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Random Connections - I am an instinctive networker - I do not judge or control my network. I believe in serendipity and things happening by chance just when they need to happen. Sometimes the most random of routes can lead us to what we want and need much faster than if we actively sought out the solutions to our challenges and goals. This does not mean that I wander aimlessly like a rudderless ship - I am very focussed in what I do. It is about keeping the door open in readiness for others to come and join me. :) And of course if more than one person helps us to achieve our goals then we will get the job done much faster.

Other networks

Activity on these other sites range from active to not very active, or "waiting-in-the-wings-for-the-right-time", dormant and "haven't-got-a-clue-how-I'm-going-to-use-this-yet". You are welcome to send me a connection request if you feel so inclined but please say that you have come from Ecademy.

You can find a full list of where to find me at my About Me page

Do you have an interest in women's luxury fashion?

Coming soon - more information about our new online shop Luxury Wearable Art for women looking for unique and luxurious clothes for all occasions. I am looking for journalists, bloggers and writers who have a passion for luxury women's fashion and who might be interested in joining our affiliate scheme. There are different levels of commission which are quite generous depending on the level of activity chosen. There will only one or two places available for the top end and mentoring will be provided to show the successful applicants how to make the most of social media marketing and internet marketing. If this could be of interest to you or if you know of someone who would be good at this then send an email to me at

affiliates (at) georgina (dash) lester (dot) com

The basic business stuff

If you want a consultant with plenty of certificates and lots of letters after their name then you need to turn away and walk in the opposite direction right now and don't look back. If however, working with someone who after a number of years gaining plenty of hands on business experience as well as developing an understanding of how it works for real, is more appealing then read on. I do not profess to be an "expert" at anything other than myself. Whilst my experiences have focused on the arts, gifts, luxury and fashion sectors, much of what I do is applicable to most other industries.

What do I do? In short I help you to get your products and/or services seen by your target audience utilising numerous on and off line marketing methods. I can brainstorm with you to create new ways to generate multiple income streams harnessing the power of what you already have capitalising on your skills, knowledge and any future expansion in your product ranges. To do this effectively you will need a well designed website and a clear marketing strategy utilising the best of modern technology and a willingness to work together on well defined short, medium and long term goals. My work can include any or all of the following:-

1. New website. From deciphering what sort of website suits the individual/business and their skills, budget and goals through to creating a web spec, site map, etc.. Small medium and large projects can be done by me and/or a recommended professional whilst the larger web projects might require me to play the role of project manager to liaise with a full team of skilled professionals.

2. Website (re-)development- from re-vamping and/or expanding a current website to building a new one from scratch. Static html or content management systems which are Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technology friendly.

3. Copywriting services- online content creation for sales and information pages, as well as SEO content. Newsletter content for both on and off-line news bulletins. Article marketing, blogs, as well as off-line reviews and articles for magazines and newspapers.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - Search engine and keyword phrase research. Creating and/or editing content making it search engine friendly using carefully crafted wording appropriate for the target market. From initial research to creating overall strategies, ongoing tracking and monitoring. Search Engine Marketing - from PPC to site rank improvement strategy. Link popularity including research of links and backlinks, analysis of competitors sites, etc.. Specialist search engine research and site submission.

5. Marketing - customer profiling, creating campaigns both on and off-line, designing marketing strategies, research, polls, article marketing, blogs, keyword testing, etc.. Defining goals, setting targets as well as analysing conversion rates. Affiliate marketing, business networks, brand management, direct mail, email marketing, referral strategies, and a whole plethora of tips and tricks developed over many years of being in business

6. Social media and online networking - strategies designed to make the most of our online presence utilising social and business networking sites. Online profile creation management, online branding, (subject to terms and conditions of the sites involved) RSS, social bookmarking, site trackers, etc..

7. CRM- Customer Relationship Management analysing current customer care plan and its effectiveness. Creating and implementing a system which encourages repeat business. Finding new prospects, converting them into customers and ensuring that they stay a customer for many years to come.

8. Email marketing - strategy, design of email templates, layouts and content, database management using Constant Contact, copywriting, delivery, etc.. Tracking of delivery, bounced emails, opens and forwards etc.

9. Monetizing knowledge and creating multiple income streams - expanding product ranges, creating and re-creating products to target different market sectors, strategies for capitalizing on knowledge and experience.

10. Web reviews - usability, appropriateness and suitability for target market sector, functionality, analysis of use of modern technology, search engine rankings, optimisation analysis, effectiveness of content, potentials for customer interaction, effectiveness of newsletter marketing and communication, etc.. Can include a list of recommended improvements and suggested developments for the future.

11. PR - creation of press releases, identifying and utilising PR moments, communicating with press contacts, management of Press newsletters, liaising with journalists, creating copy for newsletters, magazines and magazine websites.

12. Ideas and brainstorming - to really fly to the realms of great success we must first have an open mind to embrace new ideas and sometimes those new ideas can come in many interesting and sometimes unexpected forms. Business ideas, marketing strategies, product development, multiple income streams, problem solving, etc..

How to Get in Touch and What to Expect

If any of this is of interest to you, then please get in touch:-

  • if you are a member of Ecademy then you can send a private message to me
  • if you are not yet a member of Ecademy then you can use this link to join my network after which you can send me a direct message using the online system here
  • alternatively you cand send an email to me at georgina (AT) arts (DASH) wales (DOT) co (DOT) uk
  • I work in a variety of ways dependent on the situation, what is required and what budgets are available. There is a saying that a consultant will ask to borrow your watch to tell you the time - well I am definitely not one of those! One of the first things that I will ask is "What do you want to do and achieve in life? What are your ambitions?" If you are someone who wants to make a fast buck before retiring to a foreign clime indulging in the finer things in life then you will require a completely different approach to someone whose business is their passion, life and ultimate ambition. I am an ideas person and love the adventure and the journey. I follow the philosophy - where there is a real passion to achieve something there is invariably a way to get there. It is just a case of looking to see what resources are readily available and how best to use them taking the shortest possible route to achieve our goals. Brainstorming and creative problem solving, regardless of the industry we work in, is food for my soul. I don't take on many projects as I have plenty of my own keeping me busy. If you are interested to know more then you can join my newsletter mailing list by sending an email to: subscribe (AT) georgina (DASH) lester (DOT) com

Arts in Wales - Not just for the Welsh Anyone welcome - it is about creating a community of inspired and creative people who have a connection with Wales or even just aspire to visit us. It's Holistic It is not just about art. The site has been designed to tackle the issues that all artists deal with in running an arts business and leading a happy life. So if you have articles promoting what you do in health and healing, finance, lifestyle, family matters, etc then you are welcome too.

Writers and Service Providers Wanted. If you provide a service for Artists - then please tell us about it. From accounting to hospitality, photography to copy writing, exhibition services to printing. Please write your articles and send them to me. I am more than happy to promote what you do - as long as it is good! :)

PR and Marketing consultant for small businesses and individuals - generally in fashion and the arts but also a variety of other small and medium sized enterprises. One off projects or longer term mentoring type programmes depending on type of business and the aims and ambitions of the directors, management and executives. I tend to take a holistic approach to the consultancy work, looking at the people, place, products and services first. This is closely followed by analysing aims and ambitions of those primarily involved in expanding and developing the business. Customer relations, direct mail marketing, brand image, internet marketing, websites, email marketing and selling, general PR and promotional activities are just a few of the aspects studied and can be incorporated into project based consultancy programme or longer term contracts.

Personal shopping service at Charles and Patricia Lester For any ladies looking for beautiful clothes to wear to special occasions, I also work as a Personal Shopper within the family business Charles and Patricia Lester. Luxury fashion and textiles for the discerning and aesthetically oriented business woman. Day wear, cruise, evening outfits and beautiful bridal. Their luxury hand painted textiles are unique and the quality of their work unrivalled. We dress the stars and icons of the film industry as well as those of us more ordinary mortals who just appreciate beautiful things. From Plus size to petite they cater for all shapes and sizes. Please contact me to join our email newsletter mailing list, of if you require more information.

Fashion, Arts and Textiles Business Development Retail, wholesale, design and manufacturing as well as business development and expansion. And the sad thing about being successfully busy is that I don't have as much time as I would like to add the personal stuff about me, my ambitions and what I want to do in life - but this is a start .... Facebook is coming to get me! People keep wanting me to come and play - so..... if you fancy linking up on this other network - let me know! Follow my other ID on Twitter - the one that is about Morris Dancing! Yes - Morris Dancing - you did read it right. Our family business was involved with some of the costumes for "Morris: A Life With Bells On" in which you will see Sir Derek Jacobi, Harriet Walter, Richard Lumsden, Greg Wise, Sophie Thompson, amongst many other great TV and film names. It is a fantastically funny film full of our eccentric Britishness - well worth a trip to the cinema. If you want to know more about the business aspects of social network marketing then read the first article I wrote about it. If you want to read a review - there is one published here on Ecademy.

Favourite Quote - one of many! "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." Marianne Williamson





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Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Some people are breath-taking in their drive and their resourcefulness. Georgina is one of those. When she is present, things buzz, and when she is quiet there's a distinct drop in the level of energy around. I have always found Georgina tireless in her pursuit of things that matter, relentless in getting things done, fearless in righting wrongs, and totally dependable. She is generous with her time and her expertise, she has gravitas and she is a natural leader. In short, I think she is great."

Angus Whitton

"I've know Georgina for for quite some time and corresponded by PM and 'phone. Georgina is a very bouncy and larger than life character and also a very astute business person with a keen sense of destiny and unshakeable strength of purpose. Georgina has always been quick to praise and slow to chide, and I've appreciated her considerable ability in helping ecademy and many of its members - myself included! Georgina is currently writing a book on business, a very worthwhile and hopefully profitable exercise, which not only requires specialist knowledge, but also time, tenacity and commitment; however as she has no shortage of those attributes, I expect to be buying a copy any time soon. Please ensure you make some time to ask her about what she (and the book) can offer you! "

Sadie Murray

"Thank you Ecademy for giving me the opportunity to "meet" Georgina! I recently had the opportunity to have the most delightful "chat" with Georgina my fellow IMA High Yellow. It was everything I thought it would be and so much more!! Georgina is friendly, with a brilliant mind; an enthusiastic positive upbeat woman. We bonded by sharing openly and had loads of fun identifying how much we have in common!! The best was how excited we were sharing ideas for our short-term goals and future dreams . We cemented an alliance to support each other in achieving all that we'd shared; for the short-term as well as our bold and outrageous dreams!! Thank you Georgina for giving your precious resource of "time" with such abundance and generosity! "

Alan Gee

"I asked my Blackstar contacts if they would mind helping me out by trialing a survey for me. Georgina not only responded, she offered me her time to get behind why I was doing the survey and how to be more effective with it. I took her up on the offer and she gave me lots of her time FOC to discuss backwards and forwards on the phone until a new strategy had been devised that might be more effective. Cannot rate highly enough. Professional, thoughtful, considerate and extremely knowledgeable - just like turning on a tap and seeing pure gold flow out. I recommend Georgina to anyone who would like some proactive assistance in their marketing - she's Dynamite!"

Jo Berry

"I have known Georgina for 4 months now, I met her at the Wilmslow Boardroom and I connected with her straight away. Her openness and her warm heart touched me and I knew I was in the company of someone special who is non judgmental. A month ago Georgina offered to be my digital coach which would help me achieve my goals. She offered to do this pro bono and I was thrilled by her generous offer and knew I would learn and achieve so much. Georgina is an outstanding coach, she combines great experience and skills with a non judgmental and supportive manner. I do feel such a beginner but I have only felt encouraged by Georgina. Any time she asks me to do things which I find difficult, she changes the task so that I feel comfortable. How I am feeling all the time is of huge importance to Georgina and therefore I am learning much faster than I normally would as I always am empowered and feeling excited. Georgina knows the world of social media and marketing, she has huge creativity and intelligence which she applies to all aspects of this work. She is very focused and also is intuitive and perceptive with deep understanding of human nature. Georgina has brainstormed with me to create new ways to generate multiple income streams harnessing the power of what I already have. I am so excited to be working with Georgina who is helping me achieve my goals. And it is all such fun! Georgina is a outstanding coach and I am blessed to have her in my life."

Milton Rodrigues

"Georgina Lester is always ready to put forward very CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions. And with her knowledge running Bristol BoardRoom for the last 2 years, able to assist solving issues and problems. Top Ecademist & a lovely lady !"

Penny Power

" Over the past 18 months I have spent more and more time with georgina, she Chairs the Bristol Boardroom and does it brilliantly. I hear great tings about her sympathetic heart and yet her commercial mind. Recently I have witnessed her Social Media Marketing and her skill of combining sales drive with Social Media. I am loving that georgina is helping us to develop the Ecademy Boardrooms and look forward to more time with her now as a result."

Benn Abdy-Collins

"I have the fortune of knowing Georgina as a fellow BlackStar and I am writing this testimonial in recognition of what she brings to peoples' lives. Georgina is a big-hearted, generous, kind, thoughtful and incisive individual. Her determination to serve and help is phenominal. She does not give-up when she wants to know how to help another. As a gentle mentor, she reassures and persuades until the other understands it is safe and OK to reveal that they either don't know or that they need a helping hand to deal with their fears. I have witnessed how Georgina brings great wisdom learned in a richly-experienced life, to bear when she feels that someone needs a helping hand, some guidance or simply some TLC."

Milton Rodrigues

"Georgina Lester is one of the best people on Ecademy ! She is a very astute & knowledgeable BlackStar who goes out of her way to be helpful without wanting anything in return. She encompasses the Spirit of Business Networking and also runs an Excellent BoardRoom in Bristol. Very Highly Recommended !"

Demos Flouri

"A seriously good sense of humour and grounded personality. You can just be yourself with Georgina. Georgina knows her stuff in her field and she is very knowledgeable. Georgina is very approachable and I can easily speak to her. She is a great person and I look forward to a very long mutual relationship with her. Demos"

Maurice Poole

"Georgina is a great boardroom chairman who keeps standards up whilst dealing with situations with great taste and tact. I had the pleasure this week of meeting her for the first time face to face - good acquaintance already in place through PMs and an extended phone call - and had a 1-2-1 meeting with her in which she showed great interest and shared common points, before I had my first experience of the boardroom environment "for real". I am sure she will go from strength to strength both in that and in her own business, and all will be richly deserved. I feel privileged to count myself her friend and hope for further meetings and on-line contact too."

Peter"Health and Safety" Hodgson

"I met Georgina at a board room meeting where a good freind of mine William Buist introduced us, well since that meeting some 6 months ago Ii have come to know, respect and really like this person. Georgina has so much to offer and requests so little back and by little I mean she really wants you to look at what goes on around you and listen to peers and well talk to peers as well. It is a real pleasure to have met and worked in a boardroom alongside you and long may it continue, I am really looking forard to the next 6 months. Just one last point it wouldent be right not to mention how her business knowledge and skills in internet marketing come through when Iask a siple questionI get a simple yet really effective answer. A business person with an eye for whats real even in that big cloud of "tinternet stuff" thanks for all the help and support, may I one day return it all. be safe regards peter "

Ruth Edwards

"WARNING This lady is seriously good for a giggle and brainstorming. Georgina is a passionate and empowering networker who gives 100% in energy, warmth and support. I am now observing her passion and intuitive expertise in internet marketing whilst also admiring her niche marketing skills, honed from her years in high end fashion. 'Creative' does not do justice as a description of her talents which are borne of unique self expression through art and which are clearly evident too in her writing and analytical skills. Allow ample time for one to one interaction with her - it's worth it! Get to know her and I know you will like her - this lady is one to follow! For a summary of my first meeting with Georgina take a look here! Ruth Edwards "

Sam Borrett

"There certainly seems to be a glint in her eye. I have interacted with Georgina for a little while and notice that she always likes to encourage people with a very positive note. This to me is bound to be very helpful to others as we all need words of encouragement from time to time. A pleasure to be connected with you Georgina. warm wishes Sam"

Vanessa Warwick

"I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Georgina, but I feel like I "know" her from her on-line engagement. Georgina has caught my eye as a natural networker and a genuine and supportive person. I have noticed how she quietly goes about supporting others, both on ecademy and on twitter. She is kind and helpful. Her blogs reveal a thoughtful and intelligent person who genuinely enjoys sharing with other people. Georgina strikes me as a person of integrity and someone who I would very much like to meet face to face. One of the diamonds of ecademy."

Rupert Honywood

"I only got to know Georgina at a boardroom meeting about a month ago but already feel I have know her for years. Although we have not yet had the pleasure in doing business with each other yet, she is an absolute delight to deal with and every time we speak she makes me laugh! Her determined passion for life is fantastic and her professionalism always comes across and underneath that humour there is a real person who is wanting to help. It is a pleasure to know you Georgina and hopefully great things will happen through our respective networks! "

Mark Lee

"Georgina is one of those people who clearly knows how to network effectively online. I've seen various posts from her around the place and today have received some very helpful advice completely out of the blue - in response to a query I posted on a blog earlier this morning. Georgina and I have never spoken, nor even exchanged direct messages here on Ecademy but she's taken the time to consider my issue and to provide what seems to be very thoughtful, constructive advice and I'm extremely grateful. I'll be putting her tips into practice and look forward to reciprocating when the opportunity presents itself. Georgina's advice covers points 4 and 6 of the key areas of experience on her Ecademy profile. Go check it out! And many thanks again."

Simon Stepsys

"Hi Georgina. I am so glad you are part of my network here in Ecademy. I am very much pleased to have you as one of my friends. We can share ideas and knowledge with our common interest. I've been making money online for over 12 years working full time and I would like to share my Free Course entitled "7 Steps to 7 Figures". It's for free. Check it out here Regards, Simon Stepsys Internet Training Coach"

Victor Marques


Mark McCulloch Success Coach

"Absolutely amazing to have connected with you here on ecademy. Your profile really does look very good and you seem to be very professional, please keep the hard work going always. Mark McCulloch"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Georgina as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Lucien Meert

"Dear Georgina, I am glad to count you as one of my contacts in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection, I appreciate !! Best wishes. Lucien "

Geary Jaco

"Thank you for your prompt connection Georgina. It speaks to being a good Ecademist. I'm pleased to be a part of your network. Geary"

Lisa Turner

"Georgina is a total star. I posted in a club that I had set myself an outrageous goal and Georgina simply got to work spreading the word and promoting on my behalf. Georgina is a valuable person to have in your network. Supportive and well informed. Thanks again Lisa"

Thomas Schmitt

"I'm honoured to be part of your friends. Indeed you are warmful and you take care of people around you. You are a good advisor and facilitator. Also, you are a great professional and networker. Your love of life is one of your key to get what you want for you and your family (and friends). If you need any assistance from Germany, just let me know. Thomas Schmitt _________________________________________________________The future is now!_________________________________________________________"

Lenni Smith

"Georgina is a whirlwind of energy! She has a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of the creative, fashion and art scenes, not to mention a flair for gaining publicity and rallying people to her projects through her natural exuberance. Several times she has given me good advice and encouragement and has taken the trouble to write down in detail her thoughts on the subject under scrutiny. This has mainly been about growing my business, using consultants and building my web site. I have also watched as Georgina, in her role as chairwoman, took 'MONEW' from being an evolving womens' business network to a fully fledged, dinamic organisation with regular, relevant and varied events and a well run newsletter. Go for it, Georgina!"

Gillian Cattroll

"Georgina has been a long and trusted friend, and has not only been an inspiration but also a great support. She is not only a skilled stained glass artist but also an inspiration to all those around her, including her talented daughter Anouska. Add to this her incredible perception, networking and organisational skills; put this together and you have a very special person indeed. Thank you for introducing me to ecademy amongst other things."

Andrew Wilcox

"Georgina mentored me through an Outlook problem I had via Twitter. Thank you for seeing the cry for help and giving me your time and thoughts. "

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"As a visual artist, I can attest that Georgina is an amazing artist! I´m happy to have her in my circle of artist friends. Looking forward to having a fruitful exchange. Claudia visual artist "

Luiz Felipe Klein

"Georgina has brilliant talent, she's a very beautiful starlight in the Ecademy Universe! Thanks Georgina! I'm happy to be part of your network! Luiz Felipe Klein Names Master Brazil"

Martin "Winetrainer" Straus

"I like Georgina's style! I am looking forward to a long & fruitful business relationship on Ecademy! I commend her to all serious networkers."

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Georgina on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Zia UK Mazumder

"I'm inviting you to visit Bangladesh in near future."

Ferdinand Felix Casantusan

"Georgina is a kind, sincere, open-minded, warm-hearted, beautiful person I'm glad to be connected with. :=)"

Val (Waltraud) Waidhofer

"I have yet to meet Georgina in person but feel as if I had known her for a long time. Georgina is a very smart, positive, open minded, versatile talented and giving person. Connect with her - the sooner the better. I wish Georgina the best in all she seeks and does. Val "

Carl Willy Carlsson

"I met Georgina here on Ecademy and I have found out that she shares some visions with me and is a networker who wants to do something to make some difference on important issues. I am pleased to have her in my network and is looking forward to try to do some positive things together. I think she could be the same to everyone else so I recommend you to connect. CWC"

Alfredo Martini Junior

"I'm very happy to have Georgina as part of my network. She seems like a very positive and kind person. Martini. "

Derek Hawkins

"Although a brief encounter with Georgina, she has been good enough to help me promote MagnumiQ and very speedily. She is obviously a dedicated person, with talent, ability and she cares. Thank you Georgina, I'm delighted to be in your network. With kind regards Derek Hawkins"

Liz Watson

"I always look forward to Georgina's emails - she's a tremendously talented, helpful, and interesting lady, and her fashion designs and model gowns in her family business are exquisite - check out her website, for sure. I can highly recommend that you join Georgina's network - she's a star ! It's great fun knowing her. all the best, Liz Watson"

Paul Dunn ""

"A really lovely person, so full of ideas and energy. A pleasure to connect with."

Sharon Leighton

"I work alongside Georgina in a Womens Business Network, MONEW, here in Monmouthshire as she is our Chairwoman. Georgina is full of life, ideas, energy, enthusiasm and laughs. She is so genuinely passionate about her work, her interests and her family (human or animal!). When we (on Monew committee) are feeling the pressure of juggling businesses, family and conflicting interests, she perks us up, motivates us and powers us forward. She is a consumate networker and has introduced me to some great network people/sites/businesses. Go girl! "

Chris Windley

"Georgina is a very helpful and professional person. She has been kind enough to spend time thinking about some issues that I have and has contributed to them comprehensively. You should connect with her asap. "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Georgina is a very interesting person as well as a kind and helpful lady - great to network with her! kind regards Michael"

Victor Marques

"Georgina is a great connector ! Thanks a lot for belong to my networking group of lovely people that love to help others to achieve what they dream! Life is about new friends ! I wish that all your dreams come true at once! I raise my full glass of red wine to you! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Sue Weston

"Georgina is an Inspiring, energetic and filled with creative ideas being. I am glad that Georgina waltzed into my life through MONEW, Monmouth Enterprising Women. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her openness, honesty and wisdom wonderful to experience. She also drives quite a cool car, even though she says it is currently a wheelbarrow1"

J William (Bill) Moore, HFTC

"I would recommend that you get to know Georgina as I found she knows just how to 'connect' with a person on her first contact! I look forward to our meeting in person this year and hopefully having a chance to work together. Smiles and best wishes, Bill"

Amanda Hamilton

"Georgina was single handedly responsible for creating both of my websites. She talked me through every single aspect of the process, guided me on content, photographs etc, and when I glazed over completely (after about 3 minutes) she simply "handled it". I could not recommend her more highly - she is a research expert, has studied website optimisation without having to spend a fortune, and has created something unique that is a perfect reflection of what I am offering. Aside from her professionalism in website design, she is a fascinating, extremely creative and broad thinking woman whom I genuinely consider to be a great friend."


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