Kevin Woodward

Kevin Woodward

Owner, Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd


Thanks for visiting my profile, it is much appreciated. I am lucky enough to work from home, or should I say my workshop/shed/office in the beautiful countryside of North Devon!

I run my own business:- Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd and we provide heating systems in an innovative way that saves space, energy and money.

Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd specialise in the supply of far infrared heaters & far infrared heating panels, using far infrared radiation technology that generates a comfortable temperature with a minimum of energy, in a sleek and stylish space-saving design.

Simple to install when building or renovating a home, infrared panel heaters can be wired into an electrical circuit for a complete home central heating system or are ideal for use as a stand alone plug in room heater. White panels are available from stock, to be used either as ceiling or wall heaters for the home and office.

I provide the finance and administration functions for this company, where I am a partner, and we hope to make bigger inroads in to the heating market in 2013/14. You can find me on Twitter as infraredheating where you can pick up hints and tips about what infrared heating really is all about!


Miscellaneous Bits I run a local network of small businesses, called the North Devon Business Alliance (NDBA). The NDBA has been established by experienced North Devon business owners and executives to represent the interests of all businesses in the area and, through supporting existing businesses and encouraging start-ups, to develop the full potential of the local economy.

You can also find me on Twitter as llamakevin. Why llamakevin, well in my spare time I breed llamas, we now have 18 llamas on our 11 acre smallholding with more to come.

We also breed pygmy goats and have lambs & chickens as well as the traditional cat & dogs! We now have our own website - If you would like to find out any more about any of the above please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this profile, and if you have any comments (good or bad), please let me know.

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Robert Zarywacz

"I'm ashamed to realise that I haven't posted a testimonial for Kevin before. Kevin started the North Devon ecademy group and when I moved to North Devon I became the second member. Kevin helped me get to know people and businesses in the area and is a very generous networker and adviser. His enthusiasm and commitment and genuine interest in people make him the most valuable connection I have met through ecademy. Since then he has started the North Devon Business Alliance, bringing businesses in the area together, and we have collaborated within other organisations and projects. Running the Paradise! gardening group with him has also been fun. Kevin makes networking not only valuable but enjoyable too. He is one of the few people I know whose word you can always take at face value. Thank you, Kevin."

Elaine Isaac

"Having known Kevin for a while now, he is one person that I would recommend anyone to network with. Kevin is open, honest and someone that I would trust. He would certainly help anyone if he could. Kevin it is a pleasure to know you and to have you in my network."

David Thomas (IT Services)

"Last week I gave a presentation on Social Media to a Business Scene networking evening. The topic was straightforward but I wanted to make it real for the people in the room by including using examples of businesses in Devon who had benefited from Social Media. Kevin was brilliant. He took the time prior to the event to chat me through how he had been successful with Social Media and gave me a great example that I could pass on to the other networkers. During the presentation he also endorsed what was being said. Kevin is a genuine person who is willing to 'give'. So if you're considering using any of Kevin's business activities then my view is you won't go wrong and you'll get a great service."

Peter Maddern

"Kevin clearly has fantastic knowledge of QuickBooks in his capacity as moderator of the QuickBooks user forum. I posted a question which had stumped me and Kevin posted a couple of replies which immediately solved the problem. He is an example of a "best in class" Ecademy member! Peter Maddern"

Jennifer Bloom

"I'm pleased to count Kevin as one of my contacts here on Ecademy. Changing Lives, Jennifer "

Julian Stanley

"I am honoured to be connected with you and look forward to networking with you. Julian Stanley"

A Andrea Turcsanyi HELPS!

"Dear Kevin, Honest welcome to my fast growing group, with you I'm also stronger! I'm very happy to see you in my network! See you in Budapest, Hungary - heart of Europe! I will be very happy if you'll come! In Hungary you won't be hungry! Pls don't forget about my reliable help and that you have a friend in Budapest! I'm the person who can help you to get hotelroom, transfer, city tour, programms and painless dental treatment in a relaxed atmosphere. I wish you and yr family happpppppppppppppy and prosperous new year! Best regards, Andrea Turcsányi "

Rosie Slosek

" I posted a Facebook status about doing my tax return. Within minutes, Kevin had offered his help and a few more minutes later, I had all my questions answered. Questions that the HMRC notes, website, much online searching and a couple of books had failed to answer. He doesn't do tax returns as a business any longer, but fast efficient service is always to be recommended. Thank you Kevin :)"

Mark Robinson

"Great networker to connect with!! I appreciate that you accepted my request :) Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you. Kind regards, Mark"

Cliff Jenkins

"Kevin Many thanks for helping to create and run this fun club, the Paradise Club. Cheers Cliff"

Sue "We Sell Houses" Bushnell

"Kevin is a great networker and the North Devon Club owes a great deal to him. He's also a great listener and gives valuable advice. It's also well worth listening to what he has to say!"

Liz 'The FM Coach' Kentish

"Thanks Kevin for taking the time to give me valuable advice - much appreciated and I hope I can return the favour. Liz Kentish"

David Willis

"Thank you for your help Kevin, the "bird of prey" experience looks fantastic!"

Roberta Beattie

"Kevin has made me feel very welcome on ecademy, a great person to have in your network!"

Andrew Wilcox

"I have just spent 50 minutes sharing my desktop and QuickBooks Regular 2006 with Kevin. He has helped me with a number issues (me not setting things up in the best possible way) and giving me some excellent tips. Now my P&L and Balance Sheet shows dividends and estimated corporation tax in the right places. He is also pointed out a few things on the user interface which will make it easier to work with. Well worth the coaching fee. Thanks Andrew "

Helena Adams

"I have also rated you good - they didn't have an option for excellent :-)"

Rosie Slosek

"I'm not going to pretend this is a business testimonial. It isn't. I posted in a club about missing not having a garden and a way to grow anything - not even a windowsill or car bonnet. This morning, I received a jar of Kevin's home grown and home made raspberry jam all the way from Devon. It arrived in perfect condition and I'm off in the direction of the toaster now :) Thank you."

Ida "ethical gifts" Horner

"Thanks for a kind welcome"

Deirdre Dee

"Hi Kevin Thanks for keeping the Exeter Club going, I will do my best to take your place and carry the torch and make it burn as brightly as possible while I have hold of it. Many thanks for all your help Regards Deirdre Dee"

Kevin Chamberlain

"Some people care about others and do that little bit extra - Kevin is one of those. He also has a wonderful first name! "

Cheryl "Ghostwriter" Rickman

"A very helpful and knowledgeable ecademist. "

Chris Menlove-Platt

"Thanks for organising the Business League Mega Breakfast"

Kevin Benfield

"Thanks to Kevin for organising the latest Exeter Club Meeting and chairing it in a friendly and effective manner. He's someone I'd like to include in my network."

Gloria Payge VAMC

"Kevin, is a really competent trainer. He helped me with the intricacies of Quickbooks in no time at all, and wasn't phased by my questions. If you need help with Quickbooks, give Kevin a call. I can guarantee what was once complicated will seem so easy. With grateful thanks, Kevin. "

Warwick John Fahy

"Thanks for the help with my buddy request. Appreciate your quick reply Warwick"

Maurice Poole

"Kevin is a very helpful and encouraging local club leader and it is a pleasure to include him in my network. He's one of those people one feels is worth supporting in his endeavours."

Rich Wootten

"Kevin is a confident and good Networker. I've know Kevin for well over a year. Whilst I was regional Leader Kevin was very supportive, and he has done very well to get his own club off the ground. Recently Kevin ask if I would do a salary survey for one of his clients which I was delighted to do for him. Kevin paid promptly to which I am grateful, this is a Business courtesy which is rapidly being forgotten. Connect with Kevin, you'll find it very rewarding and worth while. Rich Wootten"


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