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Geoff Kirkwood A successful professional speaker having spoken in Russia, Canada, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. With a track record of having grown BNI in Australia from 30 chapters to 170 in 6 years, I am now embarking on other adventures in the business world. I am also the creator of such ideas as International Networking Week and International Networking Day (both Trademarked & owned by BNI). I created the very first worldwide celebration of these events in February 2007 and now being held in over 40 countries. You would be interested in me because I have always practised the philosophy of "giving before getting" and just love helping others achieve. I am the most positive person you will ever meet and that gives me an edge on all those people who see the glass as half empty.
Geoff's Code of Ethics
1.   I will seek first to understand in any situation. 2.   I will give the best I am capable of in any situation. 3.   I will extend trust so that I may be trusted. 4.   I will seek to value all relationships. 5.   I will bring to every assignment my passion and enthusiasm. 6.   I will honour all commitments.
"Geoff Kirkwood brings 40 years of business experience -- several successful businesses -- and lessons learned as a world class speaker, author, catalyst and centre of influence." To find out more see
I am single (divorced) with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Living in Brisbane, Australia (God's country) and travelling regularly to speak and explore. I am also a very spiritual person who enjoys learning more about why we humans do what we do. I love music (singing in an Acapella choir) and reading (50 books a year). I run my own dinner party competition called Men Who Cook.
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |

Millionaires Mentors

I now mentor people and show them how to be more successful in their lives. See my book called Millionaire Mentors. In addition I share word-of-mouth marketing ideas through my website and regular newsletter. My favourite speaking topic is "How to Build Million $ Relationships!" See Geoff's current speaking schedule
About Geoff   |   Websites  |  Millionaire Mentors  |  Connect  |

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My status By Phone (International): +61 420 319 035 By Phone (Australia): 0420 319 035 By Mail: PO Box 3250, Norman Park, 4170, Australia



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Shelley Fishel

"I first met Geoff at a Boardroom back in January. He is a truly genuine helpful and supportive chap. We had a mini chat at another event and Geoff is fantastic at following up. Just recently I asked Geoff for some advice about a possible business connection in Australia - not only did I get great advice - Geoff also did a little research on my behalf and came up with a really great suggestion. Geoff is a man who practices what he preaches and I am honoured to be connected to him. Thank you Geoff. Shelley"

David Heads

"When many would be resting on their laurels I applaud Geoff for keeping active and using your time in such a positive way. I wish you continued good health and happiness in the future. All the very best! David"

Carrsten Johan Thessen

"Geoff Kirkwood take the time needed to help his Ecademy friends. He have the Mentor approach - and own the right to speak, very experienced networker, and highly valued "asset" :-) to all in his circles Carrsten "

John Bellamy

"Geoff really is "The Referral Master". Geoff's consulting process has helped me both personally and professionally. He is the master of word-of-mouth marketing and is the perfect example of the Givers Gain principle. If you are looking for a dedicated and knowlegable consultant to assist you in growing your business, I highly recommend making contact with Geoff Kirkwood. Thanks again Geoff and I look forward to our long term partnership. John Bellamy"

Georgina Lester

"Have now met Geoff in a boardroom yesterday - and what a great guy. I love his line - "challenge the impossible" and find his no nonsense focussed approach to achieving things positively inspiring. He brought immense value to the boardroom discussions coming out with sensible, practical and immensely valuable advice. Whilst he has - by all accounts - a very direct attitude to achieving what he sets out to achieve he seems to do so with a real sense of the people value inherent with those around him. Suffice to say that he slotted in to the boardroom environment fantastically well. As I was one of the ones in the hot seat - I can genuinely say that I found his input incredibly useful and insighful. So thank you for that Geoff - your contributions were greatly appreciated. It seems that Geoff also intends to take the boardroom concept to Australia. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will make a fantastic success of this venture. I shall look forward to hearing of his experiences. I am sure that he will bring back some very valuable feedback and thoughts on how the concept can be developed further to move with our changing times. As he understands the concept well, I suspect that he will make this work as successfully as he did in getting BNI so well established in the way that he did. I am sure that he needs no luck but have a bucket load from me anyway! I sincerely hope that Geoff stays in touch and continues contributing to this community for a long while yet. "

Dinah Liversidge

"Yesterday it was my great pleasure to meet Geoff (having only communicated on line or by skype) and it was a truly superb experience. Geoff attended my ecademy Boardroom and made insightful, practical, supportive and intelligent contributions. After the Boardroom we spent time discussing a business plan and his input, advice and ideas were invaluable. I am looking forward to working closely with Geoff - I know we will have fun and achieve a great deal. Dinah"

david seow

"nice write up on your blog, nice to know you. "

Stacey Huish

"Geoff Kirkwood is a man of integrity and a Brilliant Business Man. His combined knowledge of building relationships, growing businesses and connecting people is outstanding. Geoff is one of those people with whom you associate with the likes of Richard Branson. Geoff is a fantastic speaker and shares his knowledge willingly. I highly recommend getting to know Geoff Kirkwood, and definitely recommend doing business with him also. Geoff, Thank you for your trust, your honesty, and your Brilliance. "


"challenge the impossible this sentence give me more energie to be illimited thanks dear geoff amoa bourahima ouattara +225 01 18 80 11 skype: kalia74"

Adiel Solomon

"Hi! I'm honored to be connected to your network on ecademy. I look forward to a closer friendship and mutual business relationship in our businesses. Adiel S.K "

Richard Napier

"Hi Geoff, Thanks for the connection. I look forward to when we might either meet or benefit from our inclusion in each others network. Best Regards Richard"


"Dear Geoff, You are a person of the highest integrity and full of enthusiasm. Even we are so far away, but only at one click away, I'm sincerely glad to be connected. It is my great honor to be a friend of yours. You have a good profile which promises big things in the future. I rated you "Good" because liked you impressive profile, but if you're so kind please look at mine and put a testimonial for me also if I deserve one. The life is too beautiful and short to stay alone and not take the benefit of human connections. The world is too large and with a lot of opportunities for everybody, but unfortunately only few people can see the hidden "diamonds" from the sand. You have developed a great network very enthusiastically & proactively. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we will be able to assist one another in some way. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Looking into a log and both part benefit relation, and keep in touch. Best wishes for you and your family from Romania, Your true friend, Ioan Clotea "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Geoff as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Werner Hattingh

"I have met Geoff as a International Speaker for the BNI International Networking week when he came to address us in Johannesburg South Africa. What struck me about Geoff is his passion for what he does and how much joy he gets from doing what he does so well. Thank you Geoff, for being in my network and I am sure my network is stronger with a person of your calibre in it."

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at"

Angie Hammond - Garnish

"thanks for the invite Geoff, yet another fabulous tool you have introduced me to. You are a mine of excellent information. Geoff has presented at my networking club and was a hit. His methods and mind set of how to build million dollar relationships are priceless. Geoff also introduced me to Send Out Cards - another truly fabulous marketing tool that works for me. love to catch up soon. Angie"

Debourah Borg

"Geoff welcome to my networks..... I was delighted when I got your invitation to join with my networks....and the testimonal thank you....well here is one for you too now... I met Geoff in 2000 as an international speaker and author I owe part of my success to Geoff and his encouragement to me when I first got into the speaking industry....Geoff mentored me into understanding my true value for the information I was giving...and with his help I moved from speaking for Free to being Paid for my speaking gigs....and now I am an international speaker and first book sold out in Australia and now is an e-book and is being translated into Spanish, Norweignen and now Polish and many more languages to follow.... Thank you Geoff for your mentoring and encouragement to go for it and getting me involved in National Speakers Qld I even was vice president of the Qld chapter...and with my travels lost contact with Geoff and was delighted he showed up in ecademy....I am happy to share my network with Geoff anytime...he is a beautiful soul..... He is a big giver and someone you want to have in your networks.....Thanks Geoff for everything.... Happy Travels Debourahx FREE Audio "

Rolf Kellner

"Geoff, thank you very much for being an active Member of SAP Club MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 ! Rolf"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Geoff, Honest welcome to my fast growing group, with you I'm also stronger! I'm very happy to see you in my network! See you in Budapest, Hungary - heart of Europe! In Hungary you won't be hungry! Pls don't forget about my reliable help! Andrea Turcsányi "

Mark Trowbridge

"Geoff is an excellent speaker - over the years he has put together some excellent training material he believes in sharing but best of all, he's a thoroughly nice chap. Glad to be connected with Geoff."

Solveig McCormick

"G'dnyer mate! Great to see you here. Thanks for taking a peek at me :-( for not dropping me a line. Geoff is a great teacher indeed and his tutorials are enjoyed by many. With an easy smile and relaxed sense of humour he is pleasant to be with and his mentorship has stood me in good stead. Thank you Geoff. Hope to work with you again! Warm regards, Solveig"

Victor Marques

"Geoff is one of my great connections! Im very pleased to have such an amazing man in my network. As a BNI member i really believe that networking is about farming not hunting. If you come to Portugal i will be pleased to meet you and enjoy one of my wines. Warm Regards Victor Marques"


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