Lars Larsson

Lars Larsson


What I'm offering Through my companies CREADEV and Creative Action AB I help small and medium sized businesses to become more profitable and successful, quickly and efficiently. Together, we continuously develop your qualitative competences, opportunities, markets and every imaginable area of your business. IF YOUR AMBITION IS TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS AND CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES PLEASE READ THIS. When you are looking to change and improve, the areas you most likely need to focus on are: o Cash flow o Financing o Marketing o Sales activities o Working processes and systems o Keeping information current and adequate o Planning an exit strategy o Time and priority management o Loneliness in deciding and planning o Goals and visions o Profitability I work as a consultant at top management level. The company's three specialist competences are leadership, strategy, and tactics; these inform all the other business consultancy that we offer. We also have access to a strong global business advisor network with over 5.000 associates. What I'm looking for Business partnering, consultancy work, knowledge sharing, networking, identifying and setting up local agents/distributors for foreign suppliers. What I'm doing Owner and director of CREADEV with the aim and objective to bring to small and medium sized companies the most practical advice. About myself in general My whole working life I have been handling issues about how to create an efficient organization, how to make profit or more profit, how to take care of the human capacity and let the staff's know-how be a (perhaps) unexpected resource. I must say I really love it. It's a very exciting process to transform a bad financial status into a profitable one, or to help a successful business find even greater profitability. I'm goal oriented and like to see things happen. My practical approach is supported by a strategic interest in economic and organization theory. Together with this I'm also an understanding person. I think this is a very important part of one's personality, especially as a leader in a company. This means that I can help people get people back on track so that they realize their goals. Nowadays I'm working with small and medium sized companies as a business advisor. I'm an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business. This is a fascinating work to be able to help these entrepreneurs creating a profitable business. I'll do that together with my over 5000 colleagues worldwide, all with top management background. Groups and associations I´m member of: BNI Brf Liljan in Stockholm Odd Fellow Rotary Borgen, Stockholm Ratio research institute Stockholm, Sweden Skattebetalarnas Förening (Taxpayers´ Association) VD-stödet, Sweden I´m also Fellow and Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business Countries I have visited: create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide Lars Larsson Fellow and Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business tel: +46 70 239 98 19 email: Skype: lars.larsson2



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Mona Youssef

"Dear Lars, It is my pleasure accepting the connection with you. You seem to be very expert and confident of your services and I do look forwrad to successfully communicating with you. Respectfully Mona Youssef"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"Thank You Lars for the JOIN :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! "The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea..." by Mr. Victor Marques Thank you for the Ecademy Holistic Club join :) Don't be forgotten ! The safety is more welcomed :) :) :) Best, Julius The Openeyed Daydreamer "

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"Honorable Mr. Lars Larsson is one of the most lucid and salient intelligent mind in the world of business and management. His integrity in unimpeachable and incontrovertible. I support Lars without any mental reservation at all. Andres Agostini"

Victor Marques


Steve Dufourny

"Hello Mr Lars Larsson, You are welcome. Sorry for my late answer ,I am rarely on Ecademy.Naima is real universalist and she works hard with his platform ,Transqure.My aim is to make the best synergies between the systems to help our fellow man ,that is why I organize the creation of an international humanistic sciences center focus on priorities.The adapted productions seem very imprtant to solve localy.I discuss about my theory too on the platform ,FQXi,an innovant and revolutionary platform in physics,theoretical and foundamental physics.There you can see my different posts with a bad english hihiihi sorry but I evolve.I have discussed about the sciences center ,I think that the skills in sciences are an important piece for the best results . Thank you very much for your message Regards Steve"

Steve Dufourny

"Hello , Nice to meet you ,I am writing here because I can't reply in fact .I use rarely Ecademy ,I have been invited . Thanks for your message .I see you live in Sweden. Do you know a friend ,The Dr Naima Benali ? Best Regards Steve"

Gyula Julius Reznicsek

"For the Friend Lars The pleasure is on my side for being you fiend here In Ecademy... If will be needed I will be more than a happy to be of the help to you in a next year too :) Yes, The Impossible takes a little bit more longer.... Lets UNITE 100's of nations.... Lets UNITE 100's of nationalities...... ALL AROUND THE CLOCK ! The world could be a better place... No countries, only one race... No borders, only tropical trees... NO oceans, only one sea... by Mr. Victor Marques Please find below some gift my friend for a share... Bcause We Are One Family... :)Helping Others Online :) and Hierarchy of Needs Up to Down... :)POOL WORLD Supersedes THE PUSH WORLD :) :) :)Are The Naysayers Afrighten From The Changes ? ? ? :(Dire We Talk About The Problem ? ? ? :( Merry Christmas and I wish to You and to Your Loved Onesthat all Your Dreams come true in 2010 :) :) :) Our Regards from the town of Kecskemet, Hungary :) Julius & Kris :( The Online Socialization of the New Gen ? ? ? :) Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Martin Luther KingWhat About the Educational Establishments ? ? ? :( :( :(I Cant Understand... :( May Be You Can..."

david seow

" Hi, nice to know you. I am bilingual in English and Chinese. Especially I am good in Chinese, in speaking, reading and writing. If you are looking into exploring your business in China, I will be most suitable person for you. You may email to thank you "

Victor Marques

" "

TechVisionary Andres Agostini (Andy)

"Lars Larsson is not only a prominent business thinker but also a remarkable noble person. For the own good sake of the Ecademy community and beyond, Lars addresses business advising optimally, by discerning best practices as to leadership. I recommend Lars to the utmost and without any mental reservation at all. For the ecademician constituency having the ever-helpful and kind Lars on board is a great distinction and privilege. If I were to make a respectful suggestion, please contact him and network with him. I will be honoring his kindest invitation without a fail to visit him in Stockholm. For any future Scandinavian business initiative, Lars counts with my first option already. He, too, is the greatest plenipotentiary ambassador of good will on behalf of the splendorous Swedish nation! Best regards, Andy (Andres Agostini) - Ich Bin Singularitarian! High-Tech Visionary and Method Developer/Proprietor of: "Transformative And Integrative Risk Management" - Blitzkrieg, Organizational Strategist/Scenarist, et. al. (Main Site) (Alternate Site) (Success Tenets) (Press Room) At = Arlington, Virginia, USA "


"thanks sir Larsson to meet you like contact because your are smartly to respond my emails warm regards! amoa bourahima ouattara mise en relation d'affaires internationales skype: kalia74"

Bob Nicoll

"Lars is a wonderful networker that I met the privlege of meeting in the sparkling Douro Valley, Portugal. Fellow BlackStar Victor Marques welcomed several Ecademy and BNI members to his Flor de Monte Hotel in the valley. We celebrated new friends and excellent wines. Lars is a valuable asset to your company and he brings years of corporate knowledge to the table. Best of success, Bob"

Emma Crabtree

"Great to meet you in the Douro, Lars! Lars is warm, good humoured with a great attitude towards networking, business and life in general. I hope we'll keep in touch."

Nicholas Collis

"Lars, whom I met in Oporto last week, has great integrity with fine standards and a good sense of humour. It's a true privilege to be associated with you Lars and many thanks for kindly offering to help. Much enjoyed your company in the Douro Valley & I hope we'll meet again before long. Warm regards & best wishes for your prosperity, Nicholas"

Clara Noble

"Ray and I met Lars in the famous weekend in the Douro valley! He is an intelligent man, a great networker and one of the reasons that made the week end so special! All the best, Clara "

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Lars Larsson for coming to Douro Valley.. Please enjoy the video.. One of my poems.. Douro Valley! On the hills with love on the air... The fight in Douro is not fair... In the Rabelo boat they will share,,, Vineyards lovely in that sunny days, Poor children don't have to pay... Our heart live up somewhere, Its Douro river always kind and fair! The sky is so happy and blue... We are great people it's true, We love you and we will share, You can touch the original land, Kindest regards to you and the ones that you love and care! Victor Marques "

Neville Daniels

"I am glad to count Lars as one of my contacts in my network. Lars is a much appreciated part of it. Best wishes. Neville A. Daniels World-Wide Business Learning and Personnel Development "

Zahir shamsery

"Greetings, Thank you for accepting me as your friend. Congratulation for having you in network. Please and stay in touch and let us prove our self dependable and trustworthy friend. Time will show us path. Kind regards, Zahir shamsery "

Fredrik Goldhahn

"Hej Lars, Väldigt kul att se så många svenskar på som gör nätverkandet här extra intressant! Tveka inte att kontakta mig om det finns något jag kan göra för dig. Allt gott och ha en fortsatt fin dag, Fredrik Goldhahn Köksbutik på internet med Kockknivar & Köksredskap - Nöjda kunder på över 380 orter från norr till söder! Showroom på Hamngatan 15 b - öppet måndag till fredag efter överenskommelse. Kontakta Kundservice 013 - 465 56 11 alt Kundservice för mer information."

Gerner Petersen

" Dear Lars Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in my friends list. Feel free to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you. :) I will keep in touch. Kind Regards Gerner"

Shabrez Nawaz

"Lars is amazing person - so warm, friendly and helpful! He is real Ecademist. I am very glad to be a part of your network, Lars Warmest regards, Shabrez"

Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

George Joseph

"Dear Larsson, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

Arnold Utama

"Lars is a good networker. I'm honoured to be connected to him. I'm positive that we could find mutual benefits in future. Arnold"

Toon Kerssemakers

"Thanks also for connecting. Your profile is impressive. And it is a honor and a pleasure for me to be a member of your network. Looking forward to further contacts. Best regards Toon"

Ross Ibrahim

"Genuine Networker... an honor and priviledge to be part of your network. Best wishes and God Bless... R@$$"

Angela Deng

"Lars Larsson, a good networker."

Ekaterina Chizhova

"Lars, Hope we will have some kind of business in Russia."

Stavros Papagianneas

"I am delighted to be connected with Lars and look forward to networking. Lars is the kind of person that everybody admires. Communicative kind professional, smart and has a lot of potential to achieve his goals. Stavros Papagianneas"

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Your warm-hearted ways make life much happier for everyone around you And you always bring smiles when they're needed most That's why you're needed most That's why your're someone very special indeed love Radka "

Zahir shamsery

"Mr Lars, I thank you for giving your valuable time to visit my profile. This proves you are inquisitive personality. Hope you and your company are really dependable to small entrepreneur. Profit hunters always ignore small companies. So we can draw a conclusion that you are generous. This humanitarian aspect totally ignored by corporate business house where you are up holding this values, It is great. Big hug from Bangladesh. Regards, Zahir "

Bux "Opening Doors" Shayeb

"Hi Lars, Thank you for connecting! Remember, 'if you are going to think, you might aswell thing BIG!' Bux Shayeb Head Trader"

Stella Holman "The Connector"

"Lars has been in my network for over a year. I had the pleasure to meet him in Copenhagen this November at the Ecademy Denmark Christmas Event. I would say that Lars is a very straightforward and trustworthy contact and i would recommend him as someone to co-operate with for International Projects."

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark Club Leader: Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) | YouTube Fans | Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Worldwide Come join me on some of the best business/social portals as well: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | XING"

louis mollerfors #4

"I met Lars for the first time at the Danish Ecademy Christmas Party. I found Lars a very positive, open, and pleasant person. A great networker."

Nilesh Roy

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Dan Ion OPREA #3

"Lars and I met at the Denmark Ecademy and Christmas dinner in Copenhagen, at the end of November 2008. We had an interesting exchange on networking and some projects at European Union's level. I am confident we should share some more insights in days to come."

Rolf Waeber

"Being a contact of mine since some time, now appeared the opportunity meeting him personally. It has been a great honour meeting Lars at the Ecademy blackstar meeting in Copenhagen this last weekend. A very pleasant networker. Rolf"

Flemming Eiberg

"I always thought that WHO you are working with, is equally important as WHAT you are doing. I had the pleasure of meeting Lars just the other day at the Ecademy Christmas Party here in Copenhagen, and after spending a few hours in his great company I can honestly say, that I don't know, what we will do together, but I will look for opportunies to work with Lars in the near future."

Bjørn Guldager

"Lars is truly from the heart of Scandinavia, coming from a place that was once independent, once Norway and now Sweden and he combines current insights with lessons from history - so he knows why he's here. Perhaps he can help you with finding that out too? ."

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Congratulation for yr ranking! Pls don't forget to ask me for help if you'll come to Budapest! Best regards, Andrea"

Lutti Anderholm

"Lars is a fantastic and professional networker to connect with!! Lutti"

Massimiliano Mauriello

"Larsson is a very professional networker; he's a kind, smart, available person. I'm happy to be part of his Network and hope to have some interesting exchanges with him in the near future. Max"

Claudia Xavier de Lima

"Lars, is friendly, helpful and a true gentleman. Happy to be connected with him! Claudia visual artist "

Tord Sand

"Proactive, progressive, forward moving."

jacqueline madders

"a really friendly man and obviously there if you need him. Good man."

Danish Thanvi

"I'm very happy to be connected with Lars on Ecademy and look forward to being of mutual benefit to one another."

Ajohn Rahimovich

"Lars is very Active Successful Business Man and very friendly Friend. I am happy being in touch with him. We just started to talk about new business opportunity to make it true together. I wish for both of us Success. Aj "

Ajohn Rahimovich

"Lars is very Active Successful Business Man and very friendly Friend. I am happy being in touch with him. We just started to talk about new business opportunity to make it true together. I wish for both of us Success. Aj "

Ajohn Rahimovich

"Lars is very Active Successful Business Man and very friendly Friend. I am happy being in touch with him. We just started to talk about new business opportunity to make it true together. I wish for both of us Success. Aj "

Hanka Kastelicova

"Lars is very genuine, gentle and calm man. He is very good listener, which is rare and precious. I am really glad we had the possibility to meet in person in Slovenia last week. I highly recommend Lars as very good networker."

Norman Cescut

"Great person focused on his business. It's a pleasure to share time with him both for business and fun. "

Tina Jonasen

"Finally I had the GREAT pleasure to meet Lars on the Network meeting 130908 in Slovenia, and even if we didn't get to talk nearly enough (only had about 1 hour serious biz talk - and believe me; this man contains much more than can be said in so short time) - I simply HAVE to recommend him to the whole network, as a extremely professional management advisor, intelligent business man as a whole, still very warm, entertaining and outgoing proactive networker, whom I am sure that I will be doing great business with in near future! DO connect to Lars - and hope to learn from him too - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! ThinkInNewAreas Ecademy Denmark "

Ziga Vavpotic

"It was a great pleasure to meet Lars in Slovenia. Very professional gentleman. "

Penny Power

"I had a wonderful opportunity to sit with Lars on a coach journey though Slovenia. Lars shared with me some stories of how he has helped entrepreneurs build there companies beyond their own capabilities, whilst allowing them to still dream and have ambition that only another entrepreneur can understand. I have total respect and trust in Lars as a business advisor and hope that int he future I can bounce things of him as we grow Ecademy around the world. Thank you Lars"

Thomas Power

"Solid gold a very special person indeed. One to watch in this place. Tx"

Barbara Klaus

"I meet Lars for the first time in Ljubljana Ecademy meeting and I really enjoj his company, his good humor and nice personality. I will be happy to meet him again and again :-) Hug Barbara"


"I had the pleasure of sharing some time with Lars during the No Limits Networking events in Ljubljana. Describing Lars is almost impossible. This business consultant has the image ans style of 007, the profesionalism of the absolute masters and the warmth and passion of a true Ecademist :) Thank you for the time you shared with all of us in Slovenija and hope to see you soon again ! highly recommended !!!"

Frans Vos / Materials Consult

"Is it his openness, his calm and friendly appearance or the confidence he shares? For me it's the combination of that all what makes Lars a precious contact to have in your network. Lars is clearly trustworthy, open minded, experienced and, above all, an amiable man. "

Andreja Lajh

"Dearest Lars, thank you so much for coming all the long way from Sweden to Slovenia for the No Limits Networking meeting. Your company was excellent. You are an excellent businessman with a very positive attitude and sincere interest in people who knows to listen and to give advice. Great person to know and I really feel happy and honoured to have met you. Looking forward to meet you again in November in Copenhagen and on 23rd May 2009 in Ljubljana."

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Lars for coming all your way long from SWEDEN to meet me and such a fantastic international group of networkers...It was great to share what life, network is all about... I Will be very happy to see you again and have a fantastic plan about everything that we discuss...AS YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST STORY TELLERS AND A MASTER OF NETWORKING i only want to wish from the city of the LIGHT PARIS prosperity in all senses... A Big hug from PARIS and chat with you soon.. Victor Marques"

Victor Marques

"Thanks a lot dear Lars for being in my networking group...Life is about farming not hunting...Carry on planting seeds of care and love... I wish abundance in your life to you and the ones that you love.. Kindest regards from the best region for Port. Douro Valley! Victor Marques"

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"Lars is a man of generosity and abundant spirit. I look forward to networking with him in the future. Warmest regards from Ukraine, Larisa Varenikova"

Joan Hobday

"Lars seems a very genuine person and I look forward to talking with him in the future. "

Rolf Kellner

"Lars, thank you very much for being an active Member of The Amazon Rainforest Club"

Lingaraj Ra

"Lars is a nice gentleman to give proper response. I am happy to be his connecting. Best wishes from LIngaraj :)"

Rolf Kellner

"Lars Larsson knows the problems of the Amazonas Rainforest very well and is a good Ecademy friend of me. Thanks Mr Lars Larsson !"

Brynn Sorenson

"I look forward to work with you Lars. It has been a pleasure speaking to you! -Brynn"

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Lars is very warm person and he has great personality to talk to He is great connection I am glad I know him thank you for being who you are love Radka"

Anna-Karin Lingham

"Lars has a lot of experience from different branches and areas within management. He is also very helpful and open to business opportunities. I can highly recommend Lars as a valuable and helpful person in your network."

Cornelia Gustafzon

"Lars is an excellent entreprenur and business man. He has really understood what givers gain is all about. I always call him before I sign an agreement or if I have any questions about companies, laws, import/export, foreign markets, ethics or business principles. With his advise I have saved lots of money and time. The misstakes I perhaps should have comitted Lars helped me to avoid! Just give him a call and you will see how he can help you! He is the kind of man you want in your company board of directors. Lars we keep in touch and I wish you all the best! Cornelia "

Susanne Palm

"Lars is a very friendly professional with a genuine background in his field. He is always helpful and ready to find an excellent solution for you!"

Michelle Roberts (Designer)

"Lars is an excellent networker. He took the time at the very beginning of our contact to connect me to a potential client. I highly recommend connecting with Lars!"

Jørgen Johansen

"Lars combines being friendly and being a professional business advisor in a great way - I can highly recommend him."


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