Hamlesh Motah

Hamlesh Motah


interim CTO london Hamlesh is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for business and technology. Having "been there, and done it", he has extensive commercial and technology experience building, scaling and exiting companies; be they bootstrapped startups, through to established investor backed organisations. Primarily, he now runs NxEQ, a London-based consultancy, providing CTO/board level commercial guidance and technology expertise, on an interim basis. He also invests in startups through The Peritus Group; his investment consultancy and privately funded investment vehicle. Hamlesh is a well balanced mix of multi-sector commercial experience and deep technical know-how. He focuses on building scale using evolving technologies, leveraging his previous experience and entrepreneurial acumen. Always happy to discuss new ideas, and help solve problems, just get in touch. Email: ecademy@hamlesh.com Mobile: +44 (0)7855 764 764

Stakeholder/Investor in; Invoiceable - free online invoice service for freelancers, startups and small businesses zovo - online backup with unlimited storage UnitColo - providers of server hosting and 1u colocation in London ColoLondon - providers of datacenter colocation in London



Skype: hamlesh
Website URL: http://peritusgroup.co.uk
Blog URL: http://hamlesh.com

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Richard Ross

"Hamlesh, You're a true Professional and I'm very glad to be a part of your connections on ecademy and I look forward to hing you assist us here in the US in our rebuilding years. Thank You for the connection and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. All My Best Richard Ross"

Sasaseesaorrn Saksansaat

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paul kaupa

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Vijay Kumar

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Connie Haag

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Graham Hardy

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*Jean*Skill 2 Heal, Spirit 2 Care*Smith*

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Colin "Proactive Accountant" Davison

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