business. Peter."

Sally Hull

"Laurence's help seems so natural and effortless it would be easy to take him for granted . . . which is why I thought I must get around to posting a testimonial after all this time! He has just switched our personal energy, telephone & broadband over making an instant saving on standing charges not to mention the reduction in on-going costs that we have to look forward to. We enjoy the clear, concise and economic bills from Utility Warehouse. On top of this he has passed a number of referrals to CCLeasing for vehicle sourcing & finance - whilst we might not have tied down a deal yet, I know with Laurence's patience and contacts it is only a matter of time. Thank you Laurence."

Helen Ascott

"Nice man, nice logo!! :)"

Mark Lee

"I can't believe I haven't posted a testimonial for Laurence before now. I was prompted to do so as I've just had a call from a potentially useful contact who called because Laurence suggested that he do so. Many thanks for keeping me in mind Laurence. Embarrassingly I have a feeling that it isn't the first time that's happened but I don't think I've recorded my thanks here before. That's the sort of guy he is. Friendly, supportive and that inscrutable 'smile'. I should also note that Laurence was very patient with me almost two years ago when he helped me make the move across from BT and Bulldog to Utility Warehouse for our telephone and broadband services. I reckon that's saving me over £300 a year. He's also been on hand to help smooth out a couple of little problems when they've arisen. Quietly, efficiently and professionally. Thanks again Laurence. "

Victor Marques

"Thanks a lot for being in my networking group...I wish that everything great will come to you...Carry on planting seeds of love and care...People is the most important. I raise my full glass of wine to you and the ones that you love.. Enjoy life Laurence! Kindest regards.. Victor"

Redouane Zizi

"Gosh, I did not realise that I have not posted a praiseworthy testimonial for Laurence. I like his holistic and professional manner and how he deals with people. He puts people's feelings first. in fact he came to my work place last year, to help me join Utility House, he was very patient, down to earth and very helpful. He saved me time, money and everything else when I needed a broadband service. If you are looking for cheaper Broadband, a man you can trust, then go no further, call Laurence, he will fix it. Many Thanks Laurence"

so Mary

"GOOD MAN,helpful.Thank you."

Babs Saul

"What a gentleman! Laurence is just what Ecademy is about and reminds me of just how wonderful this place can be. Oh for more Laurences. Definitely one of the good guys here and thank you for following through with me. I can see you're a truly helpful man to know and it will be a privilege to get to know you better and to work with you. Thank you, Laurence"

Adam Lovelock

"Laurence is an extremely helpful and experienced professional. What he does not know about Telecoms really would not be worth knowing. Our company also use the Armchair service which Laurence offers. This is the most professional and personalised telephone answering business I have come across and would highly recommend it to any business who cares about their customers. "


"It has been a priviledge to meet and know Laurence, and has imparted a lot of good to me already, I am looking forward to work more with Laurence. He is an absolute pleasure and very kind and helpful; humorous too!"

Alexander Massey

"Thanks Laurence for taking the trouble to think about my profile and how you could link me with other like-minded souls. That's true networking and contribution! Alexander"

Darren Bentham

"Since joining Ecademy about a week ago Laurence has done nothing but help me, even if its been somthing little. "Laurence, your a top man" "

Deborah Lee

"Laurence is very helpful and obliging; a true gentleman!"

Denise Hamilton

"As one of the first people I have connected to Laurence has helped me to see how the whole system works so well by offering me help and advice in a simple, friendly and open way."

Peter Urquhart

"Laurence epitomises the concept of giving before you receive. He has offered unconditional support to my business and myself out of the pure nature of who he is. I feel priviledged to have met Laurence, to share in his energy and have an insight into his vast network of contacts and those who value his contribution. Thank you Laurence and all the best to those who will benefit from meeting Laurence or continuing associations with him in the future."

David Bosley

"Laurence is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely committed and focused. He is a rare network marketer who really will deliver on what he promises. Highly recommended."

"Friendly, uncomplicated guy who asks intelligent questions then actually reads what you write and listens to what say. "

Caroline Slater

"Laurence is one of the REAL networkers. Never a day goes by without him actively referring or recommending - and I would like to THANK him so much for having given thought to my business on so many occasions. Thank you Laurence - one in a million, "

Matthew Stainer

"Laurence is a great guy. He knows a lot about telecomunnications - which can be useful!"

Steve White

"Had a really interesting and entertaining conversation with Laurence, a very useful informative and helpful chap... A credit to anybodys network... Thanks Laurence Kind regards Steve"

Pip Martin

"Definitely worth talking to - knows a huge amount about telecoms and will always go the extra mile to give you prompt responses. An excellent ecademist. Pip Martin"

Robert WoW De Souza

"I have known Laurence for many years. He loves to help others with his work. I wish him every success. Robert De Souza."

Vincent Polding

"Thank you Laurence, for your time and valued input regarding the telecoms industry and our business in general. You have helped me focus. All the best, Vincent"

Naz Daud Franchise Business Opportunity

"Thanks for spending your valuable time on my venture. Much appreciated."

Kate Packer

"What a great guy! Laurence came to my rescue by responding to my blog and spent his own precious time sourcing some information, which in turn resolved my predicament. Thank you very much Laurence."

Fergus "Voiceman" McClelland

"Laurence has a quietly powerful presence. Obviously expert in many areas yet with a self-assured humilty, and happy to give advice and information freely. An efficient networker, who showed me how to "do networking" in a connecting and effective way. Direct, honest, giving. That is what I call a great Ecademist. Thanks Laurence."

Keith McGuinness

"What this man doesn't know about networking isn't worth knowing in the first place.Has been a great help to me. Knows his football too ;-) "

Richard Rowe

"In the English language, we have an expression " HeShe is a straight shooter", meaning in part, that somebody is direct and honest in their dealings with you. I can say that in the very short time that I have dealt with Laurence, I have found him to be just that a "Straight Shooter", and would not hesitate to work with him in the future."

Shaun Sen

"Laurence is a great guy and is a real football lover! He is honest and will work well for you He helps a lot of people and is someone worth knowing "

Andy Preston

"Fantastic guy! When I was looking to attend a breakfast meeting in Croydon, not only did he recommend one and let me have directions, but he even talked to me about attendees and arranged for someone to pick me up fom the train station! For someone attending from out of the area (Manchester) that was extremely helpful. Now that's what I call outstanding!"

Monte Arora Registered Auditor"

"Laurence difinitely knows how to win people. Not only is he good with his business but he also knows the "Power" of Ecademy!"

Angus Whitton

"An all round good guy, and just the person to sort out your telephony problems. One of the very few who will actually tailor make a solution for you, and give you advice based on your needs. He can also do this for non-telephony problems - and might just save you money there as well! "

Peter Roper

"Laurence is a great networker thoghtfully looking out for the needs of others - I would always suggest people have a chat with him as he will always find a way of helping you if he can!"

Tahir Chowdry

"Lawrence provided excellent advice and guidance. Will be meeting with him very soon to thank him in person. V. Best Regards"

Helen Vella

"Lawrence is a great networker and without his introduction to BRE I would not have got started in networking. Thanks"

Ian R McAllister

"For a good tariff deal for you or your SME business on many items from a nice guy, who has his heart in the right place, especially where football is concerned - speak to Laurence!"

Liz Z i t z o w

"Thank you, Laurence, for your recent referral of Mr. C to me. Much appreciated!"

Simon West

"He asks a good and penetrating question - he deserves rating of "good" for that! "

Jason Elton

"Laurence, Thank you for your thoughts; very much appreciated. Regards, Jase"

Heather "Making the difference " Bond

"Laurence is a gentleman. I am really impressed by his professionalism and his generosity in offering his assistance. He is a genuine person."

Anthony Photographer" Jones

"Good morning, Thank you for suggesting me on the enquiry here , that was very kind of you. Anthony Jones."

Anthony Photographer" Jones

"Hi Laurence, Thanks for getting in touch. Indeed I have looked at your website. As you seel I'm not so PowerNetworker and can only contact others thi way or directly through their email. I hope you had a chance to visit my website at All the best, Anthony ."

Phil Snelman

"Hi Laurence, hope all's well. On reading your notes I spotted that there is some info. that's out of date, the bit about raising money for AFC Wimbledon by the end of 2003. Thought you may like to amend it. How's it going otherwise? Regards, Phil Snelman"

Lynton Challoner

"Nice profile. I rated you Good."


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