Lesley Morrissey

Lesley Morrissey

Director, Lesleywriter (a division of Inside News Ltd)


 What rocks my boat Words! I drive people crazy as I only spot the typos, misspellings and errors of grammar and I'm on a mission to ensure that the written word is presented in a way that is readable and easy to follow.

Helping people to deliver their message in words, whether written, on screen or on paper; as articles, in books or as speeches really makes me feel good. People tell me I'm good at this - but I find it easy and it's a delight to see someone else's passion become clear and vibrant.

I've spent the last few years focusing on writing - the best move I ever made, spending your day doing what you love is the only way to work!

The Businesses Lesleywriter My core business is a professional writing practice. I divide my time between creating webcopy for people who are whizzy at designing websites, but not so great at writing copy that keeps the visitor reading.

I also do copy for brochures, newsletters(electronic and hard copy), articles, press releases and marketing material of all kinds. I've even written business presentations for companies entering awards. The problem with much of the material that people create to promote their business is that it's internally focused - on what they do, not what the customer gets. In addition, designers are often completely unaware of how people absorb information on screen and on paper - it's easy to turn perfectly good messages into unreadable information.

Having studied HOW people read as well as WHAT they read, I work with designers to get my clients' messages across clearly. I'm on a mission to help people to get their message across in writing - and to write for their reader, not themselves!

We also edit non-fiction books and ghost-write for people with great ideas, but little time or those who struggle with the written word. We can also advise on the whole publishing process - in fact we can take you from brainwave to bookshelf through a number of steps. (See www.insidenews.co.uk)

Inside News What's a comcom? Company communication - much like a tomtom - it spreads your message far and wide! Good company communications work to not just save money, but actively make money for your organisation.

First class internal communications will enable your staff to deliver more, better, faster and happier!

World class external communications will put your organisation in the limelight - worldwide, if you wish. If people know you exist, know what you can deliver and can share your knowledge your advocates will increase, referrals will grow, client base will expand and potential customers will be aware. All this hits your bottom line - profitably.

As a start you might want to know how to keep people on your website so sign up to our information service to get regular short info messages stuffed with useful resources.

Books I've written 'Grow Your Own Achievers' published by How To Books. Plus 26 ebooks in the Hands on Management series - which are available from various websites including The Corporate Toolbox.

Personal stuff I've run a dual career path for many years before realising that writing was really what I wanted to do, so I'm qualified as a Human Resources manager and as a Performance Coach so have been a management trainer, consultant and a coach specialising in career block alongside the writing for many years. Previously I have lived in Dubai, (1980 - 1997), Benghazi, Libya (1979); Oostende, Belgium (1975); Hopfen am see, Bavaria (Germany)(1973); Cardiff, Wales (1976-1979); and the land of my birth - the Isle of Man. Before you ask, I don't have a tail or three legs!  

Out of work time I visit friends all over the country.  I have two grown up children - Elly  who is happily married and has two jobs - with the 3rd Sector as a PA and working with her tattoo artist husband as a laser operator, and Donovan whose passion is football and is qualified to FA level 2, but is currently working in Dubai long hours with no time off for football.  He migrated back to where he was brought up with his lovely partner, Sarah, in October 2012.

I volunteer as a presenter for the Essex Air Ambulance, helping with their written communication.

After 17 years living in a sandpit (Dubai), it's very therapeutic working next to the patio of my own garden where there are birds and plants and grass - but also the odd flying football from the kids next door! According to my Wealth Dynamics profile I like processes and systems - can't be wrong!



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Shelley Fishel

"I have got to know Lesley first through Blackstar and then from following on Twitter and chatting on skype. I am in the process of launching a new website with a new online training section. I commissioned Lesley to help me with the readability of the site and to write the copy. I received the first draft of the copy last Wednesday and I have to say that apart from selecting my favourite headlines from those Lesley suggested I made about three changes!! What is most amazing is how Lesley has taken on board everything that The Training Surgery does , understood it and written stunning readable copy that gets the message out there. The new site will launch early next year and I am very excited about it. Thanks Lesley! Shelley"

Jean Flower

"Lesley - it was great to meet with you and work with you last year - sorry it has taken me so long to leave a testimonial. Your intuition and understanding of business is great and your warm spirit is really USP."

David Holroyd-Doveton

"I have know Lesley for quite some time now and have found her to be a great Lady. She is not only one of the best copywriters around but her knowledge on the written word is second to none. If you are looking for great words for your website or brochures you must use Lesley. I cannot sing her praised highly enough. David"

Benn Abdy-Collins

"I have been lucky enough to strike gold, first time! I met Lesley at BlackStar Old School and was instantly connected to a most kind and helpful person. Being new, I didn't know what I brought to the mix; Lesley has been kind enough to spend time in 1-2-1s to help me understand. She is knowledgeable, kind, generous and considered in her feedback, coaching and support. I can truly say I enjoy her wise words and friendly prompts to re-consider what I have just put forward; ho, hum, just when I thought it was right... And yet, she is correct to note it needs a little more refining. Thank you for your care, Lesley! "

Ian Godman

"Lesley was able to take 2 pages of "brain dump" and turn it into 3 pages that is very readable. I am sure I could have done something similar but not in a day and I would have given up before archiving it anyway. Her value is not only in the quality and speed of her work but the amount of time it has saved me which is a much more valuable and limited resource. Using Lesley's services has resulting in a higher quality result with a lot less effort from me. Thank you Lesley. "

Sarah Sangster

""Lesley has a unique way of understanding how written material really works. She is a must have resource for any business!" "

Chris Calogirou

"without too many words... a lady who tells you the truth and not what you want to hear... proud to have her in my network..."


"LESLEY MORRISSEY is a UK based Author, Human Resources Manager, Performance Coach and free~spirited motorcycle riding "Siren" who is happy to be home in the mystique of England from the sandbox of Dubai. A perfectionist Wordsmith ~ she is a professional speechwriter and commercial copywriter. Aussie business entrepreneur Sam Borrett, a longtime friend, had his www.mentoring4change.com website given a magical touch by Lesley with efficient and effective impact. Sam speaks in glowing terms of Lesley's professional work. She may have some unusual challenge and confusion in trying to work out the intentional creative mazeof my riddle 'mists of avalon' living poetry wordsmithing art. We will see!?! +Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia"

Dallas 'The Editor' Willcox

"I have just taken part in an Ecademy 'Kickstart' teleconference which Lesley held. It was very helpful. I cannot understand why it was not better supported. Although only one other person participated, Lesley still went ahead with the session, freely giving her time to give us the practical guidance that we were both seeking. Thank you, Lesley."

Alan Rae - Business Communicator

"Lesley has a passion for making web sites READABLE so that people stay on the page and listen to what you have to say and hopefully follow your call to action. Gentle reader - this is different from SEO and different from page design to look pretty and even different for writing Killer copy. It's about making sure that everything is in the right place to do the job. You see -your web page is a step in a sales process - if you get it wrong you're wasting your money. As you can tell I know quite a bit about this already - but its always nice to listen to someone who knows what they're talking about. Lesley rang me up and politely suggested a few changes I might make - so I followed her advice and the length of time people stay on the site has gone up (50% for one site, 130% for another) and the bounce rate (people coming on and going off again straight away has gone down). You can read more at www.webcopythatpeopleread.com or if you ask her nicely you might get a copy of The Goldfish report"

Sam Borrett

"It is strange Indeed that I haven't written a testimonial for Lesley. Whether she knows it or not she has been an ispriation to me and certainly in becoming a Blackstar Member. Thank you Lesley. SAM BORRETT"

Helen Winder

"How can I describe Lesley - She is wonderful, warm, energetic, fun, supportive, bright and driven. Lesley is a great friend and I am so pleased we met here on Ecademy. Thank you Lesley for all your support - STAR! (Twinkle variety not Wealth Dynamic ;-) )"

Rob van de Star

"You have a impressive profile and it's a pleasure to have you in my network! It's an honour to be connected to someone like you. Kind regards, Rob van de Star"

Radka Kozielova Counselling Service

"Very helpful person, she seems nice and warm love Radka"

Russell Weetch

"I have known Lesley for the best part of this year and she is a wonderful, genuine and encouraging person. She is one of the main reasons I moved up to BlackStar - I thought "with people like Lesley in there, it can't be that bad". Her way with words is amazing - you just brain dump and she puts it into the words you wish you'd thought of. She somehow manages to capture the sense and write even complex ideas in a succinct and easy to understand way - it's some kind of magic I reckon. Many thanks Lesley for the work on the ads and the website (that's http://www.masque-arts.com/ if you you are interested in taking a look)."

Cynthia Mensa

"I spoke with a special lady today, thank God and Andy Fairweather who recommended her to me. As you do your best for others, Lesley, may your own needs be met. I pray for a special moment of breakthrough for you this year, this is the least I can do to show my appreciation. Your prompt response to my call and request will never be forgotten. I learn from you. XX"

Tedora F. Vohs

"I talked to Lesley today on the Phone and I was very impressed. Sie is very friendly, professionel, helping persons to understand the ecademy phylosophy much better. I am very happy to know her and have her in my contacs. Lesley has also a beautiful Voice! :-)"

Steve Parker

"If the saying 'Givers Gain' is true then Lesley deserves loads... she gives herself to networking, is full of the best advice, ideas and intentions. I have known Lesley for a few years now and am proud to be associated with her."

Sascha Kaczynski

"Lesley, you are a powerful woman with a great heart. You make networking to help other people and this is great. Nice to be connected with you Thanks Sascha"

Victor Marques

"Lesley is a true giver in the real sense of the word...Thanks a lot for helping others to follow dreams...We will carry on raising glasses of wine! Life is about the speed of trust and im very happy and glad to have you in my network...Life is about giving and sharing! Kindest regards from sunny Portugal! Victor Marques"

Jan Gilbert

"Thanks so much for your warm welcome to Ecademy and for your generous advice, Lesley. ----------------------------------------------------------- Catch the JULY episode of Jan Gilbert's film & entertainment show on ITV Local Anglia: ITV "All Angles" with Jan Gilbert - JULY episode ITV "All Angles" Homepage ----------------------------------------------------------- Jan Gilbert Freelance Writer & Broadcaster Entertainment Features, Interviews, & Reviews Jan Gilbert Ecademy Profile "

Andrew Morgan

"Lesley is an intuitive networker. She has helped me a number of ways in recommending people and organisations along with general advice to help me with my business plans. The contacts and advice have been excellent. She is also proactive in promoting Ecademy in our local area by organising increasingly popular monthly meetings. Thanks Lesley for your invaluable contribution in these different ways."

Anne Donnelly

"What can I say about Lesley? Such a lovely lady and very accommodating. Her knowledge of various subjects is quite astounding and I have found her to be a great source of inspiration. Excellent writer and innovative trainer."

Alex Truchot

"In my initial invite to her, I opened the door for a review of my profile and she did it and her comments were very well written and very much appreciated. A great networking contact."

Trevor Jones - Hospitality Man

"Lesley was my 'surrogate network angel' during my first weeks of seriously attempting to network on Ecademy. I feel comfortable knowing that should I ask for help or advice in the future it would always be available. Thank you so much for that. Regards, Trevor"

Amanda Hamilton

"Words fail me Lesley (and that doesn't happen often now does it?;)) ..... Your integrity, ability to listen clearly, focus in on where the support is needed and then wholeheartedly give that support I value immeasurably. You also have an inherent understanding of the importance that women need to feel a part of a larger circle of women - that's an ancient wisdom which has become so lost in modern life for so many .... Your support personally and professionally to me during what has been my toughest challenge to date here in Ecademy, helping me find the right thing to do and how to do that with kindness will not be forgotten - it has given me even more faith in the Heart that is Ecademy - a linked chain of people wanting to do their best for each other. Thank you, you're just lovely. Amanda xx"

Ryan Mittleman

"Lesley has provided me with some excellent advice, she is a pleasure to network with."

Koshy Samuel, MBA

"Lesley is excercising her passion by doing a great job in helping others network globally It's a really great job that's fun, rewarding and incredibly worthwhile. "

Shelley Collins

"Lesley - what ca I say - except thank you for being you. Lesley is a wonderful woman - talented, professional, insightful and fun to work with. Her ability to turn a few thoughts into exactly what I wanted just demonstrated her writing skills, knowledge of marketing and willingness to get the job done. Lesley wil go out of her way to give whatever support is needed - way beyond your expectations. It has been a pleasure getting to know her and doing business with her. Thank you for all your care and support Shelley"

Joanie Kirk

"Lesley I have so enjoyed the moments of connection and inspiration. Lesley seems like such a go-getter, with such a calmness and strong intention Inspiring!"

Andrew Morgan

"Lesley has provided me with excellent support and advice in the short time I have known her. Her experience of Ecademy has already provided me with a number of ideas for use of the site and directions in which to take my networking. Many thanks."

Andrew Williams

"Lesley has been very helpful to me. A big thank you Andrew Williams"

Stuart Beattie

"Lesley is a wordsmith par excellence. Creative, resourceful, resilient and with loads of energy. A pleasure both to know and to work with."

Jennifer Crokaert

"Lesley is the epitome of an Ecademist! She is incredibly generous with her time, her expertise and her knowledge. I was so touched by how much help she was willing to help me for no immediate return. She is an inspiration and embodies the true spirit of Ecademy. I thoroughly recommend her. Jennifer"

David Cole

"More helpful than any other web site I've ever been on. Lesley obviously understands the theory "you get what you put in" Many thanks, David www.copycare.net"

Rob Killen

"So approachable, trustworthy, sincere and frank. The voice of common sense and reason. Best wishes Lesley, Rob."

Deborah 'Digital Business' Collier

"Lesley is a multi-talented and helpful lady. Very happy to have connected with her. Thanks Lesley! Deborah Learnebusiness.com "

Karl Pearsall

"Lesley is a 'what's in it for YOU' type girl - My first meeting with Lesley was the way I wish all my meetings were, Lesley was genuinely seeking to understand me, my business goals and looking for ways to help and add value, thanks for the ideas, the referrals and yes we are definitely doing business! Karl "

Jim Tuffin

"I have know Lesley for a number of years now and it wasn't until yesterday that I realised just how good she is at identifying issues that need addressing. I observed her as she commented on problems and challenges being experienced by others in the group. Her ability to comprehend the issues and to offer potential ideas for solutions is remarkable. From just a few sentences she helped me identify an issue that I need to deal with. That has resulted in me starting to understand that my belief that 'giving' is so important is still right, however, I also needed to allow others who I have helped, give me something back. Indeed I even need to be prepared to ask for help when I require it! Lesley is a reputable copywriter and also she is establishing herself as someone who is very talented at outlining books and key note speeches etc for those who need to produce an impeccable presentation with wonderful and appropriate content. If nothing else, why not take some time just to talk with her ... she has so much to offer. Thank you Lesley - this is what friends are all about. Regards Jim "

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Nomen est Omen! Lessssssss is... really more... much more...Thank you for being out there and delivering so much support! Kindest regards, MuZ+afa "

Maurice Poole

"Lesley is in the top league of people that help others. Connect and meet her, and it will not be long before she suggests further contacts and beneficial involvement to help you. I am glad to be part of her network, and that she is in mine."

Christine Clacey

"Lesley is warm, witty, incisive, helpful, generous, multi-talented and great fun to be with - and of course a real expert when it comes to words! She has very kindly given me honest, constructive feedback and suggestions - and helped me figure out how to turn a confusing set of skills into a compelling proposition. I am very very grateful. I am really glad I have been lucky enough to connect with Lesley - who is rapidly becoming such a good friend too! I highly recommend that you take the time to connect with her too - she is a real diamond. "

Kantor Michael Poths

"Lesley is a professional networker, she is a warm and helpful lady too! I'm thankful to be connected with her! kind regards Michael"

Marcus Cauchi Sales Management Training

"Lesley is almost a saint. The utter garbage she has to put up with managing the best practice team couldn't be produced in a Jeffrey Archer biography. She bears up with remarkable calm. Copywriter, biker, moderator, Lesley shows the spirit of giving unconditionally to Ecademists, no matter how sectionable they may be. Acting as a bridge in moments of dispute, she also shows great vulnerability which I recognise is a great and rare strength. Connect with her if you haven't already. Because she's worth it!"

Patrick Moore

"Lesley is one of those people that operates in a kind of stealth mode. The first time I met her, I was immediately struck by her friendliness, and my respect and admiration has steadily built from there. Each time I've met Leslie, I've seen another aspect of her talents, culminating in the October BlackStar event, where she ran comfortably the most enjoyable and effective virtual table I've ever had the opportunity to experience. At least I thought that was the culmination.... ....until she wildly surpassed even that, by making THE most extraordinary connection for me - one which could literally be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds in the coming years. What can I say, other than THANK YOU!!!! :) "

Peter George

"Hi Lesley Hope you are well and enjoyed your holiday :) I have a singer/songwriter who said she is happy to write a song for a charity. I thought of Essex Air Ambulance There could be many ways she can do this either as an anthem or a song from the accident vicitim's point of view. Her name is Nicky Hart I would value your thoughts on this. Speak soon Kindest regards Peter "

Andreja Lajh

"I am not surprised that Lesley has so many testimonials. And I can say that everything that people say about her is truth. She is a very special Lady with a really big heart always ready to help - not just with words but also with actions. A great networker and a very warm person with a nice smile. I'm really happy to have her in my network. Lesley, thanks for your help and hope I will be able to do something for you too. Count on me."

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Lesley has a lot of testimonials -- with good reason. She's friendly, lively and a great communicator. Attractive too! "

Peter George

"Lesley Morrissey - WOW what can I say? She is very supportive of Explosion Entertainments and introduced me to a representative of a well known charity in Essex. Lesley is a warm and very approachable lady. My life has been enriched by meeting with her and I look forward to further networking opportunities with her. Lesley if you need anything and I can help in any way just give me a call or email me My kindest regards Peter George (founder) www.explosionentertaiments.org The UK's Volunteer Entertainers Social Enterprise "

Sally Church

"Having met Lesley in person, I can tell you what a warm, friendly, charming and super-duper person she is. The smile isn't fake :) And she has a great sense of humour to boot! "

Phillip Khan-Panni - Wordsmith

"Lesley introduced me to Ecademy, for which I am grateful She has always been a delight to work with, alive to new possibilities, keen to break new ground. And she's multi-talented. I recommend her highly. Phillip Khan-Panni CEO, PKP Communicators"

Eric Eraly

"Lesley is a great woman, full of energy and passion and ready to help! Thanks a lot Lesley for your great help so far! Muchc appreciated. I keep you updated on the progress! Cheers Eric Eraly www.EnjoyQuitSmoking.com "

Vicki (The Property Mermaid) Wusche

"What a lovely lady !! If you haven't connected with Lesley yet, you are missing out A great smile, a kind heart and a lot of fun best wishes Vicki :)"

Jon Stow

"Lesley is an engaging and very clever lady who is always willing to help others. She has great insight into the problems of others and will always get straight to the point. Lesley is also very kind, and generous with her precious time. Connect with her!"

Ricky Turrell Event Photographer

"I got to thank Lesley for all the little jobs I give her, she gets them done without any fuss.I know she is always pushing people in my direction I thank Lesley for that as well. What a lovely women in personality and spirit I wish her all the best. Ricky"

Sharif "even more helpful" George

"Lesley is the lady with the Golden Keyboard!! The pen they say is mightier than the sword and lesley wields hers to devastating effect. She has completed several commissions for me and I have several more lined up. She delivers on time, almost no edits required from a very scanty brief and knows and understands my needs as a client. I have no hesitation in reccomending her to you without reservation - put your words in her hands. Call me if you want to hear more 07805 066 376 Sharif George The computer Help Co "

Ruban Selvanayagam

"Thanks Leslie - great job!"

Andreas Wiedow

"My impression is that every network could be happy to have someone like Lesley Morrissey as support manager. Swift action. Fast reply. Extremely well balanced. A true support authority in my book. Thank you."

Steve White

"Lesley was very responsive to our requirements and did an excellent job on the work that we gave to her, I will definitley reccommend her writing skills to anyone who needs to grab peoples attention through the written word Thanks Lesley Steve"

Philip M Williams

"Lesley and the Inside News team took on the copy for a brand new service. They were very quick on the uptake, understanding both the service and how we wanted to present it. I was also pleasantly surprised by the size of the bill. (Lesley, that means you could charge more but not to us!!) We will certainly be using them again as the other members of my team were equally pleased with the results."

Russ King

"Lesley is unusual in the creative world in that she is supremely well organised. You can trust her to get the job done with the minimum of fuss. Oh yes, she's quite funny too! "

Michael McNulty

"I haven't met Lesley yet but I already know that she is an outstanding networker and giving person. I am looking forward to meeting her soon and adding to this testimonial."

Thomas Power

"Lesley is a delightful lady. She is a solid person who delivers day in day out relentlessly working for the 'good' of Ecademy. She is the undisputed Queen of Support and I thoroughly commend her to you all. Charming and insightful too. "

Mark Baker (speaker )

"Lesley is an absolute asset to ecademy and a lovely person , take my advice and get connected :)"

Maurice Watts, the Marketer

"I rate Lesley very highly. Intelligent, concerned, caring, able to keep a calm head, very interesting both in terms of background and interests. Equally a really nice lady willing to help as and where she can. A really good communicator being able to both listen and also explain her position clearly and elegantly Her commitment to Ecademy and networking in taking on Best Practice is awesome! Her ability to pour oil and not petrol on troubled situations is impressive. I also know of several that she has helped from the background, quietly without a big fuss - quite a talent! She also somehow manages to write books and copy for all sorts of people and business as well. On top of all that a Biker too! What more could you ask of someone? I commend her to the house! Best Regards - Maurice"

Matt Castle - Promotional Videos

"Lesley is a lovely person who goes out of her way to help!! I can't wait to read some of her work! "

Pierre Leonard

"Wow thanks Lesley, the text is great. That's exactly what we needed! "

Roger Vanstone

"If you only meet one person this year, meet Lesley."

Nigel Whittaker

"Lesley has a real zest for the written word, an invaluable talent to the rest of us, with a passion for our business who need help translating that passion to paper"

Ricky Turrell Event Photographer

"What a woman! Meet Lesley when she started lighter life lost all that weight, I had Lesley rewrite the copy for my website with the keywords i wanted been number ONE on google for prom photographer from then on. She wrote the copy in the time allotted. I have used Lesley for a number of jobs all the out comes have been great. Ricky Turrell"

Michael 'Automate Finances' O'Hara

"Thanks for the tip Lesley. The new copy is much more in line with what our target market will respond to. Great Job! Michael O'Hara"

Andy Preston

"Had a 1-2-1 with Lesley last week and was pleased to hear about her services and I'll definitely be calling on her when I start to put my next book together! Very impressive! In addition, a contact she introduced me to (after our meeting) has now placed business with me - thank you Lesley! "

Mark Lee

"I'm embarrassed to note that I didn't leave a testimonial after spending a couple of hours with Lesley last year. She certainly deserved one given her genuine desire to offer constructive suggestions and input together with evident knowledge and expertise. More recently I asked her to review a white paper I had drafted. Her input was excellent value for money - both from an editorial and a layout perspective. She also reverted to me sooner than she had indicated that she might. Many thanks Lesley."

Stephen 'Purchasing recruitment' Ely

"Had a one 2 one with Lesley today having been passing like ships in the night previously. She was very helpful, lovely to talk to and boy she knows her stuff! I would recommend anyone looking to publish anything or planning to launch their own website to speak to Lesley first. "

Malcolm Tullett

"Well, I took advantage of Lesley's free offer to Black Stars and the response was both quick and impressive. This service really adds value to Black Star membership and I recommend all of you to contact her and run your web-site through the gauntlet. Brilliant ... !!! Thanks Malcolm"

Guy Thompson

"I signed up for Lesley's 2 induction sessions: one 30 minutes for Ecademy beginners, the next for one hour aimed at moving on to a higher level. Warm and enthusiastic, she provided a very clear explanation of the Ecademy pages and their hidden (to me at least) power and content. This was a very useful way to spend a Saturday morning. Unless you really know everything there is to know about Ecademy I recommend you look our for the next sessions. Guy Thompson"

Debbie Neville

"I have known Lesley for a while now, and have several times engaged her services for writing promotional material for our company. She is quick, sharp, takes time to understand your requirements and delivers in a timely and efficient manner. She always hits the mark with what she writes first time. A delight to work with. Aside to that she is a fantastic networker, besides being a very talented lady. I heartily recommend you connecting with Lesley."

Melanie Silver

"I can see why Lesley has all these glowing testimonials! I met her for the first time yesterday when she uploaded my photo onto my profile following an email to Ecademy Support. Instead of merely sending me an impersonal list of instructions and leaving me to it, she very kindly offered to upload my photo herself. If this is the Ecademy spirit of co-operation, I'm already very glad I joined. Thanks Lesley! "

Rajesh Semrete Selassie Aggarwal

"Ms. Lesley Morrisey is a really nice, friendly, caring, helpful and honest person. I got some Brilliant advice from her regarding my profile and acted upon her advice and it does look a lot better now. Lesley, May GOD bless you with all that your heart desireth. Great to have you in my network, I feel blessed for that. Universal Love Rajesh www.connectingroutes.co.uk raj@connectingroutes.co.uk r.aggarwal@ntlworld.com 01785 256797 07837 895052"

Dann Diez

"Thanks for the advice on how to use ecademy. Dann D"

Paul Patience

"I had my first engagement with Lesley this evening, when she enlightened me, as a novice in the world of Ecademy, as to the true value and intent of this wonderful community. I found her friendly and informative and the tips that she provided will be of great value in my future involvement with Ecademy. Paul Patience"

David Guzmán

"Lesley is a warm and responsive person who is a joy to interact with."

David Duncan

"Great talk form Lesley at Epsom on Thursday, she makes her subject sound interesteng and provides good insight into getting great results. She would brighten up any meeting agenda. Thanks for attending, and your words of wisdom. David Duncan "

Terence O'Mahony ICON BS

"Mtg 30th June at Epsom - LESLEY Brilliant insight into the world of copywiting for both print and web - I keep learning! regards Terence O'Mahony Our Results Your Success www.inconbusinesssolutions.com"

Tom Evans

"Woman with a wonderful way with wordsI met Lesley, and had the pleasure of seeing her present, for the first time yesterday. It was long overdue. To prove I was listening, I felt a testimonial using her tips was in order.Why you should connect with LesleyShe knows how to make words work She's funny Using her services will increase your sales She is a natural connector She can show you how to get the best from Ecademy "

Helen Winder

"Lesley is a star! She is very friendly, helpful and resourceful. Thank you for all your help and guidance. Helen xx"

Charles Kelly CMgr FCMI

"Lesley has been extremely helpful to me since joining ecademy. She has given me a lot of her time on the phone and replying to email queries and assisted me in uploading photos. She runs a special conference call training session for new members called "Kickstart". I would strongly recommend this to ALL new members as it will save them an enormous amount of time. Lesley is an excellent communicator and explains things in simple understandable terms. She has an expert in depth knowledge in all aspects of ecademy. "

Polly Weeks

"Lesley is always there to help, support and discuss. Couldn't ask for better!"

Semir Johar

"Winning by sharing at its best! I feel I have won too much in such a short period of know Lesley. The feedback on my website is priceless! Lesley is warm, approachable and very knowledgeable, Knowing Lesley will be highly valuable to you and your business! "

Penny Power

"Lesley has worked with Ecademy as a supplier for several months now and I can truely say we are delighted. She has a great way to diffusing people, has a good mind, and asways knows how to find the right solution. I thoroughly enjoy working with Lesley and would recommend her as a supplier to anyone on Ecademy."

Tim Kidson

"I have seen Lesley give some great talks. At her best she is both passionate about her subject and engaging with the audience. Tim Kidson"

Polly Weeks

"I rely on Lesley to keep me on track Polly"

Karen James

"Lesley is friendly, helpful, very approachable and great to work with. Warm regards Karen"

Ajesh Nair

"Lesley is friendly, nice and shake spear's friend. She helped me with the readability of my company website and listing an ad in the marketplace. I highly recommend for any of your web copy writing or website readability needs. Thanks, Ajesh Nair"

Lynne Healy

"Lesley's warm and easy approach really made me feel part of the ecademy community - and all her useful tips mean I can find my way round it now and get to know the other members. Many thanks Lesley. Lynne "

Mike "Freddie" Gordon

"Even without the motorcycle, she'll go that extra mile to help. Mmm .. thinks ... there should be a GoldStar award ... she gets my vote ! Many thanks freddie xxx "

Christine Clacey

"Lesley delivered an entertaining and fact-filled session on business presentation skills on Wednesday. She is an enthusiastic speaker and uses a highly interactive style to keep her audience engaged and learning from the experience. I learnt a lot, not just from Lesley's presentation but also from the very comprehensive handouts that she gave us too. She is clearly a very experienced trainer, with some fascinating interests which she tells great stories about - you are sure to enjoy connecting with her best wishes Christine"

Susan Cave

"Lesley, Many thanks for easing me into starting my Ecademy profile. Appreciated your offer of help with my photo and enjoyed listening to your friendly voice. Regards, Susan Molyneux Services"

John Dickenson

"A very good biker and ecademist. "

Michael Peters

"Great training! Thank you. Very helpful. Michael"


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