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Ian Moncrieff MacMillan



Business Model Innovation. Interim Progamme Manager. Project Turnaround. Call +44-7973-119-542

Amongst other things I teach how to use the Business Model Canvas at The Mobile Academy - a cracking 36 hour London master-class on "Making it in Mobile" hosted by UCL & Mobile Monday London. Have a peek at the quick video (something else I do too...).



It's easy to over-complicate the search for a business idea (I'm guilty of this too), so I created this simple slide deck as encouragement to simply go talk to potential customers and find out what they want.Once the need and demand is clear, we can then get creative on how to deliver into that demand.

Haiku Deck is the best application for creating presentations on iPad

Integrity, openness and trust are vital in any demanding enterprise. Sustained success is unlikely without these key qualities.

"Career" History...

Amongst other things, I've designed Harrier Jump Jets, designed one of the world's first securities trading systems, help two banks not run out of money and rescued a number of mission critical change programmes.

A quick summary CV...

2009 - Present: Business Mentoring:

  • Seaquest/North Sea Recovery: Led fundraising and provided guidance to new specialist marine salvage business.
  • Business model innovation/project planning for various high-growth startups. 

2009: The Rialto Consultancy Performance Improvement Practice: Stepped in as temporary head of practice to help drive expansion of this part of the business.

2008: Electronic Arts On-Line Gaming Infrastructure: Short-term assignment to take over and shape major programme to deliver 'free to download' games. Acting until long-term replacement for original programme manager comes back to EA to take on this role until completion.

2006: Legal & General - General Insurance Division Accelerated Growth: Set up a strategic programme to radically change the size and profitability of the entire GI business over the next 5 years. Launched "quick win" projects to build momentum across each area of the business.

2005: ING Barings Transition: Transfered Financial Markets eBusiness IT infrastructure and development/support capability from London to Brussels/Amsterdam. Took over from Head of Department to carefully manage transition and winding down of the London team.

2004: Barclays Bank Plc EU Savings Directive: Lead delivery of large 250 people/£15m+ programme to prepare the Barclays Group for full compliance with the Directive at minimal cost.

2003: INVESCO Perpetual New Product Development: Managed £3m launch of a major new retail financial product. Managed cross-functional team of 25, drawn from Investments, Sales and Marketing, and Operations. Created a structured new product development process adopted as the group's global standard.

2000-2002: BNP PARIBAS Capital Markets Operations: Managed complex $6 million, 18 month programme to re-engineer the US Cash Equities business. Reduced costs by $2 million per annum whilst doubling capacity, allowing a new programme trading business to start. Built and managed 6 separate business and IT project teams in London, Paris, New York and Philadelphia. Bonds Middle Office: Based in both London and Paris, managed a programme of strategic fixed income projects.

1998-2000: Lazard Brothers & Co Risk: Reporting to the Risk Director, responsible for all aspects of risk and regulatory reporting systems. Achievements include leading joint bank/vendor programme of projects to overhaul existing regulatory reporting systems and processes, and to implement a Large Exposures and Liquidity reporting suite.

1996-1998: CIBC Wood Gundy PLC Appointed by the Finance Director to rescue project to calculate and report Capital Adequacy for newly incorporated UK bank. Created a Projects team within Trade Support. Projects included backtesting of all European Value At Risk (VAR) models.

1995-1996: Short Term Consultancy Assignments

  • Nomura Options Intl: Managed implementation of Capital Adequacy reporting for complex derivatives business.
  • BZW: Created system to hold tax/corporate information on companies within BZW group. Used in transformation into Barclays Capital.
  • CSFB: Fixed and extended application for preparing SFA returns.

1993-1995: Royal Bank of Scotland Group Treasury: Managed development of first group-wide balance sheet/risk management system. Key Treasury representative to combined Group Market and Credit Risk IT Strategy project. Assisted with building of Monte Carlo based balance sheet modelling system.

1991-1992: Midland Bank/HSBC Group Treasury: Carried out extensive upgrade of operational liquidity reporting suite. Analyzed the bank's cash flows and helped fine-tune the bank's liquidity management policies.

Early Career

1985-1990: Bankers Trust Bond Trading Systems Manager (permanent) Seconded to New York to develop a Gilts trading system for Big Bang. Responsible for overall system design, and development of P&L, market risk and security definition components. Carried out implementation, training and support in London. Responsible for overall system design of a global Eurobond Trading system.

1983-1985: SCICON Analyst Programmer (permanent) Design/development of part of operating system for major military command and control system. Member of multi-vendor team to re-think and extend overall system design.

1980-1983: British Aerospace Systems Engineer (permanent) Mechanical and avionic systems design for Hawk and Harrier aircraft. 

Education and Professional Qualifications

IoD Certified Director

1977-1980: Imperial College, London BSc (Eng), Mechanical Engineering

1972-1977: Milton Abbey School, Dorset



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Website URL: http://www.drimm.co

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Geoff Kirkwood

"This week I was fortunate enough to have a 121 with Ian while I was in London. And I re-learnt a lesson I had temporarily forgotten - that of "you just don't know who or what someone knows". Firstly let me say how generous Ian is. He travelled - on short notice - 75 minutes up to London to meet me. Wow! That is generous in itself. Ian then began our 121 by telling me all about his adventure with ship salvaging - or more precisely - treasure hunting. Fascinating it was and yet I was wondering where this was leading given my background and purpose in being here. I need not have even given that thought the time of day. Ian is an incredible person with his background experience, willingness to share ideas and information and his ability to connect people. Since our 121 there have been no less than 4 emails with information of value from Ian. Add to those the suggestions he made during our 121 and I am in awe of a man with such a generous spirit and valuable background. On top of that he is a risk entrepreneur just like me. Thanks Ian and I look forward to our ongoing connection. Geoff"

Martin Garrity

"I've been working with Ian for much of the last year and have learned a lot from him. He's an expert on making business connections that are much more than skin deep. If there's a subject on which you need advice, Ian will help you or, if he can't, he will be guaranteed to know somebody who can. He's one of the best networked people I know - and generous with it."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Ian for being a great friend. I wish great abundance for you and the ones that you care and love. A rainbow will lend in my land, You are clear like the palm of your hand, The world sometimes is unkind, Friends you always will find...! Just carry on with candles in the night, Traditional way of making light... The stars and angles are true, God loves you...! When the roads are uncertain or vain,, Don't think about your pain, Just love the same way that you do, Flowers in the fields are for you... One of my poems. Big hug from Douro Valley. Victor Marques "

Alex Bellinger

"Ian is quite simply a legend - one of those people you're always glad you got to know. Generous, courteous and perceptive with a sharp business mind and a shrewd talent for understanding and connecting people. If you get a chance to meet him, you'd be mad not to."

Mark Eaton

"I can't believe I have not already given Ian a testimonial given the number of conversations we have had. In all my encounters with Ian I have found him to be extremely professional, competent and, well, just plain interested in helping other people. Ian is one of the most popular Blackstars and, I suspect, Ecademists, because of his gentle charm, openness and honesty as well as the confidence and competence that he radiates."

mark wing

"Ian has recently taken a keen interest in the things I do. I value his support and am pleased to have him both as a network contact and friend. Thanks for your input in recent months Ian. Much appreciated."

Victor Marques

"Thanks a lot dear Ian for being great ...You are a great master in Ecademy...I wish abundance in your life for you and the ones that you love,,,Douro valley is a great place and i will be happy to see you up my vineyards one day.. I have with you the speed of trust and the full confidence... I raise to you Ian a full glass of wine,,, Red Velvet was bronze medal in International wine challenge London 2008. Kindest regards from the best region for port wine,,,Douro Valley. Victor Marques"

Mary Gregory

"Ian is a breath of fresh air to have in your network. Cheeky, playful, full of fun, he also knows about the real issues and is very intuitive and insightful in questionning and challenging them. I can see why he is so inordinately successful. He also has the most incredible memory for what you do and therefore is excellent at introducing you to people who can help you or with whom you have common interests, quite amazing really!! A real asset to have in your network and a real supporter and contributor to not only your's but I would say everyones business success!"

Giorgio Burlini

"Top networker in the real sense of it. Not just knowing many people, but connecting the "right" one togheter. A techie at hart, but ready to have a laugh and a glass of wine too. A real rarity in any networking environment. A must in your personal network if you are serious about business. "

Victor Marques

"Ian is very special for me in so many ways! A great ecademist in the real sense of the word. I will be vey happy to shake hands with you soon and share another bottle of better quality! Life is about new and fantastic friends like you ! I raise my full glass of wine to my dearest friend Ian! Kindest regards from Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Andrew Wilcox

"I don't believe it. I have not given Ian a testimonial. I have known Ian for three years. He is a giver of great advice who has helped me on several occasions. His has given me direct support by being audio interviewed and allowing it to be published on my web site. One of the really trusted members of my network. "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"This gentleman with a very charismatic personality and a Robert Redford smile is a gold mine of friendship and generosity...A true giver and i would say a deep space 9 leader who knows what to give to make positive differences in people's lives...A dedicated fellow BlackStar of which network of excellence i am so proud to be member of! Best, MuZ+afa "

Philip Greenwood

"I met Ian very early on in my Ecademy experience - day 2 - I contacted him out of the blue, and he immediately invited me to a social evening! He made me feel very welcome, and continues to help me meet meet other useful contacts. He provides an excellent example of how to add value through networking!"

Paul J. Siegenthaler

"Ian's passion for networking is contagious, not only broadening his own circle of contacts, but also making sure the people he knows expand their own circle. As a continental with relatively few contacts in Britain, I very much appreciated the way Ian reached out to include me in events that would give me an opportunity to establish contact with people outside my industry and broaden my horizon. Great to know such an active networker who is not full of himself, who always strives to help people, and is a fun guy too !"

Regine Wilber

"Very thoughtful, friendly and professional. Ian does think about how he can help and offers valuable advice. Get to know him! "

Chris McHugo

"A caring and considerate Networker"

Brian Marcel

"I so enjoy Ian's company and it is a pleasure to meet someone who executes on his promises and is not just hot air. More than that he is proactive from the most unexpected way in a wholly selfless manner and holds you accountable for things you ought to be doing. I appreciate his 'ballsy' approach to business which is a refreshing change from the hum drum. Many thanks for your support Ian."

Thomas Power

"One of the finest operators in BlackStar let alone Ecademy. Someone you must meet and connect with on a deep level as there is much to be found in Ian's cavern of thought, almost too much. A solid insight into people, management, operations, financial services and getting things done. Be sure Ian is part of your Network as otherwise you are missing out. "

Ariana Gee

"Ian is an all-round gorgeous guy and a pleasure to know. He is a true Creator who thinks outside the box. He has had a wealth of ideas for my business and I never know when a new one is going to pop out of the hat. Totally genuine and a great guy to network with who makes you feel you really want to support him in any way you can because he gives so generously himself. All the Gs and I didn't realise it until the words appeared - gorgeous, genuine, great, generous. And a guy at that!"

Victor Marques

"He is top class networker! Do you know Why? Very kind from the heart, simple as one flower and shinning as a golden star! I met him and im very proud to have him in my network . One person that you cant miss in your network!"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Ian is singularly generous, an avid and professional networker with a strong pedigree in project turnaround and project management. His new venture is expanding his network substantially and would be worth exploring if he can find the time to have a 121 with you as he's in demand. I value his support and am pleased to have him both as a network contact and friend. Thanks for your help in the last couple of years Ian. Much appreciated."

Henry Lewkowicz

"Thank you for great introduction to Ecademy and valuable pointers and contacts! Henry"

Guy Thompson

"I much enjoyed my 1-2-1 with Ian, who has plenty of encouragerment and advice to offer."

Nigel Whittaker

"Take the time to connect with Ian he will en-rich your experience on Ecademy"

Michael Birley

"Ian is a delightfully natural person. His approach is open, he radiates warmth, inclusion and integrity. I would recommend Ian to anyone, for the skillful way he approaches people, situations and challenges and creates a safe environment to analyise, discuss and implement action. He's very good bloke! Thanks Ian Bestest Michael."

Dave Clarke

"Leon Benjamin describes a new way of working, a different way of doing business in his book, 'Winning by Sharing'. Ian is a great example for what Leon describes. He lives this powerful new way of doing business that enriches work/life balance, celebrates the differences between people and their cultures, and also creates an atmosphere of trust, transparency, integrity and responsibility. "

Patrick Moore

"During 2005, I experienced a rather dark time, and tried quite hard to cut myself off from the Ecademy community. Of all the people who put themselves out to keep me engaged and in the loop, Ian was one of the most determined, and his efforts were instrumental in getting me back on track and into the community. It would be difficult to over-state how much I appreciate what he did. Thanks amigo :) "

Michael-Don Smith

"Quiet - Deep Great Listener - Very Well Informed Charming - Focussed Caring Sharing Heart - Razor Sharp Business Mind When you meet Ian McMillan and you must meet Ian McMillan do not be distracted by his winning smile, from his depth of experience, Military control systems to Major Banking initiatives and his programme management expertise. Ian is among the leaders of his field and I know he continues to study and network to stay at the top. He is always there to support his network and I have benefitted from that personally. I could go on, suffice to say if you need a world class interim manager who is a pleasure to work with look no further. "

Rod Sloane

"If you haven't met Ian, yet, then you are in for a real treat. Don't be put off by Ian's charm, beneath that exterior beats a warm heart and a keen business mind. I cannot recommend you to connect with Ian enough."

Mike Bradley

"I have met Ian once so far and I really enjoyed talking to him. He helps when he can and finds someone to help when he is not able to help. I look forward to seeing him more often in the future."

Freddy Daems

"What a cheerful and helpful guy : a real networker for life !"

Michael Reid

"Ian's advice is very useful. It's great to have such people around to help out with difficult questions and give support."

Stuart Harris

"Ian embraces "winning by giving" the same way that birds embrace flying. He's a natural networker and just can't help himself from helping others. He clearly understands Emotional Wealth, but that's not all. He is successful in business too. With his understanding of Emotional and Financial Wealth, Ian is a very attractive guy. Connect with him, learn from him, enjoy him."

Elaine Gold

"A natural networking - even though he says he's 'shy'! Always making connections between individuals as a natural part of Ian's personality. A real 'giver' with a concern for others."

Leon Benjamin

"Ian has a capacity to contribute to one's thought processes that is breath taking. This combined with a natural ability to connect people, and follow through makes him "one of the finest runners in the race"...and with an unflappable, urbane charm, it's hardly surprising he's so professionally successful."

Ajay Sanghani

"Ian has a very magical personality, it has been a pleasure to know him. He listens very intently and gives generously, he cares. I highly recommend him as a must have in your network. Regards Ajay"

Nick Heap

"Ian helped me think about Blackstar in a warm friendly, open and honest way. I love his warmth and enthusiasm."

Hélder Falcão

"Great networker and a pleasant company in the Bar! Looking forward to doing business in the future. Regards, Helder"

Hayley Hall

"A great offer of help! Looking forward to making connections for both of us. True and honest networking at its best. Thanks Hayley Hall Feel-good Facilitator Silk Events Management (UK) Tel: 08452 261 337 Mob: 07974 675061 Fax: 01782 388431 www.silkevents.co.uk "

Donnie MacNicol

"Ian appears to have a rare mixture - a comprehensive and expert level of knowldege of Programme Management AND a way of communicating the essence of it simply and convincingly. An excellent person to network with. Donnie"

Simon Warman-Freed

"Ian is a very professional businessman who's credentials in programme management are top draw. He has great people qualities which are ideal in his role but they are also excellent when talking through other business subjects and issues. I would highly recommend that you meet Ian. Simon"

John Bridges

"Ian has an excellent track record of managing programmes within the Financial Services sector especially, but is also highly qualified and could use this expertise in many other sectors. Kind regards, John"

Stephen Harvard Davis

"A very nice guy, helpful and obviously very knowledgable about his work. Hope to see more of you. "

Jason Elton

"Great networking with you; thank you for your input"

Johan Schoeman

"Extremely helpful. Thanks!"

Abdul Rauf Parkar

"If you need good, honest and frank advice and support then Ian is the best person to get it from. Abdul"

Terry Toms

"Good to meet you . Very interesting range of experience. With best wishes. Terry"

Noel Austin

"I spent an afternoon with Ian at Andrew Wilcox' recent MindManager master class. Ian had some interesting and insightful things to say, and I look forward to developing a business relationship with him."


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