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Business Start-Up Coach & Marketing Consultant

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Business Start-Up Coach & Marketing Consultant

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Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

" I can't believe I haven't posted a testimonial for Fraser before! I took his excellent Marketing course via Skype and was mightily impressed, both with the content and with the way he conducted it, gently but firmly pushing me where necessary. The man has depth. On Marketing, he knows his stuff, he thinks, he works out new angles, and he has a refreshing no-nonsense approach. That makes him good company as well as a high value mentor. I heartily recommend him."

Fred Rutgers

"Fraser is the guy that at some point will make a huge change in your life! He shure did in mine! I got Frasered and it felt great! What poitive energy this man can share! Thanks for being a friend Fraser! Fred Rutgers"

Dean Grimshawe

"Fraser is a great guy with powerful rapport building skills and a hearty attitude to life. He's not afraid to simply pick up the phone and just connect with people. I've spoken with Fraser twice about marketing challenges and in very short periods of time he has provided very simple solutions which can be started immediately with whatever resources I had. I recommend connecting with Fraser if you're looking to develop your marketing strategy and reach out to more clients."

James Coakes

"Fraser is a great example of how social networking can be leveraged to build a tangible business. His testimonials say it all and they are all about real business exchanges, rather than the usual guff and nonsense you see. Fraser Hay is a really useful person to know in marketing and in business generally."

Tim O'Donnell

"Fraser never ceases to amaze me, He is constantly reinventing marketing and how to approach it. We communicate on Skype and it always leads to me not being able to sleep because of all the ideas he has given me. Sometimes I wish he'd slow down :-)"

Muchina Thuo

"He is out to make sure that the entrepreneurs/business people have not reason of failing.Articulate, huge depth and to the point. Well done Fraser "

Nic Oliver

"What more can be said about Fraser? I'm really pleased and honoured to have him in my network, or am I in his? I never know! People who areg enuinely spiritual and understand marketing are few and far between. I love Joe Vitale's work, the other person who comes to mind with those attributes, and I'd put Fraser up there with him. Hey Fraser, I've just given you a marketing concept... 'The Scottish Joe Vitale'. Except that that would sell him short as Fraser is nobody's copy, he's one of a kind. I'm really looking forward to lots of discussions and gaining insights together; I'm just sorry he's at one end of the UK and I the other!"

Andrew Wilcox

"Just had a 10 minute (Scotch units) call with Fraser which was 45 minutes (Hampshire units). Helped me characterise the current state of my sales process and identify opportunites to extend and modify what I currently do to increase the number of qualified leads. Conversion has not been a problem to me but I need more people knocking at my door. If you don't think your sales process is working for you, speak to Fraser to get clarity. "

Colin McAllister

"I went to one of Fraser's presentations and it was excellent. I tried just one of his techniques about the Newspaper advertising. I got a £1500 advert for £150. The article I wrote was then featured in another magazine for free The feedback was so good they asked me to write for them regularly and then I was approached by another magazine to contribute to them. I landed £13000 worth of sales from the first article and am still taking enquiries. This guy Rocks!"

Hedd "Events" Adams-Lewis

"I had noticed Fraser's presence online in a number of places over the last few years and finally decided to sign up for his FREE audit. It quickly highlighted my weakpoints and the gaps in my marketing skills and knowledge. Having a few reservations of investing a sizeable amount of money in someone I didn't really know, I read and contacted several of his testimonials, and the feedback from various people in different industries who had benefited from Fraser and his experise was excellent and confirmed my gut feel in wanting to proceed. The content of his programme is excellent, and whilst not all of it is new to me, I am making definitive progress after every session and this is confirmed in writing as part ofthe programme and as part of the homework. He offers excellent tools and resources to help you identify whats wrong, what needs fixing, and best of all he shows you what you need to do, too. He shares results, case studies and examples of the techniques and principles in action, all you have to do, is follow the advice, and do it for yourself to start generating similar results. What I've learned has been invaluable. My advice: Take his 3 Minute Marketing Audit, and give him a call! You've got nothing to lose, and plenty to gain! Hedd Red Dragon Events - saving Event Orgainsers valuable Time, Effort and Money in booking venues for their next event"

Malcolm Tullett

"Fraser responded to a question I asked in an Ecademy forum with so much value that I was overwhelmed. He not only answered my question, but also provided information, advice and follow up on the phone and in person. I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking for marketing magic! "

Ian Hatch

"I have been connected with Fraser for several months now. He never ceases to amaze me with his passion and professionalism that he promotes with his Marketing training. I am now 6 weeks into the 8 week Results Coaching course that he offers. Never before have I received such a comprehensive amount of useful knowledge. I know that due to my association with Fraser I will achieve my Marketing Objectives and finally reach my lifetime goals. He offers great products, knowledge and solutions that will enable any business to get results. "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Fraser as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Mariéme Jamme

"A man with heart! Fraser is supportive, kind and incredibility gifted. I called Fraser when I needed help; he acted and endorsed our Event. There are not many people like Fraser out there, I am very grateful to have you in my network, Thank you for being you! :-) Lots of Love!"

"I've just had a 'eureka moment' with Frazer! Whilst I knew I wanted to improve sales & marketing I thought coming from a sales back ground (with 17 years experience) I thought I was going to be on relatively safe and solid ground, however I'd only been speaking with Frazer for a few minutes when I realised how ineffectively I've been working, how much revenue I've lost and on a more positive note how much potential there is for the future. So if like me you'd like more enquiries, qualified leads and sales I strongly urge you to Click Here Now, follow the instructions, then give Frazer a call on 01542 840101. Alternatively if you've chosen to just continue reading down this page, may I suggest that you book mark it now so your able to easily find the above link again in six months time when nothing has changed. "

Sean McCloskey

"After just one session with Fraser, I can attribute an extra £9000 in revenue specifically to what was discussed and actioned as a result. Now more referrals, clients and £9K in less than 2 weeks, that is a result. His stuff works. You better belive it. I wasnt sure, now I am. It took ages before I picked up the phone and spoke to him. Im glad I did. I dread to think how much money I have lost in the interim. Do his 3 Minute Audit, then engage with him as soon as you can, he will show you where you are going wrong, and how to fix it. Highly Recommended"

Erik MacEachern

"Finally met Fraser a couple of days ago after corresponding with each other by email and telephone for a couple of years. I commend Fraser for his laser-focussed grasp of what really matters when resolving marketing challenges. He will add value to the marketing of any business from the outset. Erik "

Peter Syme

"Fraser dropped by my house on Friday on his way home from some speaking and meeting engagements. Although we both live in Scotland and have been around this place for a while we had never met. My intention for the meeting was to find out if it was worth sending a marketing individual on his course as I am considering employing one for my business interests. Within a couple of hours Fraser had identified a whole host of issues I have with my current marketing to the extent that I am probably leaving around £6k per week on the table. I already knew this but he did very quickly identify it and what could be done. I am convinced if you need help with your marketing Fraser could help you. Not sure if I will use him as I can see a huge amount of work involved if you want to execute correctly his methods and I only do things if I intend to deliver 100% He lives and breaths marketing so he will be able to help you if marketing help is what you require. Peter "

Andy Lopata

"Four weeks ago I left a testimonial for Fraser from halfway through an eight week marketing coaching course. Today we had the last session. I am exhausted! We have covered so much ground in those eight weeks that a list of the lessons learnt and actions committed to can almost take up a session on their own. Fraser has moved me from 'unconscious incompetence' in my marketing to 'conscious incompetence' and there are faint flickers of conscious competence coming through as I put lessons learnt into action! There is much work to be done to get my marketing strategy into place and functioning the way I want. The benefits of having worked with Fraser is that I now know the jobs that have to be done, where I need to priorities, have a wealth of links, hints and tips to help me and, above everything else, Fraser has provided me with the tools and resources that are going to make the journey so much easier. Using those resources and tools, it is going to be so much easier moving the business as a whole into unconscious competence and see everything running to perfection. Watch this space."

Geoff Jackson

"Unfortunately I only met up with Fraser when my franchise was already in deep doo-doo so was not able to take advantage of his expertise - had I known him earlier it might well have been a totally different situation. Geoff"

David Thatcher

"If you need a shot of adrenalin to reactivate a tired business or, to kick-start a new start-up, then thats what you get with this man. I decided to design into a new-start business, the correct marketing strategy that I need and not cobble things together and then call in the company doctor for an aspirin. I have just finished the Results Coaching Program, which was like having my own interim marketing expert along side me during the teething and ready-to-launch stage. My needs were specific, I am in a country where I face language and understanding problems, Fraser was aware of this and the program that he delivered gave me a system that was modified to meet with these needs. He is a tough task master and does not waste valuable time on irrelevant chat and distraction. You are kept on track, there is excellent methodology and the ideas just flood from him. This is infectious, it stimilates your own creative thought and systematically builds not only your marketing strategy, but importantly, your confidence in your ability. Yes, Fraser is also a charmer too, full of fun and just what you need to wipe away the tears of frustration we all feel when clarity is clouded by uncertainty. "

Andy Lopata

"Wow! Fraser is probably one of the most underestimated men on Ecademy. He simply has to be, far too few people give him credit for the depth of his knowledge and the breadth of the resources he offers. I am halfway through an eight week 1-2-1 marketing coaching course with Fraser. The value he has offered has been phenomenal, at least it will be when I implement it - that's down to me! I didn't expect anywhere near the level of the material we have already covered and the tools he has given me to help implement the ideas are of a very high stand alone value, let alone as part of the course. One of our major difficulties in the past has been our lack of planning and process. Even if I stopped now, I'd have no excuses for that to ever be the case again. Write this man's knowledge off at your peril! He has spent an amazing amount of time and resource preparing high level content. How well is your business doing at the moment? If there is any scope for improvement (come on, we ALL have scope for improvement), Fraser will help you move a long way forward. "

Allan "Marketing Coach" Simpson

"...and just when you thought you were doing alright... Along comes the latest from Fraser - the Internet Marketing Plan from Website Mentor. I am doing alright, but this document has opened my eyes to the fact that I could be doing a lot better. This is 36 pages of pure gold. Nothing fancy, no showing off, just shining a light on the stuff you need to be doing - how to do the preparation, the research and how to make sure your online marketing gets into all those nooks and crannies that help to build success. Good marketing needs a plan. Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can get one of these from Fraser?"

Peter Burke

"At first I was totally overwhelmed, because I thought my 'plodding' along with marketing was working well. I used certain social network platforms, different networking events, the odd targeted sales letter and my website. I had clients, what was the problem? Well after week 2 was being hit like a train, I recovered and focussed on working on week 3 and beyond - it all started to fit together, I'd started using some of the techniques and really begun to focus on what I wanted from my marketing. All I can say, is that I have re-visited the course many times and now I am 100% focussed on the types of clients I want (which took a while because of the size of my market), the scatter gun has been banished - i'am working on my clear path to generating the marketing results I deserve and WANT. I can't reccommend this course enough, simply because its with you forever, to use as and when needed - not a hit and run, but a long lasting experience! And thats just Fraser's delivery ;-)"

Murray Wilkinson

"Its hard to exactly put into words what Fraser will do for you and your business. I have currently allmost completely finished his "Results Academy" coaching program and have just signed up for his fantastic web site building opportunity. He is an absolute inspiration, forcing me to rethink how exactly I get my business to market and of course the level of results I can expect. Quite simply put its breathtaking!!! I am looking forward with great Enthusiasm to the coming months continueing to put Frasers teachings into practise and watching the substantial growth in my business. My sales level has grown , profile within my industry grown, I am now speaking to clients that untill recently I would never have believed I could get in front of. Prepare to have every single myth about marketing dispelled and good solid well founded advice and help to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO TAKE PART IN THE RESULTS ACADEMY MBA."

Clare Gillbanks

"I attended Fraser's workshop in London last week and took away loads of notes and action points. I have learned some inventive new ways to generate business and a different way to evaluate where I am spending my time & effort. Thanks Fraser!"

DSU Miranda ODonoghue

"Very informative and easy to deal with. Easy to approach and to receive feeback from. Very direct and honest in his dealings. Definetly somebody you need in your network. Highly recommend! One of the BEST coaches / mentors have come across. Doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to know but how things are and how they should be! No B.S. Straight to the point. Couldn't get a nicer guy. The Best Mentoring program I have come across so far! You must take the time to check out! I Like your style! So Bubbly, Passionate Honest and FREE with Info! Workshops to be attended at OWN RISK! You're in danger of having too much FUN! I would definetly recommend."

Greg Love

"To those considering doing the Results Academy course. There are clarifying moments in life when you realise that you have been blessed to work with someone, namely Fraser Hay, whose words, actions and training exceed anything you could have ever anticipated. As a result of finishing the Results Academy 8 week course, my business life has been radically improved. I now have an effective roadmap and the tools to conduct business at much higher level than ever before and am radically prepared for the current business downturn, which I now see as a land of opportunity. Fraser is that rare man of intelligence, hard work and wit, whose amusing impersonations and jolly giggle make the task of grappling with new and unfamilair business material far easier than one would expect. Quite simply, this is the best business course I have ever been involved with. Fraser's success is in focussing on root cause human behaviour, combined with a huge appetite for exploring recent commercial developments to see how they can practically benefit his client's in day to day business life. This is then distilled into an effective 8 week coaching programme, which draws on his 20 years high level marketing experience and practical business experience. I unreservedly recommend that you stop procrastinating, do the Results Academy course and benefit from finally knowing how to conduct your business properly in the 21st century. You can then really walk the talk! Many thanks Fraser Best Greg Love CEO: Lovewine Burgundy Lover Riesling Lover Pinot Lovers Piedmont Lover Lovewine "

Toni Farrington

"Fraser is an inspiration and a valued member of my network. :) Fraser has also come on board as our marketing expert on the FreeIndex Business Advice Centre and is already helping our SMEs with their marketing strategies. Thanks Fraser!"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"Fraser is a super person who is willing to take time to help others. I really appreciate the thoughtful reply he gave when asked for an opinion. You would be wise to link up with Fraser. Smiles and best wishes, always Bill Moore"

Garth Delikan

"Fantastic! Fraser stepped up to the plate and has helped me enormously! Thanks man! Garth."

Claire Jarrett AdWords Trainer

"Did Fraser's great course just over 1 year ago, and I have started to go back and review the materials. I really did pick up a great deal from the course and would highly recommend it. I found it particularly useful when my company was about 6 months old, as it helped me identify what was working, and what wasn't. It was great to have so many suggestions for marketing that were free, or fairly inexpensive. Fraser keeps himself up to date with the latest marketing methods, and really knows his stuff."

Lionel Jones

"Just finished Fraser's Marketing Course, what can I say that hasn't already been said? It's so jam packed I got overwhelmed with the amount of info. I can honestly say that this is the best value for money I have ever received since starting out on my entrepreneurial journey over 6 years ago, in fact I'd go as far to say that it's better value than Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within - and all the Mastery University courses that follow. Why mention Tony Robbins?? Because he sets the standard, and Fraser beat him for me, there you go. Do the 3 minute marketing plan and find out for yourself. Lionel"

Mark Eaton

"How do you write a testimonial to top those of the man who has the most testimonials on Ecademy? I am sure I have written Fraser one before, but if I haven't then this is long overdue and if I have then I am delighted to write a second. I have known Fraser for three years now and we have interacted regularly over that period. The value that has flowed between us has been mostly one way, from Fraser to me, but that is a measure of the man. His is generous to a fault both with his time and his IP, something that less honest people have used against him. The fact that his IP is so much in demand testifies to the quality of it and as a 'customer' of his coaching programme I benefited immensely from his advice. One of the key benefits I received from working with Fraser was a significant improvement in the way I qualified customers, something that has saved me and my team (we estimate) over 100 days of effort in the last 18 months, but has also contributed to an improvement in our 'hit rate' with those customers we do follow through with. I have said it before and I will say it again, Fraser is a genius in his field and as a man with honour and integrity he is without equal. If you have not connected with him already then you are the loser............. "

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

Dexter Moscow

"Who has a cheeky laugh, an amazing track record of success and total command and knowledge of his subject? The answer is Fraser Hay. No only that, but he has the talent and generosity of spirit to share these nuggets of gold with others. I have recently completed Fraser's 8 weeks Result Academy course and I'm still playing catch up with the wealth of ideas, tips, processes and marketing expertise covered in that time. Only sign up if you really want to achieve more sales, effective business acumen and greater marketing ability. With grateful thank, Dexter"

Jimmy Pierre

""Good" Says it all :-)"

Mick Say

"If your in business and you employ sales staff, you should read Frasers recent post It's refreshing to read clear concise advice and thats what Fraser pack a punch with. Thanks Fraser Mick"

Boris Martin Arnez Fernandez

"What a super coaching program, it would be fantastic if you teach your wisdom to our Ngos or Foundations clients, they do many business and you would be our guru. Kind Regards. Boris."

Iain Gray

"Those who have never spoken to Fraser know him as one of the most prolific people on Ecademy. Those who have benefited from his knowledge, insights, and inspiration know him as one of the most generous and valuable people on Ecademy. Fraser's unparalleled advice and guidance is the reason I'm not worried in the slightest about a potential recession in the UK. If you haven't got in touch with him yet to see how he can help you (and I have never known anyone yet that he can't), you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice. Get on with it! "

Louise Perryman

"I've now almost completed Fraser's Results Academy marketing course and can tell you it's been a very busy but informative two months. My marketing knowledge was incomplete and out of date - with no real insight into the dark arts of internet marketing and fighting the competition to get onto the coveted first page of the Google rankings. This is just a small part of what I have learnt in the past weeks. Fraser patiently hammers away at his key messages until we understand where he is trying to get us to. It will take many months to put into place all that he has taught me but the result of his course is that I know WHAT I should be doing with my marketing and HOW - I've just got to get it all done. I also know that this knowledge can be applied over and over to launch new products or business streams. In fact I've got some great ideas already. Thank you Fraser."


"I met Fraser at his seminar in London. With him, you see the world of sales from a different perspective. Through his seminar, I got me some other useful contacts. Fraser is a man you have to meet. 6 stars in sales training..."

Dr JOY Madden

"On Fraser's profile you may already have read my feedback after completing the first two weeks of his super Coaching Program. Having now completed the entire Program and having actioned virtually everything he covered, I am delighted to say my Business is working smarter and sharper than ever. (The 'gold nuggets' he gives you can also be used to transform every aspect of your life!)"

Julie Armitage

"Fraser is a direct no bullshit guy, and very likeable too. He goes straight to the issues. His recent half day seminar with Marcus was a wake up call. You don't feel comfortable but you know it is good for you. He obvously knows his stuff. I would recommend if you want another perspective on your aproach - you must aproach him. He is very willing to help in a productive way. Thank you Fraser"

Gurvindar Khurana

"Thanks Mr Fraser, You are very kind & pre-empted me. The Article "Extras" is a very fine writeup of your experience, for this I rate you good. Gurvindar"

Ian J Rogers

"I did Fraser's introduction session yeaterday - what an insight. Fraser has a lot of energy and insight to get any business either off the ground or accelerating faster with his techniques and systems. A must for any entrepeneur. He totally blew my mind with the concepts and identifying what I am not doing in my business. Awesome."

H@ns de Bruijn,knows how2performbetter

"Great inspirator and mentor. Download his book for FREE and you will have a great BENEFIT GREAT stuff from an AWESOME guy! Hans"

Ivor Murray

"I'm four weeks into Fraser's tele-coaching course. The great thing about it is that it prompts you to have great ideas about how to market your business. Fraser asks the right questions to inspire you and get those creative juices going. Definitely a worth-while investment."

Amanda Hamilton

"I don't know Fraser, however what he has just done for me has been the single most honest, no bullshit, clarifying and helpful thing that any single member of Ecademy has done for me over an important and potentially life changing decision. He could have towed the party line and said what "they" wanted - instead he stepped up to the mark and saw it from my point of view, reminding me to stay focussed on doing what I am good at. I am really extremely grateful Fraser - thank you very much indeed. "

Roger Vanstone

"It's always a pleasure to see or talk to Fraser who's so free with his advice and help to Ecademy members. He knows his stuff and is also always willing to take on new ideas. If you haven't been in contact, do so, you are in for a surprise."

Michael McNulty

"I have known, worked, and partied with this man over a number of years - and not often enough it is true. A year ago, one of the best things I ever did was to get Fraser in to look at my business and tell me what I need to do to make it a proper player and not just an also ran. Not only that, he invited me to take part in his tele-coaching classes over 8 weeks and the information that came out of these sessions was phenomenal. Not only that, on numerous occassions, he has embarrassed me with his generosity in coming back with a tip (unprompted) for how we can get more out of what we do that he has learnt through his own experience. Fraser leaves you thinking: jeez this is phenomenal - what the hell can I now do for him??? Faser, I thought I had given you a testimonial here already so I sincerely apologise and hope this puts it right. In my head, I have written about 16 as every time I interact with you you bring value to my world."

Laurence Lowne

"A Blackstar with a heart of gold. Gives constantly and delivers too. Has been known to provide training and inspiration to many. Well worth listening to, and if Fraser runs an event nearby - book yourself on double quick."

Izabella Chaves

"Dear Fraser, what a unique human being you are - not only are you a gifted and knowledgeable one but hugely supportive and giving. Thank you for the opportunity to attending your (co-hosted with Marcus Cauchi and Sarah Owen) workshop last Thursday held at The Arts Club in London. It was breathtakingly awesome. You and Marcus and Sarah make a formidable Trio. May you continue to spread the marketing gospel. Warmest best, Izabella"

Rosie Hatton

"Fraser is an ideas powerhouse, full of energy and is a marketing genius. He always looks for ways for other people to benefit from something he's doing and gives incredible value to ecademy members and his clients. And he's a FANTASTIC dancer ;)"

George Savva

"I have to say that its incredible how ill-prepared I was (and maybe still am) to have gone into business. Like most people, I made the decision that getting into business and doing what I do was enough. Well, a huge dose of reality later, with much heartache and soul searching, within three weeks of being on Fraser's coaching programme, I've figured something out: That its been a bit like a David and Goliath battle out there, only the Goliath that is the marketplace is impervious to the feeble "marketing weaponry" which I've presented. I really would hate to enter into a business convesration with the belief system of a six-year old, and yet, from a business perspective, I did exactly that - I got into business with very little 'know-how'. In just three weeks on Fraser's coaching programme - my know-how is expanding and I'm internalising the concepts. I am beginning to see with a lot more clarity that to be in business means we have to "Play to Win". Thank you Fraser for equipping us with the know-how to "play to win" George Savva. "

Rob Data Analytics Maudling

"Just to record how helpful, knowledgeable and inspiring Fraser is. If you haven't spoken to him yet, do so. You will benefit and so will your business. Rob"

Jo Lunn

"This testimonial has nothing to do with marketing directly. It is to do with the effort, time and genuine care that Fraser gave me following a plea for help I put out on ecademy. The precision and clarity of the research and advice he gave was superb - many others commented on it too. As a result my situation instead of taking 2-10 weeks to resolve - as I was told, took 48hrs. Now that's a Result. A new dimension to the Results Academy. Fraser, thank you once again."

Andrew James Walker

"I am currently on the Results Academy Coaching program. I am amazed at how much I have learnt so far and it is only week 3. It has opened my eyes and has got me thinking about what I can achieve with my business. This is a coach that very quickly gains your trust and whose goal is to help you become more successful. Fraser gives 110% and holds nothing back. His energy and enthusiasm has to be experienced to be believed. He shares his ideas, results and success stories. The new opportunities and knowledge we are being exposed to are just staggering. He bonded our group on the coaching program in the first session and now I feel very much part of team learning together, rather than an individual attending a training course. I think he really gets the best out of people and the coaching sessions just fly by. His approach is very refreshing and will come as a shock to some people, but wow it is fun! I think everyone who wants more success in their business should give him a call."

Mary Gregory

"Wow, not sure where to start cos there is so much to say which comes from the fact that Fraser seems to have a never ending flow of information and advice on how to get your marketing machine into first,second, third and fourth gear and I am quite sure by the time I complete his coaching programme I will be sailing along in 5th or 6th! Fraser has a wealth of information, but what is even more impressive is not only is he absolutely passionate about the subject, but he takes the time to get to know your business and the sorts of issues each of our client base may be dealing with so he really tunes into how he can support us best. Absolutely magic, I am learning so much and I have been around a while so not a newy to marketing my practice. Fraser has really openned my eyes to what is out there, particularly on the internet and technology side. Thank you Fraser, I have gained so much so far and we are not even half way through!! Mary"

Jacob 'Online Retail' Reimann

"I just want to say that Fraser KICKS ARSE. I am three weeks into his marketing MBA and it has given me all I need to get cracking - I am still processing all the data , but from just three hours I have been blown away. I really mean this . I can't recommend this more highly "

Paul Harris

"My name is Paul Harris, I have not actually used Fraser's service yet, but I know I will. I was blown away by Fraser's presentation that I attended. He gave a massive amount of content in the presentation, enough for me to know I want to be associated with him as I get my business going over the next few months, and that that is going to have fantastic positive effect. "

PA Support Deborah Meredith

"I though Fraser Hay was 'just another marketing guy' - BIG MISTAKE! This 'marketing guy' actually gets results! I don't even dare to think about what might have happened if I'd met and worked with Fraser in the first year of City PA, it's far too scary. If we manage to achieve half of what I think Fraser's advice and training can help us achieve, I'll be a very happy bunny indeed! So far I've got major contacts and deals with companies I was only dreaming about doing business with less than a month ago! You really do get what you ask for and Fraser helps you to realise that!"

Leadership Training David Harris

"If you are struggling to get the business/clients you want then look no further than Fraser. To say I was sceptical about marketing was an understatement; three weeks into his programme I am getting results, confident, enthused and setting time aside for marketing (and looking forward to it). Not only that I am getting amazing results using Fraser's approach I have a pipeline like never before. Thank you to a true value for money expert. "

Piet Vannoppen

"Hi all, I am in the the 3th week of the program and already discovered some really valuable things to use for my own business! Fraser is very "down to earth" and doesn't try to overwhelm you with theories. Day to day marketingissues are tackled and solutions are provided but ....You have to take action yourself ... you have to change your approach or website model or sometimes totally change your behavior and then ....You 'll see that the fellow from Aberdeen is very good ! In the second week I got 11 leads because I've put in practice what we learned 2 days before !!!! One of them already turned into a sale ! If you are struggling with your marketing just give him a call and tell him 3 of YOUR problems and if he doesn't has an immediate answer for one of them don't do his course !!! BUT I am sure he will !!! Thanks Fraser !!! Piet Vannoppen The Robin Hood from the Stockmarket ;-) "

TØny Hine

"I don't think Fraser needs any testimonial, if you can't see what I see, someone that knows his stuff, then that's your loss. Anyway I've done his course and it works! Just sent Fraser this thank you email: Fraser, Fraser, Fraser! thank you ! I did what you said, loaded up some of my work to payloadz, selling it for $20.00, I think I've sold about ten now, but what I'm thanking you for is I have just received the following e-mail : Hi Tony- Thank you very much for your help. I am a beginner at access and I have been learning everything I do through books and tutorials. I should explain my over all goal for this project. I have a two table's one (long explanation deleted) I have attached my database for your review. I would also like to purchase the next phase of this from that will allow us to do 2 things. 1. Select an individual record to open in a detailed form and printable report 2. To have the ability to extract the search outcome to open in a printable report. Let me know if you would be able to create this for our purchase. Thank you again for al your help. Your knowledge is extremely valuable to me. I am in negotiations now and hope to secure a new customer. My thanks to you because your system works! Cheers Tony"

Allan "Marketing Coach" Simpson

"A healthy dose of reality! I've followed Fraser's work for some time now and occasionally found myself asking, "so how does this work exactly?". You know what it's like: You see something that sounds great, you pick it up, fiddle around with it until you get bored, then you pull it's legs off and blame someone else - or is that just me? Anyway, eventually I decided to make the commitment and I took him up on one of his offers. Today, I'm nearly halfway through his Results Academy coaching programme. I'm doing things with my business I've never done before. I'm achieving things because the course has helped me gain a new confidence and clarity about what I'm doing. I'm not saying I'm doing it all perfectly, but I am certainly doing things and getting results I wasn't achieving this time last year, or even last month! I've added new clients, earned more profit (enough to pay for the course already!) and established more contacts and leads than I've ever done before. I'm not bored - Fraser won't let me get bored, he supports me so I'm enthused - the tele seminars are interactive and enjoyable. I'm not fiddling around, I'm following the course and I'm making it work. Perhaps it's making ME work? The course so far has made me examine my working life in a way I've never considered before: Lot's of "d'oh!" moments, lightbulbs flashing on and the sudden realisation you've only got to do the right things... That's where I got the healthy dose of reality - this course allowed me to see where I was going wrong AND lets me learn how to get back on track. Fraser shows you what the "right things" are, and he shows you how to do them right too. You're not left to flounder, he's a genuinely helpful man and extremely knowledgable about his subject. No fluff, no flannel, no smoke and mirrors, just stuff that works. If you're wondering whether you should work with Fraser. Don't wonder any more, just do it. I'm doing it, and it's my best decision this year."

Jackie Walker

"Fraser's my kind of guy - he does for business what I do for divorcees - mends the broken bits and sometimes it's the bits we don't know need attention. So having embarked on the Results Academy coaching programme (only on Week 3 of 8), I've now to my great delight been able to articulate what I do - no mean feat! Fraser's help has been immeasurable. Imagine thinking you did one thing and you actually do the other! I found out very quickly that I'd been losing ground and potential referrals - all solved now. He's pressing all the buttons which make me squirm as I recognise I have to own up - but such is the power of a great coach and all this in a group environment with individual attention - wow! Fraser's methodology is step by step and you can't get lost on the way - as I've found to be the case in other programmes. This is full on, I'm keen to get my homework done and I'm not alone - so far we've all got gold stars! This is just what I needed to take The Divorce Coach from here to there which is where it's meant to be! When you're ready - he's there - go on ask for help, none of us get through it on our own."

Mark Shaw

"Last week, I had the privelage to sit with Fraser Hay for a day. He is truly inspirational. He has a way of cutting to the chase, getting inside your business, asking those really good but awkward questions, making sure that you plan, prepare, work out what can be done, and what cannot, but then and most importantly, working with you on how you are going to make things better, what tools you will need, what budget will be required, what outside experts you will need. If you have a business and have problems. I cannot think of a better person to speak to and that will be able to help than Fraser. Best Mark "

Christine Miller

" Fraser and I had been narrowly missing having a conversation for quite some time - we finally met face to face at the recent marketing workshop mentioned below, and I certainly reinforce everything which has already been said. What impressed me most was the generosity, clarity, and dedication which was evident, and also the humanity: although Fraser is obviously extremely successful, accomplished and highly knowledgeable, he still relates perfectly to the factors that get in the way of people actually 'doing' marketing and facing the realities of their business situation. That makes it a lot easier to identify and tackle the missing, even previously unthought-of parts and start to get - Oh Yes - Results. Now I know why it's called by that name! A real Wow, thanks Fraser."

Philip Calvert

" I met Fraser for the first time today when I attended one of his marketing workshops in London. His advice is compelling. His material is outstanding. His techniques are proven. Connect with him now to transform your business before he charges what he's really worth. Philip Calvert"

Barry Cooper

"I had a long chat with Fraser today, the first time we had spoken. He seems to have a clear idea of my marketing problems and I may well sign up for his programme."

Mary Gregory

"Wow, what a knockout phone call. I have to confess to a certain degree of skeptisism when I first spoke to Fraser - I had him boxed as one of those all sorted out marketing types who wouldn't understand the challenges (& drama's !) I have to deal with. BUT what showed up in our conversation was someone who was really in tune with me and my needs, VERY supportive, got me to see things I hadn't seen before and lots of fun into the bargain. Guess what? I signed up for his 8 week course and am delighted to do so. I got that Fraser will not let me fall by the wayside and will hold me to account to keep taking positive action. I also got that he will support me all the way too. Thank you for you time Fraser, I know it was worth your while, and it was really worth my while too, best wishes, Mary"

Iain Gray

"I downloaded Fraser's book "Why your marketing isn't working..." a week ago and I've already read it through twice. I've picked up more practical information on exactly how to make my marketing work from this book than I've learned from all the other marketing books I've read and seminars I've attended over the preceding 5 years combined. Outstanding. Iain"

Gareth Kane

"Just read "Why Your Marketing Isn't Working" - great stuff. What I like most is that Fraser is using the techniques he expouses on the reader and you can feel them working."

Stephen Harvard Davis

"Why Your Marketing Isn't Working" is without doubt one of the best books I've read on the topic and a "Must" if you are responsible for the marketing, sales or the image of the business"

Claude Bonte

"Connect with Fraser Hay and get his excellent ebook "Why your marketing isn't working" Lots of brilliant tips. Fraser knows his onions and puts everything he tells others to do into practice. An admirable trait ! Long Live Fraser Hay - The King of Marketing ! "

juergen lohmueller

"Fraser, thanks for your fast reaction! @all: I´m impressed: Valuable tips and insights how to improve marketing and really get more r e s u l t s. > Even if your marketing is working - you can benefit from Fraser´s ideas. Juergen "

Victor Marques

"A great man with open heart and a true giver in the real sense of the word! You are a master of connections and a friend for life! Thanks a lot for your support and help! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Malcolm Tullett

"Thanks Fraser, another wonderful resource and I'm looking forward to taking part in the course. Even if it's just a bit more than the free stuff I've already got, it'll be awesome."

Angela Chapman

"I never dreamt that there were so many ways to market until I went on Fraser's Lead Generation MBA course. It is a course that is full of information that will keep you going for decades! Fraser's commonsensical approach along with his enthusiastic and professional delivery makes the course enjoyable even after a long day! You will certainly be inspired if you take up the challenge and go onto one of Fraser's programs. Just do it!! Angela Chapman Prosperitas Business Coaching"

Alex "Discover Ukraine" Riabtsev

"Fraser in his new book "Why your marketing isn't working" identifies main marketing problems and gives possible solutions. Just follow the guide and get promised 2400% growth in you sales."

Ivor Murray

"I started working though Fraser's 'My Mentor' program at the beginning of the year when I was in a rut. The program contains a great mix of theory and practical exercises that have helped me to get going again. I have refined my existing goals, developed new ones and feel that I am truly on the road to achieving them. Thank you, Fraser for your help when I needed it."

Barbara Dobrinsky Holtzman

"If you want to make the most of your ecademy experience, or for that matter, the most of your marketing efforts, and to be the most successful you can be at what you do, you will take up one of Fraser's offers. To start, there is NO excuse not to become at the very least a FREE member of the Results Academy - that alone will help absolutely everyone who takes the most minimal of efforts. While I've enjoyed what can only be called remarkable success with Results Academy - I was spinning my wheels, spending too much time working at success, rather than actually BEING a success - what I find the most marvelous thing about Fraser is that he won't let you spend your money on membership until you've convinced yourself of the value by using the amazing tools he offers you as a FREE member. Yes, you can beceom even more successful at your marketing efforts for FREE, with no obligation to go further. Of course, once you complete your FREE efforts, you'll want to continue on, it's that powerful - even addictive! I know I'm being effusive, but I've been a networker for over 10 years, online for 8 of them, and I've seen all the programs out there - this is one of the best, if not THE best. Oh - and you get Fraser pushing you to get it done as well, which seemed annoying at the beginning, but he's so kind-hearted, after a very short while you can't wait for the next time you hear his Scottish brogue coming at you from your phone line. I think it's pretty clear - I can't recommend Fraser and the Results Academy enough!"

Thomas Power

"Continually pushing the envelope of Ecademy to it's absolute maximum. I like that. Cheeky, cunning, naughty, wiley, passionate, intelligent and shocking. You can't live with him or without him. Highly recommended. "

Richard Alberg

"Fraser is one of the good guys. He is proactive in helping and generous to a fault. This combines with expertise, passion and energy. Unfortunately people like Fraser are all too rare."

Jo Lunn

"My only experience of Fraser - so far - is his 3 minute marketing audit. What an introduction! This only be called superb. It has focused my mind and enabled me to realise what potential is out there and the areas that I'm is missing out on doing. A very beneficial 3 minutes that I'd recommend to everyone. I'm now looking forward to Results Ecademy and all it has to offer. Fraser is a genuine and a truly inspiring gentleman. "

Penny Power

"Fraser is an energetic, creative and passionate marketeer, a knowledge of leveraging the Internet that all should access. In business you have one asset, YOU, but if you learn to leverage YOU plc through people like Fraser, by learning his skills, and by accessing his network, life will be significantly improved for you. Fraser is one of those good guys, enjoy getting to know him and be a sponge to all that he can teach."

Roger Swain

"Just a taster with "Make Money on Ecademy" and I'm already hungry for more of Fraser's coaching - I'll be back for more! Roger Swain"

Victor Marques

"The universe is a paradise, a great bay! There you will find Fraser Hay! From the landscapes of Scotland, A man with brave heart, He shares a kind of art, He gives without demand! I raise to a master a glass of my best wine! Good life is a secret that you will find! To my dear global Friend Fraser Hay, A guru, a king what can i Say?. Kindest regards. Victor Marques "

Leo 'Mr. Networking' Petrik

"Hey Fraser, Thanks heaps. Your advice is simple and clear and certainly helping me to move forward with Ecademy and other business and social networks. Cheers, Leo."

Suzanne Cauchi

"I've finished the first three of eight RESULTS coaching sessions and I'm already struggling to keep up. Don't judge me though. You try it first and see how well you cope! Fraser has given me so many tips and ideas I don't think I'm ever going to have a free minute to worry about what marketing activity I should think about next. His stuff really works too. In less than 24hrs after trying out one of his suggestions, I started getting new students registering on my website. Thanks Fraser."

John Standaloft

"Only three sessions into the course and already my mind is expanding rapidly. The wealth of material, structure and content are outstanding and Fraser's way of putting it across is very motivating and challenging. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who runs a business and is not an experienced marketer. John Standaloft"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Week 3 of the Lead Generation MBA coaching programme and he's done it again! This time over 250 simple to implement ideas, tactics and tips to apply this week. His action plan makes applying the lessons straight forward, the recording of the conversation means you can go over what you learned time and again. We have no excuses for not seeing exponential growth in our visibility, credibility and profitability among our networks and our target markets. Anyone who wants to grow their business quickly and safely, measure everything they do to fine tune their marketing to get you the most effective way to achieve the results you want - dig deep, beg, borrow or steal - and get on Fraser's coaching programme. Fraser is the marketers marketer!"

Tessa Hood

"What an amazing amount of information I am getting from this MBA Lead Generation Course - I am swimming with ideas and am looking forward hugely to developing just a fraction of them. This course is absolutely packed with content and I can't recommend it enough - it just keeps on coming! Don't miss the opportunity to link with Fraser and learn about this course, it will change your business."

Stuart Harris

"When I first came across Fraser, I was mistrustful. Then one day he phoned me out of the blue and chatted, and I became mistrustful and puzzled. Then Thomas Power gave him massive billing in BlackStar in 2006 and I became even more mistrustful. His larger-than-life ra-ra-ra style and the way he got everyone playing air guitar just grated. But over the months since then, I've watched him in action and even chatted a few more times. His energy and drive and commitment are something to behold. His sense of humour is infectious. His willingness to pick up the phone is unstinting. And the way he deals with criticism and hostility is a real master class in how to be genuinely disarming. And behind all the razzmatazz and torrents of words and cheezy photos, there's a very astute business brain. Without trying to win me over (as far as I can tell) Fraser has done just that, against the odds. That takes a lot of doing, and he's done it. I've finally come round to seeing why Thomas Power gave him such prominence. Onwards and upwards, Fraser. You'll be hearing more from me."

Graham Emmett

"Ralph Waldo Emerson. That's not me. He was an American essayist, poet and wit and died in 1882. He's widely accredited with the saying "build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door". You have to remember he was a wit - he was having a joke, a larf. It probably was b******s in 1882 and 125 years later it is complete B*****S! But how many times do you hear it? Something like this... "My product's unique. I've no competition. Sooner or later it's going to take off. I don't need marketing or sales - you see I've got a better mousetrap". Whoever you hear saying this spare them some change as they are going to die of starvation. First their kids will die, then their wife, then the dog (he survived by picking over the bones of the others) and then our friend. Sad. So, if you know anybody with skinny kids - send them along to see Fraser Hay and Marcus Cauchi. It's by no means certain but they may just be able to be saved from themselves."

Mark Shaw

"I recently attended a talk given by Fraser. He really is a master and genius at all things to do with sales and marketing. Fraser talked about having a free item that people can be offered, or that they can download. This will build your credibility with them, and really make them feel as though you are an expert. So with this great information, off I went. Several days later, I had compiled the following -73 Steps to Start Up Success. Thanks for the great information... cheers Mark"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Fraser's coaching programme is a travesty. Anyone involved in sales or sales management training, sales strategy consulting, business coaching of any description, franchising, networking and referral marketing training should be especially wary and avoid him. You'll hate it. With at least 50 ( I lost count) practical direct response marketing ideas and tips that he's tested and tested and tested, even a time-poor dimwit like me can apply daily in their business, in the first hour long call, it bodes terribly for my competitors. They'll be wasting their time because they'll find his engaging and insightful delivery style a turn-off. His gargantuan level of expertise forged in direct competition with the "greats" like Jay Abraham, Seth Godin, Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson and Alex Mandosian is all too clear. He's evolved systematic methods that are far too straight forward and easy to measure, refine and repeat time and again which will deliver profits straight to your bottom line. By keeping his clients accountable he's cutting his clients learning cycle down by at least 60%. He'd make so much more money by letting them fail and getting them to come back time and again paying him each time. Instead he routinely helps them generate 100%-1000%+ profitable sales growth. Fraser, the next 7 weeks on the coaching programme are going to be a continuous disappointment if you keep pelting out that much high quality content, showing so much mastery of your subject. You handle all situations with breath-taking ease, opening the eyes, hearts and minds of your clients to the possibility of how well executed marketing can automatically fill your sales pipeline with eager, self-qualifying, paying customers who trust you before you ever speak to them. By teaching your clients how to eliminate timewasters and turn "browsers" and "freebie hunters" into profitable paying customers you give us back the one resource we need most - TIME. You're even showing your clients how to develop multiple, chargeable revenue streams that most didn't even know existed an hour before. These can easily double your immediate and lifetime profits. We learned how to develop an automated upsell process while minimising every common barrier to entry along the way. You taught is how to capture willingly surrendered, opted-in email addresses and referral strategies to build our lists exponentially;; how to apply price points to leverage knowledge, direction and premium-priced implementation - all this in the first session!! What are you playing at? DoubleQuadruple your price. Anyone (apart from my competitors) who is struggling to claw back time, and drive profitable customers into their sales pipeline on a minimal marketing budget is advised to beg, borrow or steal the money to come on Fraser's programme. I calculated that my cost of new customer acquisition will fall by over 80% on the basis of what I learned tonight. Astounding stuff! My only solace is that I know almost every one of my competitors who might be enlightened enough to pay for your coaching programme will be too lazy to DO WHAT FRASER TEACHES. This programme does involve hard work, challenging and stretching your beliefs about what you can achieve in your business. Most will be too frightened by the prospect of predictable improvement and do whatever they can to sabotage their own success. Thank goodness!"

Jean Flower

"A long overdue testimonial to a true professional ! Fraser has taken time to listen, suggest and provide support in as many ways as there are possible. He understands people and knows just how to move them forward with strong motivation and conviction. Thank you for your marketioneering! Keep it going it means so much to so many. Warm Regards "

Marcus de Maria

"When one of our business experts cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances at the 11th hour, we had to look around for someone who could really deliver. Fraser Hay jumped on a plane to help us out and delivered one of the best marketing sessions we have had - value packed, inter-active, thought-provoking and entertaining. The 60 or so fee-paying clients loved him! After the session I asked Fraser to do a live hot-seat during the lunchtime as a break-out session. Here are just SOME of the revenue opportunities that Fraser and participants uncovered together: An IFA uncovered £130,000 of missed revenue opportunity A solicitor uncovered £250,000 of additional passive revenue A Business Coach uncovered £600,000 of lost revenue opportunity A construction company director uncovered £3m of missed revenue opportunity This is just off the top of my head, as there were many more. It was soooo exciting and fun watching the lights go on in people's heads, one at a time. It had a certain magic to it, my head coach and I stood there transfixed as Fraser reeled off one piece of advice after another. It's not just the answers, it is the energy and certainty in which he answers. That's what people need, a mastermind of people to guide them until they find their own certainty and belief in themselves. Now it is up to them to take action, and with our unique follow up support system, we will ensure that it happens. Thanks Fraser, thanks Blackstar, thanks Ecademy. Together we are raising financial and wealth awareness in UK. with gratitude"


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