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Jagdish Rajan

"Dear Natallia, It was indeed so nice of you to have accepted my invitation to connect. Welcome to my network. I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, prosperous and glorious new year 2009 and better years to come. Let us remain in touch through jagdishrajan2005@gmail.com Tons of Love and Cheerful Wishes, Jagdish Rajan +919902016214"

francisco morera

"Priviet Natalia with such eyes you canĀ“t miss any business oportunity on Ecadeny.You highly professional and loyal friend are a perfect virtual on line parter. I highly recommed to get in touch with Natalie...Never disapointed...always loyal and professional. Blessings Francisco "

Frank Beuken

"Natallia is an experienced person in Healthcare. Hopefully we keep in touch. Frank Beuken frank.beuken@clevestone.com www.clevestone.com "


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