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Warmth Welcome! I'm Jestoni Cabilin who strives hard for his dream like everyone does. Earn is for word "to have". We earn "to have" to have m o n e y to have f o o d to have s u p p l I i e s Which are really essential!!! Just like you, it's what I want for my family, but I hope they won't get mad when the time comes that I'll be a millionaire. Because all I really want to do is to buy lots and build a street children and old men and woman's a home, not just a house. Where they'll be feed, teach to plant vegetables (so they'll be dependent on their selves) and have their own library (Woohoo! I'm so excited) I'll do what it takes just to have it come true. I never gave a coin to an old woman; rather I always bought one plastic of loaf of bread for her. And she doesn't know about it because I put it beside her when she's sleeping. One tragedy on my life was before I could help an older woman with her grandson. I saw that the guy is alone, which he's always with the old lady. I wonder why, and I found out, she's already dead. I never got a chance to help them. When I'm walking from my place to the market, they're always sleeping on an establishment's facade that makes me inspired more to keep on dreaming and striving hard. SUPER INTERESTING I SWEAR Anyways, please read this till the end, it's very interesting, and you'll love this. I'm not a Developer, but, isn't real estate a great business. I wonder why they are so rich (which I want to be) Someday I want to be on that industry to fulfill my dreams. Imagine they buy worth Php. 1500 per sq.m. and the size of the lot is 118,653, (118,653x1,500=Php. 177,979,500)and the area is only ten minutes away from the center of Antipolo Church, Ynares Center, Shopwise, Etc. And you'll spend 100,000 sq.m. for the lot units only. Let's say, we will not build any house. 100,000 divided by 100 sq.m. per lot = 1,000 lots to be sold. The left 18,653 sq.m. area is for roads. Now the 1000 lots to be sell for worth Php. 5,500 per sq.m. regular price of a subdivision on a CITY that still can increase every year. 100 sq.m. times 5,500 peso = Php. 550,000 which is very low price 1000 lots times 550,000 peso = Php. 550,000,000 is the total gross and just minus the few man power and maintenances. 550,000,000 minus the amount of the lot you bought is 177,979,500 = You just earned 372,020,500 million peso!!! THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT YOU BOUGHT IT. You just have to simply develop it to earn just "372,020,500!!! MULTI MILLION ALMOST HALF A BILLION." DONT YOU WANNA TRY TO EARN LIKE THAT? JUST INVEST IN LOW PRICE LOTS AND DEVELOP IT! HEY IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!!!!!!! THE LOT IN ANTIPOLO IS STILL AVAILABLE!!! YES IT IS STILL AVAILABLE!!! Silawis St. Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo City 118,653 sqm. Total Area 11.8 Hectares Before 1700 per sqm. = Php. 201,710,100 million Now 1500 per sqm. = Php. 177,979,500 million Rolling/Sloping/Flat PERFECT FOR RESORT SUBDIVISION REAL ESTATE BUSINESS HACIENDA FARM ONLY 10 MINUTES RIDE AWAY FROM ANTIPOLO SIMBAHAN JEEP It has a SPRING! AND THIN RIVER!! READY FOR TITLING!!! BEST FOR DEVOLOPING YOUR OWN SUBDIVISION. GREATEST LOT BECAUSE IT'S ONLY TEN MINUTES NEAR FROM THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING IN THE CITY, BUT THE PRICE OF THE LOT IS JUST 1500 SQ.M. ONLY HONESTLY THIS IS THE PROPERTY OF MY TEACHER, WHOM SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME ONE HECTARE LOT IF I SELL THE PROPERTY, BUT I REFUSE, I ASK FOR LITTLE PERCENTAGE OF THE AMOUNT ENOUGH FOR ME TO BUY SMALL LOT, AND BUILD ROOMS FOR CHILDREN, SHELTER FOR OLD WOMAN LIVING IN STREETS AND SORT OF LIBRARY INSIDE THE HOUSE FOR THEM TO STUDY. AND GIVE LITTLE TO MY FAMILY FOR THEIR LITTLE NEEDS AND LESS TO MY PERSONAL WANTS, AND MOST OF THE MONEY TO MY DREAM OF GIVING SHELTER FOR MY INSPIRATIONS. Please feel free to email me Name: Jestoni Cabilin Email: Contact Number: +639169922344 Have a great day, Thanks!!!!




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