Lesley Blume

Lesley Blume


Professional life: I have been in the IT industry for almost 20 years and worked my way up through the secretarial and office management route to become European HR Manager for an American Software House in Marlow. I graduated from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development in 1995 and unfortunately, like many, became a casualty of the last recession in the mid 90's. As an HR Manager and then as a candidate, like many, I experienced the worst of the worst Recruitment Consultants and agencies, I felt sure I could do a much more professional job than I had experienced. I subsequently established my own successful consultancy and enjoyed 7 brilliant years of business. However, last summer, I was approached by one of my former clients to help his new company (Skype) to drive their recruitment process. I worked exclusively for Skype for a number of months as a Consultant and at the end of the year, I was invited to join the company as a permanent employee. I swore I would never give up my own consultancy and go back into corporate life, but Skype was different in every way possible and I readily accepted the offer and challenge. We are growing at an incredible rate and our plans for future growth continue to challenge, excite and reward me. Skype is one of the MOST exciting and dynamic companies - with the most talented group of people I have ever had the priviledge to work with and I am loving every minute of being part of this amazing international company. If you have a broadband connection and have not tried Skype yet, I urge you to do so. Aside from FREE calls (to other Skype users) anywhere in the world for as long as you like and as often of you like, you can IM people, conference others in (Skype & non-Skype) and exchange documents/pictures etc with surprising speed and in complete confidence as it is all encrypted. The voice quality is amazing and all it takes is a free download and yes, you read it right, it's absolutely FREE! Go on try it, you will be very pleasantly surprised. (NB. What have you got to lose?) Skype is one of the fastest growing companies on the internet today. Watch this space!!! PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer a Power Networker and therefore cannot contact you via Ecademy



Skype: laasonnet

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Phani Mohan Krishna

"Dear Lesley I am Trading professional in International trade dealing in sugar Derivatives( Cane Molasses, Ethyl alocohol, Sugars,Jaggery), Agro products(Rice,wheat,Maize,Chillies,Turmeric), Chemicals, Minerals,Hydrocarbons. We are looking for networking with professionals and houses similar to understand and network sharing and exchanging ideas. Regards Phani Mohan phanis.kancharla@indiainfo.com"

Michael Day

"Lesley Penny Power let me know that you may be looking for a conveyancer. I act as a consultant to a number of law firms (see my profile) and so would be happy to recommend one. Feel free to call me on 07717 295369 to discuss requirements. Regards Michael Day"

Jacqueline Cole

"Hi Lesley Hope you are well. Just one thing though, please don't take it in the wrong way; nothing negative darling just a business person/marketers way of saying thank you You are a positive, kind, supportive and great person so please do yourself a great favour by including the positive thing in your profile or as part of signature than part of your name. Best wishes and be blessed Jacqueline "

Paul Collins

"Hi Lesley, Paul Collins from NivinO here we met Wednesday at the London Ecademy event, was it this Wednesday or two weeks ago? Anyway great to have met you by the way & I take it you won't be eating there again in a hurry, you can buy a small house for that where I live! Regards, Paul Collins www.nivino-uk.com"

Lynton Challoner

"I rated you 'good' for being an obvious success in a tricky niche market. Good for you."


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