Leigh Ashton

Leigh Ashton


Hi I'm Leigh Ashton an author, speaker, trainer and coach.

I help sales people and business owners get more sales.

Companies come to us when they've tried everything to increase sales productivity and they're still not getting the results they want.

I've been in sales for 28 years and many moons ago as a young sales manager I became frustrated with the inconsistent performance of my sales team. This motivated me to go and find out why this happens...and how to fix it.

What I found was that what goes on inside a person's head has the biggest impact on whether they achieve sales success or not.

So for the last 16 years I've coached sales people on how to use psychology to make positive changes to their attitude, their approach and their sales results. Sales people can often lack the inner confidence and practical strategies to achieve great sales results on a consistent basis. Conventional sales training doesn't address the psychological barriers that get in their way.

My approach takes people through a process that: •

- Helps them identify their psychological barriers and gives them the tools to overcome them •

- Teaches them how the mind works so they can keep motivated and stay focused

-  Gives them the ability to identify the psychological patterns of their clients and prospects so they connect with them at a deeper level and close more sales

And at a higher level... • It creates more success in other areas of their lives so they are happier generally...and happier sales people generate more sales

I'm known for inspiring sales people to take action and increasing sales anywhere from 20-100%...with sustainable ongoing growth long after completion of my programmes.



Email: leigh@sales-consultancy.com
Skype: leigh.ashton1
Website URL: http://www.sales-consultancy.com
Blog URL: http://www.sales-consultancy.com/blog

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