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"Latest News"

"Live life like there's no tomorrow, but plan like you're going to live forever"

Sadly I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer (but I am a survivor) and given just 13 to 26 weeks. That is based upon tests done on July 4th 2012 so I am trying to do all those things that most people never get to do before they die. That's life for you! I could just give up and die, but I'm always optimistic that I will win the lottery each week ( I buy one tickets so I have a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning) so if the medical profession is giving me a 5% chance, then it is like buying 699,190 lottery tickets in this weeks draw!

Not a bad chance really! I'm telling my story about how I am dealing with the news, alternative treatment etc on my blog at http://www.jtuffin.co.uk - please visit it and sign up to support my efforts to help others in a similar situation. Thanks!

Latest Health Update - 5th February 2013 - Having problems with controling my pain at the moment which means that I really cannot focus on anything I want to do. Although I am on a morpphine driver and well as patches and other pain control drugs they are only partly dealing with the problem.

Also now getting a bit bored so am looking to do some more work on my Traffic Genie site in conjunction with Chris Farrell and also looking at another simple money making idea that I (and anyone else) can do from home without too much pressure.

Last Updated: 5th February 2013

My Personal Database I now have many thousands of contacts all over the world. There here on Ecademy, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Plaxo and many others. In an effort to get them all together in one place where I can find a person when needed - I would ask you to go to my personal website and add YOUR details there.

You will also find lots of other useful information. You can just REGISTER HERE to complete the details. It's totally FREE and you never know, I might be able to connect you to someone who needs your services or products!

My Recommended Reading If you would like to see some of my favourite books that I recommend to others then just click HERE and you can buy them online through Amazon.co.uk

My Core Process Every one of us is put on this earth for a reason! Yes even YOU! Most people do not understand what that purpose is, but as you get older and wiser often it become obvious. Mine is very simple, I am here to help people. It is something that you really feel at one with. When I found that out by going through the procedure with Philip de Lisle to identify my Core Process I suddenly realised that I had known it for a long time, but had not understood it. My core process turned out to be "Questioning Decisions", something I am good at doing. Asking questions about things that need deciding upon, which ironically seems to be almost everything in life? So by asking questions, often quite deep and penetrating I can help others to make the right decisions in life. I don't give advice; just helping to understand the issues that you face. Why not try me out sometime?

My Skills Recently someone asked me what my real skills are as they said my profile did not really say. So I decided to add this small section for the benefit of those who might be interested. Here they are in bullet point fashion:-

  • I'm a very spiritual person and feel for others. I guess that I am empathetic, understanding and caring.
  • I have an IT development background in system design, programming in over a dozen languages (most irrelevant now), databases, project management and IT management
  • I have a long experience in sales and marketing systems and software.
  • I'm creative in that I have the ability to see opportunity in an idea.
  • I question everything, believing that questioning often expose issues, problems, advantages, opportunities etc.
  • As someone what has been involved with over 20 new businesses in the last 30 years I really enjoy mentoring and helping others.
  • Passionate about people and the way they are treated by others - don't get me going!
  • I'm always happy to delegate to those who are much better at something than me!
  • Definitely a team player once I know what it is that I am doing.
  • I know little about HR but a huge amount about people, what they need, how they feel, what is right & wrong.

What I do? My prime interest is finding new ways to do existing things better especially online. I believe that just because we have done them one way for years, does not mean that there are not better ways to achieve the same results. The arrival and establishing of the Internet as a medium and tool for use in business has made a dramatic change to the way we all think and operate.

The new Social Media is changing everything, and at great speed. Things we used in the past such as the Yellow Pages have now become irrelevant, although in the case of the Yellow Pages they still produce it and distribute it to every home in the UK! Who could have dreamed 25 years ago that we would be able to chat to our friends anywhere in the world almost instantly? In 1967 I trained as a telegraphist - that is sending message using Morse code! Things have changed a lot! I have worked for four companies in my career that went bust (none of them mine) and sadly my own business failed in 2008 due to the lack of business. Now that might paint me as a failure, but you always learn from your mistakes. Two of the businesses that I was involved with were hugely successful and I learn't a great deal from those experiences.

Me! My Passions! Born in Southampton I and then moved to Honiton in Devon, then Plymouth and finally to North Cornwall. At 16 I left home, spent nearly 12 years in the RAF and upon leaving started my adventures in life!

Been married a few times and did not pay enough attention to my partners so kept losing them. I'm a family man, still married with six great kids, none at home (thank heavens) and I must have done something right, because most of them want to work with me!

Or is it the money?

Dog Lover, had the most caring, loving (and from August 23rd 2007 sadly no more) disobedient Border Collie (Paddy) in the UK!! She was my sanity - I miss her so very much.

My wife Clare (for over 24 years now) is my best friend and supports me in all that I do. Can a man ask anymore? She is also my driving force, encouraging, coaxing, demanding and generally pushing me all the time. I really feel for people who have partners who continually questions and pull apart whatever they want to do! I adore my family and enjoy their company most of the time.

In addition to my six, Paul, Iain, Anita, Rebecca, Jade and Jill, I now have twelve grand children, plus a small handful of adopted family.

I love travelling, eating, drinking and generally having a good time ... but who doesn't! I also enjoy the company of my friends and look forward to getting a big house again so that I can have more people over, more of the time.

You can connect with my sister Louise Tuffin as she is here on Ecademy as well. I'm a believer in setting goals, tangible and intangible.... but you must write them down! Also a long term VISION that is where my goals will take me!

Me The Person! What can I say? Anything I do say will be biased and my opinion... so here it is in just a few lines:-

  • I try and avoid all forms of Politics! (I Lie!)
  • I wish to Inspire!
  • I treasure Honesty!
  • I say what I think and feel!
  • I try to be Tactful!
  • I 'm never Offended - (Usually)

Leo Tolstoy in "Death of Ivan Ilyich" said "The story of Ivan Ilyich life was of the simplest, most ordinary and therefore most terrible". Tolstoy defines living an ordinary life as terrible - I really do have to agree! Life should be full of fun, pleasure, laughter, children, love, passion, success, responsibility, caring, crying ...

I'm sure you can think of many other things as well. I'm just an ordinary sort of person, but one who is passionate about lots of things. I'm a person who wants to change the world for the better.

I'm a simple person who cries when I see others being abused in any way. A person who really believes that everyone is entitled to be warm, free and secure, and be able to have a decent meal every day. A person who believes that money is not that important. A person who can sit and observe a butterfly, a bee, a flower or some other wonderful creation - for hours! A person who loves!

What do I think I am good at? Well I'm good at creating visions for people and their businesses.... a lateral thinker, business ideas generator, motivator, dream setter, networker, introducer, creator of new business opportunities as well as helping others to see their own business operations in a new light! (These are my observations)

Described as a thinker, I have also been known to meditate on a problem and come up with a great answer ... though sometimes wrong! ;) Of course I have also been called some other names ... but I shan't list them here! ;) My passion is to help others to do what they want to do, perhaps those less fortunate than myself.

(Why not join the Southampton Ecademy Club if you live nearby) I believe you should give without expecting to receive back. I also believe that our children are the future and that they should be encouraged to have free minds, to make their own decisions in life, and their own mistakes.

Today there is too much legislation, control and government influence on the future of our kids. I question whether this determination that our children should all go to University, is correct! What has happened to the trades? Where are all the jobs for the graduates to fill? Are we making a rod for our own backs longer term?

I'm also very aware that things are changing in the business world, many of the large corporate businesses are downsizing, and individuals are breaking out of the big business mould and setting themselves up in business in their own right. The future is changing, not many people see it yet, (the credit crunch contains some clues I suspect) but we have great challenges ahead that most don't wish to think about!

The vast majority of us in the UK, Europe and the US are going to retire with a pension that is much less than we believe it will be! Many of us at retirement will want (and need) to continue working. That means a lot more people in the job market, resulting in more unemployed! With older experienced people still working, probably at a lower pay rates as they will already have a pension to bolster their income, what will be the situation for younger people? The Government encourages older people to continue working ... sadly after 50 there does not appear to be that many jobs available for all of us! :)

If I have a pet hate, it is that of the large retail chains and supermarkets who have unintentionally destroyed many small businesses as a result of attracting customers with low prices. Our corner shops were once the life blood of the community, now they have almost disappeared, and communities are breaking down as we are forced to travel and shop at these impersonal sterile giants. How long will it be before the supermarkets provide banking, plumbers, window cleaners, carpet fitters, painters etc?

And what about all those people in the community who do not have transport of their own? Perhaps we should all work for Fresco's!! I must add, that it is NOT just the fault of the supermarkets; most retailers have to take some of the blame as they have sat back and tried to ignore what is going on.

Then there is YOU and I, we are quite happy to get in our cars to shop, without any second thoughts to the local shops. I'm trying to change and buying more stuff from local suppliers, farmers markets etc. Great fun and great food and hopefully we'll save some money on fuel! My background is software development in marketing environments, especially with entrepreneurial businesses, but I can't do the techie stuff anymore as I'm getting a little too old! So I still try and focus on developing new ideas, especially in the marketing field.

Who Can You Connect Me With (or Can I Connect You Too) If you think I might be able to help you in any way please just TRY ME! If you'd just want to send me a message ... PLEASE DO! I love to make new connections - and you never know what the connection might result in!

Very Best Wishes

Jim Tuffin Social Entrepreneur Telephone: +44 (0)2380-361-648 Mobile: +44 (0)7890-328-768 Skype: Biztime Email: jim.tuffin@jtuffin.com Website: www.jtuffin.com

--- Want to start your own online business? ---

If your are serious about wanting to learn about how to market your products or services on the Internet then I highly recommend my friend and mentor Chris Farrell.

Just click the link below to visit his membership site where you will find a whole host of FREE material which demonstrates his ability. There is no need to join as a member but if you decide to join us, then you'll find masses of further information and help (including FREE hosting for as many websites as you have) that is invaluable. Love to see you there. http://www.chrisfarrellmembership.com/hg/?a=RWeBdbbWM



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Blog URL: http://www.jtuffin.co.uk

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"Sadly Jim Tuffin died at the end of March 2013. He shall be missed by many."

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"If Jim says in his profile that he likes MLM but is useless at promoting it he has never met a true MLM professional. MLM is nothing more than Word-of-Mouth advertising with a twist and EVERYONE is an expert in it. The trouble is that Jim probably tries to SELL it. Reading his profile however, I am absolutly sure he is a very honest and reliable person who would be, with the right sponsor, able to become a superstar in MLM. René Landsheer http://www.fmworld.com"

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"Jim added a personal touch to the networking contact request; good business sense. I'd like to work with him!"

Munawar Rana

"Jim Tuffin is realy a great person He reaches out and extends a hand for friendship which simply cannot be ignored. He exudes warmth,sincerity and caring love for other human beings.God bless you Jim, Best regards, Munawar"

Felice Gerwitz

"Thanks for connecting I look forward to learning about increasing my marketing potiential. "

Nilesh Roy

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Ingrid Moughal

"Dear Jim, Thank you for connecting. I am honored to have you in my network. Best wishes, Ingrid Moughal, GRI / President - Hudson Pearl Realty, Inc. http://www.linkedin.com/in/hudsonvalleyrealestate http://www.hudsonpearl.com/ http://www.ClintonCornersNY.com/ http://www.International-Farms.com/ "

Michael Mendell

"Jim, your's is the best "profile" that I've read to date! Great work, it is the standard that we should all strive for. I got a great idea of who you are! Michael A. Mendell www.extremewoodart.com"

Gary Ludwig

"Jim thank you . I am proud to have you in my network . Looking forward to the Rock Star info supplied by your website"

Susanne Hottendorff

"Hallo! Thanks for your interest and many greetings! Aus Andalusien Susanne"

Ramesh Shankerlal

"Hi Jim! Thanks for thinking me worthful and ranking me good. I am Honoured to be connected with you Jim. I find in you a true Ecademist, with a most wonderful and true Philosophy, a well balanced personality, Enthusiastic features, Highly esteemed character, High Ranking-Worth Reading and one of the best profiles to rank good among the top ranking profiles. Thank you for the friendly note and I enjoyed reading your profile and thanks for a very warm welcome to you have given me in the ecademy with your kind and elegant words in your mail to me. Yes, many of the profiles in the Ecademy sounds well and good, but there is something different in your profile which attract my attention and i get a feeling that with you not only me, but anyone for that matter, can acheive the goals of their life. You seem to have a very firm focus on the things in life that are really important: love, laughter, family, friends, community. You are a very knowledgable person and respected across the network as reflected in your testimonials here on the ecademy , keep up all the good work you do to encourage and help people who have a quest to be successful in their life and goals. Keep in touch Regards Ramesh Shankerlal Ransae Exim Skype ransae ransae2000@yahoo.com +91 9413063021 "

Ali Raza Ansari

"True ecademist, I am pleased to be connected with Jim. Ali"

A.Kent Looft

"Jim: It's an honor to be on board with the master of networking. Let me know how I can best support your mission. Best of the Season, Kent"

Gulfraz Azeemi

"It is my pleasure to be connected with you. "

Zahir shamsery

"May I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2009. Regards, Zahir shamsery "

Fabienne Van der Linden

"I thank you for your invitation ! Happy to join your network ! "

Shane Stanford

"Hello Jim Thank you for the friendly invite and I enjoyed reading your profile. Good to see a well balanced person there and I will definitely be joining your network. Regards Shane"

Geary Jaco

"Thank you for giving me the information to help me start out in Ecademy. I truly appreciate it. I look for to the connection. Geary"

david brown

"Hi Jim , thanks for a very warm welcome to the ecademy and your kind words , it was a great pleasure to have worked with you even if it was for just a short time , you are a very knowledgable person and respected across the network as reflected in your testimonials here on the ecademy , keep up all the good work you do to encourage and help people in they quest to be successful . Dave Brown "


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