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Thanks for visiting -- please do ask if I can be of any help, or even if you just wanted to say hello. The picture of me shows one of the more arduous aspects of corporate event photography (at a 20/20 cricket match) Good quality photography isn't a luxury's often the first thing that a prospective client or customer notices about your business. Keep an eye out for bad photos and think if you'd want them promoting -your- business? I'm a commercial and landscape photographer. My photos help you to get your messages across, and I really enjoy taking them too :-) Since I believe that anyone can take better photos I'm happy to teach people to improve their own property photography and product photography. Latest Northlight Images website news at Twitter The picture of the new theatre in Leicester below will be one of the first images you see getting off a train at Leicester - it was chosen to help promote my city as somewhere that's got a lot of new development in progress. I want to go great places, meet interesting people and take lots of photos while I'm doing it - maybe you can help me achieve this? Have you got a project that would benefit from top class photography? Have a look at more of my work and just give me a call... I'm also looking for interior designers/galleries who want to show my work or include it as part of their offerings. I run the Photography Business and Services Ecademy club - it's for anyone who's business is connected with photography or who wants to find a professional photographer. Have a look at some examples below, or visit my website to see more. The Black and White Seattle print to the right was part of a set of 30"x20" prints for an office lobby. I've a wide range of fine art prints available for residential and commercial use - what do you need? Read on ... for more of my pictures, who I am and what I do... ... or even, just visit my Landscape gallery and enjoy some of the pictures (updated with 300+ pictures October 08). More about me.. I've had a number of careers, some of which still provide a useful if erratic income. These include being a provider of original thinking services to companies (most recently Microsoft ;-) ). I also used to be ... a geologist, underwater engineer, human factors researcher and electronics designer. I still tinker with electronics a bit, and have some nifty designs for multi-stage water/air powered rockets (lots of lemonade bottles). One thing - I don't work on Thursdays. It's when I have my piano lessons. What's the point of running your own business, working all kinds of hours, if you can't just say "No, sorry, I'm busy that day"... My partner Karen runs Silvertree Bridal Jewellery, and pinches my cameras to do all her Jewellery photography! I'm just back from Colorado - this photo is from my Colorado travel diary/photoblog I kept covering the trip Aspen trunks and fall foliage, colorado Aspen trunks - Fall Colours in Colorado - October 2008

Commercial Photography for your business

Commercial services Advertising, web site images, almost any type of photography your business might need. Lots of details and example images on Northlight's commercial photography web pages. Hotel and 'Lifestyle' photography Interior photography for hotels, bars, restaurants and resorts, including location based food photography. There are full details on the hotel and interior pages. Corporate Event and Venue Photography Photography services are available for corporate events and hospitality where we provide clients with high quality images for publicity and promotional purposes. The number one aim here is to capture the atmosphere and convey much more than just a record of who was there. restaurant food photography by Keith Cooper Location food photography. Interior Photography Interior photography for designers, architects and housing developers. interior photography by Northlight Images Construction / Architectural Photography Architectural project photography for designers, architects and housing developers. construction photography by Northlight Images The new Curve Theatre in Leicester Leicester Curve Theatre by Northlight Images Landscape Photography Northlight provides commercial landscape photography for brochures, events and exhibitions. We also provide large fine-art prints for domestic and corporate clients. Training / education / presentations bath ducksYou can take bettter pictures yourself! Many corporate clients want to take their own photographs for internal and web use. Northlight Images offers training to help you get the most out of the equipment you already have and can help you decide whether it is truly adequate for your needs. At Northlight we are not worried by the prospect of people doing their own photography -- we know that our clients value the creative insight and technical skills that come as standard in all our commercial photography The Northlight site has specific web pages covering: A lot of people are trying to bring an understanding of colour management to their business. The advantages, such as 'getting it right first time' can quickly translate into a quicker turnaround -- and increased profitability. However, there is still a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to how to best introduce such changes. I hope that helps give an idea about the variety of work I cover as a professional photographer. In fact I enjoy doing most sorts of photography -- but I do -not- do weddings! (or studio portrait work). I produce large fine art prints for commercial and residential use, available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Give me a call if you need a professional photographer for web or print use -- or just give me a call anyway, I'm always happy to chat to fellow Ecademists! I took quite a few years to decide what to do when (if :-) ) I grow up, and since becoming a professional photographer, I have to say it's the best decision I've ever made - that and deciding to actually believe people when they said I took damn good photos... I'm also Vice Chairman of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) in Leicester, where we have over 700 members in the city alone. Northlight commercial photography Take better pictures yourself... 'Giving back' some of my knowledge by teaching people to take better photographs is an important part of my philosphy (it is easy -- really) I'm a qualified adult tutor and enjoy the challenge. The Northlight Images web site has many of my photographs and lots of information, articles and tutorials. It even includes (free) web versions of several of my introductory digital photography courses. There are Ecademy articles on using your photos for the web and an introduction to colour management. Just to show that professional photographers can still have fun with photography, have a look at how to make a lens for your £5000 digital camera with toilet paper tubes and bee wings are hairy - stuff not to stick in your film scanner Fixing -your- Ecademy profile picture Is your picture not quite as good as it could be? I do a lot of image processing work and can often produce dramatically better looking pictures to go with your profile. It usually only takes me a few minutes, so I'm happy to do it for people (for free, just ask! :-) ) Can I help? -- Presentations and talks I regularly give (technical and non-technical) presentations and lectures about aspects of photography and digital imaging for companies, clubs and business networking events. I've even managed to get a whole room full of estate agents to take better pictures of houses. I'm always happy to chat about photo matters with people, so do feel free to ask! Come to think of it, I'm happy to chat about most things :-) If you want a speaker for an Ecademy or other business networking meeting, I'm happy to come along -- the 15 minute guide to taking better holiday photos can't guarantee you won't cut heads off, but at least the rest of the picture may be more interesting... Keith Cooper holding one of his landscape prints Myself, holding one of my large prints. Click on the image to enlarge in a new window. Help please... I'd welcome contacts with anyone you think might make use of my commercial photographic skills. I'd also appreciate a chat with anyone who manages to sell images/prints over the web. Most of my sales come from direct physical viewing of prints. How do you convey some of the emotional impact of a framed 45cm x 65cm print on a web page? How you could -really- help... If you know any galleries or potential outlets/display opportunities for my large black & white and colour landscape prints. I'd really appreciate a call (free print of your choice if it comes off :-) I've provided sets of prints for commercial interior design in offices and restaurants and have many more images available than you see in the landscape gallery on the website. Some of my work... The Suffolk Coast - Shingle Street The Suffolk coast by Keith Cooper - professional landscape photographer Entropy Photographic exhibition of Keith Cooper's work at Entropy, Leicester Here is a view of an exhibition I'm currently running at Entropy in Leicester Interior Photography kitchen photography Kitchen and house extension professional interior photography Show flat - photographed for property developer lighting detail Light fitting detail - photo shoot for an interior design agency Vista - working for the visually impaired in Leicestershire and Rutland A helping hand - VISTA the charity for the blind in Leicestershire and Rutland Industrial photography Industrial photography from northlight Images Hood Canal, Washington State, USA Hood Canal, Washington state, USA Some of my travels in Colorado (actually one of them is Loch Lomond, Scotland :-) Colorado travels A collection of pictures - all available for building your own custom Calendar A picture from a recent exhibition - boiling mud at Yellowstone Bubbling mud at Yellowstone Click on photo to go to a page with all the photos from the exhibition Jazz at the Looking Glass in Leicester Late Jazz at a local bar (promo pic for bar - an A2 size print) I was asked for an eye catching image for promoting Jazz at a particular venue... Saxophone and leg Another promo pic :-) And a bit more about me - for anyone getting this far :-) You are Trinity- You are Trinity, from "The Matrix." Strong, beautiful- you epitomize the ultimate heroine. What Matrix Persona Are You? (Isn't psychometric testing wonderful ;-) ) There's a longer bio and more about me on the Northlight site. Always looking for the different view... (and visiting some nice places to try and find it:-) )



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Gregor P. Lehmann

"Dear Keith, Really appreciated to be connected with you by the ecademy. Looking forward for a mutually beneficial relationship. Welcome to the network. Greetings. 8-) Gregor P. Lehmann "

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Keith as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Carmen Gilfillan

"Hi Keith, Great profile page, and some cool pictures of Leicester too! All the best and stay in touch! Regards, Carmen Gilfillan"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'm proud of you in my fast growing group! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my reliable help, if you'll come! Warm regards, Andrea Turcsányi Fly Then Smile Dental Service Budapest, Hungary "

Lutti Anderholm

"Be sure to connect with Keith, a fantastic person and an exellent networker!! Lutti"

Paul Hatch

"Keith, If I could be to health education what you are to photography, then I'd be very happy and successful. Keep up the good work you're doing for fellow Ecademy members. Paul "

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"Keith, Glad to have you in my network. `Boiling mud at Yellowstone`, my God, what an amazing picture, I love it! I´m really looking forward to hearing from you, what a great photographer you are. Claudia visual artist "

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Keith on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Merold Mueller

"I rated him good, because he is a great networker!"

jacqueline madders

"Haven't met Keith but I think his work is outstanding, another Ansel Adams, rare and highly gifted. "

Ian McKenzie

"Helpful to a "newby" on ecademy."

Malcolm Sales

"Keith is very knowledgeable in all things to do with printing for photographers. Reading his pearls of wisdom on his website has helped me enormously. He is also very handy with his own camera:)"

Robert WoW De Souza

" I have yet to meet Keith but must confess that I love his talent and way of promoting his business. As they say a picture paints a thousand words and when you visit his profile you will learn how? I wish Keith every success as he is passionate about helping people and sharing his gifts to make a difference. Namaste."

Rich Guard

"Keith's outstanding photographic art is world class. I look forward to seeing more of his work."

David Hall

"Whilst looking for a printer for my better half to produce prints from artwork, I stumbled across Keith's in-depth review of the 4880. Still being unsure as to it's suitability, I took the liberty of asking some questions. Not only was his response extremely prompt, but he was most helpful in his advice/suggestions. It's service like that which stands out in my mind when it comes to recommending companies to others. Regards, Dave H."

Denise Raynor

"Thanks for a prompt response to my message and offer of help..............Keith you personify a great Networker.........anyone out there looking for honesty and integrity in a've found it!"

Rebecca Parsley

"Great pictures and a nice friendly guy - look forward to keeping in touch, Keith."

Lingaraj Ra

"I visited Keith's profile; Its live show. Fantaustic pictures; keep it up. Best wishes from Lingaraj :) "

Victor Marques

"Keith is a fantastic networker that can help you with amanzing pictures...the eyes have got great power....I will be happy to see you day and have a photo with you with some bottles of my great wines....Life is about farming and planting seeds.... I wish that all your dreams will come true.... Kindest regards from the best region for Port Wine....Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Ricky Turrell Event Photographer

" Had a good chat to Keith the other day he knows his cameras and the techi stuff on printer profiles etc. His photography is not bad either infact its great."

Karl Craig-West

"Keith took my Ecademy profile photo and has also taken a number of photos for various events that I've run over recent months. Thanks Keith and keep up the great work. Cheers, Karl "

Eric "Business Scene" Hearn

"Keith, Thank you for your help and such a quick response. I'm glad that you like the Ansel Adams reference. Eric "

Graham Frost

"Keith, Thanks very much for editing the picture of me which now has pride of place on my Ecademy profile. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Keith to anyone who is looking for a photographer. Graham Frost."

Cliff Jenkins

"Brilliant, Keith took a poor photograph of me and just sorted it out. I don't know how much time he put into the task, just that he was very successful. Well done Keith and thank you. Cliff"

Simon West

"Stunning photos and check out the resources on Keith's site - may even make a photographer of me!! Thanks, Simon"

Stephen York

"Keith Just had a chance to view your profile. Stunning photos, particularly the b/w ones. Suffolk beach is my favourite. Regards Stephen York"

Marie "Photoshop" Bowdler

"Stunning photos!! Marie Bowdler"

Grant of the HoBB

"Ahhhhhhhhh a fellow "Always looking for the different view" type ecademist ! Keith Keith Keith -- That profile of yours .... I understand it Rod Wood suggested that I might place my Mac question with you but as I noticed you are also "Photo-Guru-Man" and "MS Creative Thinker-Guru-Man" as well, then heck, I may as well send you every question I have in the world (3). You might have 3 matching thoughts for these - they are up on my profile at time of writing but this updates These are them : ............ File transfering Mac to PC ? I have never thrown away my dear Mac II ci system 7.0 because it still has on it loads of text files (Quark) and images in .tif .jpeg and .gif formats. I now work on PC Win 98 and XP . I have found no way of transfering from this mac to PC, ideally by linking the two so if a fellow Ecademist knows the recipe, I'd love to know it or be pointed in the right direction please. 35mm (mounted/ glued) colour slides images onto disk in .tif or .jpeg format ? I have over a thousand reference slides of my illustration and design work on 35mm colour slides and want them on disk. Has anyone come across a UK bureau that can scan mounted/ glued slides in such bulk numbers at a reasonable price i.e. without unmounting and remounting them which puts up the cost. Waco or similar Graphics tablet on demo ? I would like to 'have a go' with an A4 sized graphics tablet to see what they are like before buying one but none of the shops I have found yet seem to demo them. If anyone knows a demo system that's set up with photoshop installed, especially in the Midlands (? Nottingham area ? ) I'd love to know about it as I'm still drawing stuff out on my drawing board then scanning it in .. removing background etc. so need a shorter route to produce images. So there's some of the "picture" seen from my angle . If you want anymore of the picture, you are welcome to pop over and visit us anytime (Ahhhhhh the true spirit of "A person on your network in EVERY country) as we are in Wales! Grant and Helen :):)"

Tim Strafford-Taylor

"I’d like to invite you to join the Nottingham ecademy This is planned as a networking group for business people in Nottingham and the surrounding area, based on the ecademy model. It is planned to hold regular networking events at local venues, with guest speakers, and a chance to meet with other business people in the area. We will work in close cooperation with the Midlands ecademy based in Birmingham, possibly with a joint schedule and alternating event venues. At this moment I am canvassing for interest. If I can gather a critical mass I will then be able to progress. At this stage all this means for you is following the link and joining the club! Please help me get this moving, and see if we can create a valuable forum for business networking in the area. Apologies for the unsolicited contact, but I want to cast the net as wide as possible in the interest of getting this moving. I hope you will sign up and help me create a valuable forum for business networking in the area. If you don’t, I promise you won’t hear from me again (!). If you have any questions, or want more information, please do give me a call or drop me a message. Regards Tim "


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