Liz Watson

Liz Watson

CEO of an export company specialising in high quality interior design ranges, DISCOVERIES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED


I'm married with a beautiful teenage daughter, living in Bournemouth, Dorset. Just turned 55 in May 2012 and I am promoting British exports to the Gulf States - where I've lived for over sixteen years in the past. It's a very exciting phase now its 2013, as I am travelling between the UK and Arabia to introduce some stunning collections of furnishing fabrics, trimmings, accessories, furniture, in fact all types of soft furnishings - and a few other products as well. I'm meeting some wonderful new people and life is sweet. I love meeting new people from all walks of life, and sharing ideas, discovering synergy, and being inspired by acts of serendipity which are many - and increasing! This feels like a very positive new chapter of my life. The realisation that we are all connected and are all One, is powerful indeed, remembering this allows me to live in the flow. In early 2012, I nearly lost my life, following a bout of health problems involving the gallbladder and digestion etc, but after returning from the 'brink', I realised just how precious life is, and how important it is to forgive anything that blocks the awareness of Love's presence in your life and thinking. It meant giving up literally everything that stood in the way of realising that harmony is natural and our birthright, and health is truly inner peace. So, to anyone out there who might be struggling with some kind of health issue, I can highly recommend seeking peace of mind first, and remembering who you are and identifying with your spiritual nature (the unconditioned self). It has been giving me a tremendous sense of release and new found freedom, which is like a stream of Consciousness which steers everything and synchronises with all that the heart desires. I have been setting the intention to make a difference to people's quality of life and happiness, to spread joy wherever possible, and to relinquish any sense of struggle or separation - because these states are all illusory and not the Truth of who we really are. This includes identifying with thoughts that uplift, serve, and heal - sometimes this is easier said than done, but it includes the bigger picture which draws the things that the heart is seeking, towards one. this is what I wrote 5 years ago: I am experiencing an exciting phase of powerful energy: I am finding the 'wise woman' within, and loving it ! this follows a substantial financial loss from 2002, which forced me to look at the true meaning of "wealth". Roger Hamilton wisely says "Wealth is what you have left, when you just lost all your money" - that really resonated with me when I read it. The "losses" that I experienced have brought great gifts in their wake, little did I realise at the time. EVERY ADVERSITY BRINGS AN EQUAL OR GREATER, OPPORTUNITY... It has been a catalyst for great things, including a profound internal 'shift' which resulted in a miraculous healing in October 2004. my life hasn't been the same since ! After the healing, I began having a channelling experience, and found a 'hotline' to my own Higher Self, and Inner Teacher (intuition). The adventure is increasing in intensity and inspiration and I'm fascinated by Quantum Physics and live pro-actively by The Law of attraction - holding focus on the relationship between my thoughts, how different thoughts make me feel, and how they in turn create my's taken me five decades to even notice this vital relationship between these things, meaningfully that is! Einstein is my mentor, Buddha is my role model. I truly believe in "thinking outside of the box", and love that concept, and it keeps everything in its rightful perspective: nothing is limited, unless you believe it to be. Inspirations come in a flash, when you step outside the perception. Einstein says "you cannot solve the problem with the same mindset that created it" - great wisdom in this statement. I have a passion for working with inspiration and learning about our vibrational Universe. I am ready to apply 23 years of Business background and commercial experience in running an international company in taking things to a whole new level now, with a fresh perspective on Life: working in a creative mindset, not a competitive one, and turning my back on limitations of any sort. In this sense, I am a 'radical thinker' because the greatest inspirations have come to me through adopting a radical approach at times, non-conformist, working with the energy flow and tuning in to the 'unseen'. I've been discovering my life Mission through all this. I enjoy working with the Media and Press, and have strong experience in PR and marketing. I appeared in a BBC Science program documentary in April 2005 called "Secret of the sexes" which was all about the real difference between men and women. We had the best ratings. My brain was even showed on international TV, for 'emotional intelligence' quotient ! The tests we had to do were fascinating. it had me gloating LOL. I've also worked extensively in BBC radio and with the Press, and have good leads in this area. Having spent many years in the Middle East, and especially the Gulf, I enjoy travelling and have a keen interest in cultivating a sense of well-being and experience of joy. By my reckoning, after all is said and done, a joyful state is a true 'measure of success', being in the moment, experiencing who we really are. Actually, now there is the world's first 'map of happiness': take a look:- and some food for thought.... "To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a tiny flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour" (William Blake) " Whether we consciously know it or not, we are One with Source energy, and that Source is Infinite Love, infinite intelligence, infinite Truth, infinite Spirit, Infinite Life, Infinite Mind, Infinite Soul .. and these qualities are all synonymous within us, held in the essence of our 'Being', and waiting on our welcome. The time is coming when we shall not have to work for things, for our physical needs in the way of food and clothing, because they will come to us through the accumulation of the right ideas in our mind. Many are already experiencing this. The power of the mental realm is immense, and unlimited, and as we experience anything in our life, we can draw back to the thought it began with, and become ever more observant. We will begin to understand how every concept we hold is rooted in an idea, that began with a thought, such as that clothing represents one idea of substance, food another, and that every manifest thing is representative of an idea that became congruent within our vibrational Being. Within the vibration of Love, all thoughts (and therefore, all people and vibrational Beings) are united, all hearts are connected, as One, all thoughts are transformed - and when THIS happens, we manifest our heart's desire. It is about becoming congruent and aligned between our thoughts, our feelings, our focus, and our actions: because this determines our vibration. " (Liz Watson) EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS AND ENERGY, CREATING THE NATURE OF REALITY.... I believe everything comes down to our conscoiusness, and vibration - when we focus on the energy of "having" (rather than 'wanting') we are acknowledging we already have it, and our vibration changes. If only this was taught in schools ! I am working on 'making a difference' to implement more focus on this kind of 'life skill' to help teenagers and inspire them since they are, after all, our 'future' - yet how much quality 'focus' do teenagers get, for example ? And think about the 'role models' they have ? This is why I am developing a membership website called "The Tao of Wealth", where humans can connect on a heart level and experience their own Divinity, and learn about their potential for good and for growth: this, I believe, is where everyone can be united, in connecting with their own loveliness, and loving who they truly are, discovering their own unique talent and gifts, and experiencing synergy around those things. So much focus is on the 'outside' but TTOW is about focusing on the 'inside', what is happening in our heart... and in our intuition (inner teacher), working with our energy and emotional guidance system, and learning what these things are: that is the purpose of TTOW. It is evolving now, and coming into being. All the 'preparation' on TTOW at this time is "energy work", shoring up, so to speak. The ideas are flowing more and more as I'm tuning in to the 'call' of the Universe. When it is launched, it will be magnificent ! MY OWN 'WAKE UP CALL' CAME AT THE MILLENIUM My own life has become a great teacher to me: the close relationship between how we are FEELING, and how this out-pictures in the human experience - ever since a 'wake up call' back in autumn 2004, I have been getting in touch with the importance of observing the 'vibration' of all things. (yes, the Beach Boys had it right.... I'm having a good vibration... tra la la la la...!!) Then, if and when we reach a "vibrational match", we manifest what it is that we have previously held in 'vibrational escrow' (to use Esther & Gerry Hicks maginificant expression and teaching, from Source Energy).... hope this makes sense. Esther and Gerry are great teachers and I've learned / am learning so much from them and applying it, and it really works ! It's quantum physics at its best. I can't help but notice that the more I focus on such things, then more and more beautiful 'coincidences' are occurring, it's a journey that is getting more and more exciting daily. All this started happening to me after a profound healing experience I had on all levels, back in autumn 2004 - which was a major energy / vibrational SHIFT ! just goes to show, that's what it takes, to 'collapse' time and shift the vibration - then we heal, we manifest, we get clarity, we find relief.... make sense ? There's no looking back now ! I'll never be the same again LOL WHAT IS THE TAO OF TRUE WEALTH ? So, with all this 'backdrop', I am in the process of implementing my vision for "The Tao of Wealth" online membership (subscription) Club, which is about seeing things differently, by looking within instead of looking without. It is about inspiration and shift, discovery and rebalancing, nurturing and learning, awakening and joy. The club will be very affordable but add huge value to those who are drawn to it. The Mission of TTOW in essence, it is to provide a SERVICE of inspiring people, to discover their inner jewels. Everyone has them, whether they acknowledge them or not. It is about the 'art of being' if you like. Many human beings are literally afraid of their own Light, and worry about their own power - I mean 'real' power - spiritual potential for unlimited good and heightened awareness of the fact we are, in truth, all connected on a 'heart level', are all as One, no matter the different forms, connected with our Source energy .... I believe that everyone (without exception) is ultimately hungry for discovering or becoming more acquainted with, their wholeness which is also their 'holiness'. I believe this 'wholeness' is manifested as JOY in our BE-ing. It is not the surface, outer, things like "special relationship" or "new job" or "new home" or any other of the "what ifs"....It is the inner awakening that I believe we all crave, where the thinker and the thought, are One, where the Seer and the 'seen', are one, and so on. This is true creativity. OUR MISSION AS HUMANS IS TO UNDERSTAND THE TAO OF TRUE WEALTH, ALL ASPECTS IN BALANCE... The purpose of "The Tao of Wealth" (TTOW) is to act as a catalyst for positive happenings in people's lives and awareness, inner growth, awakenings, realisations, re-balancing, a nurturing experience, discovering self-love and self-forgiveness, and extending that love out from there, realising (with real-eyes) who we truly are, that we come from Love, our Source, and that the source of all goodness begins with how we relate to our true self, our Higher Self, our natural Being - which is our true "home". Nothing else truly matters, like these things. This has all come about through a huge shift I had in late 2004, when I experienced a profound physical healing of epilepsy. I'm now completely off the medication that I had been on for 22 years, too (this happened in April 2007). It has confounded the medics. The powerful 'shift' took years to occur, but when it happened, I was ready - boy, was I ready ? It happened in a flash, in a landslide shift of consciousness, that was preceded by a very cathartic, and even painful, experience which began with 'going within'. That part wasn't easy. Because it meant being willing to take full responsibility for everything in my life, all the trauma, all the suffering, all the perceived losses, all the heartache, all the poignant moments, all the thoughts behind the feelings of deepest sorrow, those deepest issues, inadequacies, 'conversations' in my head, deep-seated beliefs etc. The resistance in me was well developed, and had kept the various illusions 'alive' and kicking, even stuck, but they met their match in this pilgrimage for my soul: and I ended up surrendering to something quite different. It was the hardest thing ever. What followed was in fact frightening, but the purging effect of it all opened up pathways of light. It involved going to Scotland, away from it all, away from my family, facing my aloneness, that was just the start: WHEN WE STAND 'NAKED' BEFORE SOURCE ENERGY, SHIFTS HAPPEN... After a 2 week retreat at Findhorn (back in October 2004), on a course called "Falling in Love with God", where I faced myself and witnessed the crumbling of the 'ego', it left me at my most vulnerable. Half way through the course, everything "came to a head": literally, and figuratively ! I had multiple seizures and ended up in intensive care unit in hospital, fighting for my life. This was NOT what I expected ! I thought it would be a path of bliss, little did I know that it was my own resistance that was surrendering. It left me in a state where I couldn't walk, nor even remember my name. I thought I was going to die. I cried oceans of tears - in fact I must have 'cried for England', so great was the sorrow and the cathartic effect of it all, but wow, what a awareness completely shifted, and a beautiful healing awaited me. This challenging retreat experience was followed by the Miracle Conference in London (The Miracle Network), then I had a numinous experience. A major healing took place, as everything shifted in consciousness, and vibrationally. I felt purged. I now realise that the "world" is purely a projection of our thoughts, which is why people see such different 'worlds'. The world is changing as we change, and as we atone to Source Energy, and tune into this vibration regularly, it can become habitual, and constant. The 'world' is the outpicturing of our consciousness, and now that makes sense at last, because I experienced it. As we attune to the One Consciousness (Cosmic consciousness) we start seeing the same things, experiencing the same bliss, discovering the same joy, and it is this which unifies all of us. THE POWER OF A THANKFUL HEART Gratitude now fills my heart a lot more than it ever used to, and every day I give thanks for the magnificent healing, it was so profound. Before that, I hadn't wanted to live, now I love my life. If you knew me when I was 26, and met me now, you'd think it was a completely different person. I was 26 when the fits began, and 48 when they ended. I've no idea why I 'beat myself up' all those years, when I look back, that is what I was doing, carrying the baggage of beliefs which didn't serve me, operating from fear, mostly, if I'm honest. All 'disease' contains information, if we are willing to look, we can learn the mental cause behind it. All disease can be healed. Louise Hay's book "You can heal your life" has got it right. Also, "A course in Miracles" states "there is no order of difficulty in miracles": this sums it up. Nothing is too hard for Truth. It is about removing the blocks to Love's presence, that is our task, moment by moment. We learn from each other, and catalyse growth and change in one another, and often our greatest adversary is our greatest teacher. It's funny how human beings project, isn't it ? that which we most dislike in another, is what we most dislike in ourselves. Now, I'm not saying I've worked it all out to the extent that I can maintain the perfect equilibrium all the time, but the 'struggle' has hugely diminished, and happens a whole lot less now, because I am 'owning' more and more of the experiences I'm creating. That is the key to this new-found happiness, more deep than I've experienced before in my entire life. OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS A VIBRATIONAL ONE, GOVERNING ALL LIFE: LIFE IS VIBRATION I truly believe that we live in a Vibrational Universe. TTOW is a place where people will want to go to in order to tune into their Source Energy, to re-balance themselves, to be inspired by an ever-growing collection of beautiful Beings who are attuning to their own unique expression of Source Energy, that can be found at TTOW. I intend to bring together 'the best of the best' that is out there in the online community, with a global outreach through the powerful technology of the internet, and to give TTOW members and advertisers /contributors a platform to share their special gifts, insight, inspirations, teachings and talents. It is also a place where they can sell their books, DVD's, webinars, seminars, teleconferences, coaching courses, products, ideas, and TTOW members will receive a discount on everything they buy through the site as one of the many benefits of being a Member. There will also be affiliate links, and different regular contributors to the website will be featured each week / month, in each section of the site (which is made up of spiritual wealth, emotional wealth, physical wealth, financial wealth, mental wealth) and new information and updates constantly flowing through the site, like a river. I've noticed how a lot of energy is consumed in "fixing" things "out there", and re-arranging the 'outer form', but I believe it is the 'inner form' that is seeking and thirsting for rearrangement or realignment. I'd also like to make a difference to the lives of old people: they have the gift of experience and wisdom, but it saddens me to see how the old people are often overlooked, or disregarded, or given a lower priority to the rest of the population, many of them are even forgotten, and left alone... yet they have great gifts to share with people, and Wisdom of experience from living, if we could embrace their worthy status and learn from them. There are many cultures in the world (particularly places like Peru and the Far East) where the elderly are revered for their 'sage like wisdom' and experience of life, and are sought out and looked up to, in this way, and they have a tremendous balancing effect on their communities. We can learn from this and take a leaf out of their 'Life Book'. As we learn to truly love who we are, and begin to grasp and comprehend our own innate magnificence, we will take better care of our very young, and our very old, because of where we came from and where we are going. WE ARE ALL HERE TO SERVE, OR BE OF SERVICE, ON MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS... This is the purpose of TTOW, to help us be the best that we can be, to be a service to the individual, and therefore to communities of people who want to learn and explore more about who they are, about what wealth is, about the many resources that are available to catalyse and enhance their sense of well-being and experience of living….I could go on and on, but this is just an Overview. The website will be able to prove itself by its' own success of channelling the healing energy to all who visit it, drawing the people to it, giving them special 'gifts' at each visit, opening up the sphere of Vision, awakening the soul on its' journey through life to discover smoother paths, putting people in touch with who they are and demonstrating our Oneness: expressions of Source energy, Cosmic consciousness, Infinite possibility, purposeful intention, synergistic living, reminding us of our inner joy. Ten per cent of the profits of TTOW will be given to support teenagers in Britain, extending outward to other European communities and countries. Teenagers, in particular, are hungry for inspiration, for worthy role models, for dynamic support and unconditional love, and there is no better time than now to step up ourselves to helping them to do the same. DIVINE LOVE ALWAYS HAS MET, AND ALWAYS WILL MEET, EVERY HUMAN NEED (Mary Baker Eddy)... I've seen so many miracles already in my own life through working with the above (quantum physics, I guess!) and KNOW it works. As we connect to the ever-present, continuous stream of well-being, we CAN experience joy in the moment, no matter what is going on in our lives. Love waits on welcome. Are we welcoming it in ? It is there, just like the sun shines impartially on all on us, it does not single any one or other of us out, does it ? Divine Presence is ALL, in all. Our job is to tune our 'radio wave' of consciousness in to it, and watch things happen ! If we choose to tune our wavelength elsewhere, we see a corresponding manifestation, in equal measure, this is the amazing quality of this magical thing called "Life". As we consciously create the experiences we love, we grow to love every experience we have, no matter what its gifts are. Please let me know if you see opportunities to work together, or are interested to advertise or have a presence or subscription to TTOW when the site is up and running. THE HIGHER I LIFT MY SIGHTS, THE MORE I 'SEE'... I am great at starting new projects, and have very good contacts and connections, especially in the UK and US. I have a lot of passion and ambition, and can see the bigger picture in things, from the 'helicopter view', looking out from the stars: my profile is 'star creator': that's what I do best, that is my path of bliss, seeing the bigger picture, seeing the whole. I've also discovered that I have a gift of 'prophecy', where I often see events before they come about, or before they happen. For example, I knew James Crosby ex CEO of Halifax Bank of Scotland, was going to be exposed, about 6 weeks before it happened. I was guided to write to the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborn, before Christmas 2008, raising the issue that Crosby was mis-using his influence and "power" in the UK Government and Financial Regulatory Body, and by 10 February 2009, Crosby had resigned from his role as Deputy Chairman of the FSA and was under scrutiny along with his many cronies. I am writing this on Valentine's Day in 2009: Shortly the truth will emerge about the widespread fraud that HBOS has engaged in over the past 8 years in particular, and moreover, I can 'see' that Gordon Brown Prime Minister in UK is due to be ousted, maybe even impeached, because he has been running a corrupt 'wheel' inside the UK government since he came into power 10 years ago. WE CANNOT SERVE IF WE "PLAY SMALL" IN THE WORLD... Playing 'small' doesn't serve us or our Higher Purpose. We are here to "be the best we can be". But very few people "embrace life", because they have 'sold out' to their fears or passions or self-limiting beliefs: they are stuck in survival, but dream of becoming a 'realised Being' without putting in to place the Mindset that will take them there. They leave it to others to consciously create the change that they want to see, thinking "oh I'll let someone else do it". Yet, we must be the change that we want to see in the world (Nelson Mandela famously quoted this, too). Because we all make up the Collective, and the Collective Consciousness creates the 'outpicturing' that we call "reality" and "Life" and what we see all around us, happening. As the Collective changes, so does the outpicturing. As we take individual responsibility and become 'realised Beings', so too does the Collective picture change and improve. It is up to us, each and every one of us. And so, with this dichotomy, the great leveller is 'love' and here it is that we all can 'meet' up, on a heart and soul level. It is love that brings through the changes. PROPHECY FOR BECOMING REALISED BEINGS AND FOR OUR AWAKENING... It is time to usher in the Age of Aquarius, the water carrier. The Piscean Age has come to an end. The old paradigm of materialism and secrecy, 'each man for himself' is no longer working. That is why we are having an enormous "overturning" in our Global economy, with the Financial Arena in disarray. This is because the Collective Consciousness is radically changing: it is waking up, to self-realisation. It wants to elevate and transcend the limitations of a finite and enslaving System where "money" determines everything from our 'worth', to the home we live in, to the status we hold, to the vacations we can have, to the education we have or offer our kids. It is an illusion, built on an illusion. This bubble of illusion has grown so big, that it has now burst. De-leveraging is occurring, out of necessity, because only Change is a certain factor. Consiousness wants a whole lot more, and wants to expand and grow and elevate - this is creating an awakening of the Collective. The delusions must first be routed out, before the Truth can appear. Once the Truth appears, a new paradigm will emerge, once it reaches 'critical mass' and there is a 'take up' in the Collective level of Thought. DO WE HAVE THE GOVERNMENT THAT WE "DESERVE" ? It is often said "we get the government that we deserve" because we voted them in. So if we become fully conscious, even for a moment, of what 'governance' is being made manifest in our experience, would you change it ? Most would say 'yes' straight away, because most people feel subjugated or oppressed, even enslaved, and because there is no alignment between their government and with their 'inner knowingness'. The two are at 'odds'. Most "average" people have shut down their intuition (inner teacher) and own internal Guidance System, because they think it is 'too difficult' to swim upstream, and change what we see 'out there'. But it is not 'out there', it is within consciousness, our consciousness, which is why we need to become conscious of the change we want to see, individually AND collectively, in order for it to manifest in our experience. "We do not become enlightened by imagining figures of light. But by making the darkness, conscious" (Carl Jung) Many people do not want to hear what is really going on at the 'top' with those in "power". Many would rather not know, because they would feel too helpless and despondent if they knew the truth of the rigged and corrupt set-up we have in the Western world, which is destroying itself, and forcing all Men to turn to the light within their Soul. Even if we consciously and deliberately raise our vibration and place our awareness consistently on the continuous Stream of wellbeing that surrounds us, the chemicalisation between the polarities is still happening at the same time, causing much unnecessary pain which could so easily be dissolved if we went back into focusing on our Oneness. I HAVE DISCOVERED A TALENT FOR EXPOSING FRAUD AND CORRUPTION, THROUGH THE LIGHT.... We all have very different talents, and I have discovered a talent where I am holding the light for a very dark situation on the earth - namely, the corruption and cover-up with the Banking Cartel at government level, in the UK and in the USA in particular: this is because the entire World Banking Cartel, which originated in the UK and the USA, is running the world on a low denominator which is 'love of money' for pursuit of perceived "power", rather than Love for its' own sake and based on an "Art of allowing" and natural laws of growth. This love of "power" stultifies all genuine growth, because it strangles natural expression and growth through control and stealth measures. The Banking Cartel have teamed up with like-minded people in their own 'family of consciousness', and built a Marshall Plan involving the dishonest IMF (International Monetary Fund) which is no 'fund' at all, but a System based on debt which lends the illusion called "money" through the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to its "member countries" - all of them have inherited "national debts" for this reason. They have built a global infrastructure around this low-level consciousness, to preserve this grand illusion called "money and power". Now it is all being taken away from them, because it is not built on a rock of Truth, but is rooted in the Occult (Weishaupt, a student of the Occult, set up the Federal Reserve in 1913). They engage in devil-worship and separatist "club" thinking with hierarchial structures ruling them, like Freemasony and 'Knights of the Realm'. It is built on lower vibrations of self-serving, fear-driven, control-based, separatist (ego-driven) thinking. Not the Truth of who we are, at all. Not reaching for the Higher nature of Humankind, but indulging a self-limiting paradigm that relies upon control and fear for its survival. They have set things up to preserve this idiom, this giant ego and counterfeit "god". This is what has resulted in widespread corruption in the Western World, which is the single biggest block to understanding Love's Presence. This corruption relies upon stealth measures, increasingly as the paradigm grows and expands, and worsens - fuelled by an unworkable Monetary System which is inherently fraudulent, and highly flawed. It is a dishonest System, where money is printed as 'debt', and only comes in to being once it is issued in this way. Money is issued out of thin air, backed by nothing except faith, and the US "Federal Reserve" is no more 'Federal' than 'Federal Express' ! EVERYTHING IS 'CAUSE AND EFFECT', AN OUTPICTURING OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS... What began as just an Elite few, soon grew to a Committee of about 300, which is ruling the "world" today by their System, which bows down to their god called "money". Yet, think about it, what is 'money' ? It is a means of exchange, a means of exchanging value, the value that we all add to it, through commerce, free trade, giving our love and energy and skills. Yet instead of this happening, the Banking Cartel have been adding their OWN "value" to it, namely, leveraging it up by a factor of 10:1, at SOURCE (namely when they issue it through the System they devised using government Bonds), and pocketing the profit from this. This has cultivated a culture of insatiable greed, because money can never satisfy when it is used incorrectly, and when it is out of balance with Love, fair exchange, value, and energy. In turn, the Banking Cartel have sought to fill their own 'void', more and more, as the paradigm has just grown and grown, and after reaching 'critical mass', it has literally, exploded: the "Meltdown". This is why the System is so highly leveraged: the 'true' Economy is about one tenth of the leveraged Economy in the UK and in the US. This huge imbalance that has been created directly by the Banking Cartel, is now strangling the world economies and rippling out to other countries (through their IMF and World Bank 'Membership'), squeezing all genuine 'value' that is out there, to sustain and keep alive this dishonest, fraudulent paradigm of issuing 'money as debt'. This is a simplified explanation why we are seeing so many millions of people losing their homes, their jobs, their livelihood, their rights....because the Banking Cartel have been mis-using their power, creating boom and bust cycles, creating all world wars, and even inventing the lie called 'terrorism' in order to keep their subjects in fear, so they are easier to control and will turn to governments for "protection" and help: far from it. There is only one solution for us all, and that is SELF GOVERNMENT.` THE LOWER VIBRATIONS OF THOUGHT LEAD TO LOWER OUTPICTURINGS.. Stemming from this unworkable paradigm that was started by a few, and has mushroomed into a global nightmare of almost a Totalitarian state, certainly where the infrastructure they are using through governments running a Fascist Regime that relies upon enslaving the Common Man and keeping him 'limited' and in fear, it is now dying a death. This very System, blinded by its own delusions, is breeding Corruption and Fraud as an inevitable side-effect of its own myopia and short-sightedness. It is this reason alone that HBOS, for example, have effectively 'become' the UK government, and have committed widespread, Systemic fraud upon the People and citizens of UK. Aided by the Financial Services Authority (who could more appropriately be called 'The Financial Stealth Authority') , they have stripped the assets of the People whom they profess to serve, and their very survival is geared to depend upon criminality. Why ? Because criminality pays them, through fines, penalties, justification for their 'jobs', and their very title as calling them "Financial REGULATORS" is in itself, a lie. They are regulating nothing. They are working for the big Banks. They are serving only the 'Fat Cat' bankers, and not the People. The thousands who are or have been, stolen from, have for the most part never been compensated by the FSA, who caused their very losses in the first place, through allowing widespread money-laundering and so on. It is too easy for them to steal from the Public. Possession is nine tenths of the Law ! Once they have your money in their 'System', it is theirs ! The Banks place people's money that is 'banked' with them in to Hedge Funds, against which the banks lend NEW money....hence the only way that this self-destructive System can continue, is to rebalance itself. How does it do this ? Through you and I; through drawing back in liquid assets (homes, cash, savings, pension funds, income, education funds etc) into their own coffers, to issue more "money" against, to keep it going - as they get more and more of this "stuff" called "money". THE IDENTICAL PICTURE OF REGULATORY FAILURE IS HAPPENING OVER IN THE USA, SIMULTANEOUSLY Funnily enough, the exact same picture of Regulatory failure in the UK which is causing so much misery to the lives of so many, is also happening, concurrently, in the USA ! The US Securities Exchange Commission is their "regulator", another government quango, in a 'Cooperation Agreement' with the FSA, and every bit as dishonest and corrupt, with an identical paradigm that relies upon criminality for its very survival, and continuance. The bottom line ? : Crime pays the FSA and the SEC. If there were no "financial crimes", they would cease to exist, which is why they BOTH set about creating these crimes, through their own government-run ponzi schemes ! All the lights came on for me in my consciousness that the 'Vavasseur/Eryl Management Ltd' Fraud Case (where we lost all our money) was, in fact, Organised Crime at government level - namely, from both the UK and US governments. This was a startling revelation to me on 12 February 2009, when it finally dawned on me how they had achieved it. The 'red flags' were all there, and all the warning signs were there of "complex fraud", but after realising how connivingly it has all been structured, even relying on 'scapegoats' to cover their own backs, it is a sobering picture indeed. I even found my evidence to this, on the internet of all places. Namely, that these government "regulatory" bodies had inside knowledge of the Fraud, years before anything was done about it: they allowed it to thrive before their very eyes, and once they had amassed a vast sum of liquid funds from the innocent people they used for this, back into their 'Black Hole Banking Bermuda Triangle', they rigged everything into a huge 'stitch up' so that no "justice" could be attained for the victims. We have lived with this for over 7 years, and it has catalysed my own search for "Divine Justice", which is why I am writing and sharing this all with you here, and now. The only standard worthy of our strivings is "Divine Justice". The Tao of Wealth, takes us to Divine Justice, because it is a vibrational state of Being, seeing and understanding, not doing, believing, and wanting. THE CHALLENGE IS MUCH BIGGER THAN THIS HOWEVER... The problem is that the challenge is a lot bigger than what is described above: because the whole 'infrastructure' the Banking Cartel have set up is reliant on the same characteristics already referred to: namely, fear, control, suppression of Truth, ignorance, dumbing down the Nations etc. They, in turn, have set up a Judicial System which is equally corrupt, where Divine (or true) Justice, is marked by its absence. The UK and US Justice Systems rely upon every-day criminality, fraud, stealth to keep 'alive' and to keep in business their direct counterparts - namely, the Fat Cat lawyers. I am talking about London law firms, whose average hourly rate is £400 per hour, some 70 times the average wage in Britain today. How many can afford this ? Answer: only a minority. Only the Banks and the Elite, who are the Fat Cat lawyers biggest Client base. Hence, both groups of 'Fat Cats' have been literally feeding off one another for several decades now. Notice how, with this involuntary 'Meltdown' and "Credit Crunch", the law firms are laying off staff in their droves, because the money is drying up and the System is breaking down. Usher in the new ! WHAT LAYS BENEATH IS AN ILLUSION The bottom line is that the Banking Cartel have set things up so that the governments are there at their 'beck and call', namely at their behest, and not the other way round, which is how any true or honest Democracy would work. With Lord Rothschild individually reputed to be "worth" over £125 TRILLION, who can overthrow him ? It is like a mass hypnotism, because everyone has fallen asleep, and given their power away to this illusion. Yet, think about it: if "money" is debt, then Rothschild et al are the Source of all debt: that is right, the 'god' of Debt. He and his cohorts "own" most of the assets in the world, through their Banking Cartel, but only in their delusion, for nothing real can be threatened, and nothing unreal exists: herein lies the peace of God. The Banking Cartel are the single biggest "block to Love's Presence" and it is my intention to 'make a difference' here. It is because of the paradigm of the Banking Cartel, in this invidious way, that any idea of "democracy" is left in tatters, dwelling only in the realms of illusion and delusion. We've been lied to, on a huge scale. This is the reason the Bankers are able to create 'boom or bust' cycles and to pay so many hundreds of billions in "bail outs" - because they are bailing out their illusions, and prolonging them ! the "money" does not exist ! It is debt bailing out debt. So what do they get ? Answer: more debt. Correct. Isn't it time for change ? A WORTHY VISION FOR GOVERNMENTAL, FINANCIAL & REGULATORY REFORM... I am doing this with a Vision for a better way, a brighter future, an honest Monetary System, an honestly run Government, that breaks away from the tyranny of the Banking Cartel, and sets up an intelligent, supportive Financial System as a means of Fair exchange, adding value, without inflating falsehoods; a Government that is united with the hearts of its' people and not just with those 'in power' who are running it, a standard that renounces cronyism and 'back-scratching' in favour of open and honest communication, raising the 'Bar', living by 'The Golden Rule', being open to growth and improvement, actively listening to inspiration in whatever form is may come, that lifts up standards and strives for excellence and full disclosure, that encourages true understanding and Oneness, that strives to integrate the awareness that "there is no separation" between any of us, and ultimately, whatever we do in thinking it is "out there" or that we do "to another", or whatever secrets we try to hide within our heart, we are really doing it to ourselves and it comes right back on to us again. This is Life's grand Lesson: Love and Oneness. Owning all traits that we "see" and then seeing with our inner eyes, the innate magnificence that prevails beyond the realm of just the physical senses. WHAT IS OUR PRAYER ? OUR MOST POWERFUL PRAYER IS OUR CONSCIOUSNESS... May our 'prayer' become a living prayer, where we can, through the thoughts that we think, moment by moment, become conscious of Love's nurturing presence for us, and to seek out, and find, the unique talent in our brother - not matter what the surface 'evidence'. To have the courage to tap in to our innate wellspring of goodness and fortitude, to be the change that we want to see, to cultivate a conscious, continuous communion with our Creator, on a moment by moment and daily basis, to focus on 'feeling good' and reaching for "the better feeling thought" because that is our birthright, to communicate with directness and honesty, backed in equal or greater proportion by unconditional love for the outcome of doing this. Love Life and Live Love. "Your goal is not to maximise productivity. It is to be more valuable. Life is not seeking for us just to keep people alive, for the sake of it. The world wants people who have COME alive. Who have discovered and connected with their own innate magnificence. Who have unveiled their own worth and worthiness through conscious communion with their own Creator. Who have begun the journey of discovering who they truly are. Our potential is immense, and our purpose is enormous. We are afraid of our own power, as co-creators in a vibrational universe. Let us seize that power, and rise up to the challenges that are there to help us learn, change, and grow." (Liz Watson) "Success intelligence challenges you to apply your best thinking, to life. True success should not have to cost you your joy, your health, or your relationships. We can so easily confuse speed with progress, urgency with importance, efficiency with value, effort with effectiveness... Permanent busy-ness often blocks purpose. Wholeheartedness is the antidote to burnout and hyperactivity. Write a prayer for life, a prayer for work, a prayer for relationships. Prayer inspires vision, strengthens focus, and supports intention. What do you pray for ? what's in your heart ?" (Robert Holden - Success Intelligence) "Why do we work harder and harder if what really counts is those precious moments of joy and bliss, when we are at one with each other and with what we are experiencing in the moment ? What does all the rushing about do for us ? What will you do with all the time you have worked to 'save' ? The essence of our heart's truest desire is joy. Stop what you're doing, and think of this, that special moment that bonds you to an awareness of the Maginificent Universe, present, here and now. Listen to what your Higher self has to say: this is your inner teacher. Herein lays all healing." "People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives." J. Michael Straczynski "We can cut through resistance like a laser, when we understand 'the rules of the game'. Life is an amazing synthesis of opposites. Use these opposites to grow, we need both perspectives, in order to find equilibrium. All it takes is a little willingness to grow, and learn. Never run away from challenges, but rather, welcome and embrace them, for these can be your greatest teachers, can test and develop your spiritual 'muscle', and can transform what you experience as 'Reality' in a heartbeat, when you get the gift of the Lesson it brings to you." (Liz Watson) Citizens Charter: THE PRESSING NEED FOR ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE WITHIN HMCS Hello there, I hope you enjoy reading and find value in this new report I have prepared for the UK Government, Rt Hon Vince Cable and Rt Hon Kenneth Clark. It will also be forwarded to Her Majesty The Queen, to accelerate the invitation to positive changes with our new Coalition government. The purpose of the report is to usher in an enlightened 'model' for our Justice System that will place the emphasis where it belongs, on SERVICE and JUSTICE to the 'majority' (or the masses) instead of PROFIT and DOMINATION /POWER for the 'few'. The humanised or anthropomorphic idea of Justice falls so far short of Divine Justice and the Rule of Law, and what was set up with possibly reasonable intentions a few hundred years ago has effectively been perverted by abuse of power, position, and money, over time - now peaking to the point of implosion. It is down to the Commoner to change this state of affairs, for those profiting from it will resist any change. The Vision that motivates me is this: to be a catalyst for helping to bring the human idea of "Justice" into much closer alignment with "Divine Justice" and to facilitate People to access their inner Divinity and God-given power - the latter being based on the true 'Rule of Law' and being entirely Principle based, as with mathematical Law. This report will, I hope, 'go global', to catalyse People in to taking their power back in these troubled times we are living in: it will hopefully do this of its own accord, for the value it may add to people is accessible to those whose concern with their rights and peace of mind is becoming an increasing priority - triggered by the widespread looting that is going on with our dishonest Money System and Plutocratic regimes in the Western world. The waste and denial of Western governments is nearing its nemesis. Usury rules the material world at this time, and is unsustainable any longer. This report was inspired by David Fabb's case, a successful Industrialist who employed over 1000 people and had a turnover of more than a million pounds sterling a week, but in 2003 his asset-rich and flourishing business was maliciously and voraciously 'targeted' by the Financial and Mafia (with Deloitte Touche leading the way), who embarked on a 'feeding frenzy' of his 10 + companies, stripping him unlawfully of millions - all in the name of 'professionals'. David's strength of character has sustained him through the worst looting and asset stripping imaginable to any human being, particularly as he is one who should, instead, have been awarded a Knighthood for services to British Industry! David has now been reduced to living in rented accommodation and with tens of millions of pounds of assets and properties stolen from him in broad daylight through an imploded "Justice" System, he is still standing, albeit in bewilderment at this 'state of play' - may David's legacy and talent be a gift to us all, to turn around the avarice and corruption that caused his unjustly changed circumstances, which through the backing and support of honest civilians, may prove to be 'only temporary': as we harness the power "to be the change that we all want to see", empathising with one another. This is written, too, with the applied 'genius' of Ebert Gedalijahu, working as a team for the Common Good of those oppressed by the Oligarchial System that so many of us are wrestling with. Don't allow the racketeering Mafia-style hierarchy to bind the ethical free thinking citizen who ascribes to, and lives, by the Rule of Law. kind regards, liz Watson Founder One voice Action group "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent". Thomas Jefferson THE PRESSING NEED FOR ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE WITHIN HMCS By Elizabeth Jean Watson, Founder of One Voice Action Group & CEO of Discoveries International Limited Introduction Administrative compliance has been identified (by the Court of Public Opinion) to be of vital importance, and specifically the steps leading up to the application of the court seal. The bitter experience of law-abiding citizens which has been gathered, has highlighted the Court Services' unfathomable failings in this area, repeatedly. This is because the simple but important act of applying the court seal, kick-starts the whole Judicial process. With it, a Claim is brought to life and taken forward. Without it, a Claim may not proceed. Therefore, the past and future destiny of every litigant lays in the balance of whether or not the Court's administrative Compliance has been consciously conducted. More often than not, the compliance stage has failed the test of care and attention, with extraordinary and harrowing consequences to Court users. 1. NON-COMPLIANCE UNDERMINES AND USURPS JUSTICE , ITSELF Given we have identified that a major problem exists because there are large numbers of claims being brought before the Court which are either vexatious, ill-founded, or downright fraudulent, the subtle but wrongful use of the Court seal poses the most serious threat of all, to "Justice" itself, the very life-blood and purpose of our Court Service. The greatest problem is that it is not only difficult to detect, but is rarely detectable until injustice has become embedded and has already derailed a case. The undermining effects of a Court's simple administrative error can appear to be innocuous, prima facie or superficially, but beneath the surface it creates turmoil and abnegation to Justice itself, and crushes The Rule of Law. The simplest misguided act or "oversight" has the power to usurp Law and Order, setting a gravitational direction as opposed to an intelligent, upward trend, the latter being essential for paving the way to "a fair hearing". Often, the startling realization of such a small but potent "mistake", comes all of a sudden but often when it is almost "too late". For reversing the error of The Careless One (who may remain nameless or in hiding) is in no way equal to undoing the ill-motivated Agenda of the wicked, who capitalize on such weaknesses in our Court Service. Securing accountability and willing correction from the Judiciary and Her Majesty's Court Service is proving no easy task The stage of discovery of a court's error is critical to whether the lost balance on a case can be recovered or not, for it is easier to start again, than to unravel a complex mess. Yet the former is not always permitted, and the latter is not always possible, because the poor substitute of money and profits relentlessly call the shots. The whole arena of 'court seal abuse',and its resulting corruption to the Rule of Law, means that the Human Rights of everyone using the Courts have consequently been compromised. This presents a far bigger dilemma than most would at first realize, or care to admit. 1. THE COURT MUST FIRST DETERMINE JURISDICTION BEFORE IT CAN 'HEAR' A CASE Without compliance being mindfully conducted, the Court is unable to determine Jurisdiction. Where no compliance exists, no jurisdiction exists. Yet low standards and doing things by rote has replaced the mindful attitude which is pre-requisite to giving a true (and truthful) service. The most obvious 'administrative compliance' needed is to ensure that a Claim has at least got basic supporting evidence to justify its' prima facie acceptance by the court - e.g. :- (i) a Mortgage Possession Claim needs to produce a copy of the Mortgage agreement itself; (ii) or a Bankruptcy Claim needs to produce a copy of the 'debt' and evidence of actual 'indebtedness' that a genuine assessment of 'insolvency' could be truthfully based upon. (iii) Or a 'Breach of contract' claim at least needs to have a copy of the disputed contract ! (iv) If a "supporting Affidavit' is referred to in a Bankruptcy Claim, for instance, then it must be adduced to the Claim form. One would think this would stand to reason. Yet often, Affidavits are referred to but are missing from the bundle, and are not even obtained after being reviewed by a Judge ! (v) Similarly, the Claim should always be submitted on the correct Court forms, otherwise compliance becomes remote or even impossible to achieve. This is factually provable,on the basis that all Law is written with didactic and careful cross-references to specified forms that need to be used, to ensure the correct information is presented. One example is a Bankruptcy Petition filing details of an UNliquidated debt, submitted incorrectly on a form intended only for a liquidated debt: failure to detect a subtle error like this will result in guaranteeing that Justice will be perverted. This is distinct from 'judicial compliance', which deals with the detail of the content, for without administrative compliance being first adhered to, there can be no judicial compliance. It stands to reason that as much emphasis deserves to be placed on ensuring that a 'Statement of Truth' is actually signed by the Claimant or petitioner, as a Claim being brought is worthy of checking there is in fact a named claimant on it. Although it sounds 'obvious', huge numbers of 'claims' get carelessly rubber-stamped with the Court's seal without even the basic or fundamental details attached, nor even a note to say 'these items to follow'. However, when things go wrong, as they do more often than not, how rarely does one hear of a compliance 'victim' being duly compensated and restored ? Rarely, or never. Hence there should be a far greater weight of importance placed on administrative compliance in the pre-sealing stage. 2. PLACING A BURDEN OF FUNDAMENTAL PROOF ON COURT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF WILL PRECLUDE AN ABUSE OF PROCESS OCCURRING An appropriate high standard of proof to ensure the Claim has substance and is not frivolous, is essential before a Claim can be admitted via the application of the Court seal - particularly with Bankruptcy petitions and Property Possession Claims. In the same way that a criminal charge requires "proof beyond reasonable doubt", so should this standard be adopted for potentially life-changing Claims being brought before the Court, in the context of 'fundamental or primary evidence' to support the Claim being brought. Proper and careful checks need to be conducted to ensure compliance with a codified standard, available for Public scrutiny. Only this can preclude an abuse of process from occurring. It ought not to be possible for a person to be wrongly adjudged "bankrupt" where, for example, no debt exists, or where they are provably NOT insolvent. It is unjust to simply gloss over this vital stage of compliance. Most wrongly-induced bankrupts were always able to pay a legitimate debt or could have liquidated some assets to do so, yet dishonest IP's and lawyers abuse the process frequently and fail to distinguish between "an insolvent person" and "a disputed invoice", the latter of course being a civil matter that sensible arbitration or mediation could mostly resolve. However, irresponsible and malicious interference frequently intervenes in such matters, with the result of wrongly labeling enormous numbers of people "bankrupt" when they are perfectly solvent. This is more damaging than even the worst 'perjury' claim, for it is a legal aspersion cast upon the innocent. 3. CORPORATE BULLYING THROUGH ABUSE OF HMCS AND HMIS SHOULD CARRY HEFTY FINES The two above Government entities provide vehicles which enable and entertain the most insidious forms of Corporate bullying known to Man, and the most widely abused. Yet this travesty of justice occurs all the time, trampling underfoot all the rights of the one standing accused, in favour of providing the ultimate abuse of court process to the guilty perpetrators of injustice: invariably, an asset-stripping jaunt that unjustly lines the pockets of the opportunistic Insolvency "professionals" (where the term 'hyena' springs to mind), which leaves the one targeted, figuratively 'bleeding by the roadside', in every sense of the word. The same applies to the major Banks who rely on spurious "Default Notices" to bring false 'Mortgage possession claims under a Consumer Credit Act agreement' that often does not even exist: they need to at the very least provide a copy of the Mortgage agreement and the Consumer Credit agreement that is referred to. Obvious though this sounds, a competently conducted Survey will reveal that most Banks do NOT comply with proving their alleged 'claims' on even the most basic level, let alone prove their ostensible 'debt'. It is the ultimate insult after a loan may have been recklessly granted in the first place. It is the uninformed Public who allow them to get away with this. It is not rocket science. If nothing is provided which supports such a claim, there is only one place it ought to be destined for: the dustbin. 4. THE COURT COULD EVEN 'FINE' OR PENALIZE THOSE DISCOVERED TO BE BRINGING UNFOUNDED OR FRAUDULENT CLAIMS Indeed, the Court (administration and Judiciary, alike) has a duty in its service to impose stiff penalties on con-men, opportunists or fraudsters who brazenly abuse the Court's process for their own pecuniary gain - in the same way that barristers may be threatened with problems if they plead 'fraud' wrongly, when insufficient evidence exists. Where is the deterrent to crooks who see the Legal Field "wide open" for them ? Yet presently, no such equitable provision, exists, astonishing though this is. Alarmingly, many of the worst offenders turn out to be the Court's own officers ! Many of them invoke, influence, and mete out injustice with impunity, routinely misleading judges and abusing their position: for many of them, it is all a calculated game, where the litigant or defendant has no copy of the Rule Sheet. Often, judges think nothing of making generous or liberal allowances to Officers of the Court or IP's, whereas compliance expectations thrust upon the defendant or litigant in person are stringent and onerous. It is one thing to excuse a mistake, or to appeal a bad decision of a Judge, but it is quite another to condone critical and damaging negligence (or even dishonesty) on the part of a member of the Court Administrative staff. Excuses of being "too busy" or "not legally qualified" or "unable to influence the Judicial process" will not wash. The difference being, that one does not need a legal qualification to ensure that these fundamental things referred to above, are conducted correctly. Regrettably, the current System allows a reversal of what ought to be occurring, where, for example, vexatious petitioners of criminal bankruptcies flourish, and the innocent who deserve full protection of The Law, end up having their lives turned upside down and losing everything. How can this be condoned ? 5. HANDSOME IS AS HANDSOME DOES The Taxpayer and Court users have every legal right to demand that Court administrative staff and the Judiciary comply with the Court Rules and procedures, the Law, and indeed the higher Rule of Law. This includes a right to expect there to be continuous professional development and improvement, with acceptable standards of Practice, monitored by the Public themselves, and not by some disinterested quango who have nil commitment to service, and who can so easily be 'bought off' to stay mute, as has evidently occurred with the soon-to-be-extinct HMICA. A Public Service sector that has forgotten how to serve, is not workable in the long term. Separatist thinking and self-preservation are the hidden enemies of progress and Justice. In the Private sector, to survive a company has to 'walk its talk' through listening to the valuable feedback of its customers or clients to continually improve its output, yet no such standard exists in HMCS or many other Government departments, who merely suit themselves for the most part, and have almost grown to regard the Public as unwelcome intruders. Yet the high standards required for survival in the private sector need to be urgently integrated in the Public sector. No credit can be given for anything less than this. 6. HOW SOON CAN THE ENDEMIC CORRUPTION WITHIN OUR COURTS BE RE-FOCUSED AND RE-ALIGNED WITH THE RULE OF LAW ? If one is to sensibly avoid the continuance of a significant 'abuse of process', the current practices of all operators, staff, Registrars, Masters and Judges within HMCS, need bringing under close scrutiny. For the wrongful application of HM Court seal has disastrous consequences in every case where this occurs. It is self-evident, therefore, that the Compliance and initial Assessment stage of the Court's "due process", matters more than anything else - even more than ensuring the Claim has a named claimant on it. Incredulously, I have even seen 'claims' with no named claimant, have the Court seal applied on them. This is because a flawed premise at the outset "ab initio", renders everything that follows it, null and void. COMPLIANCE OR NON-COMPLIANCE IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE COURT'S ABILITY TO DETERMINE JURISDICTION IN HEARING A CASE ! 1. NON-COMPLIANCE EQUALS 'NO JURISDICTION' 2. COMPLIANCE THEREFORE NEEDS TO BE CARRIED OUT WITH APPROPRIATE CARE AND SKILL 3. ADMINISTRATIVE ERRORS CATALYSE INJUSTICE 4. AN ABUSE OF PROCESS IS INVITED BY NON-COMPLIANCE 5. THE MOST EXTREME ABUSE OF PROCESS IS FRAUD AND ILL-FOUNDED CLAIMS TO ASSET STRIP 6. THE COURT'S ADMINISTRATIVE STAGE IS THUS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE JUDICIAL PHASE 7. THIS IS BECAUSE THE JURISDICTION FOR THE JUDICIAL PHASE DEPENDS ON ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE 8. WITHOUT ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE, ALL THAT FOLLOWS IS A NULLITY 7. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE Therefore, wherever an administrative error is made by the Court's staff member, it acts as a catalyst for injustice, instead of curtailing and rejecting a claim where an easily identifiable defect or defects, exist. Sensible steps for prevention of errors, is infinitely preferable to trying to cure and reverse the usually damning consequences of a simple court administrative error which leads to the wrongful application of HM Court seal. The 'devil is in the detail' but is also in the process of deception. For a Court to be fit for its intended purpose, it has a duty to fulfil, which includes detecting defects and errors in malicious, fraudulent, or ill-founded Claims. Worryingly, many claims fit these categories, and wrongly, the Court is permitted to profit from such claims. Accountability for errors is everything. Without raising and resolving the 'divided and double standards', there is little purpose served in using or relying upon HM Courts. It is no coincidence, therefore, that many of them are now being shut down. 8. SERVICE, NOT PROFIT, SHOULD BE THE COURT'S PRIMARY PURPOSE AND FOCUS An honest assessment is needed, focusing predominantly on Public service. Ideally, Courts ought to be a non-profit making enterprise, so that the entire focus may be on service, without the distraction of pecuniary gain or operational 'targets'. Instead, the mis-use of power has continued to prevail and escalate in our Courts, particularly in the Royal Courts of Justice, where, ironically, the injustices occurring there on an hourly basis are only equal to the status and wealth of the Queen herself, unsurpassed by anyone. 9. IT IS TIME FOR THE COURT SERVICE TO RAISE ITS GAME There is a self-evident stagnation within this citadel, where little tangible improvement, progress, evolution or change has occurred in the past 200 years. Cronyism and stuffy fear-driven values rule the day, and the complexities of power struggling within this hierarchial System have rendered it to be justly labelled "a den of corruption and iniquity", meting out injustice almost on lottery basis. The intrepid court user will file their claim and 'hope for the best', for the 'hidden element" is the unspoken wild card of power and principalities that can drastically alter the hoped for, or anticipated, outcome on any case. HMCS is not a place for the faint-hearted, for it requires nerves of steel to deal with the skullduggery that is so commonplace within it. 10. JUDGE WATCH Those held in the highest esteem are also rendered the least accountable: our judges not only act as if they are above the Law, they ARE above the Law ! This ironical paradox is designed to fail the court user, for the unpredictability and 'risk' factor, eclipses the 'reward' ratio. This is not a proper basis to run our Court service, because it idolizes our judges who are simply human beings who are supposedly focused on discharging their duty set d



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"Thank you for the prompt acceptance Liz. It speaks to being a good ecademist. I'm pleased to be a part of your network. Geary"

Gerner Petersen

" Dear Liz Thanks to join me to your contacts and share network, its my pleasure to have you in my friends list. Feel to contact me, if you think there is something I can do for you. :) Kind Regards Gerner "

Wilhelmus L.J. Habets

"Dear Liz, Thank you for connecting to me on Ecademy and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, especially with a great Networker like you. I'm looking forward to share some ideas or to do business with you in the future. Should you require our assistance in any kind, please contact me at; and I will be pleased to assist you. With kind regards, Leon Habets"

Ricardo Pires

"Thanks! I hope we can further strengthen this relationship and do business together."

George Joseph

"Dear Liz, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

George Joseph

"Dear Liz, Today is a remarkable day, made possible by ecademy and YOU. YOU have helped me achieve the dream of networking with a thousand ecademicians from all over the world! Thank you for helping me along the way... While thanking you for your help, I invite you to visit our project in Palamaner. Or if you wish to know more about our work, please visit: Wishing you a meaningful Lenten season and with Gods abundant blessings. George "

Ramesh Shankerlal

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Vipul Tank

"Hi, Thanks for your interest. Glad to connect to fine people like you seem to be ! Great net worker, trustfully, friendly & wonderful person. It's a pleasure to stay in touch and to be friend. Have a great day and thanks again ! Keep in touch... Take Care.......... Thanks…!!! Have a Good Day…..!!! With Best Regards, VIPUL K. TANK Document Controller "

Muhammad Siddique

"Glad to be connected and that you are part of my circle of friends. You are a valuable part of my network, and thank you for being part of ecademy. Sincerely, Siddique Writer at "

eric thitaporn

"Hi Liz, Awesome profile! Thanks for being a friend. The chance of a lifetime to learn from you the business skills and strategies while networking here. Best wishes. Eric. Today is The Time For Action -"

Lenni Smith

"I was so pleased to hear from Liz who not only shares my passion for Himalayan Pink Salt, but also has such a generous heart - within a couple of exchanges, Liz had sent me a list of useful ideas and specific contacts to help me grow my business and 'think outside of the box'. She has much knowledge on health topics, products and ways of living well, and puts it all together in her own open and genuine style. Thank you Liz, it's a pleasure to have met you."

Jb Rai

"I was obviously enjoying the illusion that I was fully meditated! But now I have a question to myself; how can I write a testimonial for this lady?"

Stavros Papagianneas

"I am delighted to be connected with Liz and look forward to networking. Stavros Papagianneas"

Massimiliano Mauriello

"Liz is really a wise and professional networker I'm happy to be connected with ! Max"

Marzena Melby Twin Cities Homes

"Liz is a great networker and a wonderful person. Connect with her! Marzena Melby"

Lucian Simion

"Hi Liz Thanks for connecting. I look forward to networking together. Best regards Lucian"

Nilesh Roy

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Khushi P

"Dear Liz, Thanks for visiting our website. Its really good that you liked it and found it helpful. Hope the website is beneficial for you and others as it gives information about healthy food and how to care for our health. Many people are writing testimonies about the most popular article of our website The comments posted on this page will tell you how this article is beneficial for those people who had been under severe pain in their lives and got relief after reading the article,as the articles tells how to take care at home(home remedies) Many people after trying all the possible ways to get cured are now trying all the organic food described in the website. Its not just a website but much more than that. Wish you happy and prosperous new year 2009. Nishidha India 01.01.2009 "


"Hello Liz, I am happy to network with you. You are a humane, honest, dedicated and a loving person. God Bless you, Sinerely, Sumit"

Sajid Hussain Journalist4Peace

"It's my honor to be connected with such a great friend  (great inspiration)     Hope that you are in a good health and spirits, i am very much happy to read such a gread idea, created by who really loves humanity, as you are from one of those, I appreciate you for this healthy cause. "Great mind always create such great ideas"   And today i would like to have your kind attention for the below given noble cause, that i am carrying on since I attained puberty,   im sending  you some lines for what i am doing for the promotion of Peace and what i would  want you to do for this noble cause,     PEACE --- "Lets beat hate and promote Peace together"  is my moto, and under this line i have been  contacting peoples  all over the world, through my Journalistic approach, and through my national and international  Fellows, Friends, Colleagues , as i have the membership of more than 980+ Organizations,Associations,NGOs and such other Unions and with more 28767 Friends , Fellows round the Globe, for the sake of PEACE am on my way without knowing days & nights, why because  i am afraid that if  in a short life how can peoples get spared time for hate,  than why not for the positive and only sweetest  job "PEACE"?     so i am very much sure that we will  get succeed to setup an ORCHARD, i mean  a "Garden of Peace Promoters" (G P P) and by this forum we wil spread this message door to door, City to City, Country to Country & Globe, and i believe that with love,unity,sincerness, forgiveness we would be in a position together more and more peoples in this G P P  ,because my only aim is to gather a Garden of  1 Billion PEACE PROMOTERS,, agreed, ok, Please let me now that is it not in our reach to make this hatred world into a G P P? This is my aim dear friend, now its over to you, i think we can travel round the globe physically & with internet for this noble cause. Hope to hear your sweetest kind response, Thanks for this,  Dear friend we  just need some sincere, broad minded and open hearted persons regardless of any discrimination,  for this cause, and you know better than me that  we have most sincere Young Youth whom are always ready to serve with the constructive and productive causes, we have been destined with invincible Blessing by our "OMNIPOTENT' but we are lake of great leader,  anyway   dear friendas  i love to BUILD an ORCHARD OF PEACE PROMOTRS, and all we have to do is to spread The Word "PEACE" at each & every doorstep through what sources we may have, are you agreed dear friend ?     Again i would say that Hope to hear your sweetest kind response,     Thanks for this,       PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT, GOD Bless you in every sphere of life, From a humble son of GREAT LAND PAKISTAN   Sajid -------------------"Journalist4Peace" PhD International Investigative Journalism and Media Studies. Investigative Journalist. 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Investigative Journalist. Email: Tele/Mobile: +92 345 925 7427 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY NEW YEAR'S WISH FOR YOU The sun will soon be rising on the morning of another day, the first day of the New Year. What can I wish that this day, this year may bring? Nothing that shall make the world or others poorer; Nothing at the expense of other men, but just those few things which, in their coming, do not stop with me, but touch me rather as they pass and gather strength. A few friends who understand me, and yet remain my friends. A work to do which has real value, and without which the world would feel the poorer. The return for such work, small enough not to tax unduly anyone who pays. I wish this New Year to bring me a mind unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed. A heart that understands, and in understanding, better able to help you carry your load in life. May I understand the meaning of the tears that sometimes dim your eyes. May I never be the cause of that deep hurt which I have seen in your eyes. May the New Year bring a sight of the eternal hills and the unresting sea, and of something beautiful the hand of man has made. Bring me also - and this is important - a sense of humour and the power to laugh. A little leisure with nothing to do but spend my dreams when evening descends and encloaks us in a robe of deep velvet. I wish those who are away a speedy and safe return, and for those who return not, the reward they sought in the house of our Father. I ask also for a few moments of quiet meditation in the knowledge of the presence of God. May I never be the cause of one tear to fall, one heart to ache, one friend to lose. And I ask for the patience to wait for the coming of these things with the wisdom to know them when they come. And that is my New Year's wish for you. I asked the man who stood at the Gate of the Year: "Give me a light so that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: "Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than a light and safer than a known way." "

Krishna Prasad JP

"Dear Liz Watson, Thanks for your compliments and your suggestions i am still a small in this world i have not even learnt 1% of the great people. i have to get more and more knowledge from the people ( little drops of water makes the mighty ocean ) If i get support from friends like you ,i am surely achieve my success. I thank you once again for suggesting the great person " david icke " i will surely see this books and definately the positive ones. I would like to add to my personal diary and as my well wisher.Wishing you a Happy New Year. Regards, Krishna Prasad"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Liz, I tell you my honest congratulation to yr job here on Ecademy and really appreciate! I rated you good! I'm proud of being in yr network! I'm proud of you in my fast growing group! Welcome to Budapest! Don't forget to ask for my reliable help, if you'll come! Warm regards, Andrea Turcsányi Fly Then Smile Dental Service Budapest, Hungary "

Bob Nicoll

"LIz is a pleasure to know. She has a warm, wonderful friendly spirit, and I am delighted to be in her nework. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas Card. Best wishes to you, Bob"

Victor Marques

"Thanks dear Liz for being in my network.. I Wish abundance for you and the ones that you love.. Fantastic christmas and very happy new year. Big hug. Victor Marques"

Dr.Larisa Varenikova

"Liz is an amazing person, she brings with her an extra ordinary positive attitude with great professionalism. Extremely pleased to connect with you. Best wishes. Larisa Varenikova Independent Executive Search Consultant Head Hunter Ukraine-Russia-CIS "

ted jacob

"Liz, Thank you for the beautiful resonance. With love and appreciation Ted"

Tariq Fayyaz

"Liz is a source of great inspiration for me. I am moved by her ideas and am always available to do what ever I can in my capacity for her noble cause. "

Linda Primos

"I just connected with Liz, and within a matter of days she has provided me with new direction, added energy, and real value. Liz, thank you for making the effort and I look forward to learning more from you and standing beside you in terms of what you have to share with the world!"

Patricia Tolivar

"You are simply amazing, Liz... one can never get enough of you... Please let me know how I can be of help to you. And let´s meet up next time we are both in London... you are awesome! All the best, Patricia"

Merold Mueller

"I rated her good, because she is a great networker!"

Robert WoW De Souza

" I have known Liz for a few years. She speaks her mind and hates BS and people who fail to deliver on promises made. She has been through tough times so understands how painful life can be when trust is abused. I wish her every success as she loves to help people when she can."

Natalie Dee

"There is no doubt that Liz is one of those amazing people who will truly make a difference in this world; she has the energy, drive and motivation that it takes to really do it. I really admire you - well done. Natalie "

Koshy Samuel, MBA

"Forget hard work: play time is more fun - perfectly correct"

Lingaraj Ra

"Liz Watson is a nice great person. I am happy to be her friend. Best wishes from Lingaraj :)"

Tanya Alanson

"Thanks for being so friendly. Hope to meet up with you son."

Andy Carr

"Liz has given me lots of advice on the benefits of ecademy and in being a blackstar Thanks Liz Andy"

Aadil Butt #3

"when you look in the dictionary for the words tenacity and persistence you see Liz Watson in BOLD. The woman is a human dynamo. Best wishes"

Kate *Sanguine* A&#8217Vard

"If anyone has experienced a clear streak of as many highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, its Liz. Liz brings forth an insight and understanding, yet a massive support role to others whilst they are going through their 'stuff'. She has the gift of seeing the big picture quickly on a situation and lasers comments to shore up and gives nuggets to ponder. Liz is solid in her friendship, holds true to her word and will stand by you. I welcome Liz as a new friend, confident and look forward to building a foundational relationship over the coming months. Best wishes for you Liz Kate"

Kantor Michael Poths

"Liz is a busy and friendly lady great to network with her! kind regards Michael"

Dominic Fernandez -

"It was indeed a pleasure talking to Liz - it was the "meeting of minds" that want to make the WORLD a better place, not just for us, but THOSE TO COME! My "force" is with you, Liz - take care, DependOnMe Fernandez"

Tracy Hollowood

"What a fabulous lady Liz is - I guarantee you'll warm to her in an instant, as she is so warm and friendly. We've have only connected recently, but I already feel like I've known her for a very long time. She is truly remarkable - if you don't connect with her too, you'll really miss out on something special. Did I mention that Liz is also a 'Goliath Slayer' and 'Joan of Arc' rolled in to one? Watch this space in the new year and you'll know what I'm taking about! Go Liz!"

Roland Bullivant

"Liz is a very pro-active and generous networker so do connect with her if you can. "

Mark Lythgoe

"It would be crazy not to connect with Liz, with her incredible energy and totally positive outlook, gained from her own life changing experiences! You'll surely get a great buzz from making the connection as I have!"

Graham Arnott

"I have known Liz for a few months, we are working on a project together. Liz has to be the most energetic, positive-thinking and dynamic person I have ever met. You can't help but be dazzled by her energy and trust me, it does rub off and I certainly gained from our working relationship. If you can imagine the Energizer Bunny come-to-life, Liz has to be it. I love working with Liz, not just to be part of the energy but the dynamic projects she is involved with. Liz has many talents but one is to think broadly but she never loses sight of the all important details. I am constantly amazed how she remembers things, how she manages to find ways to extend the scope of our work and turn it into the most amazing developments. If you get the opportunity to work with Liz, don't hesitate."


"Hi Liz, This Vikas here from INDIA, I know you are a great networker and connector! I will be very happy to meet you on skype and offer you some of my Health related patented products of new technology! which can be consumed in each an every family Worldwide. A contact that you cant miss by you? Warm Regards!"

Mustapha Amnay Bouga

"Liz is a lady of heart and with a mission...Worldwide connected. A fabulous black star in the Ecademy sky...Looking forward to meet you too off line and discuss your facinating quantic knowledge...your projects and learn so much from you!"

Lynda Cookson

"I so enjoy Liz's messages - chat with her is easy and always 'goes somewhere' (not aimless). And it's a pleasure - and rather levelling - to have a repeat-read through her profile every now and then. Great to have you in my network Liz - thanks! Lynda Cookson Artist and Writer"

Younas Aamir

"Liz is a blessed, visionary, courageous lady, and wants to do some more business innovation. She is inspired with great scientist and spiritual personalities."

Victor Marques

"Liz is a great networker and connector! I will be very happy to meet her in one blackstar meetings and offer some of my products! Like me she thinks that networking is about farming not hunting! A contact that you cant miss! Please connect with her! Warm Regards! Victor Marques"

Thomas Power

"An interesting and unusual new addition to the BlackStar family finding her way. Liz has been involved in some rather different businesses and stories in her time. They are worth listening too and seeing the connections she has. Early indicators are positive as Liz finds her feet in the Ecademy and BlackStar labyrinth. "


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