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Muchina Thuo

"Good vision on going green. We need many more people like John who are offering solutions but not trouble makers. Kudos John."

Gabor Keller

"An intelligent and able businessman with interesting blog on base: international logistic"

John Paul

"John has impressed me on a number of occasions with his broad knowledge and appreciation for all things business and building industry related. John can identify and appreciate subtleties and qualities in architecture that are normally reserved for the trained mind and eye. However, I think what has most impressed me to date is John's ability to initiate action; through the Architects and Engineers forum here on Ecademy, through the offline meetings and proactive networking and through his own business accomplishments. John is a doer with a broad outlook - all of this and still a young man. I expect much is still to come. "

Capt. Mohit Batra

"John has just introduced himself and the blogs he's posted about India. I can only say that I am very impressed and am looking forward to networking with him and sharing knowledge and ideas."

Saravjit Singh

"John is very kind and concerned and ever wanting to be of help. He is an example of the finest that you would ever want to see in any human being. I admire him and love him at the same time. I am fortunate to be networked with him."

Mark Hayward

"John has been a fantastic help to me since I met him through Ecademy and subsequently face-to-face. A very bright and enthusiastic businessman, he offers friendly, high quality advice based on his own experiences and those of his strong network of contacts. Highly recommended."

Kevin Woodward

"Excellent service, many thanks John!"

Nick Ingram

"John Cave delivers. He offers, he means it, he DELIVERS!!"

RealSteveHolmes Fading away soon

"An intelligent and able businessman who also has a host of very human qualities. Thoroughly recommended."

Sanjay Arora

"Met John in Amritsar (India) during his trip here, with a few of his friends. Found him quite knowledgeable, even though he dashed my hopes of having a British High Tea in UK someday and told me I would find that the Indian Chicken Tikka as the BRITISH snack now ;-(( We exchanged a lot of Information about our respective countries and John offered to find for me, some logistics information that I wanted for a proposed e-commerce project in Europe, even though the individual shipment lots were too small to be any prospective business for him, ever! I think that's really generous. I hope we two have a good friendship over the years and are mutually useful in Networking."

Sue Harrison

"John has been a great contact, supporting my new business venture and giving good honest feedback. "

Rob Killen

"A smart smart cookie - astute, shrewd and highly skilled in the art of people and business management and who has the track record to back it up. John's an impressive business person - seeking agility, superior value and a customer relationship driven business, he's something of a rarity and is I suspect, destined for the top of his profession. Anyone wanting a glimpse of how it is done effectively should connect with John."

Roberta Pili

"Spontaneous person, I am glad to have John in my network. Just connect with him! Roberta Pili"

James Coakes

"John is a genuine businessman running a substantial business; it's worth making that distinction. I value his experience and enterprising nature. "

Mark Eaton

"It is rare for people to get a second testimonial from the same person but having spent two weeks working and travelling with John in India I can truly say he is one of the stars of Ecademy and felt that my first testimonial did not adequately summarise the esteem in which I hole him! John is one of the most honest, intelligent, funny, generous and professional people I have met and worked with. Watching John networking and doing business with the people we met during our trip was awe inspiring and I can whole heartedly recommend him to you as one of the best connectors (and nicest people) you will meet during your time with Ecademy. If you have not yet connected with and done business with John then you have missed out!"

Mehul Patel

"It was wonderful mtng Harj and Mark from the entourage of John...I deeply miss not been able to enjoy a Single Malt evening with John in person hopefully next time over a great cuban cigar. John I thank you for connecting."

Ashok Gupta

"It was a truly wonderful experience to spend some time with John, during his visit to New Delhi. A person who is open, frank, ready to share his experiences and ready to help co-operate. Witty, intelligent, knowledgeable, focussed. Good to know you better John. Ashok Gupta"

John F Galvin

"John is one of the smartest business people I have met, a decent, direct and honest guy who has a true entrepreneurial spirit and attitude."

Dave Clarke

"John builds profitable relationships which makes him a great asset in anyone's network. Talk to him about business and you will learn a great deal. "

Thomas Power

"John is one tough character but has an intimate gentle side when he allows his guard down. He prefers to challenge, question and doubt those around him. This makes him exciting to engage with because you have to have your wits about you to maintain the quality of interaction. A specialist in his field, full of knowledge and a growing pool of connections make John a must have in your Network. "

Tom Williamson

"John is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the world. He not only sees opportunities in everything, but he is able to make those around him feel motivated and excited about the opportunities available. John gave up his own time to present to a group of student entrepreneurs i help, he was eager to go the extra mile and found time to speak with many of them until much later than agreed. In networking you get what you give, i think the reason John is so successful at what he does is because he truly does give as much as possible to those around him. I highly recommend you network with John. Tom Williamson Floppynet Ltd"

Mark Eaton

"I can't believe I had not already written John a testimonial as I spend a lot of time recommending him to people in my network! John is a true professional and an expert in his field with both the ability to think strategically about the future (and form the right partnerships) and also to operate, when needed, at the expert delivery level. A truly great Ecademists and one of the good guys!"

Phil[customs duties) Brigstock-Bates

"John and I met recently and 2 hours flew by in a very wide ranging and expansive discussion. John loves to network and gives freely of his time, knowledge, skills and perspective. Very positive and upbeat, opportunity and connectivity seeking, but clearly highly principled and a person of great integrity. Meet him! best regards Phil "

Gwynne Richards

"Met up with John recently - he's very focussed and knowledgeable in his field of logistics. An excellent networker, very enthusiastic and a good contact to have!"

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Never had the pleasure to meet John, but am looking forward to meeting him someday. God Bless You John. Love Rajesh 07837 895052 +44 (0) 1785 256797"

John Standaloft

"John is an infectious enthusiast who clearly loves connecting with people. It was a pleasure to meet him recently and a highly motivating and uplifting experience. For such a young man he clearly has well developed business acumen and an excellent understanding of the (unselfish, give before you receive) benefits of networking. I would strongly recommend him as a top addition to anyone's network. John Standaloft"

Dylan Jones

"John is simply a great guy and a pillar of the ecademy community. Strong on morals, generous of his time and provides invaluable advice on areas way beyond his vast knowledge of logistics. Having witnessed his business firsthand it is clear to see why him and his organisation stand out from the crowd, the quality of his people and service are world-class. Connect with him, you won't regret it."

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"John is a prolific networker and a truly intuitive solution provider. I am delighted that we finally had a chance to meet up. John is great fun and exudes experience way beyond his years. His knowledge of logistics is immense, but he also has the skill of turning his hand to virtually anything and if he doesn't know the answer he always knows someone who does. You need to be connected with him."

Frank Kanu

"John is a leader. Not only does he know how to do business but he is well aware of the challenges one faces when leading people. And John knows how to master them and how to motivate those around him. Like every true leader John listens and is willing to implement changes."

Ian Plumbley

"John is a tireless and committed networker and business man, you will benefit by getting to know him, not only does he excell in his feild of logistics his mind easily stretches to accommodate any challenge... just don't mention his record collection. Get connected, he is one of the best guys to have in your network."

Roger Tuff

"Meeting John Cave was a great experience and for someone who has youth on his side, very quickly demonstrated he has vision and the business experience to see the "big picture". I would like to take this opportunity to wish him every success for the future. Roger Tuff"

Roger Vanstone

"Very occasionally you get to meet a real gem through Ecademy. Today I met John who besides being a really nice guy who is extremely good company, has outstanding business acumen that he has used exceptionally well, he is a quick mind and can see through the clutter to get to the core of the situation immediately. A great taste in music and extremely well travel his only down fall is his taste in football teams, but everyone is allowed one error of judgement. If you get the opportunity to connect with John, do so, because the time will be well spent."

Fraser Hay

"John Cave is a formidable character and master of his art in the field of logistics. His organisation and network of dedicated professionals can help you source and deliver anything to anywhere in the most direct, cost effective route possible. In short, "Worldwide, If you want it from A to B, Speak to John C." "

Ann Moore

"The word is overused these days but entrepreneurial actually applies to John. He sees opportunities and does something with them; he's a dependable, honest, solid man with sound judgement. Helpful and caring and very likeable- a good man to work with- I recommend him without reservation"

Simon West

"John has a wealth of knowledge and experience - meet him and learn from him!"

Brian Marcel

"John is a pleasure to meet. I admire someone who makes an effort to meet up with people he has never known on the off chance there might be some mutual benefit. Takes a lot of guts. So does putting yourself out on a limb to run a business. More power to you John. You will succeed. Take care Brian"

Michael-Don Smith

"Clarity Direction Speed Reliability Huge CapacityJohn Cave is a young man of achievement beyond his years. In a single conversation with John I gained insights that helped me resolve a business issue and a personal issue as a relaxed by product of a getting to know you lunch. His reputation for delivering value continues to grow rapidly... you know what demand does for price and availability... so get to know him soon and well. With Huge Regards Don Smith"

Chris Griffin

"John is a logistics superstar - ++"

Michael McNulty

"John is bulls*** real insight and a great sense of humour. Meet this bloke!"


"I was good to have met John after trying to arrange our diaries for a while. Great conversation good lunch and I'm sure John will prove to be a fun business partner. "

Guy Massey

"John is one of the most ecclectic of people here on Ecademy. I am really glad we got to meet up at last. I wonder at his CD collection - is there any finer in the land? He could run his own radio station. (now there's a thought - what do you think John?) A must on your list of "have to get to knows" in Ecademy!! "

Akhil Shahani

"Even though I've never met John face to face, he comes across as dynamic & VERY helpful. I think he exemplifies what a true BlackStar should be. If this world was an episode of Blackadder, he'd be Lord Flasheart ;-)) Definitely need to buy him a drink, next time I'm in London!"

Jonny Restrick

"I'm really pleased John and I finally managed to meet face to face. In only a couple of hours, I am convinced John and I will be friends and I have no doubt we will do business together. Before the end of our meeting, John was already passing referrals to me having gained a good understanding of my business. This guy has networking sussed, I picked up a few useful tips that have helped me out and saved me time already! John is a genuine, sharp, intelligent bloke who is focused on delivering. I have no hesitation passing any of my most valued contacts on to John. If you have not connected with him, invest some time and do it now! "

k s

"Having spoken to John several times on Ecademy, I had a chance to meet with him today ..... What can I say ? .... Well I'm now going to be appointing him the position of my own personal mentor. Enough said ? Thank you John"

Anna French Chamber Taylor

"It ws great to meet John finally after connecting on the Ecademy. A very pleasnt and interesting person. Westhaven's knowledge of France will prove a great asset in building and devloping contacts with exporters."

Andrew Horder

"John's enthusiasm is infectious, and his integrity shone through our 2hr+ conversation. If you need to bring goods in from abroad, John will have the solution - I've been working in importing for some time, but even so John came up with a very good suggestion I hadn't thought of."

Nick 'Mr Content' Saalfeld

"What an absolutely top chap- tremendously helpful, able and a pleasure to talk to. John; thanks so much for your assistance! Nick"

Rory ROR Murray

"I met John today for an extended period. This guy is way ahead of his years and still demonstrates huge potential for greater things - if you haven't connected with him yet, I recommend you do something about it! He's well connected, generous with his time and very enjoyable to spend time with. All the best John - you deserve every bit of success life will throw at you! R"

Matthew 'Hotels for Sale' Barnett

"Having met online some months ago and having spoken on the phone a number of times, I at last met John recently. Meeting him face to face was great, and I am continually impressed with his energy and enthusiasm for networking and helping people. He has assisted me on a number of occasions to great effect, for which I am grateful. It's a pleasure to know you John. Matthew "

Grant of the HoBB

"Anyone who knows of Prof. Jack Cohen is, in my book of chaos and complexity, "Excellent", but I can only find "Good" as a rating on Ecademy for the moment. I will return and see if I can create a double good in this testimonial section of John Cave's Profile. I have also read all the testimonials below and in my view, they only tell half the story and the sequel will be even better. "

Simon Warman-Freed

"Having met John I was taken by his excellent grasp for business for someone so young. John is and will continue to be very successful. He cares about people, has high ethical and moral standards, and is a pleasure to be with. If you get the opportunity to do business with John or can recommend him to your contacts, you won't be let down. "

Gloria Payge VAMC

"Wow, what can I say? John is a man of his word. A pleasure to be acquainted!"

Patrick J Baillie

"John is a motivated and effective networker. A balanced and straight forward person only too willing to help. He is well known and highly regarded in the networking community."

Christopher Osborne

"Don't be deceived by the young face, John is a mature, highly polished, professional networker who understands the underlying principle of effective networking - give first to receive. A privilege to be connected with such a motivated person. "

Gaelle Roche

"John is passionate about transport and finding solutions for you to deliver safely and at the best service. He will change the way you see transport companies! He has certainly impressed me with his professionalism."

Simone Nelson

"A true Ecademic - a most willing and helpful young man - who passes on his best advice even if it means the business does not come to him! Which is what it is all about I believe!"

Manjit Morjaria

"Thanks John, Quick to reply, provided useful local networking information. Manjit {Leo's Group} "

Nigel Reynolds

"John gives his age as 26 which may lead you to think that he is too young for you to do business with. You could not be more wrong. Although he is young (well compared to me at least) he is increadibly mature in his approach to business and the way that he deals with the people he meets. Doing business with John will be one of the best decisions you will have ever made."

Hayley Hall

"John is a fab guy who does everything he can to help and advise. A great person to connect with and get to know better. Hayley Hall"

Jeremy Wright

"John has been an absolute star for me. He has made me feel extremely welcome and is proactively helping me to understand ecademy and build my connections. He is great fun and you should definately contact him."


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