James Knight

James Knight

CEO/Founder, iMA Strategies/Knight International


Hi I'm James Knight

I've had the good fortune of working with thousands of people throughout my career, starting as a representative for the Dale Carnegie courses, in Michigan in the US. Through Carnegie training I learned the principles and fundamentals and concepts that helped me attain a high level of success, not only with the Carnegie organization but also in founding several successful companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since my early days with Carnegie I have spent over 25 years developing, researching, testing, applying and teaching a universal language called iMA that is designed to help people communicate more effectively and maximize Connectivity. Everyone speaks 1 of 4 iMA dialects naturally, that puts her/him on the same wavelength as 25% of the world's population that looks at and filters the world through the same eyes and ears. It also means that 75% speak one of the other three iMA dialects and are on a different wavelength from you. When people are different They have difficulty Connecting, often mis-communicate, are less likable, have trouble influencing, and can rub people the wrong way just by being themselves. iMA helps you Connect with the 75%. That are on a different wavelength, many of whom are important to your success, happiness and future. People and companies who Connect with others Prosper and those that don't Struggle. To find out which iMA dialect you speak go to: http:// iMA-SunZu.com


Gain a competitive edge by training as an iMA Practitioner and teach others how to create greater connectivity, producing better results at less cost, sooner - at work and in life. - Add an exciting new dimension to your business - Multiply the ways you can be of service, and your income potential http://imastrategies.com/imapractitioner.html To find out more about iMA visit my Blog here on SunZu http://iMAblogger.co.uk    The POWER of iMA !

Auto Trader Testimonial: iMA at WORK ! How can the iMA System help you financially?

The €18 million Vineyards Resort on Bulgaria's Black Sea provides not only a beautiful location for training iMA principles fundamentals and concepts,it is also with the physical manifestation as to the power of iMA. I along with my wife and business partner Elaine,and our Bulgarian business partner George, designed built sold and now manage this magnificent five* village,comprising of 224 apartments and 35 villas all with private pools,using the universal language of iMA. In fact it would not have become a reality, had it not been for iMA If you would really like to see first hand evidence as to what iMA can do visit my blog " My Magnificient Obsession iMA Training Centre on the Black Sea.

 iMA at the Vineyards What good is anything if you have no one to share it with? 

I'm so lucky to have met that special person to share my life with. We have been married for 25 years and our daughter who has just graduated from the University of London Royal Hollaway with degrees in music and psychology.My son is a stock broker and lives in Geneva Illinois with his lovely wife and two beautiful children My brother and sister in law live in Libertyville and have 3 fantastic kids.I'm really blessed to have such a close family.

iMA High Yellow

iMA High Yellow - What colour are you ?

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  • Be flexible
  • Be quick paced
  • Be positive
  • Be open
  • Be generous with your praise
  • Be supportive of my ideas
  • Have fun!

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Jesvir Mahil

"I used James' personality profiling system some time ago and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at an Ecademy event yesterday. On first impression, James is a very friendly, approachable and generous person and he exemplifies the "givers gain" philosophy...his first intention is to serve...in doing so, James gained my trust immediately. Thank you! "

Veronika Patova

"Dear James, I am glad to have you in my network. You are a valuable part of it. A great connection and I really appreciate it! Best wishes Veronika Patova "

Martin "Investment Property" Skinner

"It was a real pleasure to meet you James. Thanks for your time time & your empathy! I think the IMA system is great - simple & great for the world - and I can't wait to see it go really viral. Getting people with the same personalities together to foster better relationships/networks is a great idea as is helping people identify the personality types around them so how they can get on better. And you're clearly a very talented, driven & passionate guy. I encourage good people out there to: - take the questionnaire & read up on the results - get involved with the events - and think about the way they can help James make his vision a reality - it'll be to mutual benefit that's for sure. All the best, :) Martin "

Hanno Reitschmidt

"Mr. James Knight is a great networker and his profil shows me that he has extensive experiences in his business. I am glad to have him as a professional (high yellow) contact. Best regards Hanno Reitschmidt "

Lisa Turner

"I was lucky enough to attend to High Yellow lunch a few weeks ago. James gave a very clear and comprehensive presentation about the IMA colour system. He delivered some amazing stories that really show why and how this system works. I certainly had a GREAT time. I you get the opportunity to see James speak, I highly recommend you go. I definitely recommend you connect with James. He will be a valuable member of your network. The IMA system is a fantastic way of improving your networking. connect with James to learn how to really make it work. If only more people really knew how to communicate with each other all relationships, business, personal, networking would be improved. This incredibly simple system is so easy to apply. Thank you James "

Dianna Bonner

"Really loved the High Yellow Lunch meeting today THANX !! It was really interesting- thanks for the info you gave me it's great to learn how to interact with the other colours it all makes perfect sense - looking forward to your next event. You made me late for the school run though ! I was so engrossed that when I looked up I was 3 stops further on than I should have been and had to turn round and go back 3 stops !!! Looking forward to listening to your CD tomorrow ! It's great to meet High Yellows- almost like a reflection of your own personality traits in each person you meet - weird ! Thanks James ! "

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear James, Let me tell you my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'll try to do my best to be good enough here like you! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my help, and that you have a friend in Budapest! Come as a VIP, simple or dental tourist as you like it. I wish you good health and very prosperous andhapppppppppppppppy year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi http://www.flythensmile.com http://www.twinstravel.info Symbol of Budapest: Chain Bridge "

Harald Suk

"Hi James, want to congratulate your movie which tells everybody how join your informative profile that you know and love people and your business. High yellow style :-) br Harald"

Tracy Hamilton

"Wow James I can't believe how much my life is changing since I met you I hope we will have many many years of working together Bringing out the best potential in anyone we meet God bless you x x x x "

Yvan Razafindratandra

"Outstanding presentation. Combination of texts and images which incite to know more. Professionnal without the boring side of nowadays communication tricks. "

PeopleCoach Elizabeth M. Lengyel

"Hi James, I see your another creative, with a great profile. Enjoyed the rich story that includes a world of bright colours working together. Pleased to meet and network wih you. Gratefully, elizabeth"

Ewa Maslowska

"Thank you for bringing a sun colur to my life! It is fantastic idea to mark th members like that, it really helps to make contacts. I will be pleased to use your colour strategy not only at the Ecademy! "

Diana Cave

"Hello James Thank you for inviting me into your network. James is a great networker and I am pleased were connected. Best wishes Diana "

Barbara Nugent

"This is a quote from James Knight's website: "The better you are at connecting with people, the better the quality of your life." Take these words to heart. Thank you James for giving ecademists the 'colorful' tools for discovering who we are and where we want to go and also for helping us finding others to go along for the ride. Barbara Nugent Arbonne Independent Global Consultant www.consultant.myarbonne.com"

Dean Hopkins

"Glad to be a part of your network James....just love the high Yellows's club....of course!! Thankyou for your excellent effort's at Ecademy, your inspiration and energy!! Dean http://www.selfhelpxpress.com Self Help for Busy People "

Asghar Ali Khatau

"I am honoured to be connected to your network I look forward to our closer friendship and mutual business relationship. Asghar Ali www.rinenterprises.com "

Pieter Eugene van Rooyen

"Brother, am I amazed. Thank you. Many times I have had the urge to get outside of myself. I thought it to be the child in me, but after realising that I am a High Yellow.- Watch out World here I come.... "

Mark Keatley-Palmer

"I have been privileged to hear James talk on several occasions and to spend time with him. He is thoroughly professional, personable, warm and welcoming. Grab the chance to hear him talk - you can not help but be rewarded for, and benefit from, making the effort. Mark Keatley-Palmer Director - Sycamore Design. "

Alyne Dawson-Washington

"It is a pleasure to connect with you and be in your Network, James. Congratulations on your networking skills. As a token of appreciation, I would love for you to send a card to someone special, free on me. http://www.sendrealcardstoday.com Alyne"

Shabbir Hussain

"Thank you so much for that special effect you give us, You definitely are an asset to our valued members Wish you a happy and joyful Valentines Day and a great weekend Danny "

Vojko Kalan

"Thank you, James for the way you make us to touch ourselves. Vojko"


"Dear James, Man's greatest enemy is not catastrophe nor terrorism BUT IGNORANCE. Your job of arresting ignorance, and unleashing everyone's potentials is just AWESOME. Everything goes to waste without self awareness. What you are doing is a noble pursuit. You prod people into a journey to their inner selves, make them realize their potentials, and inspire them to take off for a more fulfilling endeavor. Doing so, you are affecting positive changes among earthlings. For your career of touching and transforming lives , a GOOD a rating is rather low ( but we are limited to good rating at ecademy) . I would like to rate you MAGNIFICENT! Respectfully, Mary Moore"

Louisa Nardini

"Like your site and you certainly have a positive outlook - great to connect. Louisa"

Pratyush Agarwal

"James has differenciation skills of personalty constraint of humen and applies them to feel good and make them happier in a very friendly way. This is the biggest asset a person posses on the earth. Cheers Pratyush "

Anjum Waheed

"Hi James Apologies for being unable to attend the high yellows luncheon - but I was out of the country on business. I think you'r tool is really effective - and easy to understand! I look forward to meeting you in person at the next event. Regards Anjum"

Sue Searle

"James hosted an amazing lunch last Friday bringing High Yellows together for the first time at such an event. It was a pleasure to meet him and his wife, Elaine, a truly warm and friendly couple. His IMA tool is a great concept and invaluable, creating a useful insight into building productive relationships. James is an accomplished and fascinating speaker too. I look forward to the next lunch very much. All the best, Sue"

Graham Bunting

"James - it was so good to meet you in person at the inaugural High Yellow networking lunch - I found you to be extremely warm, welcoming and sincere. I was fascinated by and enjoyed your presentation immensely. Having David Beenie offer such effusive support for the "preference model" from personal experience was very compelling too, and my personal experience being surrounded by other High Yellows, cemented my belief too. I think this is a wonderful programme and am keen to see where it takes me and indeed look forward to our next High Yellows encounter with enthusiasm. Warmest regards Graham Bunting PERA Consulting Ltd www.peraconsulting.co.uk info@peraconsulting.co.uk "

Terri Grant

"Absolutely lovely meeting James and Elaine at the High Yellow luncheon today. James is charming, very open, very intuitive and instinctive and a great speaker/networker. Wonderful idea getting all us yellows together and learning how easy it is to interact better with the other "colours" when you know what to look for. Thoroughly enjoyed today and look forward to next time. Elaine is absolutely lovely! Thanks to you both. T"

Prudence Renders

"Today James hosted the first Webinar on How to Create Rapport with Everyone you Meet. I have come out of the hour long seminar wiser and and absolutely amazed at how easy it is when 'you know how'. James presented the programme with clarity and simplicity going through each stage of the IMAs and explaining in detail the behavioural characteristics and how we act under stress. He also then explained how we can relate one to another in order to work effectively in harmony to produce the best performance we can. I as a High Blue have learnt that when a person is under pressure that i should not take personally their behaviour but rather look and learn to see how best i can adapt to the situation at that time to restore the atmosphere of calm and productivity. This webinar has changed my perspective on working with people and makes me realise that it is up to me to first change my attitude by accommodating and understanding their behaviour without letting it stress me out and in turn teach them how to increase their effectiveness when they face certain pressures instead of just doing what they normally do. I encourage anyone to join the next webinar and find out how you can work together with your team, in your office, with other people, with your family, spouse, children, IN-LAWS :-), and customers to maximise your business and make the best sales whilst treating your clients the way they would prefer to be treated. Thank you!!!! once again James i feel that my hour spent with you has changed my life and i look forward to implementing all that you have spoken about today. GREAT!!!! FANTASTIC!!!"

Arthur Kendall

"Hi James I'll just repeat what I said in my private message for everyone to see: thank you for a fantastic, and fantastically simple yet accurate profiling tool which I'm sure is making a big difference to many people's lives. I will tell as many people as I can about it. As many people have already said, you are a real credit to Ecademy! Arthur (High Yellow and proud of it!)"

Helen Ward

"A true gentleman and excellent networker. Thank you so much for your kind welcome and invitation to the 'high reds club' The warmth shown as a new member is much appreciated. Kind regards Helen "

Muchina Thuo

"The interesting part of this "country" is it's diversity. Creative minds that can see through the eye of the needle are scares in this flattening world.Colours are mostly used to brand businesses. James, has gone a notch higher- "branding business people" using the colours. Kudos James."

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear James, Let me tell you my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'll try to do my best to be good enough here like you! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my help, and that you have a friend in Budapest! Come as a VIP, simple or dental tourist as you like it. I wish you good health and very prosperous happpppppppppppppy new year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi http://www.flythensmile.com http://www.twinstravel.info "

Tord Sand

"Dear James, an honour to be a part of your network! I can feel at this early stage that you are a real intresting and honest personality, and i will for sure recommend you to my network any time you need a good contact or backup in Sweden or International. Feel free to ask me for support, if there is anything you think i can do for you? Respectfully yours Tord :-) www.clubfreedom.biz/color106"

Rebekah Borg

"Hi James, thanx for welcoming me into the Hi Yellow Club this is all very new and exciting to me to be involved with. It was truly Amazing to see how much you were so close to my actual Lively Personality, I even read words about myself that I was unaware of......Thanx Again it has been a real eye opener to me. Look forward to having you as one of my contacts now and continually in the future. Havn't met or spoken as of yet but just by reading all your testimonials I can see you are going to be a Fantastic person and contact to have and to talk to. Bek :)"

Angela Leuice

"Thanks for being the first to welcome me to eacademy! I appreciate it. I don't totally get the four color thing and am a bit skeptical as there are certainly more than four personality types in this vast world. However, I'm checking it out. I'm up for anything interesting! "

Khushi P

"Dear James, Thanks for connecting me to the Green Family. Green is my favorite color. Wish you a happy and prosperous new year filled with, love,joy,peace,patience,faithfulness,compassion,gentleness,kindness and self control. For any health problems please see my profile as it has may links for home remedies and health benefits. The links will give u a lot information about organic food and its benefits.(www.organicfacts.net) Also, if you want to know more about India then please see the India Travel Guide for more information. Currently, I am in the city of Taj Mahal and am working on it for my website. Nishidha www.organicfacts.net India "

Nilesh Karkhanis

"Hi James, Thanks for introducing to IMA. Glad to be connected. Warm Regards Nilesh Karkhanis"

Richard Ross

"James, Thank you for the introduction to the Yellow Club, I'm a proud member as I feel you attract those to you of like kind and this group is my like kind with the same thoughts of team work and relationship building. I look forward to networking with you and the club. My Linkedin profile tells more about me as I use it primarily. I will work on my ecademy profile in the coming months to bring it to the same standard. Feel Free to connect to me on Linkedin through my email rross@naiboise.com and use this link to get to my invitation site http://www/tinyurl.com/richardrossaafg. Wishing you the best Holidays and a prosperous New Year. All My Best Richard Ross +1-208-350-7829 SKYPE: allamericanfg"

Mack Murray Jr.

"James was one of the first ones to welcome me to Ecademy. He no doubt is business minded and means business. I look forward to networking with him as time continues. Connect with him."

jc hurst

"Hello James! I'm a 'high red' so I can't spend too much time on this. Just wanted to say that it's an honor to be connected. Your longevity with Dale Carnegie alone reveals your sincere passion for speaking and helping others. If I can ever assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Just be brief and to the point) LOL!!! "

Teresa Webb

"Hi James Your work is, as ever, fascinating and I hope to meet you at the high yellows lunch at the end of January. Warmest wishes Teresa "Dare to Dream" Webb "

John "Wallpaper" Northwood

"I recently had the privilege of seeing James at an Ecademy event and it was a fantastic experience. The other testimonials have said it all. Not only is James a High Yellow like myself, but I enjoyed his speech so much that I have booked him as a guest speaker at one of my own Networking events on the 20th January 2009. A fantastic friendly gentleman. connect with him NOW!"

Prudence Renders

" BRILLIANT, AMAZING, EXCELLENT are the words I chose to describe James Knight. FANTASTIC and WONDERUL is what I say to the programme he runs. I met with James last week and he discussed with me the workings of the personal profiling. When he described a High Blue and what traits follow them I was just dumbfounded because I could see myself in the scenarios that he described and the actions that I took. As he described the other colours I could see members of my family and the conflicts that took place due to us pulling in all directions. It also made me realise that my working team was made up of different personalities and I understood why there were certain people I got along with so easily and some relationships that struggled. Since our meeting I have adjusted myself, my opinions, my attitude, my actions to suit the person I am dealing with at that moment and it has just been amazing to see how easier the day and week has gone. My whole outlook has changed due to James explanation on Personal Profiling and I am so much more aware on how to react to people because I know what signs to look for. So if you truly want to know How to Win More Friends and More Business I suggest you connect with James and arrange a session with him. THANK YOU James for changing my life!!"

Steven Sonsino

"After passing this dubious game for months I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. I haven't laughed so much in ages. But I know James' cunning secret...James has been speaking to my wife! However, there is a happy ending. (And this is the best bit.) I immediately contacted almost all the other freaks folks in my colour code and we're almost all connected now, which is what Ecademy is all about. So here's the networking advice T&PP missed out: the first question you ask people when you meet them is... "What colour did James say you were?" Call Giorgio! They'll have to reshoot the videos! (Thanks James. Fun with purpose. Can't say better than that. Us deep browns got to stick together.) "

Fatma Kaya

"I am pleased to be able to rank you among my contacts. Yours sincerely, Fatma Kaya"

Selchouk Sami

"I attended the profiling introduction networking event at the Tower hotel. James' colour profiling system has given me the tool to connect with different "colours". What a great skill/tool to have in one's social and business life. James is a great presenter and he certainly connected with me. All the best James. Selchouk"

Mark Keatley-Palmer

"Yellow has never been a favourite colour of mine, until yesterday that is! James your talk was a breath of fresh air. The ability to reduce the complexities of human traits to 4 easy to understand and clearly defined groups is a real boon to us all. Thank you for a great presentation Happy to keep company with Hi Yellows everywhere! Mark"

Don Goldwyn

"Very Responsive giving great friendly advice."

Tord Sand

"Proactive, progressive, forward moving personality makes a contact with you like a very pleasant journey, so thank you for being in my network here! Warm regards Tord G. Sand WellnessCoach www.wellnesscenter.cc"

Ronald Goovaerts

"James, look at what you did, you brought more color in the 'networking world' congrats ad continue, "

Sal Assiri

"James is a great networker with great ideas .. The idea of the test is a wonderful one .. The concept is great too and it would help all of us when approaching others .... so we can better understand them .. Thanks a million ! "

Kristel Lenaerts

"Hi James, Nice to have tests like this to get the know me you ... better. Thank you very very very much. Kristel"

Laura Bufnila

"James brings colour to Ecademy! I love this test- it's brief, offers relevant information and fun at the same time. Thak you for the chance of knowing you! Laura. "

Gregory Miller

"I had half thought I would end up a plaid. Thank You James Knight for the FUN of Colour coding myself. Now I know what it feels like to be one of those manila folder separator tabs :-) ..... It is a pleasure to be connected with you on Ecademy. (CONNECT with James);-) I wonder how many of us "glow in the dark"...... I thought I was going to have to take the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Test again. Or be tested for MENSA How many Ecademists are MENSA Members, Now There's A Club!! Non-MENSA for me. The Daylight Savings Time Change has got my mind on hold.... Oh, right, not on hold.... but it's red, anyone see a brain lying about?!? :-) (Check the bins)"

Surendra K Jain

"It's really honor to have you in my contacts."

Victor Marques

"From my heart to all of you May every wish of yours come true Keep up right and tow the line Enjoy life, friends and good wine Thanks dear James for being great fun! I wish abundance for you and the ones that you love. Kindest regards. Victor Marques"

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with James on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Thank you James - you are truly a nice man :) I really enjoyed our conversation this afternoon, you really helped me recognise what I have always known ..... don't expect me to read instructions just talk to me :) Hee hee thank you and to your colour system - very helpful and illuminating Vicki :) Ima High Yellow "

Nadia Choudhary

"James, through his colour system, has enabled many people including myself to embrace our colour and use it to increase our own self awareness. In addition, his system places particular emphasis on how to treat others of a particular colour in order to increase interpersonal effectiveness. I have particularly enjoyed contributing to the high yellow club and meeting lots of similar people has been refreshing, a lot of energy! :) I'm confident that there will be many more interesting insights to follow. :)"

Lesley Rodgers

"Thanks James, you've been an inspiration as well as a great networker. Thank you! Lesley"

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

Claire Breese

"James has been very friendly and helpful. A great profiling system and a personal touch which is so refreshing these days. Thanks a lot :)"

Jan Malloch

"What a wonderful opportunity it is to be associated with James :) Through his emails, I feel that I have grown to know him personally, and that is what networking is all about!! His profiling system is amazing - I am proud to be a High Yellow!! Take care and have fun!!"

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

"I met James here recently through an interesting image which also caused be to be classified a Yellow, even though it was not my favourite colour during that time. Now I see myself a yellow person as carrying the identified characteristics in that component of the quadrant. I am very pleased and grateful to meet James here. I also joined his creatively crafted community group bringing all like minded people together. James is an excellent contact in my network. I aim to stay in touch with him as I know I can learn a lot from his vast experience in business."

"Thank you James for your words of encouragement and recent introduction to ecadmey! More importantly, for showing me that my own potential is indeed unlimited on both a personal and professional basis. Your Styles and Behaviours profiling model has quite simply helped me read people and understand their subsequent behaviours immensely better than before. You're a genuinely, genuine guy James! Sincere and grateful thanks, John "

DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju

"James made me realize my inner potential and now I know what I am. aathreya - dr . bala krishna murthy ramaraju"

Mick Say

"Wow what insight, get to know this guy, you just have to take his test. His analogy of me from his test was spot on. Well done james, informative and fun Thanks Mick"

Christine Mockford

"It's a pleasure to communicate with James. He is warm, friendly, very helpful and very generous with his time and expertise. Whether it's an answer or advice you seek James will give you a considered, thoughtful response. And as an added bonus you could try his Personal Profiling System. It's a great way of connecting with like minded people and making others aware of your preferred way of operating. Recommended."

Sadie Murray

"James exemplifies the concept of Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"! By sharing his knowledge and expertise using the Personal Profiling System, he demonstrates being proactive, think win-win and perhaps one of the most important Habits "seek first to understand and then to be understood". Thank you Jim; Ima High Yellow friend! Glad we're connected. "

Kathleen Smart

"I find James to be such a warm and compassionate person and really lives to add value to others. James is definitely on my list of people I want to spend time with and learn from. You can never go wrong when you network and partner with people of such high quality and with fantastic goals and vision. Thanks for all you do to help support others and for taking time to be on my radio program. I wish you pockets full of bright yellow sunshine each and everyday so you will never run out of smiles to give away :) Yes I am a yellow - What are You? Ask James he can definately help you discover your true potential. Your New Friend- Kathleen ( they call me mellow yellow ) "

Anikendra Home

"Dated 30/7/2008. A great personality who oozes confidence in approach and in work. Good to have a great motivator amongst us. Carry on the Good work James.God Bless You. Regards ---Anikendra___"

Rickie Josen

"Thank you so much for including me in the High Red Club! I have done this type of analysis before but it's fantastic to mix with other like-minded people. I emailed all the High Reds immediately but more importantly, it's good to know how we should communicate with other groups for much better effect. I'm looking forward to learning more and seeing all the clubs grow. "

Ann Shaw

"James has all the qualities in a person that I admire. Not only is he proficient and professional in his work, he is a deep thinker and a man with a very warm heart. James is a person of high integrity, approachable, responsive and with a fabulous sense of humour. He is unique, and is actually living the reality of his thoughts - and in a fun way too!! Ann :)"

Bob Nicoll

"James has developed a very insightful program with his Potential Unlimited. He is a true ambassador for Ecademy and bringing people together. Go to his profile, and join forces with him. You will be glad you did. Bob"

DrBalakrishna Murthy Ramaraju

"James Knight is an exceptionally friendly gentleman. James is a KNIGHT in shining armour. I am cognisant that James is an expert Professional Behavioural Specialist. sincerely, dr . bala krishna murthy ramaraju"

Bruce Gunn

"An excellent way to introduce 'like minded' people. James I am 100% sure we will have many conversations in the future. Highly recommended"

Charlie Profit

"I really enjoyed James' Personal Profile test. It was quite accurate and I look forward to learning more! I hope you'll take the quiz too. James is very personable and easy to have a dialog with. His interest in helping you is sincere. I recommend connecting with James."

Andreja Lajh

"A very nice person who is very serious about business and human relations. Open mind and kind heart. Connect with James!"

David Beeney

"James Knights Personal Profiling System has transformed my career and made my division of Auto Trader the most successful in the UK. I have also bought one of his villas at The Vineyards on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. It is a great investment and I escape there with my family whenever I can to relax and have fun."

Thomas Power

"Generous, kind, intimate and thoughtful. A new force in Ecademy yet to reveal his full hand ... More follows. Recommended."

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"James is a very hard working, a definite high achiever. I'm honoured to be in your network, James. Your commitment and dedication are worthy of emulation. I wish you God's blessings and massive success in all your endeavours. Warmest regards, Larisa"


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