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Hi I'm John and I'm The Headshot Guy.  I specialise in creating captivating portraits that help female entrepreneurs and business professionals reflect success and attract opportunities.  

I started my photographic career in the Royal Ar Force culminating in the high flying role of Command Public Relations Photographer where one of the highlights was to officially photograph HRH Queen Elizabeth II at St James’s Palace, accompanied by 30 former equerries.  And as I didn’t end up in the Tower of London, I must have done a pretty good job...  

I then freelanced for The Times where I was commissioned to photograph world class sports stars such as David Beckham, Michael Schumacher and Jonny Wilkinson.  Now I focus my lens on professionals from the world of business, putting them in the spotlight.

I believe your professional headshot should convey confidence and approachability.  Enticing people to connect with you and find out more.  One of the keys to my success is my uncanny ability to connect with people on all levels, putting them at ease, enabling me to capture expressions that are authentic, natural and based on trust.   

My mission is to “Light People Up” and leave them with a photograph that has people saying “WOW, you look amazing...”  

I may shoot peoples’ heads, but I’m always aiming for their heart.  

Get in touch if you'd like a chat about how we can get your image working for you. 



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Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"Had a spontaneous moment at a recent Blackstar Old Skool day where John was offering to do some headshots .... I have already had all my profile and marketing shots taken - and I think they are great. I couldn't resist having another go to see if he could be that good twice .... Not bad for just 20 minutes under the gaze of his lens :) John, Sir, you are a genius :) many thanks"

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"OMG What a brilliant experience .... I would much rather be behind a camera than in front ! and while I understood how important a good image of you is (first impressions and all that) I was reluctant. For a paultry sum of money (don't tell John I said that) John made me feel comfortable and relaxed and the pictures are amazing I am so grateful and will be relaunching my new image shortly - watch this space thank you John :) "

Jonathan Harrison FCA

"John, with all good humour, provided with me with an almost instant service in my home before I left for vacation in order that I could speed up the completion of my book "Angels & Entrepreneurs" while I was away for publication by Ecademy Press. Highly recommended."

Ruth Edwards

"John is not only a consummate professional in his work but also a wonderful person to know and work with. His gentle yet strong and caring demeanour is complimented by a cheekiness and humour that puts everyone around him at ease. This is a unique gift which means that anyone who is nervous or unsure about having their photograph taken professionally, for whatever reason, will be assured of enjoying the photographic experience and leaving with a spring in their step as a result of the confidence he inspires in them. Take it from me John is one in a million.I am privileged to call him my friend."

Chris Farrance

"I dont normally do natural in photos - or the rest of the time for that matter. John worked assidously using his wide range of professional techniques to get an 'unforced' picture of me which I now use where possibel on my social media pages. It's always a pleasure to bump into him at networking meetings where I know the organisers will be is very capble lens!"

Georgina Lester

"John is a wonderful person who is an absolute pleasure to know. He is a talented photographer dedicated to his craft having an extraordinary passion for taking great pictures. Having been surrounded by photographers for most of my life - both my own father and many others in the world of fashion, I know what it is all about. Getting great results every time is never going to happen unless the photographer really understands his subject and of course, they need to have the technical abilities required to use a camera well too. Acquiring these talents can take many years of practice. John demonstrates both with great skill and expertise. I am not the easiest to photograph - far too easily distracted and have a propensity to have something to giggle about. Eventually he managed to get me to sit still long enough to be able to do a picture of me that I am actually rather pleased with - and that is a rarity. John not only has great photographic skills but he is a warm and generous hearted person. He will make you feel comfortable and at ease which for those who are camera shy will be a great relief. Getting our headshot right is vital for first impressions and is worth every penny spent. Thank you John - you are a fantastic guy and your work is greatly appreciated."

Cali Bird Baughan

"I am so pleased with the headshots that John did for me. On the day I was suffering from back pain and was in two minds whether to go ahead with the shoot. John was very gentle with me and gave me wonderful encouragement. In the end we had a really good session and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks John."

Louisa Miles

"I met John through a mutual friend and liked him immediately! After chatting about my new project he asked me if i had thought of having a head shot done? Within a month he turned a bag of spanners, that's me, into what I have been told, reflects my true self. Thanks John you truly are the maestro!"

Nighet Nasim Riaz

"I met John for the first time at Newbury at a lunch organised by Roger Vanstone and Steven Healey on Thursday. I found him funny, intelligent and totally a people's person. He is a magician with that camera and the way he interacts with you - its as if you are the most important person in the world - that takes skill and great understanding. He sees that 'something' in you and draws it out! I do hope I get to meet him again. A warm engaging human being who I will recommend highly to my friends and colleagues. Still floating a little - I got my photo taken by THE John Cassidy!"

Tom Evans

"I've known John for about a year now socially and you couldn't meet a nicer chap. He intrinsically understands networking and the power of getting to know first combined with unconditional giving. I had the privilege of working with him professionally on some new mug shots recently and my respect for him increased several times - not only does he know what he's doing but he knows how to get a silk purse from a sow's ear (namely my fizzog) ;-) If you want a profile picture that encapsulates the "essential-you", connect with John"

Rupert Honywood

"I used John a few weeks ago and I have to say that I never realised that you could take as many as 100 plus headshots and still get a variant of each to get say 30 shots of which all were good. John did an excellent job of making me feel relaxed and out of that I chose 3 shots which I wanted to keep and I have to say that John has done an excellent transformational job. The good news is that you can see the results on this site. I would highly recommend John for any person who wants to promote their personal brand or companies where their staff need to have a public profile. Thanks John. Much appreciated."

David Shirley

"I met John through Ecademy and made a decision to use his services when my business cards came up for reprint - that day was today. John helped me to relax into the session - he coached me through the expressions and poses he required. He was very professional, the time flew by and I enjoyed the experience immensely. John has a really nice way about him and is extremely good at what he does - highly recommended."

Tina Jonasen

" I find it very hard to find the words to describe this Amazing Man!! John is first and foremost a wonderfully kind, open, helpful and warm man - and on top of that a Highly Professional Photographer = The Best I have EVER met!!! (he could even get me to laugh during the photo shoot that he gave me = Me, who has the firm belief that those kinds of sessions is pure torture!!) Without even having interacted much online, previous to the "Social Media SM2 Reseller Retreat" at Warren House on the 28th of January 2010 - John picked me up at the airport, gave me a photo shoot (a Queen worthy), and then drove me to the Power House (out of his own way) - THAT IS REALLY TRUE NETWORKING !! The mix of being SOO kind and SOO professional in only 1 person is really rare - so do yourself the favor and network with this amazing man - AND have your profile photo taken by him (its almost to guarantee you more trusted networking, as John can really get the Real You out in the pictures!!!) With love and wishes for future Prosperous common Networking, "

LaRae Wilkins

"I was lucky enough to be able to meet up with John last month to get some long overdue photos taken. As an image consultant it is critical that I am able to demonstrate my craft through my own appearance. John's photographs were amazing. He somehow helped me to overcome my camera phobia and got so many incredible shots I was spoiled for choice. Aside from his professionalism, John himself was an absolute treat. Very professional, yet approachable. He made the session go very quickly indeed and a good time was had by all. I would recommend John's services to anyone. Kind regards, LaRae Wilkins First Impressions "

Steve Sharpley

"Hi John At long last I got down to getting those new head shots done after seeing examples of your work over the last year or so we've known each other. I've just uploaded my new profile photo. A fun experience and excellent results. I was very impressed with the number of good shots to choose from. More down to you than me. Have also appreciated the other helpful ideas and connections along the way. Many thanks. Steve"

Mark Perl

"Though we met before the Warren House retreat our relationship was cemented over those special two days. Warm, generous and a talented professional photographer, John inspires confidence in those he touches. Headshots will increasingly define our personal brand, as we manage our professional reputations across the web. After meeting the man, being photographed by the professional and being the recipient of the generosity of this community member, I am delighted to consider John a friend. I know you'll feel the same...."

Ruth Edwards

"John is a very warm and encouraging person who puts you quickly at ease. Even when I kept him waiting for over an hour due to the overrun of my previous appointment he still spent a great deal of time just chatting and establishing a rapport with me. He is professional, personable and enagaging himself and because of this he makes your time in front of the lens an enjoyable experience. He allocates plenty of time to you as the individual so there is no feeling of pressure, he is in tune with your needs or concerns and you feel at ease to express your opinion. In doing so you feel he is helping bring the best out of you and his passion for his craft is evident throughout - successful outcome for you is his priority Thankyou so much John! "

Jaime Steele

"At Thomas Power's social media retreat I was very fortunate to meet and make friends with this lovely, caring and genuine man. John took photos of me, had me laughing and I feel he really brought the best out in me. My wife thought they were great and that I looked really handsome! That's enough for me. John truly inspires confidence with his skill. I can't wait to meet him and get some more photos taken. Jaime P.S. I will get my new photo on my profile tomorrow so make sure to check it out."

John Brooker

"John took my photo at a photoshoot today. He had brought along his camera equipment to our Social Media retreat at Warren House. He has a real knack of making you relax and smile, one of the best photographers I have seen in action. He is warm, cares a lot about others and is very giving. Recommend you connect up."

Martin "Investment Property" Skinner

"John's a top man & supremely helpful ! :) Martin"

Sally Relton Shakespeare

"Through various Ecademy events, I met John and observed that his professional skills and attitude are matched by a gentle and lovable nature. I had discovered my core message through attending the two day social media retreat with Thomas Power, and knew I needed to let go of the past as defined by my profile photo - a feeling reinforced when John judged it 'Fuzzy, Faraway and Forgetful'. So I chose John to help me communicate my new-found core message to the world. The administrative side - quotation, date-setting and payment - were simple and easy. The 'studio' was simply a high chair surrounded with lighting equipment set up at the end of a generic meeting room within a modern office suite complex in beautiful surroundings near Bracknell. I had brought along my tennis bag containing rackets and far too many changes of clothes. But the decisions about what to wear kind of made themselves - I only had to run along to the ladies to change my top twice. Once in front of the camera, John's love of his work somehow shone through the dark round lens towards me, and made me relax and find the essence of myself despite having to hold slightly awkward-feeling poses. Within 24 hours of the studio sitting he sent me a link to the shots - what a myriad of different 'looks' there were .. but that's a different story. I thoroughly recommend John as a dependable sure-footed companion to have on the journey towards communicating your core message to the world in a more professional, personable and engaging way."

Steve McNulty

"I met John at an Ecademy event and was immediately drawn to his warm personality. He has recently photographed me and it was a fun and pleasurable experience. His work is first class and his care and attention to detail is second to none. I highly recommend John for his work and for his contribution to your network."

Manuel odabashian

"I know John only through internet e-mails via ecademy. Other photographers have given me advice but it has been of a comparibly minor nature. John gave me what he would probably consider also minor advice but has been much more meaningful and substantial so i would not hesitate to recommend him. He also offered to come along to my photo shoot to see how i got along. "

Thomas Power

"I've had a few months now to observe John and he is a marvel. Professional proactive kind and caring John knows what he's about and more importantly knows that he's in the process of building a network. He knows it takes time and he is going about it in a thoughtful considerate way. I have to say I am very impressed with the man first. As for the photos well they just inspire confidence in all those around them ;-)"

Milton Rodrigues

"John is a real Artist. A Master of his Craft, in fact. - & brings something of real value to every Ecademy member who wants to benefit from his expertise."

Andreas Wiedow

"With his PPE or FFF? series John does a great job in generating more and more great profile pics on this network and developing sensibility amongst members towards the importancy of pictures in general. Be that for his own benefit (which would be well deserved if you have a look at his past work) or just in terms of winning by sharing as you can see with this blog . . . My New Profile Photo . . . that directly derives from John's effort. A great mind in my book. Keep it up."

Doug Smith

"Knowing John will provide you with tremendous value. He is not only knowledgeable in his field, he is aware of the power of networks and how to use them for your benefit. Considering the paramount importance of a photograph and how to use one, it would be crazy not to connect with him. DS "

Sharon Connolly

"I've known John via networking for about 3 years now. Since then I've seen the excellent photographs that he's done for many networking colleagues and friends. When I needed new profile shots for my web presence, John was my first choice and I was delighted with the pictures. So delighted I actually purchased 20 of my images for media use. John's style is professional and relaxed. It's obvious he loves work. During a session with John you don't feel like he is working at all. It's like he's invited you into a little world where he's playing with his camera and seeing all the cool shots he can get. That might sound a bit odd, but as someone who has been photographed a lot I can really recommend working with John as an "experience" rather than a job."

Mona Youssef

"Thank you Jon for requesting to connect with me, my pleasure. We have common interest in art and will have successful communications Have a lovely Sunday Mona Youssef Fine artist"

Rob McCarthy

"It's a pleasure to be connected with John. Best regards, Attorney Rob McCarthy Please connect with me on: 1. 2. "

Bunny Parkinson

"YELLOW JOHN~ Thank you for your thoughtful connection~ Looking forward to getting to know your works~ HAVE A REWARDING WEEKEND~ Bunny~"

PeopleCoach Elizabeth M. Lengyel

"It takes a special blend of talent to capture your inner beauty in picture form. John has that talent. Essentially divine. "

MariƩme Jamme

"I have had my pictures taken by John, not only I had great time, but John took all the time that was needed and make me feel welcome and relax. I had a wonderful time, it was really FUN. Thank you John for being professional and kind. Highly recommended! Best Wishes! :-)"

Norman Feiner

"Haven't met personally or had an opportunity yet to avail myself of John's skills.... but every single photograph & sample of his work I have seen on Ecademy has been outstanding & a true testament to his undoubted abilities... Well done John! "

Thomas Power

"Wonderful person emerging in this place and finding his feet."

Liam Mifsud

"I would highly recommend John's work as a portrait photographer. He is very professional in his approach and the shots he took of me were as every bit as impressive in terms of quality as those in his portfolio of famous sports personalities and business leaders. If you want to upgrade your public image on line or in print, John should be your first port of call. Liam Mifsud"

Alex Reid

"I'd been searching around for ages for a local photographer who specialises in portrait photography. Thankfully I met John at a local networking event in Bracknell and was immediately impressed by the quality of his 60 second elevator pitch. He emphasised in a very simple way how important it is for solo business professionals like myself to have professionally taken photographs on our websites, Ecademy profile and other marketing materials. Having now visited John's studio at his house in Bracknell, I can honestly say the photography session was one of the best decisions that I've made recently. John has a knack of helping you to relax. Believe me when I say that whenever a camera is flashed in front of my face I freeze faster than a raindrop in the artic circle. However, after a few minutes I could feel my face starting to relax. Indeed by the end of session I was starting to feel like a bit of old pro. I'm now in the process of reviewing all of the photos that John. They are all of a very high standard so the challenge is sifting out the ones that I want to use on my website. If you're looking to spruce up your Ecademy photo and you live in or around Bracknell then I have no hesitation in recommending John. Alex Thebestof Bracknell "


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