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In 1984, my life changed forever, when my father (Sir Anthony Berry MP) died as a result of an IRA bomb whilst attending the Conservative Party conference in Brighton.I made a conscious choice and decision to understand and dialogue with Patrick Magee, the man convicted of planting the bomb that killed my father. For 11 years we have worked globally sharing our experiences & insights publicly,in dealing with conflict, dialogue and reconciliation in the most challenging of circumstances.

Overwhelmed with challenge & conflict? Want to work with someone who has extensive experience in conflict resolution and transformation? Invite an experienced visionary to speak at your prestigious & inspiring event? My passion is peace,reconciliation, forgiveness,conflict transformation and mostly,changing how we resolve conflict, so everyone wins.

Connect with me if:
✓You are the CEO of a company with an urgent need for conflict resolution,who wants employees trained in strategic & honest communication,reframing,active listening & negotiating win win solutions.Your Team will become efficient,excel and  improve their personal andcorporate responsibility leading to a fantastic place to work.

✓You are looking for an experienced Peace Ambassador to speak for your organization/association,workshop/a keynote conference speaker.

✓You are a Lobbyist with influence in policy making who wants to make a difference to conflict and resolution in war zones.

✓You have encountered violence in your past which has affected your life and want to be supported by an experienced Conflict Facilitator & Mentor who empowers and supports you.

✓You want to learn about conflict transformation in your role as a Head teacher,Principal or Religious leader by attending a workshop to learn skills and triggers that empower you&others.

✓You want to go for a VIP one to one session that incorporates the concepts of Conflict Transformation

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Zahir shamsery

"How many people understand and care to "Building the bridge for peace " Go ahead and I salute you. "

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Jo's life has been peppered with tragedy and yet she has managed to forgive and move on with her life. I have been touched by her story and the work she does is incredibly important. She has sacrificed so much and helps so many people with scant regard for herself or her own needs. Generous, savvy, inclusive and nurturing, Jo Berry is someone who can teach paupers and kings a thing or too about hardship, fear, self-sabotage, anger, rage, and forgiveness, empathy, understanding, win-win and cooperation. Jo has courage, resilience and integrity. Her work is valuable and you will be hard pushed to find a corporate, a charity or a public sector body whose leaders and whose people cannot be inspired, learn from and take decisive action to improve their crucial relationships, eliminate conflict and demonstrate mutual respect. Invite her to speak at your events. Her story never fails to impress and move everyone who sees her on stage or meets her in person. Invite her to speak to your leaders and managers. Have her help your most troubled employees and maverick talent."

Susanne Palm

""Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself." (Dalai Lama) Jo Berry has a very special gift, the knowledge and ability how to forgive, to give humanity. When I first read Jo's blogs about half a year ago, her honesty almost scared me. Here was a human being able to totally open her heart and mind to the world and tell her own amazing story about violence, death and grief and also about empathy, love and forgiveness. Overwhelmed by her story, I was too shy to write her and when instead receiving the first very friendly message from Jo, I felt blessed. Jo has become a warm, supportive and true friend, always helpful and giving. Her forgiving and loving personality brings her and her important work all over the world, attending global conferences and international meetings about peace and forgiveness. I want to support Jo and her work of all my heart and will do everything I can to help in any possible way! Dearest Jo! Your work is indeed indispensable! "

Martin Dewhurst

"Jo is one of the most courageous women I know. Like most Mothers she bares the weight of her role with quiet dignity and warrior like stoicism. Unlike many people though, Jo has made a stand in the world towards peace and reconciliation. Her story is moving, personal and powerful beyond words. My strongest desire for her mission is the provision of unlimited funding so that her message can reach a much wider audience and therefore transform even more peoples lives around the world. Jo, your humility is inspiring, your bravery staggering and your commitment to your work inspires me every day. I'm honoured to call you my friend :-)"

Georgina Lester

"I first came across Jo when she posted an astonishing blog that really moved me in an extraordinary way. Reading "That Cup of Tea" was the beginning of a fascinating journey which even now, a year later still makes me feel that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what this woman is about. June 17th was the first time Jo and I met in person just before the Boardroom meeting in Wilmslow. What struck me at this first meeting was the apparent insignificance of our coming face to face whilst at the same time knowing that here is an extraordinary story that could so easily have been overlooked. Jo appears to be a pretty normal single mother bringing up three teenage daughters single handedly whilst working to make a life and business that can support her and her family. Amazing just how deceptive appearances can be! It is only on talking to her do you get to really appreciate the phenomenal strength and tenacity that she has within and begin to understand her determination of making her vision of a reconciled world a reality. Over the last twelve months we have got to know each other rather well and in that time, I have witnessed Jo's facade of 'ordinary' blossom into something extraordinary. Her internal power is emerging demonstrating her amazing capacity to keep striving towards her goals and persisting in making a difference to the world. Despite set backs, challenges and an incredible amount to do, she has retained her determination to keep going when many others would have no doubt given up. I am looking forward to her being able to demonstrate her full power and strength as she achieves all that she hopes to achieve. Every day takes her closer to making her dream a reality. It is an ambitious vision.Teaching others how they too can find peace in their hearts and demonstrate compassion to all those around them is no easy task. Her own incredible story will no doubt continue to inspire many others to find ways to rise above immense challenges including forgiving those perpetrators who have committed the most incredible and unimaginable crimes against their own loved ones. An amazing Ambassador for Peace. Inspirational. Dignified. Determined. Compassionate. Visionary. Now working with networks of others like her I have no doubt that they are already making a big difference to the world. If you get the opportunity to meet her, spend time with her or even support her then she will no doubt add something special incredibly to your life. Meet with her. Connect with her. Like and comment on her blogs and help her to share her story. You too can make a difference in this world just by being her friend."

Andrew Widgery

"I haven't even met Jo but my on-line exchanges compel me to shout about this extraordinary woman. Read her profile, it is a wonderful example of strength of character and courage; I can't wait to hear her speak! With such an inner strength you just know that any involvement with this inspirational woman will be based on the very best grounding, full of integrity and effective outcome. Highly recommended to have in your network "

William Buist

"I had the immense pleasure and privilege to spend a couple of hours with Jo and learn the detail of her story, her passion and compassion, her relationship with peace and reconciliation, and truth and honour. Jo's strengths need to reach out to more of us, she is a lady who has, is, and will, change the world through her tenacity. Sharing a cup of tea with her was one of the best things that has happened. Jo you know you can call out for help, support and guidance at any time and I wish you the very best for all your endeavours. Thank you."

Nic Oliver

"I've only met Jo on Ecademy; not yet had the pleasure of meeting her in person. What I can say is that she is a very brave and committed woman; just read her profile, what she has endured and how she's turned it into a positive. I count it an honour to be connected to Jo through our Ecademy networks."

Thomas Power

"Brave lady."


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