Helen Springer

Helen Springer


Helen Springer (MRICS) - Property Developer Born in Barbados. Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor and worked for 26 years with the Valuation Office Agency in England. I became a property developer in 2001 and currently building Springcourt condominiums in Barbados. I now live partly in Barbados and partly in the UK. Springcourt condominium development Springcourt is a residential oasis being constructed in Rockley New Road, Christ Church, Barbados. These superb houses and apartments are located on the North side of Rockley Resort in this sought after area. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens which extend up the hill at the North of the site and nestles under the Rendezvous ridge. The development is bounded by walls, fences and hedges, thus creating an atmosphere of intimacy, peace and tranquillity conducive to relaxation and a laid back lifestyle. It is a small development offering an exclusive club atmosphere in a quiet residential area conveniently located for beaches and other amenities but away from the noise from the highway and night clubs. Springcourt is an ideal property investment for spending the winter, holiday rental or retirement. Trouble free investment As soon as a sale is agreed we start looking after our clients. We advise on cost efficient ways of transferring money to Barbados. We registered money with the Central Bank at no cost to the client. We help with finding a lawyer to suit the clients' needs. We give a year's golf membership at the Barbados Golf Club. We arrange for the property to be efficiently managed. We accommodate Special requirements of clients. (This may have a cost implication) We aim to delight the customer. Investment Despite the present gloom in the property market, Barbados is the place to invest. It is a small island much in demand for retirement and holiday homes and the supply is by definition limited. The banks are very conservative so there are no sub prime mortgages. Capital values increase gently but steadily and the market is not volatile. This is an excellent time to buy and protect your investment. I would love to hear from you and maybe I could give you some leads. Relate counsellor for 22 years and have had private practice for 8 years. It is wonderful to see people turning their lives around. Helen Springer Springsibs Incorporated (Barbados) PO Box 153 High Street Pirton, Herts. UK SG5 3GA +44 (0) 1462 713685 www.spring-court.com sprinsib@globalnet.co.uk



Website URL: http://www.spring-court.com

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"Enthused seeing the connection of Barbados with Helen! As a favorite travel destination, I'm confident Helen serves with the same kindness, fellowship and fine taste that her country offers. Exquisite from the inside out, from the shore-line to the main-land. "

LaShea Miller

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