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Guy Thompson


I am fascinated by electronic business and information, surely the live-blood of the new millenium.
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As a lawyer, I can help you if you are

  • Starting an IT business
  • Rebuilidng an IT business
  • Refinancing an IT business
  • Or, if you are being made redundant, especially in the financial markets, I have a regular steam of work with Settlement Agreements and  Compromise Agreements.

Looking forward, there is no better way to build a brand new business, with little or no start-up cost and the prospect of a steady stream of income 24/7 than with an internet business. As a lawyer, I am a solicitor with a focus on information, software and employment. From Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements, where I often help employees who have fallen out with their employer or fellow employees, to Data Acquisition or Software Development Agreements, to Investment or Business Sale/ Share Purchase Agreements I apply the legal knowledge and business skills built up over years working for the European head office of American businesses, and in private practice at leading law firms or as a sole practitioner.

  • A bit about me: I live with my wife Vivian in leafy Herne Hill (where professional people go to breed, I sometimes think). When I was in my teens I dreamt of being a star athlete, but dogged persistence failed to make up for a lack of basic speed - though I did run (and lose) against 3 Olympic finalists. Then French history took over, and I had a book published by Oxford University Press, and even lectured once in France (in French). But academic life wasn't really for me either, so I joined the law in the end. As a third-generation solicitor maybe in was in the blood all along (and my brother is a leading QC) but I am sure taking a roundabout route to the law has stood me in good stead. I trained and qualified at the leading private client and City firm, Withers, before moving on to a career with electronic financial data provider Dow Jones Telerate. I stayed there through several changes of ownership until I set up on my own to apply what I had learned. Now my clients range from global news and data providers to specialist software developers, business start-ups and individual employees. Information and Softwareline business With many years experience of the data vending and system supply businesses at Dow Jones Telerate, Bridge Information Systems and Moneyline, I am familiar with the working of the software and data industries from company formation to business sale, including:
  • handling all aspects of software and web-site development, licensing and escrow
  • agreements for custom-built dealing room and data management systems
  • negotiating with several dozen exchanges for display of their data
  • working with news agencies and other content suppliers, including for the calculation and distribution of rates such as LIBOR
  • trademark registration in the UK, EU and globally
  • advising on legal aspects of Instant Messaging in the financial markets
  • revising distribution agreements
  • Employment Employment law never stands still, and this has never been as true as in the last few years. Recent experience has included the following:
  • compromise agreements
  • updating employment terms to reflect the many changes in English employment law over the last few years
  • advising employers and employees on resolving discrimination issues
  • preparing a union recognition agreement and a staff handbook for a European news agency
  • settling business and employment disputes
  • managing a company's Health and Safety compliance
  • Corporate Finance I am experienced in advising domestic and international companies. I have the experience to provide creative solutions to problems arising from licensing issues, intellectual property and competition law. Some examples of my expertise in corporate finance are as follows:
  • Acquisition and Disposal of Businesses/Shares
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Due Diligence
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Share Purchase Agreements
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Listing on the UK's PLUS market
  • Maybe you have skipped over all the rest of this page to see how it ends. In any case, thanks for getting this far! I always enjoy meeting other Ecademy members, on and off line. If you want to get in contact there is no need to wait until you need legal advice before you get in touch.



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Alison Grimston

"Guy is a very genuine and knowledgeable networker, whose website on compromise agreements lets you know the benefits if you are going through a work-related dispute. His forthcoming E - book on MS is very easy to read and accessible for patients and their families in search of information. It's great to know and network with you, Guy! Regards, Alison Dr Alison Grimston, Holistic Doctor and Animal Healer"

Annabel j Meade

"Guy, thank you so much for your guidance, time and sharing your quite obvious wealth of knowledge. Your advice was invaluable and Ecademy is enriched with your presence. With very best wishes, Annabel"

Stuart Russell

"We needed some advice on Software licensing issues, Guy kindly took the time to get back to me during the Easter Break which was of great help. Thanks for the advice and great service! Regards Stuart Russell"

Chris Mitchell

"I would say that Guy is crucial to your network, he is very knowledgeable and more than willing to share that knowledge. I asked him for some advice that was outside of his professional area of expertise yet he was still able to point me in the right direction and advise on my next steps. Thank you Guy, much appreciated."

Thomas Power

"A gentle man, a real gentleman. I like Guy very much because he has perservered under great pressure and come through with flying colours. Guy is someone you want on your side, because when he is there your life is that much easier. Highly recommended because he is highly dependable. "

Judith Germain

"Guy is a very genuine, caring person and often exceeds expectations. He has provided me with excellent advice in the past, and someone I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. A thoroughly likeable chap. "

Andrew Kidd

"We found ourselves in need of some contractual advice at very short notice and Guy was able, but more than that, was willing to step up to help. Following Guy's input (on a Saturday afternoon) I was able to not only salvage the relationship, but even got it onto a more evenly balanced commercial footing. I'd like to thank you again for your input on Saturday, Guy, it helped greatly in enabling me to understand our position. Kind Regards, Andrew Kidd "

Andy Fairweather

"I asked Guy a legal question relating to Intellectual Property and his response went far beyond the realms of what I expected. He is a genuinely nice gentleman and his knowledge is exceptional. With best regards, Andy"

Duncan Taylor

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Guy at a BlackStar networking event and I have been delighted to be able to recommend his services to a client of mine looking for a lawyer. I wish you all the best! Duncan"

George Emsden

"Guy is a very interesting chap with an impressive client list and work experience. I have recommended him to two of my clients who are in IT."


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