Irene Power-Leach

Irene Power-Leach


My sole aim in belonging to Ecademy is to support my son, Thomas Power, Ecademy Chairman, and his wife Penny Power, Ecademy Founder. It is also interesting to know what all of you are doing in your various business directions. I have attended a Farnham meeting of Ecademy and may attend one in the Salisbury area when it is set up. In my younger days, after Grammar School, I was a Tax Officer with the Inland Revenue, followed by a short spell as a model for a bit of light relief. Then I found an outlet for my artistic leanings as a Display Artist, which was great, as I am very creative. After rearing our 4 children, a talented bunch, (Hotelier, Beautician, Jewellery Designer, Ecademy Director) we bought a Sub-Post Office and another empty shop which I built up from scratch to become a successful Fashion Boutique. On retirement I took a City and Guilds Textile Design Course and had an Art Deco Quilt shown on HTV Wales. I have designed and made dozens of quilts, wallhangings and framed textile memorabilia. I have now published my book LOVE NEVER GIVES UP available on Amazon, a long explicit read starting in the 1930's, depicting life in Nottingham, Newark, Birmingham, Dorking, Chepstow and Salisbury. Trials and tribulations, affairs of the heart, looking for God ! It's all in there! 650 pages, printed beautifully by Ecademy Press.



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Veronica STEFAN

"Dear Irene, Congratulations for your happy round Anniversary :-) ! We are still in August so allow me to send you all my consideration for your successful and satisfied life! Your accomplished life is an example of what the family means, what power received each of us from the family, and how a women can be strong and give her power to the others! I wish you to receive all the energy that you spread around you in your entire life, and health to be happy for more and more years from now, Ecademy and Ecademyst need you here :-)! Happy life and much love :-), "Love never gives up!" Sincerely yours, Veronica "

Jangi Bakshi

"Dear Thomas is lucky to have Lovely... Mum like you!!.. Many thanks for connecting to my network... I have rated you your deserving Good! May God bless you to live many happy years of your life in surrounding of Thomas and Penny!!! It will be pleasure to meet you on next opportune movement!! Regards-Jangi"

Robert WoW De Souza

" I am so looking forward to reading Super Mum's book and meeting her face to face. I know she walks her talk as she bears such wonderful fruits with her grace, inspiration and intention of who we really are and what's our purpose??? Being part of ecademy is truly rewarding when you get so much love and insight from people who walk their talk. Irene has stepped up to shine her light and gives us all, so much hope of what is possible, if you go with the flow no matter what.... I wish her every success as she truly makes our lives more enjoyable everyday that we live and breathe."

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Nomen est Omen...Irene is a luvely lady and a most agreable fellow Ecademist. Joyful and many a fruitful exchange. That is Ecademy...We share... we care...A Great family of Great People in Great Britain and Elsewhere! Honored to be part of your Network Milady! Without you Ecademy wouldn't probably exist...Hehehe Kindest Regards, MuZ+afa "

Thomas Power

"1929-2008 ...only 1 year to go to make the BIG 80. You couldn't ask for or want for a better Mum. 10 out of 10. XXXXX"

Thomas Power

"Still the best Mum in the world. "

Nicole Wehden

"Irene is one of the loveliest ladies I have met. She is so full of life and has such positive energy that she shares with everyone. Her experience of life is truly inspirational and time spent with her is quality at its best. Fantastic to see you in the community Irene, its now an even brighter place! "

Thomas Power

"The best Mum in the world. Rock on. "


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