Mike "Freddie" Gordon

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

Partner, Harmony House

Pershore/United Kingdom


It's now or never .. there is no next time !

Carpe Diem


Mike is Forensic Accountant and Financial Mediator experienced in resolving matrimonial and divorce disputes involving substantial or complex assets and finances ...

And Freddie ?? He makes itsakindamagic things happen
Irish (emotionally) Tall (exceptionally) Built (substantially) Health (thankfully) Educated (extensively) Aged (considerably) Married (uxoriously) Children (eventually) and ... Sex (obviously)
Treasurer of Pershore Abbey > Treasurer of Las Mimosas Beach Club > Member of Kidderminster Golf Club > CaniX partner to Bella (Alsatian/Husky cross) > Trainee Grandfather > Amateur Dramatic & Stand Out Comedian > Never Boring !

A favourite video .. and you must sing along with the words ..
Da dum di di dum di dum di dum ...

With grateful thanks to Michael Bungay Stanier and his excellent Box of Crayons



Email: mike@harmony-house.co.uk
Phone: +44 1386555114
Mobile: +44 7710418395
Twitter: @forensicfreddie
Facebook: Profile
Skype: mikefreddiegordon
Google+: Profile
Website URL: http://www.harmony-house.co.uk
Blog URL: http://www.itsakindamagic.co.uk/magic.html

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Andreas Wiedow

"Mike has been a perfect mediator for me on a number of non-marriage related issues in the past on the phone which speaks volumes for his abilities."

Penny Power

" Mike is one of those exceptional people that hides his amazing brain inside his heart and humour! I first met Mike when he got Thomas and I to do a pantomime sketch at an Ecademy Event in Belgium. Recently he hosted a BlackStar event in Birmingham and as I sat and watched his selfless behaviour I thought ' pople like Mike make this world a better place'. Thank you Mike, I really respect and like you"

Andrew Wilcox

"Thank you Mike for getting a great bunch of people together in a wonderful location (Fazeley Studios) yesterday at the OSBSD."

Rob Killen

"You know how it is sometimes - you bump into people; come across them in places and gradually build up a perception which is then either cemented in reality or distorted out of all recognition. Mike's one of those people - takes a bit of time - you seem to have an inherent sense of respect for him because he's measured - and then you get a wee nudge and you know this bloke is as pucker as they get."


"Dear Mike, It is my great honor to be a friend of yours.Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. Even we are so far away, but only at one click away, I'm sincerely glad to be connected. You have a good profile which promises big things in the future. I believe you are a person of the highest integrity and full of enthusiasm. I rated you "Good" because liked you impressive profile, but if you're so kind please look at mine and put a testimonial for me also if I deserve one. The life is too beautiful and short to stay alone and not take the benefit of human connections. The world is too large and with a lot of opportunities for everybody, but unfortunately only few people can see the hidden "diamonds" from the sand. You have developed a great network very enthusiastically & proactively. Keep up the good work. Looking into a log and both part benefit relation, and keep in touch. Best wishes for you and your family from Romania, Your true friend, Ioan Clotea "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Freddie as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Muchina Thuo

"Hello everyone, A guy with great depth and insight. True to the word " To fore see is to rule" Kudos Mike."

Ronald L. Taylor

"Thanks for the pint of Guinness. Just happens to be my favourite! It is an honour to be connected with you on Ecademy. I look forward to our networks being of mutual benefit to one another. Cheers! "

Sarah Jayne Hewitt

"I've now known Mike for almost three years and only just thought about leaving him a testimony on Ecademy... I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes! I met him at Solihull BoB Club - 7 am is a very early time to meet and far too early for breakfast...and not too early to meet someone as lovely as Mike! Humourous? - Yes! Generous nature? - Yes! Great Networker? - Yes again! What you may not know is that he loves pastries...! I also know that Mike is passionate about what he does, which makes him a great guy to work with. Very best wishes Mike, Sarah Jayne "

Lutti Anderholm

"Be sure to connect with Mike, an exellent networker!! Lutti"

Valer Parvu

"Freddie is a funny guy, after all irish people seems to be not as that different as romanians :-). Great to be part of his network, Valer"

Katherine Smith

"Freddie, Thanks for sending such powerfully good energy to the USA. We need CHANGE and happy that many European brothers and sisters are pulling for us. Love to all of you."

Julitta Schönbeck

"Mike you are simply fantastic in fulfilling wishes with your big portion of warm humor!!! Thank you :-)"

Nighat Bhola

"Truly delighted to be in Mike's network. Mike not only seems to have a great sense of humour but also exudes a lot of positive energy. I would most certainly recommend Mike to my friends and associates."

Clive Ankers

"This guy actually cares about what he does! smashing bloke"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Mike on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

ahmed rhadirbenane

"Oh dear Mike if i could meet you before i divorced my 7th wife . You're a safety Angel "

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker."

John Toule

"Freddie is a great guy and a true networker and obviously willing to assist new ecademists."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Freddie is a jolly, appreciative, optimistic, warm-hearted, kind and professional ecademist I'm glad to be connected with. :)"

Vivienne Eggers

"My half Galway Granny would have approved ;)"

Louisa Catharine Forsyth

"Wonderful contact, thank you for the warm welcome. Best wishes, Louisa Catharine"


" Freddie is first class. He has a great sense of humour. He is a pleasure to know"

Melinda M. Sörensson

"Freddie is open hearted and open minded. Thank you Freddie for sharing your wit with us :-) Melinda Sorensson"

Kirsten Gronning

"It was great to meet Mike finally at a 'Joining Forces' divorce experts event recently and I'm so glad I did. Mike (and Penny) will be top of my list of people to refer to in high net worth cases where a reconciliation is possible. Kirsten Gronning The Divorce Coach Divorce - Coaching and Support Club "

Katherine Smith

"Freddie is the kind of guy I want in my corner. Relationships are important to us all and he helps us keep them balanced and positive."

Linda 'Communicate' Mattacks

"Much of the testimonials here are about Mike the person, which I can well understand. However, I spoke with Mike earlier today in his and Penny's professional capacity about a matter that concerns people who are very dear to me. Despite the fact that Mike and I had only previously corresponded by PMs here on Ecademy a handful of times over the past 18 months, so he didn't really know me from Eve ;), his down-to-earth approach, warmth, sincerity, humour and genuine desire to help were there on offer to be tapped and explored. A thoroughly decent bloke. If you know somebody you care about who feels their relationship is "on the rocks", I'd suggest making contact with Mike. Don't let them leave it till he and Penny can only help them through the court ordeal. Linda"

Victor Marques

"Mike is a friend for life...He has got the power of loving people and great feelings and thoughts that make him the best of the best for any business or networking group! Douro Valley loves you and the Rabelo boat is waiting for you! Carry on planting seeds of love and care... I raise my full glass of wine to a master of people! Kindest regards from the best region for Port Wine! Douro Valley! Your friend! Victor Marques"

Liz 'The FM Coach' Kentish

"Mike has a knack of getting in touch just when you were searching for an answer - thank you!"

Ingrid Griffin

"Fabulous presenter! Grabs your attention and delivers a riveting, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation. Am determined to get to know Mike better!"

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Nomen est Omen...Freddie is an AmaZing Soul...Quick and comprehensive...Agreable and Tonic...A spirit you can... Drink. Ooops! Connect with...Connect Now! Kindest regards, MuZ+afa "

Victor Marques

"Mike is a brand and a true giver in the real sense of the word! Thank you so much for your interest about my family and products! Im reallly gratefull to you and the ones that you love! See you soon again with lots of dreams to share with you! Kindest regards from sunny Portugal! Victor Marques"

Life Coach" Darren Cockburn

"I had a great Skype discussion with Mike this evening. He was extremely helpful by introducing the concept of BlackStar and also highlighting some business opportunties for me. Top chap! Darren"

Babs Saul

"Has Freddie always been so wonderful, or is he getting better all the time? "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Mike is not only an enthusiastic networker, he is kind and helpful too. It's great to network with him! kind regards Michael"

Gitte Lund

"I have already given Mike 2 other testimonials - and they´re still so true - but I simply have to give him a # 3 .......Mike - you´re one of a kind - and what a kind - a true irish craic you are ! I hope to be a part of your network and a friend to you (and Penny) 4ever...... :) Mike and Penny (alias Sven Dorf and SnowWhite) will be in my heart always - and I will say - the same will happen to anyone who connect to Mike and Penny .....especially if you meet them IRL too ;) Mike - stay as you are....... and stay in touch, please ;) The best wishes to you and your dear ones - 4ever ;) Hugs from Ginger Nut"

Dominic Fernandez - www.computants.org

"yeah, bloody magic joke - your Irish sense of humor just drives me nuts!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better."

Malcolm Tullett

"The testimonials below say it all really but on a very personal note, he's one of the most helpful and selfless persons I know. What an absolutely lovely man and a complete nut case, to boot. I love him to bits"

Stewart Evans

"bloody magic bloke"

Judith Germain

"Mike is an amazing character that takes time to really truly know. I'm still on that journey but grateful that I have met such an interesting man. Warm, caring, challenging - he really forces you to think of things in a different way. I've enjoyed our conversations and look forward to many more."

Rory Woolridge

"Always worth meeting... Good fun, enthusiastic and a great knowledge of many things you should know... and some stuff you shouldn't!! Have fun Rory Woolridge"

Muchina Thuo

"Meet this intelligent and very objective guy.He is very kind and loves people irrespective of their background. "

Tina Jonasen

"Just wanted to let you know how much I value our friendship here, in hope of mutual benefit of our future network together ! Sorry for being absent for some time - but now I am back in Denmark for this new young Danish company´s worldwide launch - and back online full time, so; Remember that my inbox is always open, if I can assist you in any way !!! Have a great week, all the best Tina Jonasen"

Ellis Pratt

"Mike is enthusastic, modest, witty and bright. He cares deeply about his professional life, and he is able to combine this with great positivity and humour. There is a lot more to Mike than meets the eye - there for you to find out. Ellis"

Muchina Thuo

"Mike is very friendly and great guy. regards"

Glenn 'Bespoke Shirt' Ludlow

"Thanks for lunch Mike. A great guy, who really cares about people and relationships. All he lacks is a nice new suit :-) "

Peter George

"I have only known Mike for a short time and already he has shown an interest in Explosion Entertainments Thanks Mike Peter www.explosionentertainments.org "

Jackie Walker

"There are folk you just know you can work with, and there are folk who you know who can talk with, there are folk who understand - if you get all three you're laughing - I guess I'm not the only one who feels like this, but I'm honoured to be one of them. Hasta Mike!"

Robert WoW De Souza

"I am truly delighted to connect with Mike for many reasons. He is funny, warm, caring and loves to share his passion of helping others. I wish him every success."

Kevin Chamberlain

"He is what he says- an enthusiast and my goodness the world needs people who get out there in the world and make things happen for the better."

Victor Marques

"A great networker and a giver in the real sense of the word! I met Mike in one BlacKStar event and it was very helpful. A master of networking , a splendid connector and fantastic speaker! If you come to Portugal up the north, please feel free to contact me at any time! I will be very happy to assist and help! Warm Regards! Victor Marques"

Thomas Power

"The man from UNCLE who no-one can understand. Intelligent, charming, cunning, empthatic, charged, driven, excitable and volumetric in output and behaviour. Few can comprehend the scale of Mike (let alone Freddie) Gordon. A monster of a Networker, in a league (and a mind) of his own. Delightful to be around, impossible to keep up with. Superman. not really a 5 handicapper just a youthFul claim."

Debbie Tarrier

"First impressions were of a large cute puppy bounding in & creating chaos... then I got to know & really like the puppy & despite the odd trousers worn regularly, he is a warm, funny & giving guy & I just don't get to spend enough time with him. Look forward to rectifying that soon. You are missing out if you haven't met or connected with Mike, so do it! :)"

Andrew Widgery

"Mike is a charming and a charismatic person with great humour - not typical of those in his trade!! I would always recommend those needing his skills to look at the man and his intergrity to know their business is in good hands. "

Dave Clarke

"Mike is full of surprises, but always good ones. His warmth of spirit and generosity are infectious."

Warren Cass

"I have known Mike for over a year now. One of life eccentrics and totally infectious. If you are allergic to smiling, stay away from him! "

Roger Vanstone

"FF Mike Gordon is what many should want to be, interesting, quick, funny and very good at what he does. He enjoys life to the full and really puts that zest into everything he does. Never a dull moment when he's around."

Andy Lopata

"Mike is an absolutely great guy. Well worth getting to know. "

Robert Greig

"Mike comes across as a genuinely warm and friendly individual with a wicked sense of humour! I look forward to meeting him in real life rather than merely virtual networking! ;) Robert Greig "

Rod Sloane

"Mike is a born performer. The Freddie Starr of the accounting world. It's always enjoyable and little scary to watch him perform."

Andy Preston

"I met Mike for the first time at the BlackStar day he presented in London. Hilarious while still professional I came to understand the high regard in which others hold him. Look forward to getting to know him better through BlackStar!"

Babs Saul

"One of the loveliest people I know. The world needs more Freddies. He makes you smile just thinking about him. Definitely one of the Good Guys."


"Great guy, great show and great spirit. Nice having you in my network, Freddie. Thanks from the heart. You're a kind of magic indeed."

John Cave

"His personalities are so large, that they don't fit in his body....and he's 6ft 5.... they will always get a smile and are madder than several large boxes of frogs.... Behind those personalities is someone who is incredibly passionate about everything he becomes involved in - a real dynamo. Lead on FreddieMikeDame OnoMacDuff and all the rest"


"He's one of a kind. Like the song says "A giant with a pair of friendly eyes". Thanks Freddy, both times I met you in person you left me with some great memories. This is also the first time I write a single testimonial for two people at once. Mike is a great networker, do connect with him. Freddy is a true networking legend, you can try to connect to him, but it won't be easy to catch him ! P.S. And YES Mike, that was the way we BBQ in Belgium ;)"

Jean Loyens

"Never met such an engergetic an fun guy with such a boring job ... ;) Good to know you Mike! Jean"

Ives De Saeger

"Mike is great! Spontaneous, friendly, witty, direct and open minded. His fantasy to create a different world tells only how he sees the world...as a wonderful and happy show. Keep on doing what you have been doing!! Ives"

Jose Jacobs

"mike sound larger than life and would be good to know as soundsintersting and helpful jose"

Kim Sharman - NRG

"Mike is very different - very different. But sometimes true genius is between the cracks! Once met - never forgotten. And always there - for you."

Neil Urquhart

"Mike is a brilliant bloke to connect with - he's always looking for ways to help you out and has the gift of listening and asking the right questions as well as the gift of the gab. Warm, encouraging and armed with a ready laugh."

Tom Evans

"At last I am starting to understand Mike and how to deal with that pesky 6th letter of the alphabet. Just don't use it. To sum Mike, he's larger than vie, hits a Titleist a long way and someone who you could depend on in a crisis. He also know loads of things and people. So glad to have you in my f in network Mike"

Nick Ingram

"I've just discovered that I have never ever left a testimonial for Mike 'Freddie' Gordon. All the words that describe me, unworthy', 'shallow', 'ordinary' 'factious' are words where the opposite applies to Mike. Now that I have bared my breast, I am stuck for words. Not something that ever applies to Mike. In fact, the bloke rarely shuts up, but the most irritating thing is that every utterance offers value. Bugger! "

Michael Birley

"Having met Mike a couple of times now, I have found him open, fun, full of ideas and stories. If you are looking for a very orginal and different take on anything... he's yer man. Add to that the work that he does in the field of relationships and one can only come to the conclusion we need a lot more people like him in our world. "

Niall Fairhead

"A larger then life guy! Obviously well intentioned, obviously well connected, obviously with great ideas, a willing smile and a sense of humour . No doubt he has saved many marriages. Niall "Art Dealer" Fairhead"

Akhil Shahani

"Great sense of humour, very open & caring! Has a monopoly on the letter 'F' in Ecademy! Interacting with Mike has been one of the most fun (legal) things I've done on the web :-) "

David Hillman

"Mike is a super guy. If you haven't connected with him yet - do so now!!"

dianne J brabham

"This guy is amazing beyond words - which is why i have been slow to compliment him! What to say about him that has not already been said is the question? So if you don't know him - you're missing out - connect with him. Mike thanks for your encouragement always."

Michael McNulty

"Mike has, without doubt, made the biggest impact on me more than any other Ecademist (apart from my wife, clearly). He is an Everyman. Not in the 'yes' sense but in inspiring everyone that comes into contact with him. He is a natural storyteller, he has a razor wit, he has that attractive charm that 'shy' people have and he has the biggest heart in Christendom. His business Harmony House is about 2 things: about making divorce as stress free as possible but also helping couples to work out their differences and move forward together. That sums him up really. A realist with fantastic solutions but equally a true optimist where, with him, anything truly is possible. Thank you Mike for lighting up my life (but don't tell the missus!)."

Ann Moore

"I'm his Celia.. he's my Guy.. well some of the time anyway...because he shares himself with everyone, spreading fun and warmth and laughter. He's a great networker... a lovely, caring man with a big heart, Mike is passionate about making a difference where it matters and he's a great hugger!"

Hendrik Deckers

"Q: Who's is the real mike ? A: We'll never know ... "

Mike 'Smiling f@cebook' Farrow

"This man can make you smile over the Web! This is a unique skill and very important to a smiling star, have no hesitation in contacting and doing business with Mike, he will make the experience a pleasurable as well as profitable one."

Stephen Cotterell

"This man is F in Great"

Wouter Havinga

"Here is a man who's driving force is results and having fun on the way and more remarkable, he is looking for solutions. In his field of work that makes him stand out! I reckon that "Harmony" the name of his house is his compas. Wouter Havinga www.lifeiswonderfulmakeithappen.com"

Ronald Wopereis

"Mike phoned me up tonight and put me on my speeching chair. Not many people have this ability. I mean, i do like to talk but i like even more to listen. It is pure curiosity that drives me - telling what i know teaches me nothing new ; while listening is the opposite. So Mike, let me return the favour when we meet in Mechelen. Looking forward ! Best regards, Ron"

Tom Ball

"Mike, truly is one of life's legends. I've had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people - but no-one that combines being 100% professional (and I have no doubt exceptional at his day job) with 110% fun. Tom."

Fraser Hay

"As I stood in queue to get my straight jacket, I heard this man at the front shout - He's a genius I tell you, A genius. thanks to him, my wife's got the lot, and I'm in here. Mike Gordon, no words can accurately describe you, for you are unique - a 10/10. :)"

Maria "Thrilla from Manila" Thomson

"Ffffun and Ffffriendship...serious topics and not....complex man with a wonderffffully lateral sense of humour. Maria the Ffffilipina :-)"

Jane Blair

"A very well connected individual with more fingers than there are pies to dip them in. You want a connection just ask Mike"

Gitte Lund

"Dear Mike I have made another testimonial for you before - but I simply have to make a supplement to it .......you are just so .....yeah exactly ;););) : F in Passionate F in Intelligent F in Creative F in Strong F in Inspiring F in Affectionate F in Funny F in Magic F in Sexy F in FabulousIrishman F in Fabulousfriend F in FabulousowneroffinfourleggedFudge F in justfabulousandwouldnotfinchangeyouforanything PS: no matter what, Mike - please stay happy as the fabulous man you are - that´s how I like you the best ;););) Many warm regards @@@ Gitte (and miiiauuuw from Mischa to you and Fudge as well) "

Tracey Hammerton

"Looking forward to getting to know Mike better, as on first meeting him. He is real dynamic individual with a great personality."

Sally Church

"Uproariously funny! Mike has the honour of my first testimonial; he made an impact immediately. May the force stay with you, dude! One day we will have that virtual lunch ;-) "

David Guzmán

"Mike has sardonic wit that I find alluring. He is uproariously funny. But behind that exterior lies a sensitive, caring, thoughful man who I would love to spend an entire evening with, talking about everything under the sun, just short of the point of complete inebriation."

Steve "Habib" Rose

"great guy!"

Alan Clark

"Sound dude. Much, much madder than several large boxes of frogs. But genuine and quite often right (damn it!). Wouldn't be where I am today without his help... ;-)"

Valerie "Positive Energy" Lothian

"Inviting Mike into the Nr. 1 Club was the best decision I've made in a long time. Connecting with him online has been even greater! Getting the opportunity to meet him for real will be a priviledge. I know that my jaws will ache.......from smiling and laughing. My brain will be stimulated........from the intellectual connection. And my memory will be triggered for a long time afterwards. A professional who is one of a kind. Bless you, Mike!!! Valerie."

Dave Whittles

"Good company and a motivational speaker who brings some real energy and enthusiasm into the room"

Michael-Don Smith

"Thorough Professional Thoughtful Person Theatrical Passion Tremendous Personality Mike Gordon moves fast... accurately... and with strategic intent. When you meet him and if you haven't you must, his simplest questions will get you thinking and reveal as much about yourself to you as it does to him. I look forward to working, playing and having a lot of fun with the man who puts the 'uxor' in luxurios and again I recommend him wholeheartedly, do bear in mind of course that his professional services are reassuringly expensive. Regards Don"

Terry Toms

"I hope to meet Mike soon. I like his humour and warm approach. We will play golf together soon I am sure......especially now someone has told me he is a crap golfer. My sort of friend. Terry"

Malcolm Tullett

"He's a bit weird (in the nicest sense) but full of life and a really great bloke to know."

Regine Ricka Jong

"Though I just know you Mike...I am more than 100% sure you'll never fail to put a smile on my face... :-) a smile to keep that HAT looks......:-) You can feel it with your own words. Mike is definetely The SUNSHINE. Regine :-)"


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