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Erik Haahr define what he does - IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management - as the way to help business managers define their business requirements for change and a way to implement strategy and improve their competitiveness.

Way We Work

We focus on turning useful analyses into action and results - our goal is to create the foundation for change based on information and expertise and supported by facts. Companies are not alike. They have varying needs. Together with company key players we put together a solution for your specific company using proven and well-documented models and tools. We believe that the best results are achieved when the company itself takes ownership of processes and products. We therefore prefer to put our customer in charge of the projects while offering our sparring, coaching and educational support. This ensures a much quicker and better implementation, and enhances the independence of the company with respect to our consultants.

IT Governance

We help the Board take responsibility for IT Governance. It is the board that defines the requirements to get value from IT-related investments. It is also the Board that defines the risk appetite of the Company. Those two attributes are the primary parameters of control in IT Governance. We help the CIO and the management team describe processes and measures to ensure and document compliance with the board requirements. We base most of our work within IT Governance on CobiT, Val IT and Risk IT. All developed by ISACA.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is a combination of skilled people with a service minded attitude and a holistic view of the company and a toolbox with description of the current architecture, a methodology for describing the future and some tools to facilitate dialog and description. I use CobiT to put Enterprise Architecture into an IT Governance framework. Erik Haahr's main task is to make business managers realise enterprise architecture as a help. One way of convincing them is to ask if they find the following text familiar.
"We don't know what data we've got, when we know what we've got then we don't know where it is, when we know where it is then we can't get at it"
Enterprise Architecture combined with Portfolio Management will enable implementation of the company strategy. Leaving out one of the disciplines will have you relying on luck - which may work... If you want one easy introduction to what I do read the book Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution. Erik Haahr is a heavy user of the Internet and has found inspiration on a lot of websites. At the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA) you can find a framework to help you categorise all your architecture deliverables. At The OpenGroup you can find TOGAF. TOGAF includes a methodology for filling out all the cells in the Zachman Framework. TOGAF is not tied to Zachman and it does include more than a methodology. Other standards that might inspire is Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Offentlig Information Online (OIO) (Offentlig = Public in danish). Gartner Group (previously META Group) is most valuable if you are a paying customer of Gartner Group. Finally I have found Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments (IFEAD) useful. Please Rate My Profile as Good By Clicking Here...

Professional Biography

Erik Haahr has long experience within enterprise architecture, business process integration, business process reengineering and IT development methodologies. Erik Haahr has been building, staffing and running the enterprise architecture function in DSB from scratch for five years. Among the main achievements has been the definition and approval of a corporate information management strategy. Prior to this Erik was responsible for enterprise architecture at the pharmaceutical group Lundbeck where he worked for eleven years at the headquarter. Erik Haahr has been working with methodology and architecture since the mid 80's within utilities, education, government administration, pharmaceuticals and transportation. Erik Haahr is frequently speaking at conferences on subjects within his area of expertise. Lately many of the invitations to speak have been delegated to members of Erik's architecture team. Erik Haahr has been active as a mentor and sparring partner to managers wanted to improve their carreer and to startup company owners wanting to build their business strategies. Erik Haahr has very strong analytical skills and a good sense of humour. This combined with stamina and endurance gets the job done - and always with a smile.


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Carrsten Johan Thessen

"Dear Ecademist.. I have known Erik for many years - from business and as a friend. It have been a pleasure to follow Erik - from a high rank employee to independent business owner. He know his stuff and is among the professional people I trust and always will take advice from. Personally he is kind and correct - and always very accommodating and positive. Me best recommendations go to Erik Haahr - I wish that as many as possible find their way to his friendship and knowledge. Carrsten Johan Thessen Consulting Manager "

Anthony Mellor FCA, Tel 0121 314 4750

"I had the pleasure to meet with Erik yesterday and he is a quiet inspiration, unassuming as I only wish I could be, patient and thoughtful. When he speaks there is clarity and accuracy such as I find is rare especially in networking. Best wishes to you Eric and thank you for your hospitality, Anthony"

Tina Jonasen

"Having Erik onboard our BlackStar BoardRoom in Copenhagen is a true win win situation!! Erik is not only the kindest man, he is intelligent, very professional in his field, and a true networker - always remembering the needs of his network! I feel very lucky to have Erik in my inner circle - you should try to get him in yours too ! HIGHLY recommended !!!"

Rolf Kellner

"Erik, thank you very much for being an active Member of SAP Club MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 ! Rolf"

Rolf Kellner

"Erik is highly interested in the topic of Protection of the Amazonas Rainforest and a good friend of me ! Thanks Erik !"

Dian Kjærgaard

"I worked with Erik briefly many years ago. I recently started networking heavily, and stumbled on him on another platform. I remembered him as pleasant, bright, highly competent and friendly (Erik, you should post a friendlier-looking photo!). I noticed that our manager from way back when had given him a public recommendation on Linked In. When I approached Erik, not only did he complete our connection, but he also invited me to ecademy. And he immediately gave me tips and names. This is changing my life. Thank you Erik!"

Carrsten Johan Thessen

"Nice written !! Carsten..."

Bjørn Guldager

"Erik is a great networker, with a taste for both the serious and the finer things of life. Do connect! :"


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