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Joney Tong


Wholesale Freswater Pearls Beads ,Pearl strings, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Jewerly, Pearl findings from regal pearl. We welcome you to visit us in CP&J market in Zhuji ,the captial of pearls in China. JoneyTong YIWU YIYUN JEWELRY CO.,LTD Regal Pearl(Zhuji Office) B1112 CP&J CITY,Shanxiahu, Zhuji 311804, Zhejiang,CHINA Tel. +86 13506815719 / +86 575-87686-675 Fax +86 575-87686-675 E-Mail: Alibaba:



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Ramesh Shankerlal

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Adelino Cesar L. Costa Silva

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Gerner Petersen

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Martin Freeman

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Victor Marques

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Alex Truchot

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Wild Bill Jones

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Grant of the HoBB

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