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Emma James


Main picture above taken by photographer Anna Gordon, London November 2012

Established since 1986, Emma James, www.emmajames.co.uk , specialises in Sports/Remedial Massage (incorporating A.I.S. Active Isolated Stretching where indicated) and Thai Yoga Massage Therapy.

Emma also works with a range of Holistic/Remedial Therapies including Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing, Bach Flower Therapy and Reflexology.


Picture taken at The Thistle Hotel, London of William Buist and I, after one of the revived London Ecademy Events - that's a spritzer incidentally!

A staunch advocate of CPD, The latest qualification in  Thai Yoga Massage was  culmination of another year of study with Kira Balaskas at the School of Thai Yoga Massage.

"C.P.D.  Continuing Professional Development," 18 February 2012; http://www.sunzu.com/articles/c-p-d-continuing-professional-development-174514/

Notworking but networking So why network? Simple, I enjoy it and derive benfit from networking from a business and social perspective.  I was a single parent for over a decade to two adorable but demanding (wonder where they get that from ;)) children, run an active Practice and train, professionally and personally so life is busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My children have now left home so were it not for the fact I have rugby players lodging with me, I'd be an empty nester.

Blogging Why? Because I enjoy it and it's a great means of reaching out and getting to know people.

It took me a while to find my feet blogging but we each of us have our own style and being a copy typist and an opinionated little blighter helps!

"Mummy drivel to Mummy porn," 13 November 2012; http://www.sunzu.com/articles/mummy-drivel-to-mummy-porn-181960/ an account of the Mumsnet Blogfest 2012.  Photograph taken by Anna Gordon, along with the cover photograph in my profile above.

My Alliances  Currently I run four Alliances on SunZu; Amersham Ecademy, Physician Heal Thyself, Naturism and Cross Training.  A bit more manageable than the 13 Clubs I founded and ran on Ecademy originally, although I'm tempted to re-instate the DIY Club too.....

My Background Before I found my niche in life professionally, I studied Twentieth Century Literature and Drama, writing my thesis on Gunter Grass.

After graduating, I spent three months in Chile with Operation Raleigh. My love of the great outdoors, backpacking, camping and generally being outside and by myself stems from my adventures in Chile.

Expedition 5C was followed by a business and typing course. A necessary standby for an aspiring actress, before an exhaustive year of touring around the U.K./Ireland with the Northern Black Light Theatre Company; a Children's Theatre Company based in York for whom I played Brian in the Mantids of Nem. Memories, memories.....

I held a wide variety of jobs, some challenging, some dealthy boring while I persued my love of acting and music. Dead end typing jobs were enlivened by playing the electric fiddle and synthesiser in bands outside working hours.

More demanding P.A. roles (relatively speaking) were complemented with judo training sessions at the Marshall Street Dojo with the late Sensei Enoeda and it wasn't long before I gave up on my acting ambition.  It's a precarious profession, I'm not exactly cut out to "rest" and I became embroiled in business.

I became interested in Massage Therapy after the birth of my children when I experienced back problems which were finally resolved when I discovered how effective massage could be and I determined to train as a Massage Therapist myself.

Since then I've carved out a defined career path in Complementary Health around the demands of parenthood.

In 1995, I trained in Therapeutic (Remedial) Massage with the College of Holistic Medicine and after qualifying, I set up my Practice from my home in Little Chalfont and have subsequently trained and qualified in Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki Healing, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching and Thai Yoga Massage.

Hobbies/Interests  Outside the demands of everyday life I release my tension and focus my mind through sport which provides me with a vehicle to direct my boundless energy and diffuses any pent up tension; the perfect antidote to my balanced, centered work as a practitioner.

Naturism is another big hobby. I'm a vocal and passionate believer in Naturism and a member of British Naturism, Naturist Life and the Naturist Action Group, plus I help to run and moderate Naturist Freedom Uk/Naturist England on Facebook and run our Twitter account, Facebook page and Wordpress account and in April 2013,  started to help Moderate a new naturist networking site, The Nook

"Give us a break;" 23 November 2012, http://www.sunzu.com/articles/give-us-a-break-182170/


Blow me down. I'm an Optimist; http://typelogic.com/enfj.html

An ENFJ; http://www.humanmetrics.com/vocation/JCI.asp?EI=67&SN=-38&TF=-62&JP=33

A Challenger. That's not going to surprise many people!http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/


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Sadie Murray

"Emma, I took a quick look at the testimonial from August '08 and felt compelled to re-validate everything I said then. However, now is another opportunity to recommend an extraordinary friend across the pond! I am honored to be in your network! Sadie "

Victor Marques

"A fantastic touch and a big HEART . Emma James is a great asset for any network. I wish that all your dreams come true. Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Emma for being fantastic. Life is like a trip on an old train, Being alive enjoying the sun, the rain.. Glimpses of sun every day, Love for the universe , I can say... The heart that everything complete, Green hill, always epic, Rainbow with colored lights, up the sky, Never give up, make another try...! Friends are a rare and precious gift, I will be your friend, we will meet, The river still there, the hill side too, Lets have a glass me and you.... Thank you so much for being my friend. Big hug Victor Marques"

Lucien Meert

"Dear Emma, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Elisabeth Winkler

"Emma James is a genuine, thoughtful, generous person, who reflected back to me self-belief at a time when I needed it. I get the feeling she has been through a lot and understands that all of us are both vulnerable and strong. I have been meaning to write this for months - to tell her how much her appreciation for the Winkler-Farrow ethical connection meant to me! Thank you, Emma."

Zia UK Mazumder

"Emma is warm, friendly, great networker and introducer of people. It is an absolute pleasure to have someone so sincere as a part of my network. Looking forward to creating great successes together. "

Mariéme Jamme

"Emma is very kind and supportive, from my early days in Ecademy, Emma has been very present, fair, honest and impartial and her guidance useful to me in many aspects... I can only thank you Emma for being generous, respectful, friendly and supportive. I admire you for being a fighter and a lovely mother for your boys; your optimism is inspiring to many women. I hope to see you soon, take care. M. "

Victor Marques

"Emma is a fantastic networker that follows all the rules... She is very enthusiastic and full of life... Thank you so much for being a fantastic ambassador for Vitoria koi wines.. I know that you love port wine... the word of mouth is great in every kind of business.. just carry on the great work. So, today i will raise a glass to you and the ones that you care and love...port of course...! Big hug. Victor Marques"

Rob Killen

"We've had some real pain trauma in this household recently - to the point of crippling immobility. Emma agreed to provide treatment on Christmas Eve - at very short notice too. The results? Astonishing. There was a need to get some basic mobility back into the physical act of just being able to get around. The treatment administered was nothing short of miraculous - deep massage, manipulation and attention to critical areas was nothing short of utterly professional. The relief has been exceptional - from being bent over in complete agony to a release of physical freedom was totally unexpected but emma's treatment strategy worked well despite an ongoing problem. Watching her work as a dedicated professional was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Jagdish Rajan

"Dear Emma, It was so sweet of you to have accepted my invititation to connect. I am honored to have you in my ecademy network. It gives me an opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy and Glorious New Year 2009 and many more prosperous years. Do remain in contact through interactions in my gmail id;jagdishrajan2005@gmail.com Loads of Love and Best and Cheerful Wishes. Jagdish Rajan"

Tetka Rhu

"Emma, It is an absolute joy to know you. I am always thrilled to meet women who know what they want in life and simply do it, without any fuss or fan fare. I thought my energy levels are high. The pace you live leaves me in your wake. Totally, have a deep respect for all you do. It will certainly be an interesting day to sit down and have a coffee with you: I can hear non stop talking on both sides as there are so many similar interests we hold. Til then, keep up your great work, Emma Many regards Tetka Rhu - Brisbane, Qld, Australia www.holidayspluscash.com"

Zbigniew J PISKORZ

"Hi EMMA Thanks for connecting Have a Good New 2009 Thank you for connecting up with me, looking forward to networking Kind Regards Zbigniew J PISKORZ marketing@indigo.info.pl INDIGO Meble indyjskie Marketing Manager www.INDIGO.info.pl sMs 697 077 267 http://www.buddhabar-poznan.pl All the best from WARSZAWA POLAND"

Suhad Jarrar-Browne

"Its dificult so sum Emma up in few words and its a shame to spoil it by going on for long,,,, what can I say,, Emma is special :-) gifted :-) giver :-) gorgous :-) great to have you as my new friend on Ecademy :-)"

Linda Lloyd

"I can't believe I haven't posted a testimonial for Emma yet - shame on me! I can't add anything to what's already been said except that her massages are brilliant - she kept me on my feet and functioning when I needed her. Emma rocks!"

Barrie Cripps

"Emma has supplied me with names of Ecademy members who can help me to develop my businesses. Professional in every way and a delight to meet. Emma has bundles of energy and a real grip on life in the moment. Emma has taken the trouble to consider my business needs and provided invaluable advice. A real friend indeed. "

Brian Meeks

"I was wondering through the forums the other day, and I noticed a delightful post from Emma. I responded that I enjoyed reading it, and then later in the day, heard from Emma. We have since connected and I find her to be absolutely wonderful. She is so helpful, even going out of her way, to assist me in building my new club. I can't say how much I appreciate her. A truly amazing person."

John A Booth

"Well, how can one describe Emma? I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful lady last week at an Ecad party hosted by the lovely Suhad Jarrar Browne. I think I'd describe Emma as a `Networking Hurricane'. She is such a bundle of positive energy that hit the event with a shock wave of warmth and humour. She exudes happiness and her constant smiles and laughter are infectious (perhaps she should have a contract with NHS hospitals - a much nicer HAI). Wonderful to have met this warm, confident, bright but relaxed person. And what a fantastic blog she wrote of the event - be careful what you say and do around this girl - she doesn't miss or forget a thing! Fantastic to have met you Emms. :)"

Robert WoW De Souza

" I have known Emma for a while and seen how she continues to shine her light in so many ways.... Thanks to Suhad, Carolyn and some wonderful friends from ecademy, I got to know Emma a lot better face to face having fun, enjoying great wine from Portugal from my great friend Victor. Emma has such wonderful charisma, presence and loves to make a big difference helping others with her talent and skills. I wish her every success as she truly deserves this."

Victor Marques

"Emma James is one of the best networkers that you can find around,,, very positive and high yellow too...I feel humble with such a master of people and la joie de vivre that she has got.. It was great to meet and glad that you enjoy my wines... i will be delight to have you in Barcelona with fantastic people that will love to meet. you.. A great radiator ... please get in touch with a professional and very charming lady.. your heart friend... Victor Marques "

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"I met Emma today She is full of life and energy She is very warm and friendly Good luck in everything you do! love Radka"

CharlieTheCoach Robertson

"Emma is one of ecademy's gems, a real top class lady. She is always encouraging, helpful and uplifting and never fails to get straight to the point when conversing with you. I have been impressed by her giving ways and concern for the welfare of other people. Last week I was in LA with BNI and she took the time to chase me up and ensure I did the things I promised myself to do. When I am in conversation with Emma I change from being Charlie the Coach, to Charlie the Coached, and feel much better for it. "

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"Passionate, multi-directional, big hearted. This is not what I had in mind last night when I felt her warmth coming off the page but it's the best I can do for now. Oh, and like all good people she's a trifle crazy."

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"Emma exudes positive energy! I´m fortunate to have met her here. Claudia visual artist www.claudiaxavierdelima.com "

Carol: Franklin:

"Emma helped me with a problem and also gave me some good advice ..Top person! So pleased to have you in my network now. Thank you Carol Evans "

Tord Sand

"Proactive, progressive, forward moving."

Victor Marques

"From my heart to all of you May every wish of yours come true Keep up right and tow the line Enjoy life, friends and good wine Thanks dear EMMA for being in my network. I Wish prosperity for you and the ones that you love... Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

Simon Oliver

" Emma was very helpful in suggesting new ways that I could market myself that could really help. She is polite and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her Simon Oliver graphic design | web design | logo design"

Mike Boss

"What can I say that hasn't already been said ? I sent Emma a two line email PM asking for a piece of advice, she then sent me a very long and detailed message packed full of great advice. She's well connected, extremely helpful, plus she clearly has a great eye for photography ;-) If only she'd hurry up and buy that camera, she's be almost pefect!"

Sadie Murray

"One Hundred Plus People can't be wrong....Connect with her and find out for yourself. Emma is a woman of action and accomplishment! She is a genuine and enthusiastic friend who understands and exemplifies genuine goodness! On a personal note, thanks so much Emma for reaching out, guiding, supporting and assisting me in making key connections. I am looking forward to meeting you in person sometime soon! "

Dennis Poole

"Emma is a fantastic person to communicate with. She is always enthusiastic, and positive whenever we speak. I will say she is rubbish when it comes to computers which is actually a good thing as we may not have developed a relationship if she didn't need me to fix her computer. I personally have not had the chance to make use of her services, but I can say she is a trustworthy person who you know will ensure you get payment for the services she requires. She is even kind enough to send you a second cheque when you stupidly lose the first :). I would highly recommend Emma to anyone"

Rob Killen

"Emma is more supportive, helpful and caring than all the Charities in the world strung together. There are a handful, less than that probably, of people in Ecademy that you could go to for the shirt off her back and she'd give it without a moment's hesitation. I'd also be straight round to her practice in the event that I was injured - having seen the commitment she brings to her customers, the dedication to best practice and the hours she spends ensuring she is at the very top of her profession, tells me that this is someone special indeed. Bless your little cotton socks Ms James."

Stephen Lacey

"Emma is quite simply the warmest and most giving person on Ecademy."

Jim Ziegler

"Emma is that smile on a profile page that becomes reality when you know her. She has befriended me here and is the true Ecademy diplomat...I look forward to the day we meet face-to-face...a great virtual friend across the pond for now. JIM"

Alex Truchot

"Emma, as a new contact took the time to suggest people for me to contact to assist me with my profile. A truely nice person and a great contact to have. She is part of what makes Ecademy a great place to network."

Graham Hunt

"Emma's honesty and open personality make her a great contact to have. Driven as she is, she will be going places very quickly so get ready for a fast ride. Very happy to be connected with her."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Emma is a cheerful, sincere, honest, warm-hearted lady I'm so glad to be connected with. :=)"

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

"Emma is an outstanding, generous soul with a gift for making people feel special. She is also a talented massage therapist. I have been to see her twice now, once pain-related and the other primarily for relaxation and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants THE BEST. She is also a great personality and a loyal friend."

Shelley Fishel

"Emma has wasted no time in connecting me with other ecademists whith whom I have things in common. Who knows what will come of this but I am mightily impressed. Your humour also shines through and if I am ever down your way I will definately book a therapy!! Best wishes Shelley :)"

Gitte Lund

"Emma is a strong lady - strong in the most positive sense :) But to be strong doesn´t mean you are not allowed to be and show yourself - which Emma does - and in a way that you can only admire and respect her at most for. I do not know so much of the business area that Emma is into (Sport Massages and Holistic Therapy) but I can say for sure that I´d like to know more of it to be able to help Emma succeed even more ;) Emma has taken her time and energy to introduce me to several great Ecademists in "my area" of business - right from the beginning of our relationship.....I am so grateful for this - and I sincerely hope to be able to help Emma one fine day as well ;) I can only highly recommend Emma to everyone on Ecademy ! Many warm regards Gitte"

Mark Sinclair

"Emma has great energy and boundless enthusiasm. She knows her way around Ecademy and is a great person to connect with. If you know anyone in or near Amersham, you should refer them on!"

Dominic Fernandez - www.computants.org

"At first, It might seem that you are receiving the "COLD-SHOULDER", but her picture (currently) on her Profile says it all! She's is exuberant, loving, and always willing to give you "a piece of her mind". It is great getting the C out of the way, Emma. May you bring much Joy to the lives you touch, and Success in all that you do."

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"for Friday. Thanks"

Maria del Pilar Diez Calderon

"Emma is a complete woman full of energy and love."

Yovina Mooroogiah-Jones

"Thank you emma for your thoughts and advice, highly appreciated!!!Very friendly and supportive lady. Best of luck, and happy christmas Yovina"

Tom Evans

"Emma is a powerhouse and so full of passion and life - sure we've met in another life"

Red Setter

"Emma is a great networker. She has a way with words, and I'm sure her next career will be as a great writer. Regards George"

Thomas Power

"A dynamite in action. Non-stop progress. Futureproof. Highly recommended. "

Rory Woolridge

"It would seem that I am the 423rd person to rate Emma 'good' do I need to say more... Have a great day Rory Woolridge"

Manuel odabashian

" Though i have met her only briefly through our correspondence i have found her extreemly helpful. Whenever i've needed help of some description relating to her "physician heal thyself" club she has never been found wanting. I hope to meet her soon and get know her far better and sample one her famous massages! Manuel odabashian"

Fraser Hay

"A "virtual" buddy if ever there was one. Rating: 9/10."

Paul Adams

"Emma has been very bright and communicative and helpful to me. Thank you very much. :)"

Rob Killen

"What a friend. Despite a recent setback, the advice and support Emma has given me without condition is breathtakingly compassionate and total. No one's patsy - insightful and genuinely as caring as someone can get. Truly a wonderful woman."

Muchina Thuo

"Hello Everybody, Emma would like to see businesses in Africa given much support and love children very much. .She is very kind ."

Rob Killen

"I met Emma for the first time on Saturday evening. What a caring, thoughtful, smart, energetic woman. It's like having everything that's good about everyone all wrapped up in a single package. One of my fondest wishes is to see Emma succeed and I have no doubt she will."

Ivor Murray

"I had the good fortune to meet up with Emma for a 1-2-1 on Monday. Emma is warm, friendly and full of energy. But more important, it's clear that Emma genuinely cares about other people and it's this trait that makes her shine like a star."

Galina St George

"Emma is a great networker. I think people are instinctively drawn to her - she has an infectious smile and is full of energy judging by her achievements. She is also very pleasant to communicate with. I hope to get to know her better. Best wishes Galina St George"

Rob Killen

"This is a very focused woman - a great friend, a good businesswoman, smart, compassionate, helpful, a skilled practitioner and a dedicated mother. She's also a riot and I'm proud to have her as a friend. Damn, the world needs more people like Emma James. Regards, Rob."

Lindsay Hart

"Emma has that special something - vibrancy, fun, laughter and a real professionalism which is so rare and should be treasured for the gem that it is. An honour to be part of your network Want to light up your life? Join Emma's network and have fun into the bargain! Lindsay"

Glen Tucker

"Need a 1000 Volts of energy to put you right? Emma has that passion and clear energy that will transform whatever you need to work on in your physical being. But not only that, you also get one hell of a prod in your aura too, if you know what that is! I can only echo what Rhiannon says below, says it all. A real privilege to have met you Emma. May your way be scattered with benevolent stars from hereon! You deserve it! Glen Tucker "

John Palmer

"An industrious, ethical and thorough professional - with a great sense of humour! Emma is sharp, smart and vibrant - a real star in anyone's network - someone to recommend and connect to. "

Rhiannon Hill

"Emma is honest, kind, energetic, understanding, professional, ethical, diligent, fun, loving, loyal, supportive, spiritual. What else can one say!"

Shamus Doherty

"Having met Emma both on and offline she is a perfect networker, always helpful and friendly and has certainly helped raised the profile of my business through sharing with others."

David Bowie

"As someone new to being self employed, I was about to let my membership of Ecademy lapse with the excuse of being "too busy" when a friend introduced me to Emma. I couldn't have met anyone better at making me realise the benefits of sharing information on Ecademy. Her enthusiasm is infections and I have benefitted from her excellent knowledge and advice. She's brilliant fun to chat to and a pleasure to have in my network on Ecademy."

Entrepreneur's Coach Gareth Emberton

"When you touch Emma you get an amazing feeling of energy and bounce! She has a no fear approach to asking the questions that others don't and that only makes her more endearing! A fantastic person to have in your team Gareth Emberton www.the-entrepreneurs-coach.com"

Thomas Power

"One of my favourite ladies in BlackStar let alone Ecademy. Delightful, shocking, opinionated, gregarious, charming and tantalising. I like Emma a great deal and think you will also. "

Dexter Moscow

"Emma is the epitome of a BlackStar. Willing to offer advice and practical help. An amazing scource of refferal information and above all fun to 'chat' to. I can't wait to meet her. Dexter Moscow "

Angus Whitton

"Emma is a straightforward person with a wicked sense of humour, and is just bubbling over with positive personality. She is a credit to ecademy, and a good reason to either join, or keep subscribing. I look forward to some more light sparring over a blog or two....... but not in the kick boxing ring I hasten to add! Angus Whitton"

Anthony Warren

"Emma was very generous when I asked her for some information. She is personable, candid, witty and professional. Thoroughly recommended. Anthony Warren Redshots Limited"

Christine Clacey

"Emma is absolutely amazing! She has incredible energy, drive and enthusiasm. She is unbelievably generous, selfless and caring and will do whatever it takes to provide support to those she comes into contact with. A fantastic networker and an expert practitioner with so many skills!! A never-ending source of detailed advice and useful information. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending that you connect with Emma both personally and professionally. She is a real human dynamo, has a wicked sense of humour and is a wonderful friend too. "

Cora Stam #4

"Emma's attitude towards life, enthousiastic, almost hungry, interested in many topics, sets a good example to others. It is as if she's saying that life is too short to waste away. I'm in heartful agreement with her approach :) "

Ian Plumbley

"Emma is one full on, you can't bend it, supportive friend, she keeps things real and keeps in touch and helps with out being asked... what more could one ask for? Her experience and drive to excel at her speciality is a tribute to her, Emma should and will be very successful and I am sure become an industry expert in the not too distant future... get in touch and be prepared to meet one in a million... a lioness with a huge heart."

Sally Church

"Emma is one of my favourite people on ecademy. A lovely person - funny, warm and caring; an instinctive networker. She's tough too, when she needs to be, as her firm yet sensitive leadership of the PHT club will attest. She's very good at what she does too, as my aching muscles found out ;) "

Lars Hilse

"Hi Emma! Just wanted to leave a reply to your very nice welcoming message in Ecademy! All the best to you Lars Hilse CEO Deutsche Webdesign www.deutsche-webdesign.com"

David Petherick

"Emma is a very supportive and caring individual, who in the relatively short time I have known her, has stepped in to give me moral support and quiet words of encouragement just when it was most needed. She is a truly generous, kind spirit. Thank you Emma. "

Judith Germain

"Emma is amazing - she cares about people in such depth and offers assistance at a drop of a hat, that you realise that you are very lucky to be someone that she cares about. The more I know Emma, the more I admire her supportive nature and her ability to reach out to others just when it is needed."

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Never had the pleasure to meet Ms. Emma James, but am very much looking forward to meeting her. Emma is a really Beautiful person who goes out of her way to help and cure others who are suffering from pain. GOD Bless You Emma with all that your heart desireth. Universal Love Rajesh www.connectingroutes.co.uk raj@connectingroutes.co.uk r.aggarwal@ntlworld.com 01785 256797 07837 895052"

Robert WoW De Souza

"Emma is a WoW person because she makes time for people despite her busy life. She gives from the heart as many have experienced this. She wants to make a difference with her many gifts and talent. I am glad to be part of her network and wish her every success. Robert De Souza"

David Willis

"Thank you Emma for your thoughts and advice - all very much appreciated - you're a star"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"hmm - a second testimonial from me... this one is for believing in thamesvalleypod.tv, providing one of the most popular business shows, and investing in in-podcast advertising to reach the new "download generation". Thanks Emma, you are a star. N"

Avril Hamilton

"Emma is fab, my first day on Ecademy and she was there to help and offer advice. A privilege to connect with Emma !"

Mehul Patel

"Emma is a rock, no matter how busy she is and what she is going thru if there is anyone she knows can help she will do it for sure, she is charged has good knowledge on health and runs a grt network too."

Mark Eaton

"Emma has unfailingly proved a font of knowledge about a wide variety of therapies and is incredibly generous with her talent - giving unconditional information, advice and support of the highest standard wherever it is needed and by whoever it is needed. I am delighted that Emma is in my network."

Elaine Gold

"I had exchanged messages with Emma for a while, but not met her personally. Then I managed to book a session with her at one of the Women's Retreat days. I arrived at her session feeling highly stressed with my shoulders around ear level. Emma soon had my muscles relaxed and my mind and spirit also. Since then we have continued to chat over skype and her advice and support on PHT and other clubs has been exemplary. I am glad to have made connection with Emma, a caring and professional individual."

Andrew Wilmot

"As caretaker of Physician's Heal Thyself, I am impressed how much CARE she puts into nurturing the club and its members - I feel well looked after ... thanks Emma."

Kevin Woodward

"Emma's ice cream recipes look fantastic, thank you so much for taking the time to pass them on."

Babs Saul

"Emma is a wonderful person and gives a huge amount of her time without even being asked. And the advice given is thorough, useful, and helpful. It is a treat to know you, Emma - thank you"

Jacqui Malpass

"Even with such a busy life, Emma takes time out to send emails and share. I haven't met her yet, but really hope that I do. Pleasure to know you."

Chris Menlove-Platt

"Although not yet met her face-to-face, an encounter I am relishing, our virtual discussions have all been very positive and very helpful."

Timi Ogunjobi

"Emma is a great woman and I have been very much inspired by her. My encounter with her reminder me once again that there are still some honest and selfless people left in this world."

Jean-Christophe Fonfreyde

"I met Emma at an Ecademy event last year and was very impressed by her high level of energy and her positive outlook on life. Exchanging a few e-mails only confirmed that she has indeed an amazing zest for life and an incredible drive - I am certainly looking forward to seeing her again in the near future ! "

Lorna Chiverton-Hunt

"I finally met Emma recently after we had been exchanging emails for a while. It was a pleasure to meet such a warm & friendly individual!"

Neil "video podcast" Fairbrother

"An inspirational whirlwind of energy! Cheers N"

Elizabeth Pritchett

"A strong woman with a sensitive approach. Emma is an asset to Ecademy. Best wishes Elizabeth"

Jeff Bateman

"I met Emma last year and was very impressed by her approach to her work. - Very Professional and easy to talk with."

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Even though she's busy with a full schedule, she always takes time to make a contribution. To me she'll always be Emma ... a little behind ! xxx"

Mike "Magic" Segall

"I met Emma for the first time a year ago this week. If someone were to write a case study on a person that exhibits all the qualities of a truly outstanding networker then they would need to look no further than Emma James. Emma truly understands the philosophy of giving unconditionally. She gives so much and expects nothing in return. Connect with her and you will find a great person, a great friend and a great networker."

Jeremy Rush Builders Italy

"Emma is a real star she has helped me no end Thank you Emma Regards Jeremy:0) Fix My Property.com"

Dominic Pinto

"Thanks for the early (and belatedly read, followed) advice and encouragement with ecademy, and suggestions for psychotherapy. Best wishes Dominic"

Norman Howard

"Emma's output is prolific and she has plenty of ideas in the field of complementary therapies and has been helpful to me on blogging. "

Roland Bullivant

"Emma has been very helpful as I try to get more established on ecademy, thanks Emma Regards Roland"


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