Kenny Tranquille

Kenny Tranquille

Head of Wellbeing, UrBod Consulting


Hi my name is Kenny Tranquille I am a Nutritionist, NLP Coach & Wellbeing Consultant


I work with a diverse range of clients from media & retail to finance, law, accounting and banking. I want to help create workplaces where employees can flourish.

During my career I have been very lucky to have worked with many leading UK and global companies running workshops, wellbeing programmes and providing keynotes. With my nutrition and behavioural change background I have the ability to engage with clients and customers, helping them to identify which key components within their environments need to be modified to achieve their desired outcomes.

Using a coaching framework I empower teams to find novel and simple ways to improve their health & wellbeing using a number of cutting edge behaviour change models.
Over the last ten years I have developed many exciting and unique health initiatives; all of which have brought tangible benefits to customers and clients such as high levels of contract retentions, increased sales, and increases in employee engagement and wellbeing.
I am a registered trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, (CIEH) and hold Award Levels Two and Four in catering specific nutrition training, together with nearly ten years experience supporting catering companies with their healthy eating and wellbeing strategies. This means I have an excellent understanding of the issues faced by many caterers.

I am told I have an energetic, easy style that is both motivational and inspirational. I lectured for many years on the use of behavioural change techniques in clinic for nutritionists and have been quoted in the trade and national press and have made numerous contributions to magazines, TV & radio.

If you have a wellbeing project that you want to get off the ground or need advice on your organisational strategy or roadmap.

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Skype: Urbod.Health

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David Petherick

"Kenny's friendly, approachable and professional attitude is very refreshing. He's a genuine, warm and knowledgeable individual. Although it may almost seem a cliché - he really is passionate about his field of work - and this shows through everything that he says and does. A great guy, and a true expert. "

Dr Kem Thompson

"Kenny's work is sorely needed in today's 'quick fix' society. Here's wishing you the very best, Kenny. Blessings to ya. Kem"

Beverley Hamilton

"I met Kenny for the first time at a CEN meeting last week and really liked his friendly and warm manner. He asked me for my top 3 tips for "networking virgins" (like himself so he claims!!) which showed a real committment to developing a relationship not just "showing up". Kenny was one of the speakers at the event and spoke about how your mindset and stress levels are interconnected. I found the presentation informative, well paced and there was plenty of discussion and time for questions. Kenny proejcts a clear passion for what he does and if you get a chance go and listen to him. "

Stephen 'Purchasing recruitment' Ely

"Kenny came to one of my other networking events and gave an inspirational talk on energy and how to improve your levels. His aim of leaving you feel 'supercharged' is great. I took away a couple of pointers just from the presentation and they are already paying dividends. If you're feeling low on energy, speak to Kenny. Stephen"

Emad Salib

"I met Kenny for the first time yesterday. He is knowledgeable and communicates passionately about nutrition and NLP. I look forward to taking up his offer of a free 30 minute nutritional assessment. Emad Salib"

Donnie MacNicol

"Attended one of Kennys talks last night - very enjoyable and rewarding. Kenny is someone you would find it hard to walk away from without feeling motivated."

Mark Eaton

"Kenny did a great mini-workshop for the CEN Event today about how to manage stress effectively through the practical use of NLP - a real eye opener for some of the delegates and an all round great event!"

Leadership Training David Harris

"Kenny Tranquille is a one off. He is quite simply amazing. I have worked with him on a number of occasions and have found him to be exemplary. He is an extraordinary coach, health practitioner and nutritionist. If you are looking to anyone in this area, look no further than Kenny, I can strongly recommend him. Dave Harris "


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